Zemial – For the Glory of Ur Reissue

Greek black metal band Zemial have reissued their debut album, For the Glory of Ur, in a limited edition digipak. The CD is a self-release exclusively available for purchase from the band’s BigCartel page. If you’re a compulsive collector who has to have everything that wasn’t terrible from the mid 90s, maybe you will need this.

For the Glory of UR limited-edition 2017

Re-mastered to be heavier and darker than before, as originally intended.
The cover comes in two noble editions: black with gold foil and black with copper foil. Featuring an embossed Zemial logo on the back.
Made entirely by hand in Greece.

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3 thoughts on “Zemial – For the Glory of Ur Reissue”

  1. Hail Pain says:

    25 euros for one CD? Cool price.

  2. How do I get a Carnage – Dark Recollections album with lyric sheet? Been looking everywhere, can’t find lyrics to Death Evocation. Starting to get worried and supremely pissed. Want to buy a press with lyrics intact before the brain police eradicate all evidence such a thing existed.

    1. Buy a copy of Like an Ever Flowing Stream. Carnage didn’t publish most of their lyrics.

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