#metalgate: When bullies play victim


#Metalgate began with a passive-aggressive attack: so-called “social justice warriors” decided metal needed to reflect the SJW ideology, and so moved into media, academia and bands to write metal that used their worldview like a propaganda weapon. Then they began complaining that they were victims of intolerance.

This was related to the previous issue with #gamergate, where SJWs moved into the gaming industry and when their mediocre “contributions” were not recognized, claimed discrimination was the cause. As usual, this was a power grab: under the guise of being victims, they claimed the right to bully others for not having the “right” opinions.

Now, it seems, the bullies are crying out as they are hitting us because feminist writers are claiming harassment from “the internet”:

Part of what’s different now is the existence of organized misogyny, with groups of men who are angry at feminism gathering under banners such as the Men’s Rights Movement and Gamergate, a diffuse network of video-game enthusiasts furious at attempts to curb sexism in the industry. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, “the mainstream culture of the media was more anti-feminist. That was when you had all that ‘feminism is dead, all women just want to get married’ kind of stuff,” says columnist Katha Pollitt, my colleague at the Nation. “But the men’s rights people, Gamergate, that’s new. There is this cadre of incredibly enraged men who have all found each other.”

As in #metalgate, these people have made a career of intruding where they are unable to compete, blaming other people for their lack of success, and then trying to cultivate an audience of other people who have failed. This is a typical strategy for taking over a group and it is known to parasites everywhere, most notably the “think of the children!” politicians and the advertising marketers who convinced people to like abominations like low-fat cheese, lite beer and tofurkey because “it’s healthier.” All lies, by liars, to seize power.

In the meantime, organized SJWs from Metal Archives continue to insult and belittle those who disagree:

At what point do people wake up and realize that #metalgate, #gamergate and the ongoing failure of our media have a common point of failure, which is the substitution of “social justice” for a detailed look at reality?

The only reason the SJWs and complaining, by the way, is that people are fighting back. Adria Richards heard a developer joke about a dongle and his friend make a joke about “forking” someone else’s project, and decided she was oppressed, so she snapped a picture and tweeted it with a typical SJW shaming/bullying message:

Her only complaint is that, as The Guardian reports, she got owned when people pushed back against her passive-aggressive victim-mentality bullying, instead of pitying her as she thought they should have:

Someone launched a DDoS attack, which overwhelms a site’s servers with repeated requests. SendGrid, her employer, was told the attacks would stop if she was fired. Within hours, she was fired.

‘‘SendGrid threw me under the bus,” she later emailed me. “I felt betrayed. I felt abandoned. I felt ashamed. I felt rejected. I felt alone.’’

They attempt to portray those of us who oppose them as “racist,” “homophobic,” bigoted, “sexist,” and other terms with no fixed definition, when really our statement is a middle path: we do not accept the reality-controlling language of either side of the debate. We look at reality as reality itself, or as close as we can get, instead of hiding it in all these neat little containers which tell us what we can think and what we must fear.

The more SJWs have made it into media, the more media has declined, mainly because it reports propaganda instead of what concerns normal people trying to live normal lives. As this image from the AEI shows, newspaper revenues are in free-fall:


This is the same phenomenon we see in metal which is that while there is still a huge audience of indie/punk rockers who have showed up after 2001 to take advantage of this new territory to conquer, metal media is stagnant and declining, as are the new genres of metalcore and indie/shoegaze-metal/punk, mainly because like SJWs they are one-note shrill voices that seek to bully us and control our thinking, and have nothing to offer musically or artistically. Their message is always the same, and not surprisingly their music sounds the same, about like Christian metal or those annoying white power bands, come to think of it.

SJWs are death to metal and death to media. #metalgate has pushed back and now they complain about a victimhood of their own creation in the hope that uninformed people will take pity on them, fight back against those fighting back against the invasion, and by that act let the invasion succeed. Spread the word: SJWs are invaders and bullies whose complaints are hollow and whose every word is a lie.

