Thevetat enters studio to record EP


Necrotic NYDM band Thevetat will enter the studio on February 19, 2014 to record three songs for an upcoming EP on Dark Descent Records.

“While the style is akin to the early material, a progression can be heard,” said main composer and band anchor Thomas Pioli. The lineup is Thomas Pioli (vocals, guitars, bass), and John Mischling (drums).

Thevetat rocked the underground and old school metal world with Disease to Divide, a short but potent EP of raging fermentive occult death metal with doom undertones.

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2 thoughts on “Thevetat enters studio to record EP”

  1. EDS says:

    Great news! Disease to Divide was definitly a highlight of 2012.

  2. trystero says:

    Looking forward to it, didnt enjoy Disease to Divide that much but there is obvious potential here.

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