What Is Art?

Writing about a dead genre can be exhausting. You search through ten thousand bands looking for the few that grasp what the genre was always about — its newer incarnations are meaningless — and despite enjoying this, find that the good is drowned out by the mediocre.

This is what happens any time herd behavior happens. Without a clear goal, humans circle around, each doing what is easiest, safest, and most advantageous for himself while exposing others to greater risk. The predators outside the circle take advantage of this disorganization.

You can see it in nature with wild animals on the plain. If they are going to a destination, an orderly march ensues; when they have no direction, predators show up, and so the animals circle around, manipulating each other for a place closer to the center of the herd.

It is part of the underlying information dynamics — this is the parent field to physics, mathematics, and numerology — of the universe. When particles are not polarized, they form an equilibrium with nearby energy distribution, increasing entropy until something else polarizes them.

Like predators.

In the case of metal, the predators were hipsters and industry. The former just wanted to be edgy cool for a few moments before moving on to their careers and urban condos, where the latter wanted to pump money out of whatever was trending at the moment.

Metal if anything died of its success, but then again most things do. Black metal finally united what had been floating around in nascent form since before Black Sabbath — a mixture of progressive rock, early hardcore punk, and heavy rock — and after that, there was nowhere to go.

Hence the circling began.

To follow the point that Plato makes about civilization cycles, we can track the industry lifecycle which follows the information dynamics of entropy:

The four phases of an industry life cycle are the introduction, growth, maturity, and decline stages. Industries are born when new products are developed, with significant uncertainty regarding market size, product specifications, and main competitors.

Consolidation and failure whittle down an established industry as it grows, and the remaining competitors minimize expenses as growth slows and demand eventually wanes.

See specifically this:

As maturity is achieved, barriers to entry become higher, and the competitive landscape becomes more clear. Market share, cash flow, and profitability become the primary goals of the remaining companies now that growth is relatively less important.

The decline phase marks the end of an industry’s or business’ ability to support growth. Obsolescence and evolving end markets (end users) negatively impact demand, leading to declining revenues. This creates margin pressure, forcing weaker competitors out of the industry.

When an industry is new, there is high demand and therefore high reward; it grows in response; eventually it achieves equilibrium, which nature hates; that brings about new competitors at the same time margin declines because of oversupply, and then it enters decline.

Some industries remain stable forever. If demand will always be there, and something limits the double demons of competition and expansion, they will keep making money, like that company that sells the same hairspray it did in 1934 for an inflation-adjusted equivalent cost.

Underground metal as an industry started in the late 1980s and grew rapidly through the early 1990s, then peaked at about the time CD sales did in 1996, at which point there were too many market entrants for any one good thing to stand out, so the musicians mostly went elsewhere.

Like any industry, its only hope of rebirth consists of getting back to what made it great that is in demand that its current form is not meeting. In my view, that means getting back to the balance between art and noise that made it great in the first place.

A reader writes:

When you refer to music as a language, I think that is paramount to understanding the best art and artists. Each piece is a layering of symbols and motifs that form a language, whether that is experienced on a shallow, surface level or provides insight on a deeper occult and metaphysical basis is up to skill of the artist. Much like magics — the grand confluence of those symbols is what approaches the transcendent, and arrives at the sublime.

The essence of art is communication. The art represents an experience and a journey in understanding it; the layers of symbols and motifs describe aspects of that experience, then interact to form the journey that transports the listener from one state of mind through conflict to another.

If most of human life is avoiding conflict, art is a way for us to indulge in conflict without feeling direct personal fear. We transcend our fear of this world, with its conflict and loss, and instead embrace the idea of getting to that final point.

We can dispense with the term “occult” by realizing that neopaganism is nonsense. The ancient pagan ways were always clear from the old writing, our intuition which arises from what is coded in our genetics, and common sense about monist spirituality.

All of these things are mistaken as religion when they are more accurately paths to wisdom encoded in metaphysical symbolism. When the metaphysical and physical are synchronized, we see the grander pattern to life which makes it worthwhile despite the suffering; this is transcendence.

As a wise man said:

Our gods became your Satan and Satan became our god

The ancient gods live on, but we can only find them through transcendence, which requires conflict, and that conflicts with bourgeois entertainment from Taylor Swift to Pantera that focuses on mixed emotions, or a refusal to make decisions from fear of conflict.

