#Metalgate: SJW accidentally admits real reason for censorship


Safespace Jihad Worriers (SJWs) generally insist that they are metalheads who are not in favor of censorship. Those statements however include two lies, which are only tolerated because they are indirect: first, SJWs are in favor of censorship because they intend to exclude everyone who does not agree with them. Second, they are not metalheads, although they are pretending to be metalheads, as the following somewhat neurotic article shows:

The heavy metal fan-base also has a problematic history with race. While many bands (including those within the Big Four) contain people of color, more often than not, the heavy metal audience in the West is mostly white. Bands that are solely comprised of people of color, like the Bay Area’s Stone Vengeance, have reported that labels would be interested in signing them based on their sound. However, when the labels saw a photo of Stone Vengeance, they would backpedal, saying the band did not have the “right look.” Some great discourse is arising around this subject, with scholars and journalists such as Laina Dawes raising their voices to unpack issues of race, as well as gender, within the heavy metal music scene.

As a burgeoning heavy metal academic, I have attended several academic conferences on heavy metal. Heavy metal academic conferences that I have attended have consistently had a high percentage of women presenting. This stands in stark contrast to conferences I have attended that are dedicated to other fields of study, in which women are less represented. Some conferences, like the latest one I attended, the inaugural Legion of Steal Metalfest and Conference in Berkeley, California, was organized solely by women.

So, to my heavy metal colleagues and friends, thank you for fostering discussions on gender, race, and sexual orientation in heavy metal music that make me a better feminist.

The usual SJW agenda is here: the one-sided, unsubstantiated accusation; the implication that no good person could disagree with the agenda; and finally, the calling together of the group for action as one. And in that, there is an admission: this writer is feminist first, and only secondarily a metalhead. She wants to conquer metal and make it into a subset of feminism because feminism is where her loyalties lie.

SJW incursion into metal became noticed when people pointed out that these “new metalheads” were not very much into the classics of the genre. Instead, they listened to only SJW-music: late hardcore, indie rock and other SJW-leaning genres. Of course they found metal not to their taste, and it had nothing to do with politics — these people do not actually like metal, but they like the idea of being metal so they can act cool in front of their friends, and thus they claim to be metalheads… if the metal is SJW-correct, and sounds a lot like indie rock.

Dual loyalties never really work for anyone. You can be a metalhead and listen to lots of other types of music, and think lots of other types of thought, but when your agenda becomes a mission to replace how metal thinks with how those other groups think, you are no longer a metalhead. You are someone who wishes to destroy metal and replace it with something more like the rest of the drivel out there. And that is indeed a problem.

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23 thoughts on “#Metalgate: SJW accidentally admits real reason for censorship”

  1. hhhhhh says:

    This article indicates that posers are having conferences for other posers to deliberately misrepresent metal to people. There is literally an organized attack via subversion. Weird, I guess they’ve subverted just about everything else. I guess they will like their 3rd world People’s Republic of Amerika.

  2. Disremember says:

    Dear Brett,
    I hope that you can get the FB account back,
    Every morning I look for tyour post and updates in FB to learn something new everyday …
    So bloody angry now…
    I’m very sure there is a way to circumvent this
    Looking forward for this years best release …

  3. vOddy says:

    Without evidence, I will not accept the claim that bands are discriminated against based on their race and gender. It contradicts all that I have seen of this culture, which I consider myself part of.

    SJWs are bad at empathy. That is probably why they don’t understand the metalhead attitude towards music: Valuing the music first, and all else secondarily. That is why metalheads will listen to music that is good without even knowing which country it’s from, what the band member’s names are, what their genders are, and so on.

    Who honestly knew about the band members the first time they heard Darkthrone? I got in to metal late, so by then I had already heard of “Norwegian black metal”, which by deduction would allow me to guess that the members were Caucasian. But obviously, I didn’t even think about that, because I am a a music fanatic – not a social justice warrior who also has an interest in music.

    Will SJWs ever get it through their thick skulls that we listen to music for the sake of the music? We don’t do background checks on bands that we happen to enjoy to find out if the creators are negro, female, or homosexual.

