Issei Sagawa (1949-2022)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Issei Sagawa, perhaps one of the foremost experts in dealing with The Human Problem during the twentieth century. While he is gone from our physical world, he remains forever in our hearts.

Sagawa rose to fame when he ate someone and never faced any consequences for it:

He shot [Dutch student Renee Hartevelt] in the neck, raped her, and then consumed parts of her body over the course of several days.

But in 1983 he was deemed unfit for trial by French medical experts and was initially held in a psychiatric institution before being deported to Japan in 1984.

But on his arrival, he was ruled sane by Japanese authorities, who decided Sagawa’s only problem was a ‘character anomaly’ and that he did not require hospitalisation.

Essentially the outlook of the Japanese is that if one of their citizens ate someone of another race, this goyische person was not human and not worthy of inconveniencing a Japanese citizen. Besides, they reasoned, Sagawa was going to sell millions in merch.

Like a war metal band that has just finally made it to the pages of a trendy metal blog, Sagawa indeed brought in massive amounts of dinari for the Japanese government, which had a true-blue antihero celebrity on its hands:

He was featured in a magazine for his paintings of naked women, appeared in a pornographic film and produced a manga comic book that depicted his crime in graphic and unrelenting detail.

But he displayed no apparent sign of remorse or reform, telling Vice in a 2013 interview as he looked at posters of Japanese women: ‘I think they would taste delicious’.

In the meantime, as humanity reaches a staggering eight billion people, it has become clear that we have chosen the path of The Ecocide rather than being willing to say NO to anyone no matter how insane, stupid, criminal, or perverse/promiscuous there are.

The quest for a replacement to natural selection goes on, but in the meantime guys like Sagawa seem to be ensnaring the credulous who do not notice obvious mental health problems staring them in the face. Perhaps if we had a billion such men humanity could heal itself.

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    1. Restore tradition. Eat people.





        1. Without sodomy, how would we know the joys of cannibalism? And vice-versa?

  2. Ari Shaqueer says:

    This guy eats 1 chick and he’s edgy??

    Hitler baked up 6 million kikes, had a good LOL with his woman and his bros, then they all popped some triple pressed cyanide death pills in his man cave.

    Restore Hitler, Gas the Jews.

    1. I am a Holocaust Revisionist; I think that about 200k Jews died of the usual reasons — diarrhea, typhus, starvation — in concentration camps. The reason for the sacred Holocaust Myth is that the Allies feel guilty for the fact that most of those died because Allied planes blew up their food supplies or transportation routes. Add that to British guilt for not simply admitting the Jews into “Palestine,” and you have a whole lot of denial and scapegoating of Hitler. However, National Socialism is nucking futz; it fails for the same reason Weimar, the Soviets, and democracy have, which is that they are administrative-managerial bureaucracies instead of organic leadership, and therefore are unstable and prone to enforcing conformity. I recognize diversity is a failed program like rent control or EnergyStar and would end it by deporting everyone but the WASPs, but I think putting people in concentration camps just for being Jewish, homosexual, or French is also fucking nuts. I have no problem sterilizing or gassing the criminal, promiscuous, insane, and retarded however. Aktion T4 was the kind of justice that humanity needs to make a basic assumption of our survival. We just do not trust democracy or bureaucracy to produce leaders meritorious of holding that kind of authority. We did better under the aristocracy, who were actually held to account for their deicions.

      1. cannibalism is bad guys says:

        What if the dude is like 99% WASP and 1% something else?

        1. I am less fond of rules than general goals. If someone looks, acts, and thinks WASP, they should stay. No Irish.

      2. Not Simon Wiesenthal's Ghost says:

        I think that about 200k Jews died of the usual reasons — diarrhea, typhus, starvation — in concentration camps. The reason for the sacred Holocaust Myth is that the Allies feel guilty for the fact that most of those died because Allied planes blew up their food supplies or transportation routes. Add that to British guilt for not simply admitting the Jews into “Palestine,” and you have a whole lot of denial and scapegoating of Hitler.

        I think theories based on possible motivations look pretty weak compared to the collected evidence of what actually happened to the victims. 200k, I think not.

