Upcoming Bruce Dickinson Autobiography

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden wrote an autobiography with a “cute” title, What Does This Button Do?, that is coming out October 19th in the UK.

Readers will learn how Bruce became a pilot but will they learn how Bruce contracted tongue cancer from HPV?

This Autumn HarperCollins NonFiction are publishing WHAT DOES THIS BUTTON DO?, the hugely anticipated memoir from Iron Maiden frontman and rock legend, Bruce Dickinson.

One of the world’s most storied musicians, Bruce has lived an extraordinary off-stage existence too. A true polymath, Bruce is, or has been, an airline pilot and captain, an aviation entrepreneur, a beer brewer, motivational speaker, film scriptwriter, twice-published novelist, radio presenter, TV actor and a world-class fencer.

Now, for the first time, Bruce tells his story in his own words. In WHAT DOES THIS BUTTON DO?, Bruce (a man who famously never gives interviews about his personal life) shares the most fascinating recollections, including his thirty years with Maiden, the early days, his childhood within the eccentric British school system, going solo, realising his dream of flying jumbo jets and his recent battle with tongue cancer. Bruce Dickinson is so much more than the frontman of one of the biggest bands on the planet. A rock icon, a true renaissance man, Bruce has been, and remains, a man of legend.

Bold, honest, intelligent and very entertaining, WHAT DOES THIS BUTTON DO? is the long-awaited window into the life, heart and mind of one of our most adventurous and multifaceted sons.


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9 thoughts on “Upcoming Bruce Dickinson Autobiography”

  1. Exfoliation says:

    He also is a master butter churner and his personalized honey ole butter cream was especially made for greasing the cockpit stick so he can fly with his ass.

    1. Strainer Weidensbutt says:


  2. Yuzerneigm says:

    None of this makes any sense you nincompoop.

    1. Learn 2 read nit twit.

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Hair club for men caused the excessive arm hair.

  4. neutronhammer says:

    I wouldn’t have known it was coming out, weren’t it for this article. The article is succinct and to the point.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    1) I have been playing his amazing song The Tower a lot, it sounds like Maiden from the 1980s. One of the few songs I like from all of the solo albums.
    2) maybe I should not play it as he flew a bomber (and loudly!) over my building.
    It disturbed my movie viewing, so, pistols at dawn…

    1. you're gay says:

      Honk if you demand satisfaction!

  6. Dispirited says:

    That book cover is not very inspired. Biographies and autobiographies are usually boring, but we’ll see what this one’s like in a few months.
    I’m pretty sure he mentions HPV; can’t see why he would be ashamed to write it down if he had already spoken about it in interviews.

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