How They Attempt To Assimilate You

We warned years ago that assimilation by the ancestor is a common fate of breakaway genres; rock, consumerism, and popular culture have been trying since the early days to turn metal into a variation on their basic formula.

You can see this in real time when The New York Times (yes, the same one that praised Stalin) tries to redefine death metal by mentioning some nobody with a nothing project as if it were actually part of the genre:

I first met Inge Ginsberg, the 96-year-old who’s recently become something of a death metal music icon, on a sunny August afternoon at her home two hours upstate from New York City.

At age 93, she discovered a solution: death metal, where you can shout your lyrics instead of sing them. It offered a new opportunity for reinvention at an age where those chances can be elusive. So beyond the spectacle of her unlikely performances, Ms. Ginsberg’s story is really that of a woman who is finding new ways to be heard.


No one has heard of this lady, and outside of the hipster bubble where New York Times reporters gather in JournoList-style fugue states of conformity at hipster bars and art galleries, no one cares about anything she has done.

She’s just another person looking for a headline so that she can get her fifteen minutes of fame for what turns out to be a project in search of a genre to host it, not any kind of actual drive toward a relevant death metal project:

When a musician friend, Pedro Da Silva, read her poems, they reminded him of death metal lyrics. He told her that she could shout them instead of singing them. The idea delighted Inge. “I can’t sing. I can’t carry a tune. So heavy metal works because I just have to say the words.” They went on to form the TritoneKings.

Purists point out that Inge Ginsberg’s style isn’t traditional metal, but most give her a pass for awesomeness. Her lyrics, however, can be heavy. They deal with the hardships she has endured and witnessed over the decades.

She cannot be criticized — in public, to normies — because she comes from not one but three protected groups: woman, Holocaust victim, and elderly. If she uses a cane, was born a man, or loves another woman, she wins the full house in victimhood pity politics.

Back in reality, however, she is an outsider. She knows nothing about death metal, nor cares; she wants to use the genre as a vehicle for her own normie expression which is more angsty consumerism than dissident realist. This is what assimilation looks like, too.

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15 thoughts on “How They Attempt To Assimilate You”

  1. Seaman says:

    Nothing against the old lady but the people who write shit like this need to be lined up against a wall and shot.

    1. Very true, and not just of these journalists, but most of them at this point. Nü-journalism is as bad as nü-metal.

  2. Seaman says:

    Here’s a thought: the music you’ve castigated for the last thirty years i.e. the rock of the 70s, 80s, is actually going to end up being more politically incorrect and rebellious in spirit than the “metal” of today. Strange eh?

    1. Is the “metal” of today metal?

      If not, why would I care?

      Hippie rock being 70% Communist while emo-soy-nü-metal is 80% Communist does not really convince me either way.

  3. T Malm says:

    Well it was about that time that I noticed this “old lady” had a goatee, a penis, and an inverted cross burned into her forehead!

  4. Spaniard says:

    I first met Inge Ginsberg, the 96-year-old who’s recently become something of a death metal music icon, on a sunny August afternoon at her home two hours upstate from New York City.

    I wonder if she’s any relation to Alan?

    1. I think he spells his surname “Ginsburg” but that could be Ellis Island jazz. There is at least origin similarity:

      The surname Ginsberg is a habitational name, derived from the places named Gunzberg, in Bavaria, Günzburg, in Swabia, or Gintsshprik, which is the Yiddish name for Königsburg, in East Prussia.

  5. Harked Back says:

    Saw her on the net. What a stupid joke.

    1. It reminds me of Babymetal: hyped up so that obvious cuck normies could spam it into being, when it has no relevance to actual metalheads (who are not soy/box people of the Reddit variety).

  6. Birkenhain says: New preview by Italian black metal gods Fourth Monarchy

  7. I'm french, fuck you says:

    If you didn’t write about this thing, I wouldn’t aware about its existence. I couldn’t careless about mainstream medias talking about metal.

  8. RDS says:

    Dude what the fuck is the New York times?

    1. America’s Tass.

  9. frozenlake says:

    Brett, you gatekeeper you. BAd Brett.

    1. -|- I AM EVIL -|-

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