Intolitarian: Of Gas Masks & Gimp Suits

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Article by Lance Viggiano

Intolitarian is the work of a singular person who polemically positions himself as an artistic paragon standing on the opposite end of a polarity between retro-rehash, imported heaps of plastic and bad Xeroxes. Amidst such a landscape and armed with powerful rhetorical golden guns, he is able to churn out effort after effort which communicates nothing and everyone knows it. Like war metal, which similarly has nothing to say, criticism is parried through a simple maneuver: those who call this spade a spade simply cannot handle how extreme it is for it is certain that this work stands on the precipice of a new aesthetic era that will make death and black metal look like nursery rhymes. This defensive posture is of course a variation of the oft repeated, “You don’t understand” that is used by insular communities and critics to accomplish little more than convince the user of their own superiority where every induced eye-roll reduces to signals of ones own status as a martyr for good taste.

Speaking of which, Deathangle Absolution is broken apart by insufferable self-aggrandizing spoken word ramblings recorded by an acid-casualty multi-tracking his indignant dulcet voice produced to resemble a pirate radio broadcast. The effect is nothing of the sort as one can practically hear a Cheeto sediment river of Pepsi sloshing into the microphone with every righteous, “You” uttered. Whatever immersion into this world might have been otherwise achieved is completely destroyed as the introduction to every proper track rapidly descends into self-parody.

On the note of unintentional comedy, the positions taken on record are merely the leanings of its opposite dispensation – meaning it presupposes the same things about the world as that which it claims to reject – with its judgments of value reversed. As if to own the caricature of itself it has been given by those who despise it by taking that ghoulish nasty beast to the next level where it no longer resembles that which any human being actually thinks or does. It so happens that the opposite of a brittle and over-socialized modern defecating into the ears of the metal community with self-loathing tirades is just as awful as a nut job faux-bohemian pseudo-occultist modern who can’t compose enduring music.

The somewhat esoteric, mysterious, and nuanced copper scraping across concrete free-jazz motorik brigade debut Berserker Savagery was an accident. Here, hardcore inflected non-speak is used alongside structured drumming to ensure impotent grindcore played by a recognizable instrument – this time- is impressed upon the listener as a means of recollected torture. Resting on the aesthetic laurels of Beherit demos and Blasphemy’s studio blunders is not a sufficient proof of superiority; especially when what results is far worse upon comparison. In terms of what can be said about the texture-as-vessel approach, it is executed without purpose to an effect on par with Katharsis playing lesser Darkthrone for masses seeking comfort in familiarity. What structure is given to this album arises after the fact through the addition of drums and vocals. The same can be said about every other toddler playing on pots and pans to the shouting of a drunken step father over television static release in the war metal.

I do sincerely hope that the lonewolf berserker involved in Intolitarian are having a good laugh which brings them nearly to an orgasm that might liberate their existence from this matrix prison illusion because this is clearly a prank of metal. Hail the $3.69 bargain bin!

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45 thoughts on “Intolitarian: Of Gas Masks & Gimp Suits”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    What I am curious about is how many “war metal” bands actually live the lifestyle they preach about (lone wolf, domination, etc.) or is it just purely fantasy/escapism for them. I’m not saying all bands have to experience their lyrics as that would be absurd, but many of these bands come off as showing they live the actual lifestyle.

    1. Agree_to_disagree says:

      “war metal” lol… Let them go fight IS in Syria, then we’ll see how much these mom’s basement dwelling virgins love war.

      1. Marc Defranco says:

        Well I ask this with no slight against any band that could be considered “war metal”. Many bands have lyrical topics about war and glorifying it, and as far as I know “war metal” is just another term for stuff like bestial black metal. They could just have interest in the topic.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        »IS« has attracted quite a few volunteers from this exact segment of the population. And they’re (reportedly) giving the real soldiers a run for their money.

        1. Necronomeconomist says:

          Rainier,”»IS« has attracted quite a few volunteers from this exact segment of the population.” Which segment could you possibly mean — the war metal musician segment? No, dude.