Names do not matter in terms of spirituality; we share the same world, and may call these things by different words, but they are properties of the world. Science, religion, and philosophy pursue the same wisdom at the heart of experience which cannot be observed directly in all cases.

Underground metal was first and foremost art, not entertainment. It aimed to transport us to transcendence and then have us look at reality with new eyes, including its disease, death, war, symbols of evil, and horrors. By doing that we got past our fears and embraced the potential of reality.

If this “industry” is to restart itself, the only path consists of avoiding imitation of method — whether emo, shoegaze, 70s rock, late hardcore, or previous metal — and getting back to the experience of art which made it poweful in the first place.

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87 thoughts on “What Is Art?”

  1. Phil S. Stein says:

    The essence of art is communication. The art represents an experience and a journey in understanding it; the layers of symbols and motifs describe aspects of that experience, then interact to form the journey that transports the listener from one state of mind through conflict to another.

    Another take: the essence of art is construction. The intertwined complexity of great art, which holds together without crumbling, achieves a clarity in the mind of the listener (a clarity not found to the same degree in extra-aesthetic interpretations of art).

  2. I am the moon says:

    We must transcend in case we actually come to the raelization of our true selves…

  3. Frustrated says:


    I think that metal as an industry is dead and that’s a good thing, if metal is indeed more of a spirit than a specific set of aesthetic principles then it needs not to worry. You’ve been running this website for quite a few years, chances are there is some teenage goth girl in the Andes reading the reviews right now who will start unlearning the last 30 years of prepackaged rebellion forced onto her and her cohort. If she steps up her work might not even be finished in time to be considered part of ‘youth culture’ in any way as perhaps Cenotaph or Deicide because she’ll be pushing thirty but this is only because there are more distractions than ever; these aforementioned bands did not have so many little bullshit gadgets that only complicated their life. So before the time our heroine has to throw on the make up and lead the rest of her days as a dead-eyed secretary she might have a shot but only if metal is as serious as this website claims it to be.

    If not for something like this scenario, I think it’s over for the rock band ensemble. Sure, many music commentary shows make bank talking about how current music is worse but I think in this case it may be a possibility. Youths of today do not give a fuck, and why should they? It’s easier to sit on your phone and collect random, unnecessary things like music gear. Hell, I worry that the possible metal innovator I described might not even have a shot at even having a band, let alone marketing or studio engineering that are not scammers in disguise. The reason for not having a band is simple: No one is up for it. They might love metal, they might be talented, they might even be some crazy motherfuckers but then if they are crazy they might not be disciplined or intelligent enough by the time everyone figures it out and they’ll burn out all the same. The ones that did not die or fry their brains bad enough will likely become typical weenie instagram guitar players if they’re fortunate enough. But it’s not the end of the world if whoever this musician has her or his head screwed on right. Forget about another boom like black and death metal. This is on one person, either another Jimi comes around or nothing the fuck at all.

    1. trad > death says:

      If anything is dead it’s youth culture. If theres one victory boomers should have it should be beating the shit out of the Ronnie Rodkes and Machine Gun Kellys of the world in a violent, humiliating live facebook feed yelling “YOU DO NOT GET TO TALK TO US THAT WAY YOU DO NOT GET TO TALK TO US THAT WAY YOU DO NOT GET TO TALK TO US THAT WAY YOU DO NOT GET TO TALK TO US THAT WAY” like a looney bin inmate.

      1. Frustrated says:

        If anything youth culture is the psyop through which most of the causes of social decay are subtly ingrained in the conscience of every participant. Would not be unwelcome to me if youth culture died as such

        1. Ienjoynictoinepouches says:

          Jello Biafra was a CIA plant, in fact Dave Brockie of Gwar said he always saw him driving around expensive sports cars in the early Dead Kennedys days.

          1. Anything to distract from the Cro-Mags, Amebix, and Discharge.

            1. Frustrated says:

              Basically, if you look at what the metal community(tm) dubs ‘heavy music’ you will get a legion of 40 year old scene kids and virtually no new bands. That should show you how fake ‘youth culture’ really is and has been since its inception (perhaps when it was weaponized in the 1960s.) Also, it’s a market and the established brands want to dominate and allow for no competition.

