Summoning – Old Morning’s Dawn pre-order

summoning-old_mornings_dawn-pre-orderTolkien ambient black metal project Summoning have unleashed their latest recording, Old Morning’s Dawn, via Napalm Records. The pre-order links are now active and the final product will be released June 27, 2013.

Napalm Records promises that “Despite the long break, the congenial duo Silenius and Protector did not stray an inch from their patch. Their distinctive melodies are the heart of all the songs on the latest longplayer, and bring the listeners directly into the fantastic world of Middle-Earth.”

Old Morning’s Dawn follows up on 2006’s Oath Bound, which united the epic spirit of power metal with the gentle melodic atmosphere and inner savagery of black metal, making the ideal soundtrack for medieval battle or spiritual occult warfare against the modern world.


pre-order CD 12 EUR / pre-order DLP 23 EUR


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5 thoughts on “Summoning – Old Morning’s Dawn pre-order”

  1. John S. says:

    Incredibly cheesy trailer, but although it was too short to have us know what to expect, I doubt the album will be anything less than astounding. :)

  2. Dean says:

    Is this what people these days call an “epic win”?

  3. Syd says:

    We’ll have to wait and see my friend!

  4. bitterman says:

    These guys may have fell to mediocrity with some cool tracks here and there after the second album, but at least they NEVER released a grunge album (Disharmonic Orchestra…). Even Napalm Records seems cooler than Nuclear Blast nowadays. At least they aren’t passing off Immolation’s latest Korn grooves influenced obvious travesty as a monumental work of death metal art.

  5. metal bob says:

    the trailer was cheesy, but a nice touch i thought. can’t wait!

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