VH1 “journalist” launches smear campaign against Bard Eithun

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VH1 affiliated journalist (and I feel guilty for using that term, because seriously, it’s VH1) Zack Sigel apparently was inspired by the recent Disma controversy, and has set his targets on Bard “Faust” Eithun in what is almost certainly an attempt to get his current projects (Blood Tsunami, Studfaust, etc.) pulled from the upcoming Martyrdoom Festival. Unlike Craig Pillard, Faust admittedly does have a criminal record to his name, having been imprisoned for the murder of a homosexual some years ago, but this doesn’t make the apparent goal any more noble. Whether or not Faust is the same person he was 20 years ago, witch hunting is not going to actually reform him, or usher in any sort of actual justice or utopian tolerant social justice city on a hill. Most of this article, however, isn’t a call to action against Faust, although the passages specifically condemning Faust’s actions come off as passive-aggressive at best. Instead, Sigel dedicates most of the article to whining about metalheads not immediately condemning bands for their ideological stances. Ironically he also pushes Deafheaven, despite their own ties to right wing movements, but odds are he won’t be turning on them for that any time soon, lest the ensuing cognitive dissonance explodes and kills everyone in a 500 mile radius.

We’re probably enabling him by acknowledging this article, but if nobody calls out this sort of pseudo-tolerant hypocrisy, everyone gets burnt.

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11 thoughts on “VH1 “journalist” launches smear campaign against Bard Eithun”

  1. DESECRESY says:

    Hey Gabe, legendary band Armored Saint released an album this year:


  2. Daniel Maarat says:

    Sigel hates that Faust impulsively murdered a cruising homosexual for coming on to him and that the Norwegian state allowed him to live, even releasing him early for good behavior. Most murders are crimes of passion and those murderers never murder again with any amount of statistical significance compared to felony murderers and serial killers. While I don’t have a problem with cheaply and permanently removing criminals from society, Sigel is throwing a fit as the Norwegian government made a rational choice to keep a former and future tax payer alive; a tax payer that resumed his former legal occupation; a model prisoner in the eyes of the powerful. Morally Sigel is no better than Muslim fundamentalists chanting “Death to Obama!”

  3. Daniel Maarat says:

    Wait until he finds out about Mayhem’s Nazi battle flag, Bolt Thrower lionizing imperialism, and the various metal bands not particularly fond of Muslims. Let’s ask WASP and Carnage what they think of Salafists. This is the type of guy who would hysterically freak if you pointed out to him that Iron Maiden makes killing Injuns sound fun. Ihsahn’s indifference and comments about how modern black metal bands have gone soft would make this idiot want to beat him to death.

  4. vOddy says:


    Can we just go under ground to avoid all of this annoying attention?

    1. vOddy says:

      If I had to only buy music from people who I like, then I wouldn’t be able to listen to anything. No Lord of the rings, because I’m not a conservative catholic. No black metal, because I don’t want to burn churches, etc. No nothing.

      You can’t go through life like that. The world is not black and white. A person can have positive value in some ways, and negative value in others. For example: A shitty individual who produces good art. Or a disgusting human being who contributes to the species through science. Or the other way around – a beautiful individual who has no instrumental value.

      1. vOddy says:

        Or a person who is beautiful in some ways but ugly in others. I may want to enjoy one’s creations, but not be his friend. Or the other way around.

        My apologies for shit posting. This will be the last post, I promise.

  5. Free Craig Pillard says:

    This is the most pathetic doxing of all time. Eternally guilty in the Court of the SJW.

  6. LordKrumb says:

    “Ironically he also pushes Deafheaven, despite their own ties to right wing movements, but odds are he won’t be turning on them for that any time soon”

    My initial thought was to agree with you, but then I wondered why. Don’t you think these SJW/hipster poseurs would grasp at any chance to point the finger of guilt at anyone, including their fellow poseurs?

    1. Gabe Kagan says:

      If he does, it probably won’t be until after Deafheaven commits some sort of faux pas in the hipster circles, or at least fades from the public eye; there’s only so much opportunism you can take advantage of.

  7. morbideathscream says:

    His last name is Sigel, hahaha jew. And he’s on vh1. Says it all right there. Social Judaic warrior haha.

    I figured a band like deafhaven would be extreme left wing, interesting.

    Metal doesn’t go along with the agenda, so they attack it any chance they get. If bard Faust stabbed a nazi a million times he’d be an international hero and probably wouldn’t have been arrested. I guarantee not one of those antifa members that burned the black metal venue down in Germany have been arrested, but if you make a negative comment about the refugees you may face criminal charges. That should tell you who’s running the show.

    Once they have their Marxist communist state any form of punk or metal will be outlawed as it was in the Soviet union. That’s their ultimate goal. Not to mention that they want to rid the world of white heterosexual males.

    1. Scotty 2 Hotty says:

      Could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the article on Deafheaven is a troll that was created so other media outlets would report the misinformation as fact. Same with the articles calling Craig Pillard a jew.

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