Hippies fail at metal because metal hates hippies


Hippies can’t play metal. Black Sabbath kicked off the metal movement because they wanted to make dark rock in contrast to the “peace, love and happiness” movement that had swept rock music into conformity. In this they joined other acts, like The Doors and Jethro Tull, who warned that good intentions would not save the world.

Since the 1990s, hippies are no longer the opposition to our evil conservative overlords… hippies are the Establishment, and they have become just as conservative and evil as anything before, except that now that have a mantle of moral superiority to use as a weapon like grandmothers use guilt. Not only have the hippies aged into their 60s, but they have adopted the view that they are right and anyone who deviates must be quashed. So much for the summer of love.

For that reason it’s natural that much as metal fought the suburban mom censors and Christian fundamentalists back in the 1980s, from the 1990s onward it has been fighting hippie fundamentalists who believe that peace, love, inclusiveness, happiness and political correctness are the only topics one can sing about, and if not, one is the enemy. This follows the path other ideological fanatics took, as in the Soviet Union, where their revolution for equality ended in mass executions.

This is a turf war. Hippies have wanted to take over metal since we challenged them (and their insipid rock) in the 1960s. They took over hardcore in the 1980s and songs went from rants about the imminent decline of our society to cute ditties about how the singer is outraged that people are not more accepting of everyone and everything. They transferred all that boring late hardcore into metal and threw some metal and jazz riffs on the top and called it a new genre, “modern metal.” The problem with it is that it is boring. Every single band of this type is random because the message it endorses is the anti-message: stand for nothing except going along with the hippies. This means writing transparent songs about SJW-topics that never really go anywhere since they all have the same meaning, “join the revolution!”

If you listen to enough modern metal, you will notice a pattern emerges. On the surface, this music is diverse and exciting. Jazz riffs, metal riffs, punk riffs and indie rock tropes compete for surface space. But then if you look at the heart of it, these songs really do not have much going for them. There is no melody or theme uniting them, just a loop of verse-chorus to which the band tacks on the randomness. This is because these are not songs about anything but are new and not very exciting ways of saying the exact same thing over and over again. Like a loudspeaker blaring in Moscow square, SJW-metal repeats the same propaganda in lockstep in hopes of reducing your brain to sludge so you go along with it. There is a reason it is all boring, and it relates to the purpose behind the music. Just like pop is annoying because its only purpose is to be catchy and vapid, SJW-metal is boring because its only purpose is to bleat propaganda while trying to be “unique” by making new surface variations of the same tired 1960s-1980s rock.

When hippies invaded rock, they destroyed it. When they invaded punk, they neutered it. If they successfully invade heavy metal, they will turn the last comfort of the rebellious soul into the dogma of the boring 1960s revolutionary left. SJWs are zombies who preach the same stuff that baby boomers were wailing on about in the 1960s, forgetting that all that stuff got debunked when the USSR fell in ruins and we got to see the SJW paradise: everyone was equal, and anyone who disagreed got shot, so no one did much of anything and it all fell apart. Hippies would bring us to the same end. They are essentially apologists for the decay of our society. Where metalheads want to look at reality and come up with solutions, hippies want us to space out with happy feelings and ignore the fact that we are in free fall as a society and soon to bottom out. This is why industry and government eventually embraced hippies: they do not threaten the power structure. Metal does, and that is why today’s hippies are trying to invade it, and why we must refute, resist and reject them.

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35 thoughts on “Hippies fail at metal because metal hates hippies”

  1. Jim Nelson says:

    The Heavy Metal Patriarchy (HMP) has something going for it that Social Justice Whiners, hippies, and various other malcontents simultaneously envy yet hate: a sense of, and respect for tradition, the past, continuity, identity. If I was a SJW, I’d envy the HMP too.

  2. Phil says:

    It’s evolutionary. People don’t want to have to adapt, be endangered, challenged or offended. They just want to be comfortable and not lose anything. Unfortunately that makes for shitty monolith-cults, sacrificial, fascist or monarchical cultures. All appease some figurehead, all are dead-ends.

    It’s only the English, with their thousand-year long brave and triumphant fight for freedom, that rescued the world from this cycle.