    SJWs care about image, race, and gender. We care about music. No genuine metalhead is going to listen to a band or refrain from listening to a good one based on things that don’t matter – race and gender. The music speaks for itself. That’s why when exploring music, you don’t know who the creators are at first. You just know the name of the band.

    1. hhhhhh says:

      These people don’t understand music as anything else than a means to cultivate an image; listening to certain music means you are like the people who produced it. The thing to note is that are essentially no celebrities in metal, excepting those that one way or an other attained the mainstream’s attention. I mean, even the most famous metal musicians would get little attention at their own shows. At shows, the bands can hang out in the venue and no one cares at all. Not even the horns right after they played. It is about the music, not the people. I don’t even understand the complaint of the author. He implies that metal is evil because only white people like it, but then he’s trying to change it. Is that not abolition through subversion that he’s advocating openly? The author is necessarily anti-metal, no matter what he says.

      1. Meek Metalhead says:

        I dont think its completely honest to assume that metal is completely devoid of the “groupie” types (another plague that we can thank the boomers for).

        1. vOddy says:

          They exist, unfortunately. But within metal is a culture of disliking posers. What you refer to as groupies are a classic example of poserdom.

  4. vOddy says:

    “The heavy metal fan-base also has a problematic history with race. While many bands (including those within the Big Four) contain people of color, more often than not, the heavy metal audience in the West is mostly white.”

    And the audience for rap is mostly African American.
    And the audience for African folk music is mostly other Africans. So what, you dumb cunt?
    It’s called diversity. Different places produce different art cultures. Different places also have humans of different races. Put the two together.

  5. ChoirOfWolves says:

    Two things that do not belong together: “heavy metal” and “academia,” considering the fact that the two are diametrically opposed to each other. This is not to say that Metal should not be analyzed and discussed, rather, it needs to be done so with pure spirit and freedom – liberties in which are stifled at universities. It seems like a lot of SJW attacks on metal, particularly lately, have their roots in the halls of these communist leaning universities. (Angela Dancev would be the first that comes to mind) I also find it strange, as you pointed out, that they seem to create their own problems in whatever it is they are fixated on. “So, to my heavy metal colleagues and friends, thank you for fostering discussions on gender, race, and sexual orientation in heavy metal music that make me a better feminist.” First off, do these people talk about the actual music? Most likely they do not. It appears they focus on the usual SJW topics as always. Also, “heavy metal colleagues?” More self-proclaimed titles and posturing to make it appear that they are somehow the authority on metal.

    What a bunch of losers.

  6. ChoirOfWolves says:

    Also- SJWs (most likely due to low IQ) fail to recognize that Metal IS of White European origin; always has been and always will be. This seems to be another contradiction in SJW rhetoric – they seem to complain about lack of respect for “diversity,” but will then go on to their usual “equality” rants and how group (x) in not found in equal numbers in group (z) and then force their way in. Wouldn’t diversity imply that different cultures produce different forms of art, etc?

    1. hhhhhh says:

      You have to understand that all SJW believe whites are painfully obviously the superior race, and honestly can’t conceive of anyone not having that notion. They view saying the races are equal in much the same way an artist might feign modesty when given an award. They wholeheartedly ascribe to the concept of “the white man’s burden.” They’re behavior makes sense in no other context.

      1. Juss says:

        I think this is a key observation.

        Most liberals, despite claims to the contrary, think that non-whites are inferior, so white people should raise them up to our level. They don’t believe that non-whites could raise themselves up, and they don’t understand that by handing them the trappings of success we actually push them further away from it. We weaken them by disincentivising them from solving their own problems.

        Non-whites have developed civilisations comparable to ours throughout history, and they did so without our help. Even when they didn’t, our attempts to raise them up have simply destroyed the balance of systems that sustained themselves.

      2. Dualist says:

        Brilliant point. Yes, their unconscious assumptions are very revealing. Only somebody who had lived a life of total (white) ‘privilege’ (nothing up with that – but it’s they who like to refer to privilege as if it was leprosy) would feel themselves able to dictate to other separate cultures how BAD they are for having non-liberal values, and how much they NEED democracy. And how they fall over themselves to make excuses for minorities’ under-achievements. The language they use when talking about ethnic minorities is similar to how zookeepers talk about their prized pandas; its more like they consider themselves their custodians.

