Why metal and SJWs are natural enemies


The casual observer seeing how metalheads and SJWs, who descend more from crustfund punk and emo than metal, might ascertain that the two groups are radically different. This observer might even note how many of the “tryhard” types are in fact thinly-disguised SJWs. But at first appearance, the reason for this separation will be misunderstood.

An average person will see metal as wild and lawless, like a combination of the Wild West and medieval Europe, where SJWs are more like modern Europe: very morally righteous, sensitive and inclusive. This difference separates metalheads from SJWs, but it is not the primal reason why the two are different. It serves as a guidepost to that end however.

Black Sabbath launched themselves during the height of the hippie period. At that time, the popular narrative that people told themselves was that history from the Napoleonic Wars to 1945 was just one big mistake, and the way to defeat it was love, through people power and pacifism and universal acceptance. Apparently none of these people studied history or they would have known how frequently this trope comes up, and how it usually ends! Black Sabbath saw through what these hippies were saying an argued it was more of the same, and that humanity was in denial of reality and has been choosing various “human realities” instead of actual reality, to its doom.

In human experience, our most common error is self-delusion. When that is discovered, we usually choose another self-delusion. The classic example is the alcoholic who runs into the arms of a tent revivalist, and becomes addicted to another set of false promises. Another is the woman who flees her marriage only to find out years later that the new boyfriend she chose is a lot like the last husband. Voters run from one party to another, as they go from one cell phone company to another, thinking that “the other guy” might have answers. And he never does. The reason why is that he is also selling an illusion, because only illusions sell.

This leads us to why metal is different from rock and why it is the natural enemy of SJWs: metal is against illusions. SJWs want you to pick one illusion over others, but metal points out that whatever is popular is illusion and is wrong. We need some other way of looking at the world than what “most people” want to believe is true about it because it makes them look good, feel important and think they are unique. Humanity is basically a large organic machine for producing lies, and every group wants us to substitute their lie for the dominant lie, but all of these lies have their root in the same idea: that what we feel, judge and emote is more important than reality itself.

Look at politics. It is a wasteland. As notorious shock realist author Tom Wolfe once wrote in a letter to a friend:

The Republican Party as now constituted is obviously too stupid to survive…. What is to be done? Of course, that was Lenin’s line and the only lucid one he ever wrote. The answer is nothing. America’s position is unassailable. We are the imperial Rome of the 3rd Millennium. Our government is a CSX train on a track. People on one side (the left) yell at it, and people on the other side (the right) yell at it, but the train’s only going to go down the track. Thank God for that. That’s why I find American politics too boring to write about. Nixon is forced from office. Does a military junta rise up? Do the tanks roll? Give me a break.

Let us separate “rock music thinking” from “real world thinking.” Not in the way that our great-grandparents did, where rock was bad and work was good, but in the manner of people who recognize that popular music is entertainment which pretends to be profound, but is the opposite of art which explores profound subjects through realism. Entertainment wants you to think it has all the answers, but ultimately it is a social phenomenon, like chatting up a girl near the keg at a frat party. It says what flatters its listeners. It wants them to think they are profound, interesting, vivid, heck… it wants them to think they are the stars on the stage… because that sells rock music, and lets all these musicians and labels and journalists keep up the nice cushy lifestyle instead of the job managing a Target or 7-11 they would have had, had rock not come along.

Rock music thinking is advertising. It wants you to think that you can be all the cool in the world for just this one next purchase, whether a tshirt or CD. It needs to offer you highly dumbed-down and simplified ideas that make you feel like you are in control of the world. Why get into the nuances of international politics and millennium-long analyzes of the health of empires? Just say “love is the answer.” All the people will flock to that, not so much as they are idiots — although most of them are — but because they are self-deluding. They want that easy, convenient answer because it makes them feel in control.

SJWs are part of rock music thinking. They have gone from “love is the answer” to “tolerance is the answer,” forgetting that like so many Utopian quests this one will involve denying human nature and human needs, and as a result will require increasing degrees of force to make it work. They also ignore the somewhat banal reality that people mostly do not like each other and tend to associate in groups of people like themselves as a barrier to the broader world. In consequence, what SJWs preach is illusion just like the other illusions. Look at them all.