              1. Dobie Gay says:

                wow you are so full of shit. Move to a city with a lot going on, like New York or San Francisco, go to local shows, discover that lots of kids are into metal and playing it. Spoiler – its great music but it bloomed decades ago. And most kids don’t write particularly interesting music. Eeeeven in the 90s. Dipshit

                1. Maybe, although I also say go to a small town where on Friday night everyone gets together in an old shed, RV, or barn to have some beers, smoke some weed, and listen to quality metal. None of us here are going to fit into the reptilian meatsuit culture of modernity. We have to make our own.

                  1. Dörkhaus says:

                    Yeah. I see it like this. Anywhere you go there’s bound to be some heads on your level. Don’t think too much. Follow your instincts, because you’re probably more full of shit than you realize. If you love metal, you’ll find it, just get out of the way.

                    1. I’ve heard this nonsense over the years, and it’s more pacifism. Sorry.

                    2. Ivory Shower says:

                      I don’t know what any self respecting person who has a love for and at least strives to understand dark and heavy music following their instincts has to do with avoiding conflict.

                2. dildoBreathItsHowiLiveMyLife says:

                  You type like a wishy washy dipshit who loves humanity, faggot.

                  1. Suck my dick says:

                    To loathe in the absence of action is obnoxious and perfectly normal.

              2. Adding to this great comment, let me say this: marketing, in general, is fake.

                “Youth culture” came about because printing vinyl got cheap enough to make it a consumer good.

                Consumer goods were exploding from the 1930s-1960s anyway and this was just one of them.

                The stuff the “metal” (not-metal) kidz like now is all old emo, shoegaze, indie, jazz fusion, lite rock, and motown mixed up. The mashup is the easiest form of music to make, since you do not have to have consistency, just keep the riff moving and then at some point have a dramatic finish. It is as empty as the rest of modernity.

                Youth culture? It is “pretend you are cool but only to the people in Walmart and Sephora” substitute personality artifice and pretense for the NPCs of the cubicle wasteland.

                1. no shit says:

                  Brett you have autism

                  1. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:

                    No shit Sherlock. What do you think Metal is? It is a language for those on the Autism and ADHD spectrum. Where have you been?

                    1. Metal is a language for realists. This bothers the individualists.

                  2. Worse, I have bloody-mindedness and a lust for precision in describing information structures and natural mechanisms.

                    You can cure autism, perhaps. You cannot cure this shit. It’s called philosophy and it is the basis of literature (versus entertainment writing like Toni Morrison, Mayou Angelou, Barbara Kingsolver, David Eggers, etc).

        2. Ghost of punk future says:

          Y’all are overthinking some shit you dont even make contact with.

          1. I think you must then tell us whether or not the hardcore scene has already gotten over metalcore or not, there is certainly some stuff out there that could revive the underground with a vengeance supposing that rock n’ roll really was a potent cultural phenomenon in the late 70s through early 90s. The problem is that the establishment has immunized itself against independent music in the same way it was immunized against the outrage of people not going to church or movies including sex scenes; all we see now are antibodies in the form of tattooed millenials, groove metal and neo-conservative politicians. If bohemianism was looked down upon and at times only respected when financed by elites, since the mid 1980s everyone with some brains wants to be associated with the side typically thought of as the one with the artists and their typically more liberal leaning views that criticized things like capitalism and led to a perceived social change, but at the same time they want to be able do the thinking that actually liberates an individual without the anxiety that ensues from doing so. The only consequence is that elites caught on and hired talented people to become ringmasters in a new form of circus that always pushes a narrative that culminates with the supposed good guys (whoever upholds this elite’s convenience) triumphant over things that do not atomize the masses like dry sand. Consider this: every movie out, every famous singer, every historical figure made famous post mortem and every politician lends his or her self to be used as weaponized puppets who “questioned the status quo and were part of such and such movement that made the world better” but it will always be a half truth at best and an outright lie most of the time. Hindered by aspirationism, the masses will each individually think it is cool to be like x or y famous person and will alter their behaviour accordingly to fit in because their idols (and it is a twisted form of idolatry) will have already thought for them and they simply have to agree, this constitutes departure from one’s own humanity. Corporations know this so they became ‘woke’ and although they are very bad at hiding their ulterior motives (perhaps because their mask is itself not indicating of anything good), they wield sufficient economic power to alter culture by force. Governments, corporations and the elites at the front of this power grab became aware that if people can get together and subvert values of cultural relativism what if they can police and subvert themselves? This was hipsterism, and now the reluctance to act of the younger generations. I do not put writing great metal above anyone who’s put the work in but I see less people are interested in innovating vs. finding a tribe. Imho he only thing truly evil and satanic about metal bands is that although yes they were damaging society, they weren’t damaging society ENOUGH. Modern art is unintelligible, it is for this reason that galleries put ideological diatribes nearby as to ‘explain’ them for the audience but these connections are all too often tangential. Nihilism, however, completely annihilates these works. If humanity managed to live for generations without plumbing, they’ll be just fine without good art. Good music today is a call for a bonfire of the vanities that includes designer boutiques, adult cartoons and gender studies academia among many other things. The problem is that because pop culture dominates, and techniques like drawing are being forgotten, the very meaning of these works is a matter of faith based upon the soil of lower pop culture doctrine. Intelligibility is not necessary for a work of art to transmit its chief end: beauty. The difference between modern art and art is that it is possible to enjoy art with zero knowledge of it but when understood, it becomes apparent that there is more to enjoy whereas modern art is always contingent on the ideological piece that accompanies it; pop culture stays the same when understood further and may perhaps even lose its value. Bad art is an environmental issue on two fronts: the former is that it simply generates more garbage, more pollution but it is also a spiritual contamination and since ethics and aesthetics go together and you can’t have ethics without metaphysics, for this one dictates whether righteous outrage is even possible. Subverted humans operate under an MKULTRA program/aesthetic that is derived from progressive politics, culture war and react to pop culture like a sleeper agent when given certain queues.

