Venom Inc. Release “Dein Fleisch” Video

Venom have split into two bands just like so many others. Chronos fronts “Venom” now while “drummer” Abaddon and”guitarist” Mantas play in “Venom Inc.” with new idiot on the mic.

“Dein Fleisch” sounds like a lame 90s hard rock band like Pantera or Disturbed trying to be Celtic Frost and failing miserably. The track comes from Venom Inc.’s upcoming album which comes out August 11th on Nuclear Blast Records which you absolutely shouldn’t buy as it will be marketed to people who thought Fred Durst was cool when they sixteen. Nuclear Blast knows their audience of knuckle-dragging australopithecines.

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10 thoughts on “Venom Inc. Release “Dein Fleisch” Video”

  1. Nobody on earth (and certainly not George) cares about any Venom albums other than Welcome to Hell and Black Metal. If you care, why are you still on earth?

  2. Gardens of Grief Gnome says:

    Wasn’t this a Marilyn Manson song?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Chorus & chorus riff (and possibly more things) seem ripped out of a 1995 Rammstein track. That’s seriously lame (the title already suggests Rammstein, so this didn’t come as a surprise).

  3. aol instant messenger says:

    ass gravy.

    once you have two versions of the same band competing with each other, it’s time to stop. it has never led to any good or memorable music

  4. cornrose says:

    As if

  5. Phil Lynott says:

    Demolition Man was in the NWOBHM band Atomkraft. Learn something before you open your mouth POSER!

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    has anybody else corroborated that venom members are homos’?

    1. Only Jairo from Sepultura.

  7. nima666 says:

    i bet “” is Cronos in disguise :-D pussies

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