The public conservatives in this world are arch-dumbshits who think that if they adopt liberal ideas about equality, but keep industry and war going on, we will somehow turn out OK. Their great fiction is that if you just go to a job and spend all of your life there, and then manage your affairs responsibly, society will somehow follow your lead. Actually, they never think that far, because they are dumbshits, as mentioned above.

Liberals also fit in the dumbshit category. They think that if every person is just “free” and “equal,” society will magically self-organize into a permanent Burning Man of love and happiness. They ignore the fact that most people are inveterate liars who avoid the truth compulsively, and that what makes happy societies is forcing those stupid fucks to obey reality instead of their own neurotic, fruity minds. Liberals also like to give away things for free, taking from the useful and giving to the useless and spending themselves out of money, at which point their societies collapse. Europe and the USA are about to collapse from this phenomenon. More dumbshits.

Nazis — and I really don’t want to get into splitting hairs about who’s a fascist, a neo-Nazi, a white nationalist, a racialist or just a bigot — are also in the arch-dumbshit camp. They are SJWs of the far-right. Where SJWs think that tolerance is the answer, Nazis think that intolerance is the answer, and that if we just remove the mud races and Eternal Jews everything will be OK. This ignores the problem that most white people are stupid as bricks and dishonest as whores, and that our society needs a redesign from the top-down not bottom-up. I think Nazis more resemble Communists than they want to think. They are right in that diversity has never worked throughout history, but wrong in who they blame, which joins them in the dumbshit camp.

The far-left might be even stupider. None of them realize that the ideas they are chasing are from 1789 and 1867, but go back even farther to the religious fanatics of the 1500s. They are claiming very old and debunked ideas as a “new way” that will somehow magically avoid all the problems that human society has known since the dawn of time. If we all just went vegan, listened to posi-techno, and gave everyone free money, they think, all causes for conflict would be eliminated. But life is a cause of conflict because that is how it negotiates change so that the more realistic prevails over the self-deluding. Humans don’t want to be reminded of that, because it points out that Darwinistic natural selection (DNS) might take our lives at any moment if we delude ourselves, yet self-delusion is our nature. I see the far-left as overgrown children trying to pretend life is not happening to them.

Libertarians are like Nazis: extreme dogmatics who do not realize the leftist roots of their own philosophy. The idea of the free market I get and support because it allows better products and services to become available without some bureaucrat giving them the rubber-stamp. In fact, the libertarian idea of replacing most of society with a market has merit. The problem is that then we’re back at conservative anarchism where we assume that magically, the tiny group of people doing the right thing will win out over the self-deluding herd. Ain’t gonna happen. Libertarianism is another form of voting where the good people neutralize themselves by never, ever stooping so low as to tell others what to do, and then the masses roll right over them on their way to the Budweiser, light cigarettes and sugary cheeseburgers.

I’m not sure there are any other philosophies in politics worth considering. Anarchism is fun because in small groups, people who know and like each other can collaborate, but it falls apart after that. Communitarianism and distributism and all those other hybrids are ways to try to make socialism work within some kind of cultural context, but those fall apart because the idea of getting free stuff beats out any conditions placed on it. Traditionalism is interesting, but it’s basically Nietzsche for Christians, which makes it less useful, and the idea that religion can substitute for the structure of society — which is generally culture, leadership and religion, informed by economics — is laughable in itself. Same for Rastafarians and atheists I suppose.

Delusionists want to ignore the obvious: this world is hell. We have made a disaster out of civilization and are leading ourselves to collapse. There is no escape from the end, at least until we stop our fundamental error, which is assuming that delusion can substitute for realism, which is just like the alcoholic insisting that he’ll be OK if he only drinks clear liquors, or the tent revivalist telling you that all will be okay if you just believe and ignore the world around you (including the hand in your pocket). Humans tend toward self-deception because it flatters us that we are in control. Politics reflects this with many varieties of denial.

