Is Heavy Metal Satanic?

Back in the 1980s, praising Satan or even talking about Him in any context other than condemnation put you in the middle of the culture wars. Unable to talk about demographics, conservatives backed themselves into the corner of fundamentalist religion and saw Satan everywhere.

For this reason, bands both flirted with Satanism as a marketing technique and saw a fertile ground for writing lyrics. If you reject modernity, that means you reject Christianity along with all the other stuff you cannot talk about without really getting in trouble.

Those coming from a Nietzschean background quickly saw a parallel: like Dionysus or Thor, Slayer represented the pagan way of viewing the world where there were no categories of “good” and “evil,” only being measured by the effects of your deeds and strength of your spirit.

To the pagans, there was no comical Heaven or Hell surrounding Earth for moral judgment of people. Some were born bad, and they lived bad lives, and some were born good and got to live the good life by being smarter. Natural selection was always present, and the gods walked the Earth.

In addition to being less ridiculous than the overly-symbolic (and thus categorical thinking obsessed) Abrahamic religions, this view was monist, or integrating physical and metaphysical dimensions of life into the same set of rules of common sense.

As such, it was less prone to the horror of metaphysical dualism, where people live for the “next life” in Heaven by using this world as symbolism to reach the next, effectively trashing Earth and their own lives for a promise of Heaven.

Where Judeo-Christianity represented a personal god and a humanist morality, paganism and the occult offered a naturalistic morality, Darwinism, and the ability to enjoy being alive again. Using Satanism and occult symbolism was not just a rejection of Christ, but of humanism and modernity as well.

Turning that cross upside-down said that you thought humans were just another animal, and that we all played by animal rules, and any afterlife would be like this one with its struggles and strivings. It was a form of hard realism in religious form to assert paganism, occultism, Satanism, or Luciferianism.

Consequently, lots of metal bands used Satanic imagery, although some used it to warn of the horrors of stepping outside the Christian moral kiosk. Some used it for fun or for shock. Still others pointed out that modernity was based on human egotism and was leading to an apocalypse.

From Spin Magazine back in 1989, when the magainze had televangelist Bob Larson interview Slayer:

Kerry claims he’s never read the Bible, though he says if he did he’d probably write some Iron Maiden-type lyrics from Revelation. He looked once at The Satanic Bible, but found it boring and trashed it. He seemed to know little about Christianity, but his eyes flashed indignantly at the mention of Jim and Tammy. The PTL scandal inspired the tune “Read Between the Lies” (“Evangelist, you claim God speaks through you/Your restless mouth full of lies gains popularity/You care not for the old that suffer/ When empty pockets cry from hunger”). Televangelism scandals aside, Kerry says horror movies are his main source of song inspiration.

Jeff seemed the most uncomfortable with the big “S” question. He ascribes to a kind of benign agnosticism. He bristled at the mere mention of any assumed involvement with the Prince of Darkness. Jeff isn’t even sure what a Satanist does or believes. To him, the whole thing is ridiculous. He says all religion is “stupid.” And what of his lyrics like, “Lucifer takes my dark soul/Down to the fiery pits of hell,” from “Necrophiliac”? Watching him onstage gives me a clue. He looks evil. His eyes flash with an aggressive, almost demonic intensity. He’s the headbanger cheerleader, exhorting the crowd to ever more expressive states of frenzy. He admits that something, somewhere in his childhood, angered him. “The stage is my opportunity to release that unresolved aggression,” he freely acknowledges.

Generation X has a unique rage at Christianity. Their parents either hid behind it or used it as a false target, blaming Christianity when they meant White people or conservatives. It was required to be a politician or public leader. People saw it as culture.

But even more, it was the old human game of symbolism taking the place of realism. When people fear reality, they turn into contrarians who reject reality, and so they embrace human socializing and its method by which people seduce and manipulate each other with symbols of absolute good and bad.

We all use good and bad for shorthand. When your mother gets run over by a carpet cleaning truck, that is usually bad (but good if she was bad). When you fail a test at school, that is bad. If you find a forgotten twelve-pack in the basement, that is good. The new Slayer album is good. And so on.

This usage however draws a distinction between “good for me” and “good for the world as universal maxim,” to borrow a term from Kant. It is good for me to pass a test, but bad for society, nature, and the order of the universe if I am faking it and others must endure my incompetence.

As the official forces of evil themselves recognize, occult means naturalistic morality instead of humanistic morality:

The term “occult” refers to what is hidden, and like “esoteric” implies that which rests in plain sight awaiting our ability to understand it. Nothing hid gravity, electricity, magnetism, and nuclear fusion from us, but it took us centuries to understand what we saw.

In the same way, spiritual truths remain hidden. To those who understand the nature of Godhead, the unity of Satan and God makes perfect sense, and the moralistic personal deity of the Abrahamic religions falls like members of Hamas gunned down on the border.

Darwinism similarly hides in plain sight. To those who can think it through, it represents a perfected system that improves quality and reduces costs much like capitalism. It involves predation and culling of the weak, so the herd fears it.

In permanent agricultural civilization, understanding of reality — as a nihilist I reject universal “truth” — remains sequestered as the ultimate taboo. Civilizations do not want reality; they want compromise, pacifism, and pluralism so everyone “gets along together.”

To peer under the mile-wide inch-deep surface of human existence is to encounter occult notions.

What makes civilization so rotten? Is the The Jews,™ hiding in poisoned wells? The evil rich people, or even the kings? Maybe there is a vast Satanic conspiracy? Or Occam’s Razor: humans in groups tend to become delusional because they reinforce each others’ illusions.

In other words, if given a chance, people reject universal maxim and replace it with universal humanism, or the idea that we do not adapt to reality and instead reality should (“morally”) adapt to our individual desires:

Traditionalists believe that there is an order to the universe which has a cause before and beyond the physical, but manifests as the physical, which makes the physical and the divine simultaneously important because they reflect the same process happening.

