The History of Metal and Horror documentary begins filming

The History of Metal and Horror

Director Mike Schiff has embarked on a new project: a documentary called The History of Metal and Horror which explores the complex relationship between heavy metal and horror films. The documentary will include interviews with horror icons such as Tom Savini, Gunnar Hansen, Sid Haig, and John Russo as well as musicians such as Kirk Hammett, Corey Taylor, Alice Cooper, Jonathan Davis, and more.

Metal Blade founder and icon Brian Slagel is producing the film. The producers released the following statement:

A documentary (currently in production) which explores the history of heavy metal music, horror films, and how the two genres have merged together over time.

Various metal artists share their greatest fears, favorite horror films, their influences, and much more. Horror film icons also discuss how their films have influenced the horror genre, their connections to metal artists, and why metal and horror work together.

For more info, head over to the movie website and watch the promo trailer below.

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5 thoughts on “The History of Metal and Horror documentary begins filming”

  1. Poser Patrol says:

    This documentary looks about on par with the crap VH1 used to air back in the mid 2000s: a few notable metal musicians in a sea of hacks and has-beens, no mention of the underground, and a pre-chewed crowd pleasing analysis of the topic at hand (metal and horror movies are for people who are, like, DIFFERENT, you know…) And to top it all off they’re asking for handouts to complete the fucking thing. PASS.

    1. morbideathscream says:

      This documentary includes interviews with Corey Taylor and Jonathan Davis, don’t expect anything underground from this documentary. When you heard those 2 names this documentary lost all credibility. They interviewed Chris jehrich

    2. AK-47 says:

      It probably goes the other way too; the focus will probably be on stuff like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elms street. Most underground metalheads seem to appreciate apocalyptic movies like Hellraiser and The Living Dead more than slashers or ghost movies. Coincidentally, the former type of horror does not have nearly as big of a following.

  2. morbideathscream says:

    For shit’s sake c’mon now. Would’ve made more sense if they interviewed people like nicke andersson or chris reifert as opposed to wiggers like Jonathan Davis.

  3. OliveFox says:

    I am assuming Rob Zombie will have like a zillion sound bytes. Hopefully they talk Misfits/Danzig, he (they?) seemed to understand the spirit of old school horror like few others.

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