Swine Overlord live stream of Parables of Umbral Transcendence

by Brett Stevens
August 13, 2014 –


Grunting percussive deathgrind band Swine Overlord unleash their Parables of Umbral Transcendence on the world on August 19, 2014. The title might lead a listener to believe this album will be more jazz-lite “technical death metal,” but instead what you have here is gurgling blasting primitive and raw sound in the style of all bands inspired by Suffocation.

While much of metal has focused on hybridizing with known rock, jazz and blues genres, the deathgrind genre continues its development of its hybrid of primal death metal and raw explosive grindcore, continuing the gore and paranoid dystopic themes of its origin. Swine Overlord take a similar path with music and lyrics in the blasting mayhem and cadenced grooves of this work of utter depravity and abandonment of social trust.

To celebrate the launch of Parables of Umbral Transcendence, Gore House Productions and DeathMetal.org present the live stream of the album in its entirety:

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  • (still unnamed)

    How to tell it’s going to be bad without even listening: the guitar player has a Devourment and 2 behemoth posters in his room.

  • BrennendesGehirn

    I did the Right Thing. I listened to the whole damn album.

    It’s pretty hard work maintaining interest for the duration. Doesn’t deserve to have the Suffocation tag affixed to it. Better moments occasionally reminiscent of Cryptopsy. Unfortunately the quasi-jazz ‘breakdown’ on Cadaveric Pantomime sounds like a parody of said band.

    I listened to this so you don’t have to. Verdict: avoid, unless you’re a huge fan of this style of laptop programmed brutality.

  • Kevin

    I’m telling all of you right now! This album is one of the best I’ve heard this year! If you don’t like it, go shove it up your ass!

      1. pinger

        If you don’t like it, no one’s forcing you to listen, it’s like you don’t allow it to even exist like it’s some threat to the quality of previous successes. Such insecurity!

  • Sardonic Webmaster

    I like how you doofuses promote this sort of garbage music while also bitching about how everyone ‘ruined metal’ in 1995 or some shit. Good grief.

      1. witten

        Judging a book by its cover is actually a practice that should be and in fact is regularly employed by many people. If a book’s cover says something along the lines of “how to cope with your emotions and earn a lot of money” etc. it’s obviously going to be crap and your time would better be spent on the Genealogy of Morality. I don’t endorse universal bigotry, but we should have a healthy dose of prejudice. A completely open mind is neither an ideal to be aspired to nor a practice that can be afforded.

  • booyah

    Well I for one didn’t mind it despite the cover art.
    Still, it’s no Morbid Angel.
    But then again,
    what is

  • trystero

    `We are not like other websites`

    *Writes cut/paste blurb about garbage band straight out of Invisible Oranges, MetalSucks etc.*

    Comedy, folks.

  • discodjango

    Full of deathcore parts and silly ‘slamming’ grooves. Vocals sound like ‘angry man’ meets ‘tough guy’. A few riffs are nearly decent, though.