In their view, which comes from Plato, all that we know of the world — the Veil of Maya — is in fact a shadow of the event that set it in motion, which has its origins in something larger than the physical world, a vast space of cause which we know only through the surface in terms of its physical effects.

This view might compare reality to a wave, where we see the crest and feel the crash, but the real generation of the wave was not only miles away but fathoms deep, and so what we know as a “wave” is merely the aftereffect of that creation. Reality is real because it reflects this larger world of causes, but we know it secondhand at best.

Metal, like paganism, does not believe in using symbols to make universal abstractions. What is good for one will be bad for another; as Plato said, the supreme morality — paralleling Kant — is “good to the good, bad to the bad.” Universal maxim rewards good this way.

In this sense, metal is very far from being Satanic or Luciferian, since it rejects the universal symbols and metaphysical dualism required. On the other hand, by doing so, it embraces the core of what makes Satanism, the occult, and paganism so frightening to Abrahamic and humanist believers.

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96 thoughts on “Is Heavy Metal Satanic?”

  1. beefheart says:

    Satan in metal was always a metaphor for the absence of God, which in itself is a metaphor for belief, religious or otherwise. Metal is mockery of that. This is also what sets metal apart from hard- and grindcore, which says the same in earnest, not in ridicule. Metal mocks not only God, but Satan at the same time.
    I have never thought for a moment that anybody in metal was using it for anything else, except maybe for some nutjobs, but you should notice from their music, lyrics or imagery. Kerry’s answers are spot on to the point of metal – he’s never read the bible and found the satanic bible boring crap. That sums it up nicely, although after 35 years this certainly isn’t the freshest of ideas.

    1. Hail Lucifer 325 says:

      The Christian god is the human ego. Satan is a god of nature. He sees humans as animals and will sacrifice the weak so the rest are stronger.

      1. Satan = Darwinism and Eugenics. We can work with that. Better than the Miltonian view of him as an egoist, although I think even Milton felt that Christ was a bit Schuldinerish.

    2. Absence of God, or misinterpretation of Him? We did better with the ancient gods: they represented nature and the world as-is. Metaphysical dualism produced moral and personal gods who are anti-realistic.

  2. In the name of God, let the churches burn

    1. They will, mostly because, demographically at least, Christianity is vanishing before our eyes. Soon all the churches will be condos.

      1. Marty Luther had weird features says:

        Christianity won’t decline by very much over the next half century even in the West, or so researchers predict. Its global percentage will stay about the same. Islam however…

        1. Whatever to these “experts” and “researchers.” Christianity has been dropping in popularity for some time, and now even attendance is half-hearted. People are reporting less loyalty to any particular religious tradition. In the big picture, Christianity failed because it was foreign and therefore opened up the West.

          1. blammen says:

            But there are the real, non-quotation-mark experts and researchers, or what?

            Christianity has declined pretty rapidly over the last century, especially in Europe, but that trend has slowed down considerably. We’ve also seen a countertrend of a return to religion in Europe, primarily to smaller Christian groups.

            In any case, predictions are difficult, and even the current ones are admittedly shaky at best. Some decades ago, everyone assumed we’d all be agnostics in the near future, but stuff happened.

            1. A good starter source might be the dropping numbers especially the loss of White Christians. Generation X led the way; a compilation of sources can be found here.

              We’ve also seen a countertrend of a return to religion in Europe, primarily to smaller Christian groups.

              Have we?

            2. Human conceived G9d is a projection of the self. So, God in my view is a raging alcoholic on shrooms. says:

              I’ll state (outta my ass, admittedly) that European themed religion, either neo-pagan varieties or the desert society survival manuals, being reignited seem more for maintaining a sense of identity as West-Euro/Nordic. These contemporaries as I speak with them have, however, a minimal or otherwise lacking element of any spirituality—instead, an identity that is pretentious and, well, cosplay.
              Humans have fun, but do they have a goal? I think the religion revival amongst some is means-over-goals/ends. If a goal is desired, then actions must happen other than putting aside life for an unknown afterlife.

              Most new/reinspired euro-religion may as well be agnosticism plus curry powder and paprika.

          2. ¡HALLA ROF STAOG KCUF! says:

            The great goatse of our time: Christ spreading open the anus of the West to let the orcs flood in.

    2. In the broader picture, Christianity is dead in the West. There are the fanatics on the internet, but everyone else has fled the commercialized, liberalized, and dualistic churches. We need a nature-religion. As a Perennialist, I think that all religions are basically the same on the big important points, namely that this is a benevolent universe, goodness is rewarded, and there is some kind of afterlife (in my view, the good continue on, and everyone else is reincarnated as yeast).


    1. Paul Ledney says:

      Only ass is true!!1!

      1. Sodomize, Crucify, Profit! says:

        Paulie-boy, why not have some of your oldest material remastered? I need to hear christ-raping music, groans, and moans in full clarity!

  4. M.C. Olestra Vioxx Gardasil Wegowy says:

    Against life, for ass, forever!

    1. Paul Ledney says:

      To complete our ritual, we must fist and rape the ass of Jesus Christ. Only through his immaculate sodomization can the gates to the kingdom of darkness be opened. It helps to kill a priest and burn his bones on the altar.

