#metalgate zombies want you to like “Christian black metal” now


The same SJWs in journalism and the media zombies who follow them want to destroy the black metal idea further by forcing it to include another genre of thought which conflicts utterly with its own, this time Christianity (in addition to the politically correct navel-gazing that provoked #metalgate). As reported in Metal Injection, Christian “black metal” is being mainstreamed:

Accuse me of not being kvlt enough, but I’ve always felt that black metal was better defined by the sound and not so much the message. We all know that black metal has signature sounds to it, and that both heavy and satanic music exists without being under the label of black metal. Having this mindset has let me into the world of unblack metal, and allowed me to understand and appreciate the goals of these bands. There’s just something intriguing about a group of Christians getting into a scene of music created with goals that specifically includes their persecution.

He says it clearly enough there: we know this is against what you believe, but we’re going to force your genre into generic status (“better defined by sound and not so much the message”) so that you are manipulated into accepting our propaganda. Whether it is Christian propaganda or SJW neurotic propaganda, the result is the same: the destruction of your genre by making it paradoxical.

I have a better idea. Let’s crucify some SJWs so their zombie political correctness gets recognized for the religion that it is, and then nail up the Christian metal bands so they can go to their holy deliverance and leave our genre alone. Then put the heads on pikes to warn others that we do not want your crazy world invading our oasis of sanity and refuge in which we can actually express a true thought without worrying about who it will offend. Fuck off!

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26 thoughts on “#metalgate zombies want you to like “Christian black metal” now”

  1. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    If they want to preach their wack religion via music, then they have gospel.
    But seriously, they can stay the fuck out of metal.

  2. dsagaga says:

    This whole SJW series is getting retarded. Let’s go back to metal.

  3. Abstracted Fade says:

    I have no idea that these agendas are occurring until I read about them here. It must be the anti-activist in me, but at the end of the day, I come home and listen to the music that means something to me, without giving a single thought to those who seek to misrepresent it or condemn it for social/religious/political reasons. I feel like my life is better without paying these morons any attention, and instead focusing on what is essential and what matters. It’s not apathy, it’s just expending energy on the essential, meaning that, instead of worrying about what misguided “social justice warriors” have to say about black metal, affirm the music that means something to you by listening to it and contemplating it. Nothing they ever say or do will diminish the profound experience of immersing yourself in the classic albums.

  4. Flying_Kites says:

    Let there be no good people in this world of evil! Christian Holocaust!


      What do you guys think of Monstrosity’s fourth
      album Rise To Power ? Does it hold up against their early material?

  5. MF says:

    Have anyone who doesn’t like and/or listen to metal describe a black metal track and 9/10 times he’s going to call it “devil music” or something similar. The message and the sound can’t be divorced from one another.

    1. True. Most rock music is “message music” because all you hear is the lyrics looping over basically boring chord fills. Metal sounds like what it writes about.

      1. Cuck says:


  6. hypocrite says:

    Monarch of deceit
    On a cross of hope and fear
    Not a symbol of your sanctity
    But a reminder of your defeat

  7. Anthony says:

    Christianity and SJW’s stem from the same reality-denying source. “Privilege” is the new original sin.


  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Mortification, Living Sacrifice, Horde, Opeth… all terrible music.

    Cleanse your mind of christian gibberish with this churning hymn of anti-kosmic art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNLA2aHnPL8

  9. trystero says:

    Just fucking stop already Stevens. No one gives a shit, trying to turn the usual SJW garbage into some kind of conspiracy isnt helpful. Who does have a problem with christian black metal as long as its actually heavy music (in message, christianity doesnt exactly have a history of weakness, its present state is weak) and not christian apologetics? If we do in fact have a problem with it, what has changed in real terms?

  10. Richard Head says:

    Xtian black metal is a ludicrous idea, obviously, but I have heard some pretty convincing Xtian death metal. Some of the themes fit well with the music; torment at the hands of persecutors, slavery to a vengeful god, plus that whole eschatology that gives Xtian myth that particular spice.

  11. Goregoregore says:

    The first Cannibal Corpse album with Corpsegrinder on vocals was absolutely great ! It’s great death metal overall.