          1. “the war metal musician segment? No, dude”


            Well said

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Leaving the news reports about this aside, which kind of people would you expect to travel to the middle-east on the (vague) promise of “guns and dope and sex (and no work)” (to turn cannon fodder)?

              1. The people who we in fact are seeing travel there: Militant muslims.

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  »Socially not exactly well integrated, perspective-less petty criminals« would describe it better. A case which went through the German press I remember was a ‘German’ guy (whatever that means) being a prototypical “virgin basement dweller”, ie, no job, no desire to get one, no activities beyond hashish-smoking, who converted to Islam as he found “meaning in life” there, turned into an IS volunteer and afterwards “came back home”, presumably in order to revert to his former habits. There are bound to be more cases like this.

                  One could generalize this a little into “otherwise unemployed and not overly bright »useless« and naive young men”, most but not all of them presumably from Arabic descent as they already speak the language (to some degree at least).

                  1. “»Socially not exactly well integrated, perspective-less petty criminals« would describe it better”

                    And which group is massively over represented in this category?

                    But I’m sure that the ideology is irrelevant. It’s all about politics and socio economic status. National socialism had nothing to do with the second world war. Buddhists are more peaceful than muslims only because they are more tolerated.
                    That 46% of all rapes between 1985 and 1989 were committed by immigrants is proof that Sweden is racist.
                    If people of the Swedish culture were discriminated against, then they would also rape more.

                    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      That 46% of all rapes between 1985 and 1989 were committed by immigrants is proof that Sweden is racist.

                      I made a short detour into this kind of statistics and as far as I know, the numbers are about people being charged with certain offences. Consequently, this would mean »46% of all people charged with rape between 1985 and 1989 were immigrants«. Also, a so-called feminist would use the same numbers to point out that close to 100% of all people charged with rape were men. Some of them were male immigrants but that’s not useful for this agenda.

                      However, in my opinion, there is no more ‘right’ way to interpret such numbers than there’s a right way to interpret the flight of birds. As far as I’m concerned, all people are scary because they’re all alien to me and ‘violence’ is deeply integrated into everyday life (as in »Swedish loners being beaten to death by the school ‘mates’«, for instance [to be revived and outwardly repaired in intensive care afterwards]). As I can’t hide in my cupboard all day, I have to deal with that. »Some of them are adherents of $religion« is a lesser concern.

                    2. Around 99% of all rapists are men. This is true. Men rape more than women, as it is in their nature. Men are also more violent than women, which is why men commit about 75% of all violent crimes.
                      But not all men rape the same amount. Men from certain countries do it more than men from other countries.
                      No amount of intellectual dishonesty can change that.

                    3. “Other men do it sometimes, too! They’re all scary!”

                      You’re pathetic.
                      Different cultures amplify different behaviors, and you know it.

                    4. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      I indeed do — the “white European culture” greatly amplifies violence against people like me, as demonstrated by countless personal experiences while I can’t say the same about muslims — to them, I’m just another white guy, not an odd white guy who is probably gay, dangerously deranged, weird-looking, in want of a haircut etc etc etc.

                      Trying to discard that by incorrectly quoting 27-year-old statistics is pathetic.

                    5. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      “Trying to discard that by incorrectly quoting 27 year old statistics is pathetic.”

                    6. I never disregarded the bad parts of European cultures.
                      You are the one who, when I give you evidence of the bad parts of certain non European cultures, shine the spotlight on to the bad parts of European cultures. This is a red herring, and a dishonest distraction. It is pathetic behavior.

                      I use old statistics because they are the ones that I am the most familiar with. A Swedish follow up study in the 2000’s showed the exact same trend, but I haven’t read through that document as thoroughly, so I don’t use it.

                      Other countries statistics which are more recent show the same thing, but again, I use sources which I am the most familliar and comfortable with.

                      Here is a German one from 2014:


                      This instance of the image is hosted on a website which I consider untrustworthy, but the excerpt itself is not from them.

              2. C.M. says:

                IS doesn’t promise or advertise “no work” ya knucklehead. Kinda doubt drugs are a big draw as well considering that intoxication goes against Islamic law but I could be wrong about that since I haven’t studied said law, only going by hearsay.

