The Importance of the Hessian Ideal

The modern way of life has conditioned people to think and consider their lives a juxtaposition of ‘job’, ‘family’ and ‘hobbies’ along with ‘fun’. This is a model influenced by industrial mentality, which needs vast amount of automatons performing meaningless tasks for the sake of production itself, simply in order to protect the bottom line at the expense of individual quality and relevance. As a result, very few people, indeed an incredibly outnumbered minority, will see and live their job as a craft wherein they find aesthetic and spiritual meaning, and would rather be out the door as soon as possible as long as their salaries are not affected.

Likewise, most families today are created out of an obsolete duty towards society, now to fill in a void, and in particular groups operating by an ignorant “nationalist” paradigm that misses the chance of a quality of life veering to truly Traditional means and, instead, in a deplorable shortness of sight, seeks to recreate ethnic greatness through basically industrial-agrarian conditions not at all dissimilar to communist countries, albeit combined with more freedom and a laughable racist. Beware of such anti-Traditionalist currents calling themselves ‘Nationalist’, and who obviously do not even really understand the concept of ‘Nation’ as it was birthed in the 19th century.

The model in question reflects a slave mentality applied to a whole system, in the sense that it is the template for a people who have no direction and are good for nothing else but obeying. To clarify, this is not to say that all people today following this mentality are natural slaves (though the vast majority of over-reproduced humanity is so, but that the model used today is essentially a universalist slave model (hence the stress on ‘universal egalitarianism’ as well, nonexistent in the original idea of democracy). Where before the principle of unitary, ‘divine’ rule was found naturally, a paradigm of priesthood gave way when such quality declined; this was followed by the ascendance of the warrior paradigm as the priesthood became compromised and corrupt. Eventually, and by the ‘renaissance’ (incorrectly seen by many today as a revival of Graeco-Roman principles) the merchant class started their final take over, and being replaced gradually after the French Revolution by increasingly pro-slave class/culture paradigms of society, leading to the superficial, meaningless and wholly materialistic lifestyle that is the norm today.

In order for Hessian culture to accelerate its own growth toward the future it must be aware of its past as well as the likely environment into which it will develop. As the world spirals closer to oblivion, entropy, and genocidal apocalypse, the vast suicide cult that is modern society seeks further methods of denying darkness, chaos, and destruction. Hessians exist so that this may not be so.

Hessians, on the other hand, do not distinguish between ‘preferences’, ‘principles’ and ‘lifestyle’, as the lesser kind of human being (a.k.a. mundanes) are wont to do. What in their reversal of values the mass of weaklings praises for its obedience to authority while keeping an overactive imagination, the Hessian despises and wishes to overcome, living their lives at the expense of the so-called liberties afforded by subjection to purely social rule and materialistic conceptions of life. The Hessian enjoys life for what it is, as a whole, and not in spite of what he has to do. He is what does, and he breathes in the whole of existence, wanting ever more instead of simply retreating into the delusions that the slave world has built up for itself.

The naturalistic philosophy of the Hessians prioritizes justice and ideal at the same time it encourages chaotic fantasy; its essential communication is to live well through freedom from the clutches of neurotic thought, and to spend time in whatever liberating activities can be fashioned from the elements available. The nature of this in the trapped, suffocating world of commercial society (narcotic of the one true herd) is a relative overemphasis on intoxication and freedom from plans, morals, karma, memory, or the will of other people; the consequence is often an overindulgence in rebellion without a clear direction for self-preservation.

Musicians following a Hessian way of thinking should also be immersed in their act of creation as a holistic experience, rather than as a ‘job’ or ‘hobbie’. This is, in fact, the only way in which art is not simply a weak metaphor, a pipe dream without any basis in reality, or worse of all: a cartoon. Unfortunately, the reality is that the vast majority of musicians that are operating or have operated within metal are ‘posers’ in this sense. Hence we can understand the most elitist attitudes (not in the masses of ‘trve’ metally defectives, but in those very few of worth) that will judge an artist by his eventual actions, retroactively demeaning their work. Among these failures, and despite of their past achievments and the influence of their achievements, are the likes of Deicide and Emperor. One should meditate whether or not the future of metal as a living organism rather merits their expunging from the canon and their constant vituperation in warrior like pride, in lieu of the merchant-bourgeois upholding of empty symbols of wealth, or the slave-proletarian (which includes all modern job workers) and their escapist, neurotic fetishism.