  5. Who cares? says:

    The mindset of the many does not recognize satanism, paganism, religion. It’s simply convenient dogmas, telling pagan northern europeans that “the god of all almightiness” is better than the gods of the Eddas probably did require some convincing, but it stuck in the minds of people. Even here, while albums as good as The God that Never was and Engram exist, something personal in many listeners leads them back to earlier releases by the respective artists. Frankly, it’s not stupidity what makes people act this way, at least when it comes to matters of taste there is really little to argue about. Think about the movie Aguirre: Wrath of God, I read that the moral decay among the expedition members is pictured as a representation of Germany during the times of national socialism. Likewise in many metal songs, I tend to imagine religion, namely Christianity, as a symbol for what the misunderstanding of God’s natural law has led civilizations to. This might be a stretch, but when a symbol becomes esoteric, it essentially becomes metaphoric for the wrong reasons and it brings about relativism. I do not think symbols are bad, they essentially exist, in my opinion, as a particular kind of signifier (like words are) that serves as a shortcut between complicated matters of experience and the indirect knowing (wissen in German as opposed to kennen which would require direct experience) of said symbolized concept. Essentially, they exist as a way to gaze at the sun (a wide concept that is inconvenient to experience firsthand) without burning one’s retinas (expending unnecesary amounts of time on something which is known culturally). If you have ever listened to the first album by Sulphur Aeon, you have straightforward references to Call of Cthulhu, and the aesthetic experience likely involves a feeling which is either sublime or of impotence before the power of nature if uninitiated. It’s not about whether people choose symbols but that they choose not to take them for what they are and growing resentful when reality does not change to their liking. And why should it? Frustration can become fuel for the work that can lead one to overcome that feeling and in that, you can see that a nexus between signifier and signified. It just takes a bit of thinking.

    1. Likewise in many metal songs, I tend to imagine religion, namely Christianity, as a symbol for what the misunderstanding of God’s natural law has led civilizations to.

      Either that or by demanding a god of the weak, we have made gods in the human image, which is blasphemy. We are worshiping a golden calf named “equality” (Left) and “individualism” (Right).

  6. curio says:

    If I were to wipe out 90% of humanity in a much-needed eugenics program and then be questioned by the judgmental Abrahamic god for my actions after death, I would tell the god that it exists in a perfect state of bliss. I existed in a world of cause and effect, which called for constant struggle against entropy and degradation. Its laws and nature’s laws don’t coincide, and mortal transcendence and rising above require violence and a firm denial of humanity’s illusionary desires.

    Abrahamic religions turned the concept of God into a passive entity enslaved to human projection.

    Unrelated: Does anyone here know of a way to get around YouTube ads? YT can detect ad-blocker plus now and freezes videos upon detection.

    1. If the divine created the world, then the parameters of physical existence have metaphysical value. In any case, physical reality seems to be purely logical. Things happen for a reason. Humans detest that, so they insert a scapegoat-sugardaddy god between cause and effect, which just increases our species-wide tendency toward narcissism.

    2. Eyes green as goose shit says:

      Unrelated: Does anyone here know of a way to get around YouTube ads? YT can detect ad-blocker plus now and freezes videos upon detection.

      Use the Vivaldi browser.

      1. curio says:

        Thank you.

      2. Others report Brave works out okay. I imagine that whatever browser you use, the ad-blocker authors are going to find a way to work around this.

    3. Puzzle says:

      Just pay for it you fucking hippie puke

    4. mlotek says:

      1. the only true Christianity is Christian Identity as was taught by the late Aryan Nations, and other groups, and now by Christogenea.
      They traced the roots of the people of the Old testament and it is not today’s so-called Chosen People.

      2. I use the Fire-Fox add-on, uBlock Origin , also available at
      i do not see that many Youtube commercials, unless it started the past week? then maybe it will catch up to me I guess.

      1. All Christianity is Jewish. The Jews in fact borrowed Judaism from the Zoroastrians, Babylonians, and Egyptians, and the Christians borrowed their religion from Judaism and Phaedo.

        Today’s Chosen People are ethnically consistent with the group back then, but as always, genetics of failed civilizations is a snowball. You have something and add something else. The original Semites were probably the Caucasian-Han-Berber hybrid they are today, but since then a lot of Eastern and Western Europe has been grafted into the Jews, especially the Ashkenazim, who at some point had a bottleneck event of +-350 members (!!!) which contributes to a lot of their recessive gene issues today.

  7. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    “He ascribes to a kind of benign agnosticism”

    I think this is the default assumption for most normal, non-autistic, average to above average intelligence people.

    Kinda believe in “something bigger than human”, not really into Abrahamic middle eastern stuff – most people, if taught the Old Testament in an impartial way, would be pro-Pharaoh and not give a damn about the “Lost Tribes” – and ESPECIALLY not into Atheismoronic Redditardism which is a cancer worse than 99% of religions including the most backwards, illiterate, sub-Saharaen African animism.

    1. Most people do not recognize that agnosticism is the scientific position on divinity. We do not know, and have no evidence to prove or disprove it, so it remains an eternal mystery. In my view, most healthy people believe in physical reality plus some type of divinity. Their religion has three planks: this is a benevolent universe, goodness is rewarded, and something good happens in the afterlife. All the other religious stuff is just there to reinforce these ideas for goobers and morons, but ultimately that means the morons take over. There is nothing one can do with morons except chippers, ovens, or bullets.

    2. Ambivalent Careless Universe says:

      Normies are fucking weirdos, man!
      Anyone will believe whatever they are inclined to believe anyway.

      1. Anyone will believe whatever they are inclined to believe anyway.

        Esotericism + Dunning-Kruger: they believe what they can understand.

    3. Ex-pagan says:

      I’d say this can include those of us who identify with a religion because it “works” for us spiritually. This does not mean we take every word of it for absolute, or even that we uncritically trust our own spiritual experiences. It just means we share the personal-evolutionary of the religion and find that the doctrines, myths and such are a good symbolic backstory on why it works the way it does. Even this is open to re-interpretation.

      1. In my view, it is a mistake to do that.

        The dogma, backstory, etc are methods.

        The spiritual union with the divine is the goal.

        When the methods replace the goal, as they will if symbols are given too much power, the religion becomes a parasite.