        Which is not to say that the Holocaust isn’t promoted beyond proportion and prison sentences for any dissenting opinion is counterproductive and cratshit bazy.

        1. What collected evidence do you have in mind?

          1. Not Simon Wiesenthal's Ghost says:

            Oh, the usual: documentation from the time, eyewitness testimonies afterwards from both sides of the fence, changes in demographics, that kind of thing.

            1. Sounds very vague. None of those have held up to scrutiny.

              1. curio says:

                Wh..wh…whut about thoze tatt00s though? mUH jOOZ were obviously gang waped ga$$ed lampshaded and sorevivers cuz they gots thoze ta2s.

                1. I am a Holocaust revisionist, not a Holocaust denier. Work camps existed. Maybe they tattooed their workers. The whole thing is icky; if you have a foreign population, simply send them away. Of course the British got in the way.

                  1. curio says:

                    I agree. I was pointing out that workcamp tattoos don’t lend themselves as evidence of six million murdered Jews like many people argue.

                    1. Solid point. The whole thing is icky, but not as icky as the slanted pro-democracy historians would have us believe.

                    2. Sign of the times says:

                      Very progressive of them. Now everyone and their grandma has tattoos in the most curious of places.

                    3. Tattoos are the new copy of Pravda tucked under the arm.

      3. Anal Reich says:

        Sometimes I just wonder if Moldbug moonlights as an old ANUS

        1. You should ask him. “Hey, Curt, man, are you moonlighting as an old ANUS?” Should baffle everyone. ANUS was sort of the Moldbug of its day, a lone dissident voice that was not screaming obscenities and murder plots, some years before Moldbug.

    2. Robert says:

      He didn’t kill 6 million, that shit is fake

      1. The fact of the Holocaust is callous disregard of human life. Concentration camps are known horrors and this knowledge has been out there since the Boer War; using them itself is ethically dubious. Trying to use Jews for slave labor is just dumb. Had the British simply allowed Hitler to repatriate European Jews to “Palestine,” none of this would have happened.

        1. Derogatory says:

          The darker side of this is that the Jewish leadership, as well as the British leadership, probably WANTED the Holocaust to happen.

          What better excuse to:

          (1) Completely wipe out an emerging Central European power that would rival their League of Nations

          (2) Create a new myth, a new mythological Victim (“Poor, poor Jews, my precious!”)

          1. In my experience with politics and conspiracy theory, most people way overthink it.

            The word “kike” came from Western European Jews, with their 115+ average IQs, making fun of the poorer Eastern European Jews with their 100ish average IQs.

            derogatory slang for “a Jew,” by 1901, American English; early evidence supports the belief that it was used at first among German-American Jews in reference to newcomers from Eastern Europe, perhaps because the names of the latter ended in -ki or -ky.

            There is no charity organization of any kind here [a small city in Pennsylvania] and, what is sadder to relate, the Jews in this city will not form one; that is, if the present temper of the people can be used as a criterion. The German Jews are bitterly opposed to the “Kikes,” as they persist in calling the Russian Jews …. [“Report of the National Conference of Jewish Charities in the United States,” Cleveland, 1912]

            Philip Cowen, first editor of “The American Hebrew,” suggests a source in Yiddish kikel “circle.” According to him, Jewish immigrants, ignorant of writing with the Latin alphabet, signed their entry forms with a circle, eschewing the customary “X” as a sign of Christianity. On this theory, Ellis Island immigration inspectors began calling such people kikels, and the term shortened as it passed into general use.

            Then again, it may be the ethnic group behind all bad things in the world did it instead, since failure would hardly exist without the Irish:

            “One theory is that Irish immigrants to the United States first used the slur, perhaps based on the Gaelic word “ciabhóg” (pronounced k’i’óg), meaning forelock, sidelock; a person adorned with a forelock or sidelock, referencing the peyos of Orthodox Jews,” writes Sarah Bunin Benor, Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies and Linguistics at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles.

            “Despite methodological problems with this dictionary, this etymology seems plausible. Some early recorded uses of “kike” are in writings by Irish Americans and in dialogue of Irish Americans interacting with Jews: McCardell’s 1904 book ‘Show Girl & Friends’ and a 1912 McClure’s Magazine article about a baseball game with Irish and Jewish teammates,” Benor notes.