A civilization that worships fear is nothing to us, they say, as we like the ancients choose a broader, faster, freer life. We choose our will and our dreams over fear.

The impact can be seen on art, which expresses dimensions of human experience that are not wholly conscious. Thus, the most well-meaning and learned slave-conditioned musician that has not managed to rebel at the deepest level in thought and action against their imprisonment will inevitably produce a compromised result to varying degrees, depending on their own personality and strength. Needless to say, virtually all musicians in the metal world will be compromised in this way, but the question is, to what degree and in what manner. Inevitably, as well, the metal music genre as a whole is a function of this same system, albeit one that means to rupture through or away from it. The function has also been altered through time, and so, the fact that metal is born of this system does not void the validity of the idea that it is the rebirth or representation of an older or immortal spirit latent in human beings that seeks ascendance.

In the shadow of this denial Hessians have had to find a new way of understanding their existence, when it is not often acknowledged and never given any credit for being as intelligent and architected as it is. This enforced internalization has reached its peak in the romantic but morbid subgenre of Black Metal, which encourages a fascistic love of self and misanthropic hatred toward the world. Alas, Hessians in this world are tainted by its virus, and this over-extension is sometimes as much reaction as independent direction. However their metaphor speaks its truth plainly, and rebellious deconstructs any rules or beliefs that it can lay a hand upon.

The solution lies at change at the core: a change of values, a change in the way that life is seen, a change in the way that life is lived —this is the only real change, all else is illusion and self-deception. Whatever way the Hessian chooses to enact their own personal way of manifesting the truth of a cosmos larger than human concerns, the gospel of chaos, it must be anathema to modern society and conventional life. All else is posturing and mediocrity.



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  1. Interracial Porn and Arghoslent says:

    Don’t fall for this jewish propaganda.

    1. desu metal says:

      It’s written from the perspective of someone with little life experience but those types of people are not able to write convincingly, so it’s a transparent sham.

      The spider’s parlor tricks are getting stale.

      1. Ignorance says:

        Yes, what does this obese 19-year old have to teach us?
        It’s not like he has ever shoot up heroin or banged shambles like you and me.
        Now that’s real life experience.

        1. Ignorance says:

          *SHEMALES, not shambles

        2. desu metal says:

          There is more to life experience than what you experience in your own life. You can’t learn enough in one lifetime, that’s obvious, so the solution is obvious too; this article’s author is attempting to obfuscate the obvious

          1. AIDS patient says:

            Experience is overrated.

  2. deathevokation says:

    Varg’s the paradigm because as an original hipster he overcame the imprisonment of his state via rebellion spawned from speeding up Bathory, Venom, Sodom, and Motorhead mixed with anti-Christian themes buzzed through a transistor radio speaker. Not bad for a pretentious unoriginal with an epiphany derived from a mixture of mentally inchoate parental resentment, and cultural disgust. Varg is also the original OG. Killing made him legit in the minds of automatons seeking a leader. Varg isn’t deeper than his contradictions, he’s a flawed ideal for people, mostly yokels, searching for answers in life. To that end it’s fitting he’ll be played by a Ashkenazi nomad jew in Lords of Chaos.

    1. anticontrarian says:

      Nonsense. Det Som and Filosofem are profound works worthy of many different interpretations. Do you want me to roll out a list of influential writers from the Western canon to have emerged from affluent backgrounds?

      1. deathevokation says:

        I merely stripped the mystique away from Varg as a metal god for the overt truth. Musically we ain’t talking about Beethoven. I’d equate Vag to a level of Bob Dylan ripping off Woody Guthrie or Led Zeppelin ripping off blues greats. That’s one interpretation of many regarding Varg’s work.

        What’s your list of “influential writers from the Western canon to have emerged from affluent backgrounds?” going to prove? Many writers, musicians, athletes, painters, etc, etc – come from affluent and poor backgrounds. One’s environment shapes the individual. Richard Pryor came from a brothel. His grandmother ran the whorehouse, his father was a pimp, and his mother a whore. Yet, Pryor’s comedic genius has inspired numerous comedians, and his impact is felt daily in all comedy across the media. But he was self destructive, a drug addict, and a whore chaser because of his environment. He also sold the fuck out as an artist.

