Arbeit macht frei

Article by Doron Rosenberg

“Work will make you free,” no more truthful beautiful statement has been made and set into action. The fact that the original intent and its whole meaningfulness has been swallowed up by propaganda and lies is a different matter altogether. Whatever the case, it is clear that it is only through work, by accomplishing goals that entail results, that we are able to gain power and influence, and thus an increased ‘freedom’ of action. This is true in each and every case, where the work done does indeed impact those performing it by returning a certain value.

Being capitalist and right-wing, this has been the prerrogative behind Death Metal Underground’s disfunctional and catastrophical sequence of schizoid, neurotic editors: that the only way in which a payed team will work at Death Metal Underground is if it becomes a lucrative business on its own first. But you see, the problem here is not that it is a capitalist or right-wing that reigns, but that it shows an incredibly poor business sense. There is no way to gain an upgrade in quality in product without investing in the people who make value out of the raw material. This is especially the case when the people working are doing intellectual work that actually creates value out of thin air —there is no investment in raw materials, the only costs have to do with the space paid for here.

Be that as it may, there is still some resolve in the community to keep this going, if only for the love of quality, and because very little other spaces offer a place where effort and attention have been concentrated for this ideal as they have here. Death Metal Underground, while it remains on this course, will always remain a vulgar, frustrated affair, because it will never be fed into so that it grows beyond the desparate amateur contribution level, as all writers and past editors here can attest to.

Death Metal Underground is looking for 7 fixed writers who will each be in charge of one day of the week, to do with its content as they like, except for exceptional editorial or senior writer posts. In any case, an editor will always be in charge of the editingand management of the wordpress. Those interested in having a space to publish each and all of their ideas about and related to metal can write to in order to go through a minimal screening process.

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12 thoughts on “Arbeit macht frei”

  1. Satan akbar says:

    i want to wright about how metal from the medevil times and before was more physical but as technology and modernity kicked in metal lost it’s physical state and became audio based

      1. Satan akbar says:

        not that i need ur approval but do you think what i said makes some sense

        1. D.A.R.G. says:

          You can write whatever you want.
          The fact that Brett even had you as editor here means you are qualified, right?
          High standards DMU.
          Anything goes.

          1. Satan akbar says:

            i feel like you are saying that in a sarcastic way also i was never a editor here

          2. Kekkonen says:

            I look at DMU as nothing more than a “social experiment” at best and an inside joke as a worst case scenario. I doubt my feminine intuition is wrong about this.

  2. Josh norton says:

    I am in a period of mourning being a lifetime SLAYER fan. Although I know we will all have the chance to catch the best by far metal band of all time on future “best of/maybe big 4” tours, To me its like losing a family member. I WAS 10 YEARS OLD when i brought home SHOW NO MERCY on VINYL. We are losing even without (R.I.P. JEFF), A lifestyle in metal. Slaytanic wehmacht was my life choice. With bands like LAMB OF GOD takinh the reigns im hopeful in the future of metal but those guys are greying as well. So where do we go from here is an interesting subject to all of us i think. I have hope with kids like ALIEN WEAPONARY, GOJIRA, and BEHEMOTH, in the scene. Then again there are so many copycat bands that are in it to make money. They actually remind me of what my dad used to say about SLAYER…all the songs sound the same. He couldn’t tell the difference between die by the sword and crionics. Anyone that has ever listened to any DEATH METAL knows that no two songs are the same whether it be lyrics or just an added string bend, metal is unique. I have written for newspapers covering politics and sports. Gotten A’s on philosophy finals, but my favorite piece of writing that I ever did was an album review for some obscure metal band in the 90’s called SADUS. I really wasnt that impressed but it was the ease of writing the review on my favorite subject that drew me to putting my name out there in print. Thanks for the space…SATAN LAUGHS AS YOU ETERNALLY ROT.

    1. >lamb of god taking the reigns
      >kids like… behemoth

      lol this can’t be serious

      1. Josh norton says:

        Thats some funny shit right there how many times did you read it tho?

    2. Altarboys of Madness says:

      My nigga you’re a good troller. “I have written for newspapers covering politics and sports. Gotten A’s on philosophy finals…” HAHAAA huge status.

      On the reals though… I WAS 35 YEARS OLD when I put SHOW NO MERCY on the Youtube application on my iPhone cellular to listen in my vehicular car!

      You can imagine I’m shitting bricks over this fond farewell tour.
      That’s actually a dope title:

      SLAYER — A FOND FAREWELL farewell tour ’18

    3. Conan the Librarian says:

      Slayer died a long time ago.

      1. Josh norton says:

        Again SLAYER=SATAN LAUGHS AS YOU ETERNALLY ROT. For those folks who need help with that little acronym there. such as conan the libraian BY CROM i get the joke…peace sells but whos buying.

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