            More for the Irish theory of antisemitic slurs:

            Compounding the mysterious origin of this term, in 1864 in the UK the word ike or ikey was used for derogatory term for Jews, which derived from the name “Isaac”, a common Jewish name. 

            Others of course want to blame the Germans, which is as timeless and pointless a pastime as the Scots blaming the English or Negroes blaming Whites:

            Writing in the scholarly journal American Speech, Lacher stated, as quoted by H.L. Mencken in the supplementary volume to his The American Language:

            In Russia there began some 40 years ago a fierce persecution of the Jews. . . . Many found their way to the United States. . . . Here they offered keen competition to their brethren [i.e., Jews] of German origin, who soon insisted that the business ethics and standards of living and culture of these Russians were far lower than theirs. Since the name of so many of these Russian Jews ends in –ki or –ky, German-American Jewish traveling men designated them contemptuously as kikis, a term which, naturally, was soon contracted to kikes. When I heard the term kikis for the first time at Winona, Minn. about 40 years ago, it was a Jewish salesman of German descent who used it and explained it to me; but in the course of a few years it disappeared, kike being used instead.

            There is no reason to doubt Lacher’s account of tensions between German-Jewish and Russian-Jewish peddlers and commercial travelers (a trade dominated in those days by Jews) in rural America. In general, there was no little prejudice toward East European Jewish immigrants among German Jews, both in Germany and in the United States, whose small Jewish population was largely German-Jewish in composition until Jews from the Russian Empire began arriving in large numbers in the 1880s.

            Some might point out that it could as easily be a the German word keich or “nope.” Personally I wonder if there was not some Russian term for a specifically Jewish kulak, since the great Les Miserables drama was already starting in that colony of escaped peasants and their Asian wives.

            1877, “relatively well-to-do Russian farmer or trader,” from Russian kulak (plural kulaki) “tight-fisted person,” literally “fist,” from Turki (Turkish) kul “hand.”

            Still, the idea of kike/kykel makes the most sense, since we know that Eastern European traders signed this way, although I doubt it was from hatred of Christianity; most likely, it was to designate to other Ostjuden that the person signing was owed some ethnic allegiance (to an honest person, it is clear that all ethnic groups favor themselves).

            Western European Jews wanted to rule the roost, and were perfectly happy with the loss of Eastern European Jews. They also lost a number of poorer and dumber Jews. Hitler’s moronic Holocaust was Aktion T4 for Jews, and it made them stronger.

            That, and it created endless fund-raising opportunities. Shake down the bubbes with the image of zombie Hitler golems emerging from the cracked center of hollow flat Earth.

            But for the British, yes, they wanted to sabotage Hitler any way possible. Churchill was no hero, even if I like his cigars.

            1. Séamus the Irish Traveller says:

              Your subversive tricks wont work on my Superior Irish Intellect.

            2. Not a Russian Jew says:

              “Western European Jews, with their 115+ average IQs, making fun of the poorer Eastern European Jews with their 100ish average IQs.”

              I dunno, there are just so many prominent scientists and intellectuals of Russian Jewish descent.

              1. My guess is that there was a lot of Ashkenazi influence on the Russian Jewish population, not to mention a high selection matrix for civil service, and this kicked up their potential.

                1. curio says:

                  Didn’t you say before that Russians are the result of Germanic + Asiatic mixing?

                  1. Approximately. We know that there were some Neolithic remnants and Siberian ancestors, but when those intruded is unclear. The bulk of Russian population however consists of escaped French and German serfs, a certain large chunk of whom took Han, Turkic, Jewish, and Arab wives. This is why Russians look like Baltic-Semitic hybrids with the round faces of the lower castes.

  3. T Malm says:

    “sorry officer it was just my character anomaly acting up again”

    “move along, citizen”

    1. I hear that feral citizens roam the streets of San Francisco on all fours with the spleens of the weak in their mouths.

  4. The coolest guy ever says:

    Wow, this is very transgressive.