    1. Richard Head says:

      Talking about Tomb of the Mutilated? I just listened to it today. Lyrics are pretty terrible, vocals are dull, drums are just there, guitar work is solid as most of the riffs are interesting but the solos are pretty lackluster. Some of the songs have a good flow, not really anymore schizophrenic than Deicide or Death. It’s better than deathcore, I guess, but what makes it overall great to you?

      1. Ara says:

        Haha shit

        1. Richard Head says:

          Fuck me for responding to a troll rationally.

      2. hypocrite says:

        I think the vocalist for Tomb of the Mutilated was still Chris Barnes, but yeah…

        1. Richard Head says:

          Oh my mistake. I don’t know shit about the band other than that album. Didn’t even know that they switched vocalists at any point. Do know that the bassist went on to so some interesting stuff with Ron Jarzombek in the 2000s.

  12. Sandman says:

    When you view a genre of music as a pure expression of the people who are behind it, feel and life it then it is like a sword that is meant to be used only in war. Do you use a sword or a weapon in any other action as combat ? No. It´s an expression of war!
    And so I thought was black death metal invented as a pure expression of something meaningfull to the people who -i already said that. It´s a pure circle of a livestyle that is a definition itself. It makes you what you are!
    So when you turn this medium into an abomination you get a bastard. And who wants a bastard ?
    Why cant these people invent a new type of techno and call it technocho-sons of faggotry or corpus Jebus to make their statement clear via this expressed “music” ?
    They are a cancer that will try everything to destroy your music!

  13. Parasite says:

    Does anybody have a rar file for Pessimist – Blood For The Gods album??

    1. Anthony says:

      Shit costs like five bucks on Amazon bro.

      1. Parasite says:


  14. Nathan Metric says:

    Christian black metal is an oxymoron, but let’s not pretend that black metal hasn’t been lacking creating energy in this present day. Pretty much all black metal is the same nowadays. Use no more than three colors on your album cover (white, red, and black), worship evil, worship Satan, invoke cryptic concepts that people will never understand, sing unintelligible vocals and write music that is either too chaotic or too repetitive, All though the bands are making more money than they used to their creative energy has been lost. Nothing is really new anymore,

    The reason is simple. Paradigms in art are centered around ideology and once the ideology is bankrupt than the art is bankrupt. Yes, satanism had its place during the 70’s and 90’s. It was a legitimate threat to the society at large, but it has long exhausted its purpose. Now, it is just an obnoxious marketing gimmick that can be easily dismissed. Why? Because nobody really consistently worships Satan. No one is consistently evil. If black metallists really were truthful about themselves and their spirituality then Black Metal would be rendered a terrorist organization by every nation on the planet. Instead we get the opposite. Just an indulgence that can be easily purchased by some troubled goth kids so as to pacify any threat they could potentially be to society at large. Black metal is actually protecting the status quo with its music. A status quo run by the ACTUAL satanists. Obama is more satanic than the most satanic goat-worshipping war metal fanatic who wears a Blasphemy hoody. To even call black metallists “satanists” is to not understand what evil is in the first place. Wearing black, sewing battle jackets, going to concerts, starting mosh pits, listening and playing music is not “evil”. Real evil tells big lies in front of a camera, massages the egos of its victims, sells the grandchildren into debt slavery, starts unnecessary wars, mutilates its victims and sacrifices friends for money and power. That is REAL evil.

    The so called “Satanists” in black metal need to either get real or reject Satanism. I love the music, but the ideology of the music is too obnoxious, too familiar, too easily dismissible, and most importantly too dishonest to be of any use today. One of my favorite songs is “Dawn of Satan’s Millennium” by Beherit. As the song progresses it makes me think of an alien entity actually trying to crossover into our realm. A God of a new Age clawing his way into ours so as to bring the end of what Spengler would call the Culture/Civilization of Faust. It really is a shame that so many just want to keep it in the box and keep it misunderstood. “Satanism” in my view is a proto-culture. Hessians are its founding members. This idea however needs more developing. Christianity is based around a benevolent God that must be obeyed. This religion of the future could be centered around an evil/indifferent deity that must be disobeyed.

    1. Pretty much all black metal is the same nowadays.

      An important point. NWN?

      1. Nathan Metric says:

        NWN is part of the problem.

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