    1. Black Commentator says:

      Did you use a generator that creates randomized paragraphs of “New Right” speech to make this comment?

      1. Phil says:

        I don’t really know what the “New Right” is, but if it’s anything similar to the tripe Brett and his troupe of fascist minstrels writes at Amerika.org (sorry Brett, however your metal writing is unparalleled), then I must correct your association, and ask you how you came to it to avoid future confusion.

        Most people here hate the English and prefer the absolutism that occurred every so often on the European continent. They despise the “degeneracy” or “lack of values” that they associate with the English invention and promulgation of freedom and human rights.

        1. Metal is if nothing else Nietzschean. And what did Nietzsche say?

          1. Grails_Mysteries says:

            The English are a nation of shopkeepers.

          2. Jim Nelson says:

            Nietzsche called England ‘Brokeback Island’ if I recall correctly

  3. stoner says:

    So just because this hack author hates “hippie” music, they are the fundamentalist enemy? What about fucking Hunter Thompson? He did every drug under the sun daily, got high and drank; wrote incredibly offensive and hostile analyses of current culture. In other words, Fuck Government, Fuck the Police, Fuck Society. In my opinion, Black Sabbath are the cooler, more socially evolved hippies. But I’m sure I’m automatically wrong for having an opinion, since metal-heads (me included) are so fucking stubborn and hard-headed.

    1. pothead nazi says:

      No, you’re wrong for being a hippie stoner.

      “Hard-headed” as an insult? Isn’t it better than being soft-headed?

      1. stoner says:

        I love man-children like you…”No, YOU’RE wrong!” Ha-ha-ha

        1. nothead pazi says:

          That makes you gay and a pedophile.

  4. Genocide for all says:

    My favorite work by Hunter S. Thompson was when he blew his brains out.

    1. stoner says:

      Hah, you probably sit around listening to metal and reading the fag-adelic LaVeyan Bible like you did when you were fourteen. I guess it’s a burden to have some taste.

      1. Anthony says:

        I’m surprised you didn’t go for the Internet Gold Medal of “you live in your mom’s basement!” The whole “when you were fourteen” shit really rings hollow as an insult when it emanates from the putrefacting spit-flecked maw of someone with a boner for “Fuck the Police!” sloganeering.

      2. Ebola-chan's pantsu says:

        “you probably sit around listening to metal”

        That seems incredibly far-fetched.

  5. steve says:

    Great article and great title.

    The hippie generation is very bad about discriminating against younger generations . Things like drug testing for employment and all the regs against tattoos at work are examples I have . Also employers use your social media posts against you (surveil you )during screening for employment .A recent survey showed nearly 20 percent of Millenials generation live in poverty . Generational warfare through employment discrimination as most of these conventions did not exist previous generations past .

    Also am not sure but I kind of feel like hippies have taken over doom -metal . That stoner doom has a fair amount of hidden rules (such as its almost better if your riffs are boring and the songs are aimless like Sleep) to the music that one must follow to conform to .

  6. steve says:

    I would add that the older gens bankrupted the US Treasury and have left the younger generations saddled with roughly $18 in debt .

    And I forgot to mention job discrimination (like AMC theatres) against facial hair, side burns, and long hair in my prior post .

    1. Richard Head says:

      That’s because long hair, side burns, piercings, tattoos and whatnot were all associated with outcast “rebellious” counter-culture up until some time in the ’90s (could be wrong on that, but my point is that accepting that “style” is a very recent thing). So companies don’t want their employees looking like thugs and dropouts. It’s discrimination but those companies (since they are the ones paying people) are entitled to that discrimination and there is nothing wrong with that.

      I have long hair and tattoos (took my piercings out because it sucks to get punched with a nosering and it made me look gay as AIDS) but I understand that looking this way is my choice and not some condition I was born with. Therefore I exclude myself from employment to an extent. But I do so with purpose and intention. Anyone else is a whiner.

  7. steve says:

    also there are fashion conventions in stoner doom that conform to hippie image (side burns and shirt that’s in between metal and 60’s or 70’s etc ) and some of the gear too like Reddenbacher Bass and Big Muff pedal and Ampeg for instance.

