The Ivory Tower’s Troikas


New York University professor Michael Rectenwald was put on paid administrative leave for his controversial Deplorable NYU Prof Twitter account that exposes how the Ivory Tower uses social justice warring and identity politics as methods of social control. His reprimanding proved him right.

Robby Soave pointed out in an article for The Daily Beast earlier this year that modern liberal university administrations are increasingly developing offices called “Bias Response Teams”. These Bias Response teams function to maintain the liberal social narrative on college campuses. Everyone must be forced to tow the politically-correct party line. These Bias Response Teams are no different from the secret police of empowered communists political parties; they merely haven’t been given permission to detain, exile, institutionalize, or shoot everyone with opinions contrary to the whims of the perished comrade Lenin yet.

Soave notes that anyone can report anyone else for absolutely any reason as in Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge of 1936 to 1938:

It would be wrong to say the standard for determining whether an incident reflects “bias” is subjective, but only because there isn’t a standard at all. If a person witnesses an occurrence in which someone’s feelings were hurt, or seemed like they were hurt, or weren’t hurt at all but nonetheless could have been, that person is encouraged to file a bias report. The reporter need not even be the aggrieved party, and can file anonymously. Extra attention is given to incidents that stem from a victim’s race, religion, gender, disability status, sexuality, political views, age, class, or size. That’s right: body-shamers can be questioned by the university’s secret police.

Western society has declined from judging individuals based on past performance, merit, and achievement to evaluating one’s worth based on how loudly one whines no matter how wrong or delusional the vocalizations. Social justice warrior university administrators serve as troikas privately interrogating and passing judgement on the accused, no matter how ludicrous or petty the accusations. All students and faculty must be made to tow the party line to churn out more brainwashed believers in mediocrity. Universities have merely become yet another tool of leftist political indoctrination with most academic disciplines bereaved of all critical thought, context, and analysis when confronted with topics controversial to the liberal narrative of sustained social progress. Contrary opinions backed by hard evidence are shunned under a rug, the same as rape accusations against revenue-generating, functionally illiterate athletes.

Title IX, forced multiculturalism, and diversity offices do disservice to all the minorities actually competent and proficient enough to attend the school normally by celebrating the achievements of the unworthy1. Abnormal sexual paraphilias are promoted as normal and acceptable to lower the standard of entry to the mob in the street. The barrier must be lowered ever further to the point where the delusional and incompetent are celebrated and appointed to positions of high authority such as the United States Supreme Court to appease the angry mob instead of using force to disperse it. why should social groups (and sovereign states for that matter) too disorganized and hedonistic to enjoy regular economic success (or deaths from non-sexually transmitted causes) have their disorganization rewarded? To stuff ballot boxes.

Leftist politicians realized centuries ago during the French Revolution that pandering to the radical whims of the mob is more likely to keep them in power than empowering the worthy and competent elite. Universities are being used to add more brain-dead bodies to the mob in the streets. The moralization and shunning in response is no different from the various lèse-majesté laws in totalitarian states.

1Thomas Sowell – Affirmative Action Around the World (2014)

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4 thoughts on “The Ivory Tower’s Troikas”

  1. Johan P says:

    Over here, people actually believe that through education any kind of “asocial” behaviour – be it radical Islamism or Neonazism, etc – can be “deprogrammed”. These are the actual words used. They don’t even hide that it’s pure brainwashing.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      That’s at least a better idea than believing that sweeping undesirableness below the carpet via professionalized repression would accomplish anything (do these people want to accomplish something at all?)

    2. fenrir says:

      They’re too shortsighted. Islamism and National Socialism (neo- or whatever variation) will never die. That is the huge accomplishment of their original instigators. They are memeplexes that appeal to more than just politics. It doesn’t matter how many the globalist status quo kills, tortures or brainwashes. While the information is out there, while the real texts (and not the hollywood fantasy that Americans shoot up their necks) keep being a window into the actual infecting ideas, those two will never disappear. The only way they will accomplish it is by going full Fahrenheit 451, but today there are still too many who would fight them. That is why they are doing it a little step a time. A legislation here, a prohibition there, and when you finally come to your senses, they will have set up a fence around you.

  2. Belano says:

    I’m totally against this new kind of fascism based on political correctness. But, in this case, it seems the public version of the professor is not totally true, at least regarding the obligatory nature of the paid leave:

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