Wolves in the Throne Room transition to trance ambient

by Zhang Fausang
May 30, 2014 –


Former extreme shoegaze/indie band Wolves in the Throne Room released a lengthy track from their upcoming album Celestite Mirror. This time they follow the path of cosmic synth bands like Tangerine Dream, Neptune Tower and Jääportit. The new Wolves in the Throne Room uses of the flexible and grand sound of synthesizers to write sci-fi symphony that invokes a celestial world above our head.

Unlike Tangerine Dream and Neptune Tower, Wolves in the Throne Room demonstrate a clearer melodic pattern. Through the method of successive repetition and progress like a serial of logical thoughts, the music maintains the organizational strength of metal music while adding melodic development and an expansion of mood beyond the intense surging power of guitars. As a result, Celestite Mirror advances the heritage established by Tangerine Dream and Neptune Tower.

Whether Celestite Mirror emerges as a strong fusion of metal and cosmic ambient or not, it merits our anticipation. Metal possesses a will to catch up with classical music and always has, which is what the core fans of this genre expect and hope for too. The new Wolves in the Throne Room might fulfill the vision we dreamed of all these years.

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  • Nito

    I never liked this band’s “black metal” material, but this was actually good ambient.

  • woe

    This is quality Berlin school worship.

    Too bad they don’t have the balls to do a full ambient album.

      1. woe

        Could be good then, if they don’t dwell too much into post-rock territory and if they managed to keep it at reasonable length.

    1. Nito

      Ehhh… sounds like KMFDM. I would suggest to anyone interested in that to check out Skinny Puppy’s early material.

    1. trystero

      First one is an excellent recommendation, haven’t heard the last two, but you’ve got to be fucking kidding me with that Dream Theater album. It’s like a huge ball of shit collided with a medium sized ball of cheese. Love the cover though *winks*

    2. woe

      Oh man, Labyrinth in deathmetal.org… Ha! This album is pure nostalgia for anyone that bothered a bit with the Euro-power scene in the 90s.
      Those guys had a good sense of melody, ultimately it’s way too sentimental and cheesy though.

    3. trystero

      Listened to the other two, the Labyrinth album is very musical, made by obviously talented musicians but its way too cheesy and somewhat manufactured. I would listen to it again, its still very good. Symphony X is Symphony X.

  • veien

    The track is all appearances. Cheesy 80s sounding synths drenched in reverb, nods to clichéd Berlin school sound but structurally it all just meanders around appearing to be profound and mystical while in reality just being faggotry. To be honest it’s no surprise as this band where never in it for the right reasons, I’m just a little disturbed that some of you took it with enthusiasm. It’s really weak.

    1. trystero

      Yeah, changing up your genre doesnt mean you gain something to say. Sure, you may have a couple of new ideas, but without some kind of goal its just novelty. Track is poor, agree completely.

    2. woe

      Structurally it’s like the first Black Sabbath song, linear and simple, but I wouldn’t say it’s directionless.
      Where it succeeds is in the atmosphere/mood that it creates, which isn’t the typical “everything is bright and peaceful” of mainstream ambient.
      This could very well be a fluke, you have every reason to be skeptical with this band, but there’s no reason to be prejudiced.

      1. veien

        I am cynical but not prejudiced. If this were in fact the new [whatever band with a godly reputation], I would still say it sucked. Musically even, it is all appearances. The structure taking the appearance of another structure without comprehending it’s essential essence. That it is simple makes it even worse as it heightens the obviousness of it’s failure (can’t even get something simple right, but too autistic to feel embarrassment!). Add to that: the cover art looks like a mental patient shot a load of cum onto a car window (that later frosted over and drew the attention of some art/photography student while waiting for Starbucks [to hurry up with that fucking COFFEE]).

  • Zothos

    I like what I hear enough to wait until a full album is released, to pass judgment. Shows promise, and seems to be a step in the right direction; but it is still too early to tell.