    1. When I said I was a “trans activist” this is what I had in mind.

  5. Patrick Pearse says:

    Brett Stevens….the self hating Irishman

    1. No potato here. The Irish would be happiest if we repatriated them to North Africa.

      1. Patrick Pearse says:

        Would that include someone like Pat Buchanan? 1 drop rule?

        1. He has minimal amounts of Irish and looks, acts, and thinks Western European, so I think he would stay. Paul Ryan on the other hand… BOATS!

          1. Patrick Pearse says:

            Must have been his Catholic upbringing…….

      2. stiff upper hip says:

        Or to, y’know, Ireland?

        1. We are going to have to relocate the Irish to their ethnic homeland in North Africa.

          1. Spinal Solution says:

            Everyone back to the ocean.

            1. Many would benefit for being held underwater for three minutes.

          2. stiff upper hip says:

            I don’t think people with pasty skin à la Conan O’Brien would be very happy under the Mediterranean sun, no.

            1. Then why are they all moving there for the sun? Sunblock is pretty good at this point.

              1. stiff upper hip says:

                Nowadays, yes, but too many of the O’Briens would die of skin cancer back in the day when those North Africans were supposed to have emigrated to Ireland, so calling it the ethnic homeland of those hyper-white redheads sounds false.

                1. The difference between North Africa and Southern Europe is greatly exaggerated. Mostly what you are seeing is people who avoid the sun and probably have high mute load anyway. They will be much happier in Libya and Morocco.

                2. Bill and George from the grave says:

                  A little cancer hasn’t hurt anyone.

                  1. Like entitlements, diversity, and lawyers, one drop soon turns into a blight on everything.

  6. Peaceful Flowers says:

    I always knew Dead Horse sang “a crushing of the Irish.”

    1. They were ahead of their time.

  7. Paul says:

    Is there really any doubt that millions of Jews died in the camps as planned, of starvation, disease, and in the ovens? Does the fact that they had the usual human failings have any significance here? This thread reeks of misanthropy.

    1. There is nothing wrong with misanthropy. Most humans are parasitic little vampires.

      I think they died in the camps for the same reasons people died in other camps: starvation and disease.

      The gas chambers, soap, lampshades, skeet shooting, and curved gun barrels are all wartime propaganda and neurotic lore.

      There were killings in the field, but mostly by partisans in Eastern/Baltic Europe who were already pathological anti-Semites.

      Most people confuse Aktion T4, which euthanized and burned mental defectives, with the confinement in concentration camps.

      Keep in mind that many Jews avoided that fate simply by either supporting the Nazis or avoiding criminal behavior.

      History is nuanced, moral binaries are an (Abrahamic) illusion. To love humanity is to love the best and want the rest to move on, like journalists, idiots, incompetents, bunglers, cowards, cucks, and hipsters.

      1. Edgy Allan says:

        The gas chambers, soap, lampshades, skeet shooting, and curved gun barrels are all wartime propaganda and neurotic lore.

        Most people confuse the absurdity of many a quaint and curious volume of neurotic lore (about, at most, a handful irrelevant maniacs) with the veracity of the systematic killings in gas chambers.

        1. It’s interesting how much of the history of that war is basically secondhand stories by people who were deranged from lack of sleep and possibly insane. The high costs of democracy and socialism? Well, first, everyone goes insane… and then there are some wars… then a few generations later you wake up as hominids. Democracy is like Rohypnol for humans, especially high-IQ ones. In the meantime, the dual lesson of the Holocaust is forgotten: (1) per Theodor Herzl, diversity is a bedshitter in any form and like all types of optional suicide, should probably be avoided and (2) the way to fix diversity is reparations-with-repatriation per Marcus Garvey. Whether you murder them by encouraging partisans to kill them, murder them by gassing them, or simply throw them in concentration camps where a bunch of them die from starvation and poor hygiene, none of this is really consequential. There needs to be a systematic and humane policy for ending diversity which is a systematic and inhumane genocide in itself.

          1. dads dildo drawer says:

            no brett, the holocaust is an ultimate symbol of evil and must be made an example of, also, can i borrow some money, just for a few weeks, month tops

            1. I seem to see it as yet another stupidity. If any genocide is done, it should involve all people under 100 IQ points heading to euthanasia rooms, Canada-style.

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