  8. beefheart says:

    Philosophy is retrofitted to metal here. Pioneering metal musicians have drawn their inspiration from horror movies, and in doing so stumbled over a gold nugget. Satanic imagery a fertile ground for lyrics, this cannot be emphasized enough: This idea has elevated metal to a higher artistic, more abstract domain than its contemporaries shouting “multinational corporations, genocide…” as if this were to provide a solution. It offers endlessly more possibilities to dance around and sneer at the sick and perverse that is modern society, so each metal song and album can unfold like a theatrical piece. (Yes, I’m a Brett fanboi, and gay.)

    1. We are all gay now. The horror genre may trace its birth in part to Mary Shelley and Frankenstein, which is why there is a literary remnant in the horror genre: it tackles the big questions. Is there more than the physical? Is there evil, and if so, is there also good? What do we do if certain patterns have more power than the sum of their parts? And why would we avoid evil, since it is clearly more powerful and effective in the short term? We might then wonder what it says about the short-term thinkers among us. Metal has always had a mythological-historical view to it, bypassing the trends of the day (starting in the hippie 1960s) in favor of the eternal, and that in itself may be more important than any other aspects. Metal is about the big picture over the long term. This causes us to think differently than the normal human rodents obsessed with trends, profits, popularity, and drama.

  9. Non Slurviam says:

    It seems you are primarily considering theistic satanism in this piece. Do you think the broader left hand path occult tradition is more in line with the philosophical themes of metal? The Left hand path treats self deification through gnosis and self-improvement as the ultimate goal, which to my mind gels nicely with a Nietzschean view, especially given the paramount position Nietzsche gave Zarathustra amongst his works. Many use Satanism as a synonym for the left hand path, and so in this sense I think a case could be put for metal being satanic.

    1. 2dum says:

      Fuckin thank you

    2. LaVeyian Satanism tends toward that end, being basically Ayn Rand with the quiet parts mostly taken out and some progressivism injected in, but the more interesting writers (O9A included) emphasize not self-interest but interest in the order of the whole. After all, Satan saw Jesus as the ego of humankind, and preferred the order of nature. Metal similarly emphasizes a mythological-historical view where things matter in terms of doing them for the sake of themselves, not doing them as a means-to-an-end; metal emphasizes ends-over-means thinking and a transcendent realism and naturalism instead. This is a broad reading of the center of the most important works and there will be clines and deviations at the periphery.

      1. Non Slurviam says:

        Whilst many aspects of it’s doctrine have not aged well, I do think LaVeyian Satanism is a continuation of a loosely philosophically aligned tradition that can be traced back to the Ancient World, albeit with LaVey’s own philosophical views injected as central tenets. The Left Hand Path ‘Tradition’ of self-deification through development of the ability to impart change on the objective universe in accordance with the will is present in the earliest forms of Hinduism and in various Ancient Egyptian cults. It’s presence continues through the Hellenic world, into pagan Europe and through to modernity with figures like Levi, Crowley and LaVey.

        We see the right hand path in contrast with an ultimate goal of ego annihilation via harmony with the universe, god or nature. The aim is for the ego to be absorbed into the one.
        I’m not versed in O9A doctrine, but the way you describe here it seems more akin to a right hand path school of thought, which it seems difficult to reconcile with any of the historical philosophical and theological manifestations of Satan.

        1. Hobbling the Will by making it into self-deification is entirely a fiction. The Will seeks what complements the character, and for higher characters this involves beauty, sanity, and total culling of the weak.

  10. Censoria says:

    It’s literally so funny how no one is capable of having non-self-serving beliefs.
    The most absurd part about reactionary right wingers is that they all somehow assume they’re the strong leaders (with big fat cocks, hopefully, and massive balls that hit perfectly when they’re pounding away), who deserve to rule above the rest. Why? (Besides the masculinity part, the dick size competition—the primal ape retardation of proving who is ‘alpha’ i.e., who can function on their own, without any outside dependency on mommy or the state.) Well, they believe they’re natural-born leaders because they write a blog that generates traffic. One of them went to Brown University and studied math. Another made a viral post on Xitter, and if that doesn’t prove they’re genetically superior, nothing does.

    The slave’s purpose is to obey. The master exists to rule. It’s only natural… Like cancer.  

    Of course, I’m a hypocrite, and my Satanic beliefs are in complete opposition to Brett’s. If anything, it’s their “God” that advocates eugenics and hierarchy. Heaven, after all, is militantly protected by a highly lethal squad of angelic border police. Entry is stricter than boarding a plane after September 11th. Heaven is a neo-con’s dream, an ethnospiritual-state, if you will. None of these blasphemous cock-sucking whores are getting in. All those filthy degenerate pigs are going straight to hell while the naturally good and (genetically) pure luxuriate in the crystalline waters that pool in the golden ravines of paradise.

    Another problem with Gen Xers is that their poor little arcade game brains are warped by Reagan, and they can only repeat what they experienced in the 1980’s: “A Miniscule Government and Low Taxes Will Save Us.”

    So, couple those two things: and you have Brett – typical Gen Xer. Probable acolyte of other fellow famed Gen Xer’s Peter Thiel & Curtis Yarvin. (Please don’t be mad at me, Brett, I think you’re so sexy in that one picture on here, and you type a lot, and you’re like, so smart, and that’s really hot. Curtis is so sexy, too…).

    Anyway, all that is to say: It’s merely mental convenience which tells you metal isn’t purely Satanic, since God, of course, represents equality and brotherly love (that’s not really, God—that’s Yoshi). God is going to punish you, deep and hard and fast. God wants you competing against your fellow monkeys in your subservience to him, controlled like lab rats in your routines and restrictions. He wants Islam, Xtianity, and Judaism all warring and fighting to see which is the dominant view of Him. Ugh, pathetic!  

    ‘Society’, has mostly functioned the way Brett & these other reactionaries claim will now “save the West”.  (There is a striking parallel to ‘The Fall of Man’ & ‘The Fall of the West’ {let us also skim over the clearly repressed anxiety concerning erectile dysfunction. You’re worried about the wrong ‘fall’, babes}. Unfortunately, nothing could be more Xtian than reverting to a monarchy, a dictatorship, a CEO God-King Führerprinzip. It was all so much better before… in the Garden of Eden. There were no mixed-breed humanoid swine there.