                People join IS because they hate modernity and already consider themselves enemies of “the system”, and figure they might as well get paid for fighting it.

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  Being a volunteer soldier fighting for the holy cause of establishing paradies on earth and serving burgers at a fastfood restaurant are a bit different from each other. And gastronomy jobs, while miserably paid, are among the better kinds of menial labour employments. »Running around in an Amazon delivery center while being computer-monitored for ‘below average’ performance at every step« ought to be a lot worse (I don’t know that). Factory work and ‘helping out in construction’ are, that’s something I do know.

                  1. C.M. says:

                    IS recruits get paid. Believe it or don’t. What do you think is the purpose of all the kidnapping? It’s just one income supplement among many.

                    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      Well, “yes, I know that”.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            My I suggest an absolutely original and unconventional thought? The one the guy I was replying to wrote about.

    2. C.M. says:

      Forget war metal. How many metal bands of all genres walk the walk and practice what they preach?

      Burzum… is that it?

      1. Vigilance says:

        Most of metal is not like hip hop where being real matters. However, these war metal guys often to put themselves in positions to be questioned about realness

        1. C.M. says:

          True, and true. Related; black metallers who bicker over troo Satanism.

          Any more I’m starting to believe that heavy/power metal about Tolkien/Lovecraft or fast cars and sluts is the least pretentious, most honest style of metal.

          1. ODB says:

            This is my observation, too. Watch some of those Keep It True fest videos on Youtube, and you get this incredibly passionate yet also literate vibe. There’s nothing “cool” or image enhancing about the traditional forms, so you have to be a genuine fan of the music to be attracted to them in the first place. A great poseur-filtering mechanism.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Honest, unpretentious NWOBHM band:


              Pretentious, Norwegian posers:


              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                As I feel like writing some more positive stuff about that: This is really one of the best things I’ve listened too in a long time. It also has a good sound as everything is cleary audible at a sufficient volume (well within domestic limits but well beyond “My girl-friend doesn’t want to hear this” levels). On its own, the instrumental band is a bit too regular (eg, “Pure fucking armageddon” is Anthrax-style mosh) despite the individual performances are all above average, most easily discernible as the guy who makes a drumkit talk, with the other dead person a close second. All four together are just great. The vocals have nothing forced/ artificial in them, no operetta of any shape, size or colour.

                Someone should really have tried to beat some sense into this guy instead of treating him as difficult-to-avoid embarrasment which will sooner or later undo itself by starvation.

    3. Vigilance says:

      “I am above you”

      Means they run largely unsuccessful labels selling niche products to 6 guys over at NWN.

      I’m also pretty sure the guys from goatpenis are soccer dads.

    4. Nathan Metric says:

      Nope, rather than aspire to noble things like being a shepherd or a sheep dog they dream of being wolves. But it’s not actually possible for them to be lone wolfs. We all know most of these guys work 9 to 5 jobs, kiss corporate ass to get ahead and pay their taxes on time. They are all just sheep dreaming of being wolves.

      To be fair though, the war metal folks are not alone. The problems with war metal are really the problems with metal generally speaking. Too nihilistic for its own good. Too much hatred without a great love for something. Too much worship for things we would actually despise in real life (it’s actually the SJW plp who are intolerant)

      1. thewaters says:

        Being able to provide for yourself and your family with a 9-5 job is an act of rebellion in the modern west….lmao…..

        1. It’s the norm. It’s the behavior that the economy, and thus all of society, hinges on.

      2. Necronomeconomist says:

        “We all know most of these guys work 9 to 5 jobs, kiss corporate ass to get ahead and pay their taxes on time. They are all just sheep dreaming of being wolves.” …sneers the teenage social critic Nathan Metric. What the fuck would you have niggas do? NOT pay bills, NOT get ahead, NOT pay taxes on time? Who the fuck are you to criticise a nigga for playing the rules? I’ll tell you who: you’re an ignorant KID. What hours do you work? Are YOU gonna show them, are YOU gonna beat the system and become the uber-wolf, sneering at us ‘weak’ ‘sheep’?
        *What hours do you work?
        *Would you rather stagnate than ‘kiss corporate ass’/advance and improve your position?
        *Do you valourise the late-tax payer? You’ve barely worked long enough to pay taxes, but I’ll tell you: paying late doesn’t stick anything to the man, and you suffer a Pyrrhic rebellion. They come to get it from you plus interest and fees, my nigga! Keep up the resistance and they’ll lock you down!