    1. Ara says:

      Haha, Reddenbacher bass. Pass the popcorn.

      1. Richard Head says:

        Got a chuckle out of that, so buttery!

    2. Richard Head says:

      Maybe that’s because Big Muffs and other Electro-Harmonix pedals were popular among the originators and trailblazers of stoner rock. Jimi Hendrix?

      Anyway, stoner music came from hippies. The underlying connection is that whole stoner thing. Where they get stoned to play music, ya know? Stoner music is not metal, it is rock. (This not to say that metal musicians cannot be stoners, but as you point out there is an obvious connection between hippies and stoner music. So obvious, in fact, that there is really no difference.)

    3. Meek Metalhead says:

      Don`t forget Orange amps, no modern stoner/doom band is complete without that. Actually indie bands like to use those amps too, but they completely neuter the sound.

      I quite like fuzzy old Sabbath-worship, even if it doesn`t bring anything new to the table.

  8. steve says:

    oops I meant that $1the hippy generation left the future generations $18 TRILLION dollars in debt in the previous post .

  9. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Metal seeks to improve and better itself.
    Hippy music/dad’s rock/baby boomer music seeks to claim superiority and then proceed to shit on anyone who disagrees.

    1. stoner says:

      What you claim about hippie music is ALL that metal music seeks to do. I’m not talking about when bands like, say, Death became more technical and intelligent album-by-album thanks to Chuck, I’m talking about the fucking elitists; like the guy who wrote this article in the first place.

      Oh, and as much as I love you username/Per Ohlin; I’ve read many Dead quotes where he basically, as you put it, shits on other bands for various reasons…it sounds like grandda saying, “Your music and t-shirts are too loud and scary, sonny! Mine are better”

      1. Sandmann says:

        When someone speaks about intelligence in music i can say that the only lyric that can be intelligent is like this
        “kill your enemy without mercy and move on”
        That is what nature tells me and that is the most and basic understanding of what is truly intelligence. Everything else is academical brainwash!

      2. fenrir says:

        Chuck always made shit music. He started writing humanist and existentialist lyrics which weren’t very good anyway. They just appeared better than the gore-fodder he was using before.

        Tons of bands did everything he did and better. They just did not manage the press like he did and they weren’t as accessible and friendly. That’s all.

    2. Ara says:

      Every musical genre does that, metal included. I mean, read the articles here dude. Any “artform” that has to be perceived by people obscures its objective value and becomes a pissing contest among fans. We’re all guilty of this.

      1. Black Commentator says:

        “Objective Value” is nonsense.

  10. Flying Kites says:

    “Even if a fool were to take his food month after month off the tip of a blade of grass, he would still not be worth a fraction of those who have understood the truth. 70”

    Eugenic cleansing in ancient times.


  11. Sandmann says:

    They have to fail. A man or woman who failed himself should not enter your domain. PLain and simple. What do I mean. Some slave -in this case the hippie… is a slave of an ideology. He forgot his own meaning as an individual and made himself into a functional puppet of some anonymous fucker and now he has masteres the slave mentality of self obedience to an ideology. They are slaves of an ideology or a trend of a thought package. ITs the same. And because they subconscious know how fucking slave like they are not able to have an OWN WAY OF LIFE they want YOU to be as they. As weak as they. As grey as they. As miserable as they will always be.
    NO guys.
    It comes down to be a slave of an ideology (leftism) vs. your own life which you only have one. One fucking life nature gave you right now in an neverending universe and time you only have these 80 or maybe 60 years for yourself. Hah. How miserable they must feel knowing this as an atheist ;)
    Hope you all just stay who you are and never forget. One fucking life we have and what great time we have here. Fucking time now to be someone and not a grey puppet like them.
    Be your own legend!
    Happy new year :)

  12. Count Ringworm says:

    Why hate hippies? The real deal “hippies” of the mid 60’s — see: diggers — (before ‘hippie’ even became a term) were militantly anti-consumer, pro-environment, romanticist and rejected Christian morals.

    Sign me up.

    1. Richard Head says:

      By the time people started identifying themselves as “hippies”, the movement was already neutered. Though you are right; the ones who began the movement were shrewd.

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