    If only you follow the natural order, obey your masters, serve your rulers… 
    Endure your lowly position because it’s determined by your genes, your zodiac sign, your employment status. 
    Is that my Wal-Mart Manager, God, Hitler or Spengler? 

    What makes metal Satanic is its willful, conscious self-alienation from the mainstream. It totally coheres to duality in the simplest way. The mainstream is Xianity, God, superstition, delusion of “goodness” and “virtue”. Similar to Satanism, metal is a rejection of the commercial norm. To love metal is to reject the popular, predictable, easily digestible, ad-jingling bops. Whereas Satanism is rejection of God (or even the Godhead), metal is the rejection of normcore-mainstream acceptability. Metal is the antithesis of pop. That’s why it’s so embarrassing when a metal band starts selling their shirts at Target, and why being a poseur is like, the most blasphemous thing in the scene. You’re not rejecting enough. Metal definitely is Satanic, as it actively goes against, and if there’s anything Satanists should be able to agree on, it’s that Satanism equates to the power, freedom and knowledge required to be able to reject. 

    1. If Satanism “goes against,” then it goes against individualism too. This is the point of nihilism: extreme deterministic reductionism leaves to disbelief of everything, even solipsism.

      1. Gary says:

        even solipsism.

        Hear, hear!

      2. The Last Mistress says:

        Yes, and I suppose, the only thing left after disbelief of “everything” is the abyss and reality, and the reaction against reality is delusion, and against the abyss? Creation. Then, maybe, we arrive right back where we began…

        When the world is arranged to your vision of strength and order, who will there be to rebel? Who is a Satanist in your reactionary neo-feudal utopia? At what line do you draw the imperfect, weak, and worthless?

        You will perpetuate the life cycle of decay, and perhaps finally relax, at peace and harmony with your (sorry, dear) arrogant and petulant version of nature. Conforming, as expected, to infinite recursion. But if you truly want to be devilishly hubristic, it might be more sinister to take creation and pervert it beyond recognition. Why you’d want to be in harmony with God’s creation as a Satanist seems incoherent.

        Genocide, however, is the mid wit solution. It’s a mediocre remedy to the problem of unproductivity and misery. It is ignorance—that pathetic residue of God—that occults the instrumentalization of those you consider (arbitrarily) inferior. A true leader, a truly powerful human, doesn’t simply weed out that which pollutes his farm, but utilizes it in another way. No thoughtful artist wastes material, but takes what they have and builds it up entirely, until everything has been poured out; all put to use and in its “place”, as you’d like, but without the failure of imagination that results in bloodshed. You’re more cunning than to resort to culling, aren’t you? Why be the doctor that amputates when you could be the magician that reanimates the gangrenous limb? The Janus face of extermination is, indeed, the egalitarian individualist, who leaves all misery on the shoulder of the miserable. It is an equally mediocre and unethical solution. There is no transcendence of nature, merely various ways of submitting—ant like—to it. Obedience to God cloaked in the jargon of evolutionary biology.

        I’ve always been of the mind that Satan teases out the worst of humanity to prove just how vile we are. Darwinism, yes, driven towards the most crude and homogeneous gray mass. No variety, no conflict, no distortion, no expression. Just the same lifeless mass of endless uniformity, routine, and sterility. An assembly line-mold cutting machine of repetitious matter. That’s what eradicating the weak truly advocates—a cold, clinical and mechanical Ahriman quantification and homogenization of nature. So be it. If anything, at least I (and my swollen ego) will be there rejecting it all until the very last.

        1. This seems like a lot of moral justification to complain about someone disliking diversity. Satanism means independence from the neurotic mind. Defaulting to narcissism precludes achieving that state.

          1. Woke Whore of Babylon says:

            :3 why are you being shy? you don’t merely « dislike diversity » it’s too egocentric that somehow my assertions are founded in narcissism, yet your conceit to know and decide who should be culled and who is worthless, is somehow not. (i really like your arrogant pride, though). i suppose, it must be neuroticism that’s suppressing primal homicidal tendencies. though i have a suspicion that when god said “do not kill” he was trying to file his copyright on murder. i’m just curious to see if there’s another way to deal with issues that don’t involve homogeny. <3 luv you though, and your writing, you're so perverse edgelord genius

            1. Thanks for reading and the kind words. I dislike diversity; I am an anti-diversity activist. I was crap as a “racist” and equally (heh) crap as a tolerant hippie. I believe in what works, and stuff like diversity, theocracy, consumerism, democracy, equality, and socialism do not work. There are better ways that do not involve ecocide or human devolution. My guess is that the original “Thou Shalt Not Kill” was actually “Thou Shalt Not Murder” and Jesus’s “Golden Rule” was closer to Kant’s, but then in came the editors, censors, etc. to “fix” Christianity to be the perfect Arab-Jewish tool religion to sedate and subjugate the Europeans.

              1. I mean, how is it that people who claim to be historically literate do not add up what was going on at the time and realize that Christianity was an asymmetric information weapon used against the Romans?

        2. Non Serviam says:

          clearly your a closeted philanthropist… this sounds like some kind of new wave satanic temple of AOC worship doctrine.

          1. The worship of humanity is the oldest religion, and it is based in fear.

            1. Fat Retarded Dysgenic Girlfriend says:

              My apologies. Obviously, yes, you must dislike diversity, as that is a pre-requisite to actively trying to eliminate it… And, of course! I’m so happy I came across your site, not only as a metal fan with particular tastes, I also love how you have so much to say. It’s nice when people have ideas, even if those ideas are like… well… you know what your ideas are like…

              The Christian mind virus had to be the woke mind virus of year 333. Clearly, the information war has been going on since at least the era of the Devonian swamps. Christianity is so awful and pathetic, though. I couldn’t agree with you more on the point of it being a psychic weapon of subservience. Preying on the cognitive vulnerabilities of others is like, normative socialization for apes.