The point I make in insulting every political group that I can think of is this: metal wants to end human delusion, and everyone else wants their type of human delusion to be “validated” by everyone else. This is why metal hates SJWs; SJWs are apologists for our current society because they believe that with just a little tweak to our delusion, we make make the illusion work, when metal reminds us that we are the new Roman Empire falling because we have introduced too much internal conflict and lack a shared purpose. You can only have a shared purpose if you are focused on reality, and as human societies grow and become wealthy, they empower their people to deny reality and become self-deluding. Metal wins over all these silly varieties of illusion.

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21 thoughts on “Why metal and SJWs are natural enemies”

  1. discodjango says:

    Thank you for this great article!

  2. Phil says:

    ” In fact, the libertarian idea of replacing most of society with a market has merit. The problem is that then we’re back at conservative anarchism where we assume that magically, the tiny group of people doing the right thing will win out over the self-deluding herd.”

    Not sure what form this conflict over the “right thing” is or why it’s a problem, but this may be relevant: http://www.capx.co/in-praise-of-pushy-parents/

    All societies have problems, some (the democratic (with all the implications of national unity, institutional transparency etc), freedom loving, small state, free market model) are better than others, but metal speaks to the egoless extra-social, like a feral Beethoven.

  3. earlier In 2015, for the first time, I seen in person ac actual hipter. he had to be.
    This wasn’t the usual emo-type/Justin Bieber-haircut kid I have seen around the city.
    Metrosexual looking, with big african-type lobes/earrings, and yet… wearing a Burzum shirt…!?
    as he looked queer, but was wearing Burzum ?
    When did our planet Earth turn into Bizarro world?

  4. 1349 says:

    Traditionalism is interesting, but it’s basically Nietzsche for Christians, which makes it less useful, and the idea that religion can substitute for the structure of society — which is generally culture, leadership and religion, informed by economics — is laughable in itself.

    Still, traditionalist politics and a traditionalist concept of leadership and economics do exist. At least, You run a site on traditionalist politics. Is such politics so non-mainstream that mentioning it makes no sense?
    If metalheads/hessians had their own country, what regime would they strive for? Would it be libertarian? Monarchist? Science-oriented, technocratic caste system?

    Is there a monarchist political group in the US and does it deserve to be insulted, too? =)
    Or maybe the black metal community is the only monarchist group (Satan = king)? =)

    1. Nathan Metric says:

      “If metalheads/hessians had their own country, what regime would they strive for? Would it be libertarian? Monarchist? Science-oriented, technocratic caste system?
      Is there a monarchist political group in the US and does it deserve to be insulted, too? =)
      Or maybe the black metal community is the only monarchist group (Satan = king)? =)”

      Perhaps we should start by what it WOULDN’T look it.

      It wouldn’t be populous. It would be based around the concept of Vir.
      It wouldn’t be consumerist. Probably free market, but it would tax (if at all) stupid things like fast food. Wouldn’t subsidize corn syrup.
      I highly doubt it would be democratic.
      There would be no religious test for rulership.
      It wouldn’t preach tolerance.
      It wouldn’t be leftwing in general.
      It wouldn’t focus on “first world problems”. It would focus mainly on the existential issues facing mankind. Possibly subsidizing space technology or anything that will save us from being sitting ducks on a planet that can be destroyed by a comet at any moment.

      1. Reginald says:

        But it would subsidise things like maduro tobacco leaves.

  5. Dualist says:

    You always say that being ‘reality-focused’ is the solution to all ills. And that a society having a shared purpose is the other requirement. I agree they are both good DESCRIPTIONS of healthy societies. But they do not help us go from our current state to that improved state. You’re actually making the same mistake you accuse others of: confusing the ends with the means to get there.

    Because simply being reality focused does NOT help us to decide what our purpose SHOULD be. Science, for example, focuses on reality – but it can never tell us anything about what we SHOULD be doing. The liberal thinks the whole end of society is for people to be as equal as possible. Others think the opposite. Looking at reality can never tell us how things should be – that is the realm of moral philosophy (and once society rejects belief in the Absolute then moral discourse descends into the echo-chamber of chattering ‘schools’.) The conservative could never use reality to PROVE that the liberal’s AIMS were wrong. Fundamental beliefs mean just that – they are fundamental.