        All human – mammal – animals are flawed.

        1. Reptilian Supremacy says:

          Kill all mammals!!! Reptiles will rule the world once again!

  3. Neato says:

    Yeah you haven’t hung out with any metal heads or metal musicians before. This is all just lofty bullshit.

    1. Mr. Algar says:

      It is precisely because I have hung out with metalheads and metal musicians that I know that most are worthless and aimless.

      1. Neato says:

        Well then you’re not one of us, you’re an outsider trying to speak for us. It’s like an upper class commie extolling the virtues of the proletariat who finally spends time around working class people and realises that everything about them is repulsive to him.

        1. JohnnyReb says:

          I’m confused. Are inferring that the readers of this site aren’t metalheads and have never hung out with metal musicians?

          1. Thewaters says:

            Hessian is not the same as metalhead. Most Hessians I know are thoughtful, intelligent people who enjoy good metal
            Most metalheads I have met are retarded and enjoy metal.

            1. Graveyard of Failed Movements says:

              Hessians of the world unite! We got free beer and tacos!

            2. JohnnyReb says:

              Understood and agreed.

        2. JohnnyReb says:

          Would you not agree that most people in the metal scene are hipsters and posers who want to appear to be edgy and cool in order to get chicks rather than to create original, meaningful, or transcendental music? If you feel like you are one of the crowd, then there may be something wrong.

          1. Neato says:

            > Would you not agree that most people in the metal scene are hipsters and posers who want to appear to be edgy and cool in order to get chicks

            No, unless watain happens to be billed.

            > If you feel like you are one of the crowd, then there may be something wrong.

            This is what every maladapted loser says, loser.

            1. JohnnyReb says:

              Then I’m not sure your “you’re not one of us” carries much weight then, does it?

            2. I don’t remember who said it (some streetshitting indian fucker), but I find this to be true and it makes me feel better for being a wierdo. I’m paraphrasing, so nobody get mad ok here it goes lol “It is not a measure of good health to be well adjusted to profoundly sick times.” There it is, my ace in the hole, my moment of glory in the comments section. Everyone gather around and suck my dick because you know I’m right. Only death is real. Learn that shit and live it fuckers.

          2. Necronomeconomist says:

            Johnny Reb, I would not agree with that.
            Being in metal is one of the worst ways to get chicks. Especially since most metal chicks are not hot. Or smart. Or sober.

            1. JohnnyReb says:

              I agree with that completely. I can only speak for myself, but I believe that those who share that point of view have been around long enough to recognize that. What is apparent is that living a hessian lifestyle is not a goal to attain. Where metal music is a phase some go through, the metal lifestyle is merely accepted once one realizes the mentality they have inherited. Some desire to be different, edgy, and cool for the sake of their ego. Others come to accept that they view the extremities of life as the path the were destined to take, and set their ego aside. In my experience, most in the scene prefer the image to the lifestyle.

              Possibly blurring my perspective: I live in the DC metro area where image is very important to most people

          3. Rainer Weikusat says:

            Would you not agree that most people in the metal scene are hipsters and posers who want to appear to be edgy and cool in order to get chicks

            Which people?

            As far as I can tell, I’m the only one in a 60 miles diameter circle. Rarely, one sees t-shirts standing around somewhere but these are usually just reminiscenes of a past before »girl-friends« who once looked for a bedside carpet whose colour would fit that of the curtains. And who wouldn’t want to be that carpet?

            1. Ignorance says:

              I really like how you make it obvious to all that “girl-friends” are a distant and alien concept to you.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                Unfortunately not.

                But I’d subscribe to “???”.

  4. thewaters says:


  5. Destroy your life for Satan says:

    Can someone please fix the articles page so that you can access the articles on pages 2, 3, 4 and so on without being redirected to the page that says “Pages of Pure Fucking Damnation: Zines in the Death Metal Underground”? I would greatly appreciate being able to access that content again.

  6. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    Raping trannies is the last stand of war metal identity.

  7. Nuclear Hellcult says:

    The true hessian ideal is to drink cheap whiskey while blasting underground metal with great riffs and shitty production. Everything else is artfag hipster pretension.

    1. Falsehammer says:


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