              The opposition to humanism /is/ utterly terrifying. It’s asking mothers to willingly sacrifice their children, if not sterilize and probably euthanize themselves for the “good” of all terrestrial life (which is so like, terrorismcore). Narcissism and ego obviously play a protective role, maybe a cognitive vulnerability patch to keep them (or us, since I will side with the weak) alive. How can one /not/ want to feel special, unique, and chosen? This is why Eve was such an admirable slut: All it took was a little flirtation and exceptional attention, and suddenly, there opens up the opportunity for the ultimate transgression. Most of us will believe anything to feel select and to remain ignorant to the abhorrent “truth” of life. At the same time, we want to feel as smug and as correct as possible. Can you blame any of us? I mean, like, after all, even God died from his pity for man… hahaha!

              I think it’s fairly simple to understand and follow the logic of your position. People probably don’t want to, or refuse to, as it actively goes against their survival, and if we want to embrace Darwinism, we ought to let life run amok and see who can survive the most grotesque hells. Plus, yes, the neuroticism that follows such eugenicist thinking makes everyone (or maybe just those destined for the gallows) question whether or not they’ll make the cut, which, that resulting anxiety and insecurity probably leads to the creation of some decent art and other mediocre consumer goods and entertainment (landfills). It simply isn’t an idea that many can swallow and you definitely aren’t going to win any converts who don’t already feel in a dominate position in this current society, the same society which many of you claim to disdain. On the other hand, there are subtle ways this eugenicist mind virus permeates our current world. We already allow the “weak” to rot away in prisons, meaningless jobs, poisoned in ghettoes. In a way, they are the living dead, the necrotic underworld of consumer slaves bound to the fate of their lordship CEOs and shareholders, and with barely a functioning law to protect any of them. On earth as it is heaven, as they say…

              1. Clearly, the information war has been going on since at least the era of the Devonian swamps.

                I think so. As Hitler said (borrowing from Schopenhauer) this is a war of Wills. The weak willed want pacifism, the strong-willed want to get the situation put into order and are less concerned with who is inconvenienced.

                This is why Eve was such an admirable slut: All it took was a little flirtation and exceptional attention, and suddenly, there opens up the opportunity for the ultimate transgression.

                I always read her as a study in loneliness and self-pity. When you pity the self, egotism comes in, and nothing attracts the snake like the ego.

                It simply isn’t an idea that many can swallow and you definitely aren’t going to win any converts who don’t already feel in a dominate position in this current society, the same society which many of you claim to disdain.

                I doubt that very much. A eugenic society would boost a greater number of the unsung competent into positions of influence.

                1. Madam Secretary of National Blood Orgy Sacrifice says:

                  It just seems incredibly (parochially) altruistic to annihilate your weaker enemies, instead of keeping them alive in prisoner of war camps full of degeneracy and experimenting on them like subhuman bacteria. In theory, you could isolate the “weak” so entirely that at some point, they become a literal subspecies of homo sapiens. You could learn so much. I suppose my latent sadism is why I wonder the true ‘evilness’ of culling, though one might argue that there are far better uses of one’s focus and time, other than human experimentation. In either case, in my view, it’s far eviler to extend a subject’s existence. There is some hardcore, undeniable strength in the ability to sustain and to be host to something alien, to keep it alive, against all odds, and to survive and dominate, despite the invasion.

                  I’ve long questioned the ethicalness of elimination/suicide, because on the surface, it can seem cruel to keep people alive if they’re so miserable and incapable of surviving, which is where so many social programs must come in, since we desperately want to believe that we can graft capitalist-productive ‘value’ onto every human soul (related, perhaps, to the Christian motivation to ‘save’). Unfortunately, the genocidal drive to extinguish, and the logistics of such programs become all-consuming, like whack-a-mole for the inferior ‘other,’ always lurking, emerging, threatening… Suddenly, rather than having average minds work to find average solutions to other’s incompetence, you have the brightest minds figuring out how to soothe the cries of mothers and fathers, and what to do with all the bodies…

                  Self-pity is the ultimate weakness, in my view, probably second only to self-delusion. Pity is impotent, unproductive, and stagnating contempt in disguise. One must come face to face with the sheer terror and terrestrial abjection, and, in my view, subsume and possess it, literally become mother to it.

                  If, let’s say, 70% of the population are pre-ordained, worthless underclass, then you’d have to convince them to off themselves, no? Most people (at least, perhaps until social media and the roblox hitler youth completely de-incentive ‘virtue signaling’ empathy and encourage mass suicide/euthanasia as a trend), want to believe it’s always the other guy that’s going to get the gas. Never ever that they’re the dumb bastard parasitically leeching on the beau travail of more productive others.

                  1. I wonder if anyone has enemies. There is competition, for sure, and there are parasites and potential predators. The worthless tend to be Dunning-Kruger Effect r-strategy cases, so they will never kill themselves. The best thing to do would be seal them off in the third world where over time nature would pound them into something useful like monkeys. If humanity wanted to advance suddenly, gassing everyone under 115 IQ points would go a long way.

      3. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

        “even solipsism”

        You nailed it.

        Narcissism + trickle down Boomer entitlement + #MeToo + Internet/subredditard culture + the very worst parts of Hipster mentality + whatever else that can be used as an Attention Whoring/incel/nolife loneliness cope mechanism = extremely bad combo. And goes almost 180° against the metal ethos (substance), whatever the religion (style) that preaches it.

        1. If metal has anything to say, it may be absolute reductionism.

          It removes everything but what is real, including the ego. This is why we dress in uniforms of kuttes, band tshirts, long hair, and foxtail butt plugs.

          Boomers are “the Me Generation” and back in the 1960s people knew exactly how they would end. Heck, even Mad Magazine called it down to the last detail.