            1. Tunnel vision says:

              So what

            2. I do not believe it is The Establishment; I believe it is the bourgeois mentality which is inherent to all human groups.

              1. Fiello says:

                WTF since when are you a progressive?

                1. Culturally liberal, economically libertarian, politically conservative, ecologically fascist.

                  My insight is that human groups tend toward the same illusions every time.

  4. lol nigga I ain't readin this shit says:

    I know what this is gonna say blah blah blah real art isn’t popular blah blah blah the less it sells the better bla blah blah

    real art is only decided by autists who rape their way to the king of the jungle

    nathan gale should have shot lars ulrich instead of dimebag

    1. Walter says:

      Okay dude

    2. Vampyric Inbreeding says:

      That cocky / ironic Dane abomination thrived on his metallica bandmates individual weaknesses. That’s how The Foul creep in, through others’ flaws & misjudgement.

  5. Real art is about bursting into tears…

    1. No fun, no mosh, no core, no trends… no emo.

      1. GNAA overturned says:

        So that’s a yes.

      2. Next question says:

        Brett I believe you certainly have calling here in the grand scheme of things, philosophy for the sake of philosophy, but you have to admit, life is about being blown away, and if you aren’t, why the fuck do you still even exist?

        1. I am blown away by many things, but for the last twenty years that has been philosophy, politics, and religion more than music, excepting all the cool stuff I discover in classical. I still get excited for the few metal exceptions that make me forget about the 164,318 shit bands in the queue that I listen to while wondering if my life has in fact failed and whether or not I should shoot myself once or twice in the back of the head with a single-action revolver.

          1. Demon of Life says:

            Get into actual politics before it’s too late.

            1. Still probably too spicy for that but it’s a solid idea.

            2. Crionics says:

              Brett’s a political theorist, not a practitioner. Is that accurate, Brett? Do you have the stomach for horse trading and compromised ideals?

              1. Compromise, appeasement, rationalization, etc. is how we got here so no. It is not a matter of lacking stomach — although that is also true — so much as fervent rejection of these things as being in any way constructive, creative, or positive.

            3. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

              “Democracy” would be a waste of his time. Starting a cult, a company, or a hybrid of the two could yield fruit though.

              1. Demon of Life says:

                Heh, yeah, that’s always our excuse, isn’t it? We just can’t handle democracy.

                1. Not simply pointing out that democracy is gambling and both of them encourage bad passive rationalization mental states.

              2. Cults are manipulative and any hint of one drives me away. There have been opportunities.

                A company? Selling a product or service… depends on what it is.

                Most likely, writers write and do the best they can, because that is their niche and role in a larger structure.

          2. Werwolf says:

            “What he did was like the faith of a parent in a child; believing that some day it will grow up, he leaves for it great things to discover, knowing he will die without hearing a ‘thank you.'”

            1. I appreciate all here (and at the Other Site) who appreciate what I am trying to do.

          3. just to make sure says:


      3. Sad crying ork says:

        What the hell… the reason black metal is considered a joke, is because it’s emo as fuck to begin with. It’s just hyper pop music “I love you I love, why I can’t have you?”

