Summoning Releasing New Album January 2018

Austrian black metal Ainur Summoning announced that they have a new album coming out next January.

„And in the glade a light was seen …“

The past years have been a time of troubles, setbacks, disputes – and of resulting frustration.
And then, the summonings faded and silence arose …
Yet, it hasn´t been the end that was dawning.

But in the ashes still a dim light was gleaming. The dying embers were set ablaze by ongoing dedication and new inspiration.
And from the ashes fire was flaring to heat the forges again …

SUMMONING have returned from the dead and a new album will be released in january 2018!

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9 thoughts on “Summoning Releasing New Album January 2018”

  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Austria is not quite the same as Australia (tag).

  2. Nom de plume says:

    Tags: Australian Black Metal, Austria
    Do you even geography brah?

  3. JR says:


  4. Phil says:

    Last album was a bit boring.

  5. dickslurp says:

    Australian Black Metal, haha!

  6. Marc Defranco says:

    Yay yay yay haven’t heard a single black metal album this past year that has completely blown me away. Some decent stuff but nothing amazing, looking forward to this to break the spell in 2018

  7. cheewee says:

    Most important band in black metal and not much in the way of enthusiastic comments. You all don’t even deserve another summoning album to tell the truth

  8. Gespenst says:

    Protector: ’bout toim we chucked out a new Summoning record mate.
    Silenius: Yeah, oi reckin ya roight bro, but what’s we gunna call this one mate?
    Protector: Oi dunno mate. Maybe Uluru?
    Silenius: Fuck yeah mate, fuck all that JRR shit mate. How’s about “Uluru: The Dreaming”?
    Protector: Fuckin’ bingo bro. We ain’t done one of them “Something: The Something” album toitles before. Corner the fuckin’ Abo market, ay?
    Silenius: Fuckin’ oath bro. Fuck all that poofta Euro shit. Oi reckin’ yers onta something with that one mate. Yer sure this ain’t been done before?
    Protector: It’s fuckin’ black metal mate, who gives a shit?
    Silenius: Yeah, too roight bro. Better check that Striborg cunt anyways; not that there’s any Abo’s left in Tassie.
    Protector: Fuck yeah maaaate….

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