          The dirty fucking secret is that the generation before them were egotists as well, individualists focused on their own needs and using society as a means to get them, because society fell apart after WW1 because the Irish, Italians, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Arabs, Spaniards, Evangelicals, Freemasons, Portuguese, Catholics, Russians, Poles, and Russian-Polish Italian Jews became mainstreamed into society. At that point, it was clear the end had come, and WW1 merely formalized it.

          In fact, it was clear America was done just a generation after the Bill of Rights when the [[[ tatos ]]] came in large numbers, demonstrating striking blockhead incompetence, alcoholism, pedophilia, petty crime, and laziness. This led to the political instability that produces the Civil War through northeastern political machines, not unlike Tammany Hall, the Pendergast Machine, or the Clinton Machine in recent memory.

          The voters sleep of course because that is all they do. We cannot rule ourselves; we need the return of kings.

          1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

            Absolutely, I would never argue that the decline *STARTED* with the boomers. That’s a retarded argument and I find myself literally shaking my head each time it comes up on the web. That they epitomize the entitlement attitude, sure, and ffs every boomer US president starting with the shitshow Clinton has been absolute trash, but let’s not pretend the “Greatest Generation” created and/or lived in a utopia and suddenly -BAM- Mr Boomer ruined everything. Boomers deserve the hate, but way too many people go overboard and it becomes not just stupid but completely ahistorical even.

            1. The Day of the Pillow dawns. But it’s true: Boomers were creations of government and CPTSD. WW1 had a long shadow.

    2. curio says:

      Conservatism was never reactionary. What people call reactionary conservatism is socially conservative peppered liberalism. You’re a slave of the mainstream and Utopia Heaven because you only rant about rejecting popular culture similar to rebellious youth’s “fuck you, dad.” You speak nothing of positive goals that don’t require a target to rebel against, have an inner motivation and a target of their own, and disregards and ignores the delusional and plebeian.

      1. As a general point for all human endeavors: if you need something to react against, you have already ceded the narrative and ceased to become a choice agent. “Socially conservative peppered liberalism” is basically what all public conservatives — Conservatism Inc — seem to be anyway. Good description, mind if I steal it?

        1. curio says:

          Not at all, magister.

      2. Authority Figure Sex Doll says:

        Isn’t conservatism like, containment, preservation? Embalming fluid? Stay the same and never change, practice tradition and maintain pure culture (but we support evolution). Destruction and corruption can only ever come from outside…

        I could say the same about “you” (as an adversarial group, though you’re, definitely more “fuck you, mom”)– an entire philosophy predicating on exterminating undesirables and using them to assert your superior humanity. You need your bastard swine to confirm your elevated humanity, no? We need each other… There is no master without his devoted, loving slave! [my theatrical writing is because I’m a poetic romantic, not because I’m neurotic]. Opposing whatever the docile, placating and compromising establishment sets as the accepted norm. That’s why I asked Brett what a Satanist would be in your “true” civilization.

        I will concede my comments on metal were sort of trite because I don’t think it’s actually that deep for a lot of people. Generally, I do think metal is an easy way to “take back” the ostracism imposed by others for oneself. Most people are focused on themselves and gratifying, immediately, their insensate desires. It’s quite generous to presume that the majority of metalheads aren’t in it because it’s an easy social-reject-consumer-demographic in which to belong.

        1. To conserve something, you keep the quality stuff and pitch out the failing. Basically Darwinism plus having a consistent goal. This is too complicated for most modern people.

        2. curio says:

          Conservatism recognizes that nothing ever stays the same like commies, Christians and other assorted Progressives for Utopia insist they do in their perfect world. You either give in to entropy and then decay, or you continuously struggle for maintenance, innovation and improved quality. Destruction from the outside only happens after internal pressures aren’t overcome, usually due to complacency.

          You’ve inverted the master/slave and superior/inferior relationship. Masters don’t need lesser people to confirm them as people are not their primary concern. Mastery of the skills and knowledge of the disciplines are what intrigue the masters. It was only when the plebes became obsessed with social status and wealth transfer that society fell to social manipulation and narcissism, using humanism and equality as covers for their passive aggression to destroy anyone and anything above their comprehension. It’s also the lower castes then and now that are driven by egoism and the need to prove their “superiority” over the higher castes.

          I can’t imagine satanism existing in a sane Western society because Satan is a dumbed down Christian version of the Greek/Roman/Nordic pantheons, in which everything Satan came to symbolize in Christianity was taken for granted as healthy in those ancient cultures, including the virtues of strength and exterminating or -suppressing- limiting the weak and the average to basic tasks and subduing their influence on culture.

          Most metalheads should skip their metal phase and listen to indie rock instead. I’d be less judgmental of them.

          1. You either give in to entropy and then decay, or you continuously struggle for maintenance, innovation and improved quality.

            Expanding on this, the world never changes, but humans are constant chaos (although: not actual change), so you must keep the goal in mind and remember what always works, and come back to that orientation instead of floating off with whatever trend, fad, mania, panic, distraction, propaganda, sale at Penney’s, etc. comes along and fascinates the feckless and (let us be honest) moronically schizophrenic Herd.

            Conservatism is order, Leftism is equality.

            Order recognizes ends-over-means thinking; Leftism demands means-over-ends.

            Conservatism is having a goal, eternal principles, and most importantly, awareness of the world beyond the social sphere.

            Leftism is the social sphere, its peer pressure, and its mindless following of the latest thing to cash in on what the Crowd is fixated on and obsessed with now.

          2. Satan loves breakcore says:

            Didn’t necromantia write a song about this

            And no one cares about your cute little judgements

  11. Gas Mask Kommando says:

    I recently learned that John Milius wrote the screenplay for Apocalypse Now and that George Lucas was set to direct it but pulled out to do Star Wars and Coppola took on the project. Also what do you think of Dead Horse

    1. Milius, the “Zen fascist,” was heavily influenced by the Nietzschean wing of fiction. I am glad they did not trust it to Methodist George Lucas.