        1. Sounds like the newer version of the genre. The early waves of black metal were something inconceivable by the normies.

        2. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

          You are wrong and foolish

        3. Cynical says:

          “Love is for them. Lusting for the sky. Heaven.”

      4. Patrick Pearse says:

        Did anyone else read that Amerika article about the 10 commandments? It was a very serious article that all good Protestants should read!…..All…..protest…….awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

        1. The Hajnal line is part of our creation and destiny.

    2. Transitive Annihilation says:

      ” Frozen ” was a cool song / video clip. As unlikely as this is.

    3. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

      Real art can have the effect of making people burst into tears, but it’s not what it’s about

      1. Actual art has a way of making people go silent in their heads for a few minutes. This may be the most precious resource on Earth, actual non-neurotic thought.

  6. Hipster Sodomizer says:

    Art? The wars over land, food, water, and oil are about to start. Who cares about “art”?

    1. Something has to motivate us to carry on and strive for more than the mediocre minimum.

    2. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

      Those for whom the pyramid of needs is inverted

  7. The guy in my link does a better job at black metal than most black metal, because it’s the color of sorrow.

  8. - Disintegrator / Incinerator - says:

    1. Burzum is emo. And screamo.
    2. Real art is as likely to encourage a genocide as it is to burst one in tears.
    3. Idiots produce & appreciate “art” too. To each his own.
    4. That arrogant homosexual disgenic tennis midget should have been terminated somehow.

    1. 1. No
      2. Yes
      3. Yes, and really good art is designed for people from 100-130 IQ points
      4. Chuck Schuldiner Died of AIDS

  9. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. says:

    I rest my case with that the new black metal movement is in the form of internet trolling here, it’s not so much a musical thing anymore (it can range from super soft, fluffy melodies to insane blast beats with shit production, as rules are meant to be broken anyway) but if all this “poisoning of your water” has upset anyone here, then you got raped by the black light indeed, and so it did it’s job in a sense after all.

    Kind of eugenical thing going on if you think about it. You piss people off, you’re left only with a desired crowd, but many of the undesirables are actually those who you thought were the least (the real posers are the try hards).

    Strongest surive, but they aren’t who you think

    1. “The herd is strong,” he said.

      More ironist contrarianism.

      The music that is good is drowned out by the industry excess, is the point.

      If you want to be metal, you do what we do: pursue quality.

      Of course, there is no shortage of armchair critics who do nothing, just like in politics, but always have an opinion.

      1. Vanity is life says:

        What you just said proves the point exactly. There’s no escaping the paradox, you need evil to thrive, or else you got nothing to struggle or live for.

        1. It is a relative universe because logic is relative. There is no meaning to “one” without other numbers to be its alternatives or opposites. If you have only hot, you have no need for the concept of temperature, but with cold, you have not just temperature but finer gradations in it like “sorta hot” and “hotter than MILFs on meth at a mud-wrestling championship.”

      2. Struggle & vanity says:

        Well that’s just exectly the point, where would we be without opposition?

        1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

          Death is a servant of life

          1. The ceremony of opposites continues.

            Then let us consider the whole question, not in relation to man only, but in relation to animals generally, and to plants, and to everything of which there is generation, and the proof will be easier. Are not all things which have opposites generated out of their opposites? I mean such things as good and evil, just and unjust—and there are innumerable other opposites which are generated out of opposites. And I want to show that in all opposites there is of necessity a similar alternation; I mean to say, for example, that anything which becomes greater must become greater after being less.

        2. I think of it more like a tug-of-war, meaning that naturs abhors a vacuum so something will fill the void.

    2. Keep your enemies REAL CLOSE says:

      Yeah, what’s stronger than the bond between two dudes sodomizing each other?

      1. Two dudes swapping rare black metal recordings from the 1996-2004 era? haha

  10. This site’s moronic burzum worship is chronic autism par excellence. That guy was making horrible music about whining in the ambient forest because he was trying to sound pretentiously deep like a true emo fag. I’ve heard better HIM songs (the finish band in my link).

    Really though the only good shit from the 90’s BM scene was the two the darkthrone albums (TH, UTFM), Emperor’s one hit wonder “Nightside” and Gorgoroth pentagram. Everything else here is insanely overhyped because you fuckers have no life! Do some drugs, get laid, live a little, or get a shotgun like your hero Dead! Nothing more black metal than DEATH!