    Saying we should ‘learn from nature’ is also meaningless because learning from it necessarily involves an element of human interpretation. We may see insects euthanise any weak offspring and, yes, this does improve their genetic stock. But it cannot tell us if the Nazi is RIGHT in applying them to society. He’s only right if we have already accepted that improving society’s genetics is an end worth ANY human cost. And reality cannot help us make that MORAL choice.

    Consider also that Afghanistan under the Taliban was a society with shared goals. This tells us that the best societies are those that have both shared AND healthy goals (though I’m sure you would agree with that.) But, as we don’t have those at the minute, being reality focused does not help us get there. It is our fundamental beliefs that matter.

    Here’s the other problem in getting there: if you believe that almost all people “are inveterate liars who avoid the truth compulsively” then by definition the only way to improve society would be via the actions of a
    “tiny group of people doing the right thing [who] will win out over the self-deluding herd”. But you rejected the latter. So are you really saying there is no practical solution? I personally believe that we are now past the point were any solution can come from WITHIN out society – we now have below the critical mass of ‘good people’ that would be required for any regeneration.

  6. OliveFox says:

    I think there needs to be an article, or list of sorts, that highlight quality bands that Hipsters would probably be into that could slowly turn them into true metal fans. Most Hipsters, like any group (sports fans, movie “buffs”, drinkers, smokers), are comprised of a lot of decent people who really want to fit in somewhere because they aren’t intelligent, or don’t yet care enough, to seek out the truths of identity in relation to reality and forsake the search for quality for the search for acceptance. I come from a big family and have little sisters (4 of them!) who are in their late teens/20’s with their goofy boyfriends trying to adopt “uniqueness” by proxy because they are insecure. I love them dearly and know that just because they listen to Deafheaven and Mastodon does not make them SJWs or any other horrible, manipulative group. Just youngsters in an important social stage of their lives.

    Point being, I have no interest in trying to “change” them through force or humiliation, lest I become the things I detest. BUT, think that persuasion through QUALITY eventually will win out. They already think the new ARES KINGDOM is great (ahem, review soon?). And they certainly enjoy many things I recommend (classics mainly). But I certainly am not going to throw a bunch of Blasphemy demos at them and start talking about romanticism, war, repatriation, and bizarre social Darwinist theories. Though I suppose I could.

    Any way, I hate using the term “gateway” bands…but does anyone have any good recommendations of the newer-ish waves of BM bands that stand up reasonably well to the old standards that can subtly guide young minds toward better metal, and thus a better way of thinking and LIVING!? A buddy of mine said THY CATAFALQUE and BLUT AUS NORD, but, eh, I sort of think they stink, or at minimum, boring.

    1. 1349 says:

      Scanning my mp3 directory for possible entry-level albums:

      Enslaved – 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004??
      Lord Belial – 2004
      Marduk – 1998
      Mayhem – 2004
      Sator Marte – 2010
      Sorcier Des Glaces – 2014
      Summoning – 2006, 2014 (they’re excellent in general but can also work as an entry-level band)

      Today’s listeners want “good sound production“. I don’t quite get what that means but it probably includes high RMS volume / compression, “thick”/”slick” guitar & drums sound, and a list of musical equipment brands in the album booklet. =)))
      A local indie rocker recently asked me literally of this: “recommend me a couple of the best possible (“respected”) black metal albums but with good sound production”. I didn’t know what to recommend, because no black metal classics have modern sound.

      1. OliveFox says:

        Enslaved isn’t a bad idea, but if I see a RUUN tee shirt on my sis than I know I have failed.

        Marduk might be a good avenue, or better yet, Immortal. It is hard for me to believe that a kid trying to get into Black Metal doesn’t enter through Nightshade Eclipse…isn’t that the highest selling “extreme” metal album of all time?

        1. Gabe Kagan says:

          In The Nightside Eclipse was actually my first black metal album, so that does lend some credence for its notoriety and commercial success, but I don’t think any of the band’s albums ever actually charted anywhere. Odds are that mainstream black metal themed acts like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir have sold more copies by far.

          1. OliveFox says:

            Ah, forgot about those bands. I do recall hearing/reading that Nightshade went Platinum or Gold…which surprised the shit out of me. Likely untrue, but I’ll still spread the lie if it gets a wary mainstream metal fan to listen to it.