        I suppose that you’re one of the real niggas who don’t get locked down. EFIL4ZAGGIN. Fuck you!

        1. I agree with this sentiment.
          What are they supposed to do? Not have a job and be homeless?
          Not pay taxes and go to jail?

          Of course we all want to live in a hut in a forest, growing our own food, but that’s not possible. It’s not even legal where I live, to top it off.

          1. Nathan Metric says:

            My point is that many of the ideas behind metal and the ideas behind war metal in particular are hypocritical. Me pointing this out seems to have triggered you. That’s what I want. I don’t really like metal anymore and I especially don’t like metalheads anymore because metalheads don’t practice what they preach. They are not as antisocial as they think they are. They are not as ruthless as they think they are. They are not as wolflike as they think they are.They are not as nihilistic as they think they are. They are not as non-consumerist as they think they are. Hell, they just plain aren’t as superior to everyone else as they think they are. And no, me pointing this out is not to prove I am better than everyone else in case you have the urge to attack me personally. Knowledge alone does create supremacy.

            Anyway I am not against people who follow the social norms such as going to work and paying taxes although I will admit I don’t like people who are so materialistic that they will sell their souls to the worse elements of corporate life. No. What I absolutely despise is hypocrisy. Me pointing out that Intolitarian and other similar artists are hypocrites is not an attempt to correct them in order for them to better adhere to their ideology. No. It is precisely to rebuke their ideology. Any ideology that forces one to act in a hypocritical manner is probably a bull shit one. A self-defeating one.

            I do not agree with the masculine nihilism of war metal, nor the anti-human snobbery of death, nor the radical traditionalism of black metal, or the anarchism of grindcore. The two bands that come the closest to my thoughts on the world is either Celtic Frost of Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath with their life-affirming mythological realism and Celtic Frost with their unwavering attention to the absolute truth of life: Only Death is Real. Death is inevitable, unknown and absolute so the purpose of life isn’t merely to pursue fleeting pleasures, but to find meaning in death.

    5. Rainer Weikusat says:

      “Treason uncloaked! Musician makes music!”?

      Any work of art is artificial (as the name might suggest — I read that somewhere recently but don’t remember the exact location) and its direct effect is upon the listener’s (here) feelings and thoughts only. Considering this, it doesn’t really matter if a bard singing about heros slaying a dragons in the evenings spends his days slaying dragons as that can’t alter the effect of the performance anyhow.

  2. pompous midget says:

    Good review. This stuff seemed interesting when it came out but now it’s clear that Kramer is either a complete idiot or an enormous troll.

    Lance, you said something about Blasphemy’s ‘technical issues’ in the Arctic Thunder comments and I was wondering what you meant.

    1. Vigilance says:

      I left a reply there. Czech it out.

      1. pompous midget says:

        Ah, but that’s the charm of it, right? (not the mastering)

  3. Vigilance says:

    Also, transmission 9 makes it pretty clear that Antichrist Kramer is a Buddhist.

  4. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    This was a good laugh, this band sucks and war metal is a sho nuff trend as I’ve seen bands perfectly capable of making good death metal dress up and play tired ass two riff war metal in side projects. I really don’t fucking get it.

  5. Necronomeconomist says:

    Lance Viggiano, I liked your article so I googled ya. Now, I’m confused, as here you excoriate Deathangle Absolution, but you treat it much more kindly here:

    What the FUCK. Lol. Just saying. I do like your writing though, a good balance of explaining the sonic content AND the metaphysical side of the record.

    1. Vigilance says:

      I drink a bit. That’s really the explanation..

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    I like to drink alcohol too.
    war metal. fag metal. pork metal. jew metal. somethin somethin metal. blah blah metal.
    fuck it, we need more boobs metal.

  7. Frasier Crane says:

    I’d like to make a band, Anti-christ George Costanza. It will definitely be one of the most evil entities out there.

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