    1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:


    2. Early Burzum is great, all the way through the second prison album. Melody with a sense of tradition but really a naturalistic spirit that cannot be tamed. I listen to the first one most of all.

    3. Discounting the Emperor/Enslaved split should be a jailable offense. Not to mention the early Immortals. Emo is about the ego, Burzum is about losing yourself in the forest and ancient mysticism. Apples and oranges. Nuclear reactors and tamagotchi. Burritos and quiche.

    4. Brian says:

      Lol okay dude

  11. Varg's wife says:

    Excuse me but when will the new Burzum album be reviewed? it’s a new masterpiece.

  12. Truth must be avoided says:

    This is it, metal is by default emo-faggotry. Nothing wrong with that but if you would at least admit it would look less stupid.

    1. Emo is self-pity music, metal transcends the individual.

  13. Brett exposed. says:

    Look at this miserable prozak fuck. He’s trying to hide his secularized-christian faith by setting tenents, so he’s think he’s so philosophical, but all he’s doing is hiding the obivious. The man is miserable autistic insecure prick, and the only people gravitating towards that are burzum wannabas. WANNABES OF WHAT? Tolkien forest LARPERS – don’t you realize how pathetic that is?

    You’re not creating any eugenics here you miserable fuck. You’re creating the opposite, dysgenics with this mentality.

    1. Christianity is neoplatonic/dualistic; what I write about is monistic and Darwinian.

    2. Ryan says:

      Uh, alright man

      1. Dick Vomit Nut Bugs says:

        You’re not winning here, I am imagining a flabby titted neckbeard with a Simpsons tattoo when I read your faggy micro penised replies.

  14. gay says:

    when’s your next book coming out Mr Stevens?

    1. Hard to tell. Too many daily obligations right now. Thanks for asking.

  15. Fiello says:

    Prozak, I should not have insinuated that you’re a progressive. I was wrong to do so, please accept my apology.

    It’s clear to me that it is not a chicken/egg game and human stupidity on all levels precedes any possible conspiracy, perhaps it is even naive to attribute so much sophistication to others so I’ll give more thought to what has been discussed above. Perennialism for me has been a recent interest by the way and I would like to know your thoughts on Béla Hamvas if you know him at all, I studied philosophy in undergrad and I’ve also been reading DLA and the resting place of the soul website since about grade 10 and would read Sacred Elevator with my then girlfriend back in university. I feel the need to say that I’m one of those metalheads who enjoyed but were not fully satisfied with the recent metal trends like melodeath/power metal and dissonance “metal”; it should also be mentioned that I actually grew up on stuff like Meat Loaf and Deathstars (and never any mallcore like nu metal or Cradle of Filth and their variety of music, for some reason speed metal and hard rock also were not my cup of tea) and by grades 10 and 11 owed to you Carnage, Demilich, Bathory and more (been looking at your classical recommends recently) your writing has been a good influence in my life, I was not content with the metal trends from the 2010s which spans my teenage years and early 20s and really did not know better listening to so much trash before really paying attention but I’ve come to appreciate the underground of the past a lot more. Call me fucked in the head, I did enjoy some modern stuff like Sarpanitum’s Fidelium EP (although you’re right, their albums are not that good) and did not understand why there weren’t any reviews of stuff like Obscura and Putrid Pile back when I was a teen. Got some music of my own out now, after seven years of very interrupted work I finally managed to conceptualize a couple EPs. (got one out on my link and will be uploading the next one come Summer) I actually got to see Godflesh live last year (great set) and I noticed one band that toured with them called Cel Genesis which both interested and surprised me, it’s like someone unfucked the originator of punk and mated that with electronic instead of rock, which led to electro punk such as Kap Bambino, but now it’s at a point where it’s hardcore punk structure with hardcore techno sounds, metalcore breaks and vocals, live drums I’m gonna’ leave the link so you can hear for yourself if you want. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEMwCw-nsL4&list=OLAK5uy_kmBHKZMfrqSFy51qeTiTxnHiGG0XPittI

    1. Reality says:

      I’m sorry friend but both the band and your tracks are awful. Go learn an instrument and dedicate hours a day.

  16. Flying Kites says:

    BEHERIT LIVE IN OSAKA AT THE GORILLA HALL APRIL 2024 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ubnoWQqQq_Y Did George Soros fund this?

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