For those who care about metal, it is time to stop supporting SJW-friendly Metal Archives, which has been distorting what is viewed as metal for over a decade in order to enforce its own agenda. A boycott is not enough; they have abused their position as journalists, and it is time for Metal Archives to be destroyed along with all other SJW media. These people are a cancer and they are bullies and until they are removed, we are all under threat of them attacking us.

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16 thoughts on “#metalgate: When bullies play victim”

  1. hypocrite says:

    As far as “destroying” Metal Archives goes, I know a lot of people (myself included) use the site as it’s a decent reference for metal bands. The reviews are 99% garbage, though.

    Also, that Adria Richards story made my fucking skin crawl. The guy tells a dick joke to a friend, some overly-sensitive idiot gets offended and posts a picture, then he gets FIRED FROM HIS JOB? More and more people are apparently realizing that all they have to do is squeal loudly and point and the swarm will do the rest. Parasitical children.

    1. Nomen Nescio says:

      It wasn’t even a dick joke. It just sounded like a dick joke.

    2. Wolfgang says:

      You got the Adria Richards story wrong.

      – She posts the picture to shame the “culprits” (bullying).
      – People sympathetic with the victims DDoS her employer’s servers, stating that the attack will not stop until she has been fired.
      – She gets fired.

      1. Wolfgang says:

        To clarify: he was fired too, the point is that when you’re not part of a minority group (i.e. you’re a white male), the system will not be fair to you, the media will not be fair to you, and vigilante justice is the only justice you can get.

        The victim in this case apologised, which is quite normal when one feels under pressure (kind of like what happened to Dr. Taylor, one of the people who landed the Rosetta spacecraft on a comet, because of a shirt he was wearing). The lesson to be learned here is: if you think nothing you did was wrong, don’t apologise, fight back instead.

      2. hypocrite says:

        I did not. I just wasn’t focusing on what happened to her later, as it doesn’t appear that she was actively involved in the firing of ‘Hank’ (she just ‘got the ball rolling’, so to speak).

        In regard to her losing her job: I don’t think someone should necessarily be fired just for being a whiny cunt, although she does come across as a confused, broken person in the linked excerpt.

        1. I don’t think someone should necessarily be fired just for being a whiny cunt

          She probably wasn’t. Employers tend to defend top-performing employees.

          1. hypocrite says:

            True. If she was not particularly skilled, it was probably much easier for her employers to cave once give the ultimatum.

    3. amra says:

      Adria was fired; justice was served.

  2. Lord Mosher says:

    Thank you Cory for this well written article.

    As for the Metal Archives fags, I’m not well documented on the subject. I use that site because it contains precise band information and every now and then that becomes handy.

    I’ve never visited their forum or became familiar with their collective mentality. Most reviews are worthless because anybody can participate and that’s never good. There are a few reviewers there that are intelligent and sane; I’m certain a few of them were regulars at the Metal Hall.

    I remember a time when the site was new and I submitted my reviews and absolutely all of them were turned down because apparantly “I was aping Prozak”.

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      I’m not too sure on the precise information part… Might be a good idea to compare the info from the site with another source just in case (see if you can find the liner notes to a release first).

  3. Richard Head says:

    I’ve figured it out. Cory is one of Brett’s pseodonyms. No one else has such an irrational disposition toward Metal Archives, which is the above posters have already pointed out, is an unparalleled utility when you need resources on band info.

    1. Killian says:

      I saw another commenter mention this several months ago here and have thought the same since then. The parallels are certainly there.

    2. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

      Prozak is everyone.

  4. tiny midget says:

    nothing makes my cock harder than listening to a feminist tell me im mysoginist for disagreeing with her politics. they always leave with a smile afterwards anyway…

    1. Richard Head says:

      Does being talked down to get you off?

  5. Gauss says:

    Morrigan isn’t interested in underground metal and its message, that’s why she stands her ground on supporting social justice, because if Social Justice Wankers try and limit freedom of expression in metal music she won’t bother because it won’t damage her or her interests.

    And now, let’s follow her on twitter and expect some enlightenment in her Anita Sarkeesian retweets.

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