      Also what do you think of Dead Horse

      This feels like a trick question; I grew up going to Dead Horse shows. The first two albums are worth attending although I prefer the demo of the first album without the horrifying “French Fry,” an excellent satire of the heavy funk and nü-metal that blighted the nineties but also annoying af. There’s some interesting stuff on the EPs but they struggled for direction. Haaga’s project afterward was not bad either.

      1. Graveman Say ugh says:

        I really like the Feed Me EP too. Along with those first two albums

        1. I remember liking it and some of the Pasadena Napalm Division material, for recent slab city output.

      2. Gnarly says:

        Pretty good rock/pop. Haaga continues writing those “bitter victim” lyrics, but his craftsmanship is impeccable.

        1. I hope he continues. His natural style is something like prog or metal, not alternative rock, however.

  12. Gas Mask Kommando says:

    I found this band rather interesting and will have to give the demo a listen. I have also been very curious about the writing process on Conan the Barbarian, with Oliver Stone being a peace loving leftist who at the same time was a decorated combat vet and Milius on the other end of political spectrum who was unfit for the military.

  13. Left Hand Jerker (High-T Sigma) says:

    Me and my cult of twink catamites agree with some of the sentiments here.

    1. Cult of Twink Catamites… you work for Google?

      1. Satan is omnipresent says:

        First it was Hollywood, then Neverland and Little Saint James Island. Tomorrow the World!

  14. Thrash is better than Black or Death says:

    I was raised a Baptist as a kid, rejected it as a teenager in the mid to late eighties and God came back into my life slowly but surely as life went on. Evangelicals like the Bakers or Joel Osteen are grifters, not real Christians at all. True Christians aren’t after money in this life, they’re more concerned with the afterlife. I didn’t choose God, God chose me. That is, God’s choice in election occurred before time and creation, emphasizing that this choice was based on God’s sovereign purpose, not human merits. If he hadn’t I wouldn’t have the outlook on life that I have. Being a true Christian actually goes against human nature, due to our fallen state. I’m still a sinner, no better than anyone else, it’s just that I accepted Jesus’s free gift of salvation. I also have a real problem with the Big Bang Theory™. How do you get organic material from inorganic material? How does evolution “know” to change organisms to a more beneficial state? It would seem our world, our bodies are WAY too complex to have not been intelligently designed. Do we throw bits of brick, plaster, metal etc up in the air and expect a functional building as a result? Hey, even if it’s all a fairy tale, Christianity gives me a hope, something to look forward to. What do atheists have to look forward to? An eternal state of unconsciousness in a pine box?

    1. True Christians aren’t after money in this life, they’re more concerned with the afterlife.

      This is what is fucked up about Christianity: it denies real life in pursuit of a mythical Heaven.

      No one is either after money solely or not after money at all. Everyone acts in some profit motive. Some have more context than others.

      But to deny reality entirely? That’s schizophrenia, or Chrsitianity as you call it.

      Hey, even if it’s all a fairy tale, Christianity gives me a hope, something to look forward to.

      Read Phaedo. It is not a fairy tale, but the Judaism and Buddhism grafted on top make it unworkable.

      Christianity is a foreign faith, an occupying power, and it must be overthrown.

    2. Christianity is gayer than 8 guys fucking 8 other guys says:

      we can all look forward to nothingness

      it’s a rather comforting thought, honestly

      1. Uncomfortable thought says:

        You don’t know that

        1. Uncomfortable bed says:

          We know so little there may even be an alternative to the options of existence and non-existence.

          1. That is not dead which can eternal lie,
            And with strange aeons even death may die.

        2. Think about that says:

          How do you know he doesn’t know that? Is it just very highly likely he doesn’t know? Just like his statement is?

        3. We know nothing. We intuit much that is unknown to us.

      2. Maybe we all have different destinations. In my view, most neurotics would prefer to simply not exist anyway, and the universe will probably reincarnate them as june beetles. That seems appropriate.

        1. how romantic says:

          …and your destination is the putrefied colon of a malnourished, drunken hobo.

          It’s like poetry, they rhyme.

          1. Putrified colon of a malnourished, drunken hobo
            Filled with the bacteria of the world
            Drifting like lost souls to find a warm haven
            They end in the mix of Slim Jims and Steel Reserve
            Squirting on the walls of East Side auto body shops

        2. From beyond the grave. says:

          Existence is gay.

          1. Existence is tautological. We either exist to exist, or we exist from fear of death. The former is for nihilists, realists, transcendentalists, and death metal fans, but the latter is for Leftists and Abrahamic religion fans.

            1. the sum no longer rises says:

              The former is for most moderns until the money dries up.

              1. Not wanting to die is their reason to live…

  15. DEATH ADDER says:

    Luciferianism not always means Satanism, this can have a different interpretation. Luciferianism means TOTAL FREEDOM and INDIVIDUALISM, different from satanism that is a religion of blood sacrifices

    1. Luciferianism is theistic Satanism taken beyond the Abrahamic tradition, and for that reason, rejects total freedom and individualism. Luciferianism, like Satanism, denies false holiness including the self.

  16. Yngve-Frey says:

    Somewhat related, Old Man’s Child was the first Black Metal band I listened to. The period was the mid-nineties and they play on the satanic imagery, whereas the spirit is much more ancient than that.

    1. I agree. The Magus nailed it:

      Our gods became your Satan and Satan became our god

      Abrahamic religions are The Human Illusion: the idea that reality adapts to us and we do not need to adapt to reality. It requires seeing reality as solely in the moment and the physical, and rejects the idea of pattern and eternity. The Human Illusion manifests in humanist egalitarianism — reminder: kill Communists everyday and don’t get caught — but also in lots of other forms like metaphysical dualism. If you want the real Christianity without the Arabic and Judaic influence, try Phaedo.

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