As in #metalgate, Islam finds metal has wrong opinions


People do not want to admit that there is a war on for control of what you think. Some of this is what we consider innocuous, like the constant advertising on the roadsides, internet and in print. Other forms are more insidious, like people in your social group trying to bias you against people they do not like, or governments attempting to make certain ideas seem off-limits.

We know that in modern Western civilization, government both uses and allows Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) to enforce its strict taboos on un-democratic — the new term for “un-American” — thought. But other societies have not followed this same path and instead are limiting what people can say by excluding certain forms of music view religious decree. In particular, Malaysia has declared black metal and death metal off limits for its citizens:

All Muslims know pork, booze and premarital canoodling violates Islamic teachings. But in Malaysia, home to a rising tide of fundamentalist Islam, senior clerics are warning against more insidious dangers to the faith.

Such as death metal. And puppies. And Valentine’s Day.

“Black Metal” — Malaysian authorities have been fretting the influence of death metal since the 1990s. According to an official ruling against “Black Metal,” it’s powerful enough to force a Muslim to forsake his faith.

This approach is at least more honest than instead of banning a genre sending SJWs in to flood it with poor quality imitations of itself in the indie rock style, then taking over with a legion of *core fans who look like tattooed greebos who just stepped out of mental health treatment for low self-esteem. Speaking of which, recent research at Stanford suggests that people find “equality” a compelling goal in inverse proportion to how attractive and intelligent they feel. When you have low self-esteem, you make equality your life’s quest, and this explains why SJWs are moths drawn to that flame, in addition to their fundamentally hipster insincerity which has them using a political viewpoint to demand their own inclusion.

As we saw in #gamergate, #metalgate SJWs are not exactly competent. In fact, the only reason they talk about equality so much is that they could not advance themselves based on competence alone. This differentiates the SJW incursion from moral panics such as the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) in the 1980s in USA, or the type of fatwa issued in Malaysia, which seems to be a decree of general behavioral guidelines rather than an attempt to promote the fatwa-issuer based on how cool, hip and Pabst-swilling skinny-jeans wearing socially acceptable his opinions are. But the end result of both is the same: metal does not bow to their imaginary rules, and so they want metal destroyed.

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14 thoughts on “As in #metalgate, Islam finds metal has wrong opinions”

  1. Viranesir says:

    Footsmellam, it must and shall be destroyed.

  2. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Them malaysian metallers should blast some anti-islamic black metal.

  3. Licken Zi Dicken says:

    Deteriorot was one incredible band that was a tad short of greatness. Anybody remembers them?


    Sharing members with the mighty Cianide this overlooked gem should be dug out and shown to the world:


  5. Seniann says:

    Does ‘Behead the prophet, no lord shall live’ apply to Mohammed (lgbt) as well?

  6. Gunnar von Cowtown says:

    This could be so great for metal, and I hope the rest of the Islamic world follows suit, issuing fatwas against black metal.

    The anti-Christian themes in metal have been done to death, and to make matters worse, Christians stopped fighting back decades ago. This has caused a creative slump, and Islam presents a much more interesting adversary.

    Imagine if black metal bands start wearing inverted crescents, saying unkind things about Mohammed in their songs and burning mosques? Then imagine the backlash.

    1. This would make black metal dangerous again, as having an oppressive regime for a nemesis makes the music more meaningful.

    2. Overtly anti-Islamic black metal would make SJWs weep bitter tears of soy latte’.

    1. Linux or Death says:

      The only way for black metal to rebel against Islam is to respond with the same level of violence and intolerance, or otherwise it will look like a megaphone for weak oppressed faggots, a la Pussy Riot.

      1. 1349 says:

        White power black metal could have become what You’re talking about quite a long time ago. It could be against EVERYTHING that modernity consists of.
        In fact, there’s no need to start some entirely new movement.

  7. Dismember your Member says:

    When you offend the mohemmaddens, What will happen is the same that happened to the cartoonist of Charlie hebdo in French

  8. Gunnar von Cowtown says:

    The will to take that risk will be what separates the “”TRVE KVLT”” (or whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days) from the poseurs.

  9. CHARLIE HEBDO says:



  10. matia says:

    Nah, its just humanity’s error of dealing with subhumans. You either make them humans by carrying them on the shoulders of your civilization or you destroy them like Americans did with the indians, plain and simple. Western civilization chose to manipulate all middle east though and now they reap their errors. I say from now on all people should wear shirts with mohammed being assraped/defecated/mutilated or maybe mildly humorized, in order to break the momentum of this stupidly fascist religion and show all the world that nothing is above life and reason, only money of course.

    1. Viranesir says:

      You are my new religion

  11. Charlie Hebdo is total crap and not funny. The only reason people are putting “Je Suis Charlie” in their Facebook statuses is that it’s easy, safe rebellion that makes them look brave ‘n edgy to their friends. If anything, Islam today forced the Western media to own up to what liars and pussies they are. Hope they take out the SJWs next. Allahu ackbar!

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