Brett Stevens granted a Honoris Causa title of Doctor of Heavy Metal



There are a few people out there who get it. These individuals, able to see beneath appearance to the structure of reality far more than the average, understand not just what things are but how and why they are what they are. They do this not for the fame or money, since those come to people who weaken meaning in order to benefit appearance that rewards pleasant oblivion, but instead because understanding our world is a fundamental desire that advances us as a species. These are the people who get burned by the angry crowd for “witchcraft” for having discovered new ideas that threaten the order of society as it is, making people look foolish for relying on the old when a better way is available.

Dr. Martin Jacobsen is one of those who looks beneath the surface and discovers, like heavy metal, the difficult questions of reality that humans prefer to bury under waves of social control, pleasant illusion and comfortingly bourgeois products. In the truest spirit of both education and outsider music, he explores that areas where society has said non plus ultra (“go no further”) because they reveal fundamental contradictions in many of the assumptions upon which our civilization relies for its sense of well-being and that it is pointed in the right direction. Unsettling, dark, morbid, nihilistic, feral, atavistic, self-negating and amoral, these spaces confront us with what most of us view as the problem to which society is a solution, namely all that disturbs us about the conditions of life itself. Society offers us salvation from threats and deliverance from want, but also grants us on an existential level a sense of purpose that is more important than the conditions of life which make us doubt ourselves and our purpose. Society sells comfort on a mental level as well as a physical.

Thus it is a great honor to be presented with Doctor of Heavy Metal certification by Dr. Jacobsen, whom I consider one of the highest authorities in the field capable of doing so. As a recognized scholar of metal in this mode, I am able to continue my writing and journey of discovery into this rich genre of music which has rejected both The Establishment and the counter-culture in its pursuit of truth at a lower level than the social categories, feelings and desires with which most of us paper over the disturbing aspects of life. There is not much recognition for those of us who attempt to unearth the real beneath the surreal and yet profitable, but being recognized by others whose work we esteem in this field may be the best of all. Thank you, Dr. Jacobsen, and my wall will wear this with pride, as will my metal soul.

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15 thoughts on “Brett Stevens granted a Honoris Causa title of Doctor of Heavy Metal”


    This gift certificate should’ve been given to Vijay Prozak instead.

      1. omar says:

        lol same guy tho

      2. mightypeniz says:

        Vijay is just claiming credit for the work his great-uncle Spinoza Ray did in the 90’s.

        1. Hondoran Casual says:

          Wat do you mean. they arnt the same goy?

          1. Dr Death says:

            No my friend, they most certainly are not:
            Having met both Prozak and Conservationist/Brett Stevens at various metal shows over the years, I can confrim that they are in fact different people.

            1. Dukc says:


  2. LostInTheANUS says:

    Congratulations Brett! Now you can make arguments from authority!

  3. BB says:

    A good thing is helping to celebrate moments!

    1. Iconoclast says:

      No doubt the a school on the level of Harvard.

      1. bj says:

        haha wats the matter butthurt intellectuals feeling all left out of the joke?

  4. in the void says:

    congrats brett if theres anyone that deserves an honour for metal …

  5. 1349 says:

    Is this official? I mean, how in the hell could they issue this honour to Brett Stevens when Your real-world name is Isaac Schneerson (i thought)?

  6. Marcus Steel Cock says:

    Prozak circa late 90s, early 00s. –
    Bert sometime in the 00s? –

  7. Lockart says:

    Well deserved!

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