        How consciously aware they are of this is an interesting question.

  7. viranesir says:

    very good article. simple and to the point. indeed they aren’t metalheads when they want to change it by force

  8. Peter Jones says:

    I agree with everything you say in this article…….. Richard Dawkins refers to these increasingly outspoken type of thinkers as the regressive left. I quote: Richard Dawkins @RichardDawkins
    We are the Regressive Left. We hate misogyny, homophobia & other bigotry. Unless you’re non-white of course. Yes, we’re that patronising.

    Soft bigotry of low expectations.” Holding other races to a lower standard (e.g. excusing misogyny & homophobia) is itself a form of racism

    These types should stay out of metal and go pursue their mad agenda of suicidal guilty neurosis somewhere else.

  9. The Nameless Arcana says:

    Okay, let’s break this down. Why the obsession with race and the fact that Metal has alot of White men?

    Black people stay in America for 2 reasons: 1. Liberal White people use them as a weapon against other Whites (the Civil War never ended) and 2. Black people basically want pats on the head from White people and the White liberals give it to them. Blacks followed MLK and “civil rights” because they didn’t want to separate from Whites (who they look at like parents), and non liberal Whites just go on to get on and run away from Blacks or sit and insult Blacks instead of dealing with the problem.

    This is why Blacks go on and on about how “racist” White people are and why Blacks attack White people all the time, they are screaming out for attention from White people like an abandoned child! They know that in the real world, because like attracts like and that White people won’t really pay attention to them.

    What is really happening is that most White people are neutral or don’t really care about Blacks because they aren’t really exposed to them in real life, but when they are they see the differences and want to separate. The ruling and merchant classes tell the Blacks that this is “racism” and the Blacks parrot this and they see everything through that lens.

    All of this will end when White people stop running from Blacks, put their feet down and tell them “NO!” like you would with a child acting the same way.

    Blacks are just children looking for a mommy and daddy and they think that White people are it.

    1. Chris says:


  10. The Nameless Arcana says:

    What do people need to do?

    It must be understood that the “modern world” is run by the Merchant class.
    The whole reason why Multiculturalism is pushed in the media is due to the fact that they use SPECTACLE to get your attention which leads to money.

    Why do you think they said that Rock music and Blues and Rapping was created by Blacks? Because people will pay attention to it because it’s EXOTIC to them.

    Why did Kim Kardashian become more popular than Paris Hilton? They both made sex tapes, but Kim had sex with a BLACK MAN.

    SPECTACLE! Blacks are so different from everyone else, that if you show them people will look. That’s why Blacks are all over the media, everyone gives them attention.

    Then you have the Stormfront/Neo Nazi/Charles Manson idiots telling everyone that you have to go to war with Blacks and fight them. NO. This is stupid and these are just more people profiting from misery.

    This is what you do, stop giving your attention to Blacks. Leave them alone. Stop talking and dressing like them, stop watching them on TV and in movies, stop listening to their music, stop hating them and trying to help them. Tell them “NO!” and then go neutral and all of this will stop.

    If the majority of White people stop

  11. The Chubber Bandit says:

    Fuck it, join ISIS so they will slaughter these fucking beta-humans.

  12. into the void says:

    sjw just react to what they think you are thinking, which you are probably not thinking what they think you are thinking, so they look at everything you say to see if they can pick out some micro-aggression.

    which ultimately they cause problems from nothing.

    also they like to twist your words to mean something it didn’t, eg can you describe to me the drummer from suffocation, and you would say “well hes black”, straight away the focus would be black your racist

  13. blackmetalkid says:

    Hmmm… Brett must enjoy exciting the kids.

  14. canadaspaceman says:

    Just remembered an old song, about “scenesters” butting their noses in, where it doesn’t belong
    Murphy’s Law – Care Bear

  15. Handel says:

    SJWs are a fart in the wind. They don’t stand a chance with such a bogus agenda. Real metalheads know metal is a lawless rebel land should stay that way.

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