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Hate Eternal’s 2015 album Infernus was my formal debut writing and editing for DMU. It’s a pity that it was so bland, but just as people still eat lukewarm porridge for breakfast in some parts of the world, so do they fund Hate Eternal’s upcoming North American tour, which is intended to support Infernus. Alongside Vital Remains (who, to my understanding, are similarly disappointing albeit for different reasons) and the inevitable supporting bands pulled from the darkest depths of the Etcetranomicon, they’ll be playing a couple of dates scattered across the country, including one in Worcester that I could see if I needed my vital spirit slowly drained from my body.

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9 thoughts on “Upcoming tours – Hate Eternal”

  1. matters says:

    I don’t think that Vital Remains have been given a fair shot here or on ANUS. What’s disappointing is that they haven’t had any new music out. Maybe they shot themselves in the foot by hiring Glenn Benton to sing on their last 2 records and that he’s not always available to record with another band. But then again, it may not suit them to hire an unknown singer for upcoming releases.

    1. C.M. says:

      That same thought crossed my mind last year so I listened to Let Us Pray a lot over this last winter. It really only gets as good as C+ during the best songs, otherwise chock full of riffs that aren’t even good enough to be generic due to being so boring.

  2. Matt Risnes says:

    Hate Eternal is the sonic equivalent of a microphone thrust into an upturned lawnmower.

  3. Roger says:


    Why even bother to promote this crap? What the fuck is going on with DMU?

  4. Anthony says:

    Was not a fan of live Hate Eternal either time I saw them. Maybe Vital Remains will be okay. Who’s even in that band anymore?

  5. Jordi Jizzenburrough says:

    Their first album had 3 songs written by Doug Cerrito. They’re better than anything else by Hate Eternal and anything on the post-reunion Suffocation albums (which don’t include him).

  6. morbideathscream says:

    Generic death across America tour haha.

    The best thing Erik Rutan has or ever will be apart of is ripping corpse. He played on a not so good morbid angel album. Hate eternal is bland, uninspired, generic, boring, etc. Vital Remains first album is ok, but not exactly a death metal classic and has never been near the top of my playlist. Their later releases are run of the mill generic death as well.


    1. Gabe Kagan says:

      Rutan actually played on two Morbid Angel albums, although the old DLA archives say that like Domination, Gateways to Annihilation is not up to par with the band’s earlier work.

  7. Smoking_Gnu says:

    Definitely right on Vital Remains being underwhelming these days. Saw them live last year; Tony Lazaro seemed seemed on the verge of falling asleep the entire time and Brian Werner may as well have worn a shirt saying “Look how edgy I am, guys.”

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