Death looms over thrash metal’s most sinister (and probably most influential) band: Slayer.  After 35 years of touring and recording, the demise of the band’s most valuable member Jeff Hanneman, and age coupled with 25 years of creative rut, Slayer is about to expire.  The band announced via a short video that it’s time for one last ride before a long overdue end.

Truthfully, Slayer should have ended in 1990 with their last listenable album.  They instead persisted to milk the cash cow for every dollar for as long as time permitted and now they’re old, grey, and barely showing any sign of life.  Kerry King even shilled for Hillary Clinton.  But then again, Kerry King wrote forgettable songs and could have been replaced by any other lead guitarist from the Bay Area.

Death comes for all things.  Slayer was good but at the end of the day bands are bands, men are men, and none of it really matters.  The world will go on, metal shows and albums will still happen, and musicians will continue to rip off Slayer while their record label banks off of reissues.  It is the way of the mainstream music industry.

Slayer’s albums, as well as their innovative guitar and drum techniques, will be remembered fondly until democracy falls.  The later half of their career will be forgotten.  But what’s best about this situation is that the band are setting a precedent that hopefully others in extreme metal will follow: get old, retire, die.  May a wave of death sweep through bands from the 80’s and 90’s so that new life may grow over the ashes.


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11 thoughts on “THE END OF SLAYER”

  1. Bill Steer's Rock n Roll Extravaganza says:

    In all honesty, it’s time for a lot of these old guard bands to call it quits

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    This first two may be the best extreme metal albums ever

  3. 1349 says:

    There’s no such thing as “thrash metal”.

    1. Rectums Disdained says:

      Why not?

  4. Covfefe says:

    So that new life may grow over the ashes…. to make a major understatement, there’s a lot of new bands. The problem is that none of them have been game changers.

  5. Rainer the Faggot says:

    Thrash metal is just a misnomer for speed metal. Although most Metal Archives folk call sped up punkish heavy metal as speed metal; say like first Exciter or Agent Steel. Also I think cocks are awesome! I´m Rainer Weikusat.

    1. taller more autistic looking man says:

      yeah you are

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        The idea behind this would seem to be to poison searches for my name (something I never undertake) with »Mr Faggot’s« not exactly varied phantasies about male genitals.

        That’s a phenomenon Brett Stevens has also described a couple of time: People who can’t create anything (no matter how feeble) usually succumb to the urge to piss onto something others created. This, they can do, and to them, it means they »win&laquo.

        One could also call this »sodomize the weak« in practice: The goal is to elevate oneself at the (real or imagined) expense of others using whatever means one can muster for this purpose: Winning the (real or imagined) competition in the eyes of a (real or imagined) audience matters, the ultimate outcome doesn’t.

  6. NWN Every Vinyl & War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    The end of the line for the band from the time before trannies…

  7. Titus says:


    1981 – 1990

  8. LordKrumb says:

    “The later half of their career will be forgotten.”

    More than half – more like two thirds.

    Slayer wrote four variably great, pioneering studio albums in a row (more than nearly any other metal band), followed by eight increasingly weak, derivative albums which have more in common with the inferior music of newer bands who Slayer inspired (albeit the newer bands were mostly inspired by the superficial aspects of Slayer’s earlier work).

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