            1. Poser Patrol says:

              None of the best selling “real” death metal albums have even gone gold according to this article: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/it-s-official-cannibal-corpse-are-the-top-selling-death-metal-band-of-the-soundscan-era/

              Of course that article is from over 10 years ago, but I doubt the numbers have changed drastically considering the direction the music industry went since then.

              Point being: Nightside almost certainly did not go gold; I doubt it even sold as much as Deicide – s/t or Morbid Angel – Covenant.

        2. 1349 says:

          Immortal of 2002 could work.

          As for Emperor:
          “In the Nightside Eclipse” has bad production. =) I’d try the next couple of releases.

          Also, Dark Funeral (i don’t know which years) and Gorgoroth 1998, 2000 could work.

    2. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

      Tell them that being effective is better than being “cool” or “unique”.

      The reason why people are so rancid now is that they have been programmed by media since birth that the only way to get anything out of life is TO BE “COOL”. What is “cool”? Whatever the media says is cool. It’s not real. In life, to get anything out of it you need to be EXTERNALLY FOCUSED and HARMONIOUS WITH NATURE.

      Nature is facist.


  7. Monos says:

    Yes the world is in bad shape, but I would argue the function of the most potent metal (and other forms) is to transcend the mundane and pointless politics the masses preoccupy themselves with.

    Metal is MUSIC first and foremost, and any other cultural phenomena associated with it is merely window dressing. Leave it up to the indie bands to sing about politics, metal operates on a higher level and is far too timeless to concern itself with it.

  8. Nathan Metric says:

    There is one other political philosophy worth considering. Militarism. The only problem is the idea was only entertained in the fictional book Starship Troopers. I don’t know of any formal political thesis on it. Basically, it would be a modified form of the original American Republic only instead of rulership being determined by land ownership it would be determined by military service. The original American Republic was actually more of a monarchic/aristocratic government. Not a democracy. Calling it a democracy is just propaganda.

  9. Urrumpel says:

    A good-reading article and spills its hatred nicely, but what’s the point? There would be no impetus for metal in a better, less depraved society. Metal is a product and parasite of western modern civilization, it portrays rejection, but it actually depends on what it abhors. Even if metal would be facing reality in any “better” way than political dumbshits, it does so from within society. Which electricity to power your guitar amplifier when living off fishing in your cottage, hmm? I suspect these so-proclaimed SJWs are also just a distraction from reality, designed to infuse some more life and hatred in metal. Fine, but nothing to brag about. But if the essence is: I was on the wrong track myself and just dumped my stupid anarcho-primitivism, libertarianism, traditionalism and whatever escapism-de-jour in favor of … nothing, then good.

    1. 1349 says:

      There would be no impetus for metal in a better, less depraved society. Metal is a product and parasite of western modern civilization, it portrays rejection, but it actually depends on what it abhors.

      Maybe all this depends on what one considers the essence of metal.
      If a society gets better, it will still have songs about death/violence/war/gods/mythology. Maybe those songs won’t be so intense / aggressive but still.
      The aforementioned topics are quite standard in folk (ethnic) songs and, AFAIK, medieval songs.
      If a society gets better, it will still have music with complex structure / texture (see classical and religious music).

      Metal reflects a worldview which opposes automatic empty social rituals and collective illusions. A worldview of someone willing to act meaningfully instead of pretending, or not to act at all. A better society means more people with such worldview. And their music could be metal minus its aggression.

      1. Flying Kites says:

        Vocal polyphony as per Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina is what I would consider as future for musical development; with percussion as well, it may resemble Greek Chorus. Reintroducing traditional baroque movements between separate musical codas of idea and mood — obvious with voice — can represent aggression easily.

        One is necessarily aggressive to accept life as is. Realization that your self is the boundary and to flirt the edge brings reward.

        FUCK CHRIST NANANANA! but, really, no hard feelings.

  10. Krustypuss says:

    I wonder about the whole soup of issues going on here. Some ideas I’ve had:

    Ideologies are born out of culture, the former mere derived from what is ultimately the fluctuation of the latter. Ideologies are thus for all intents and purposes only applicable within the slice of time that relativizes them. I like to think of them as somewhere in between culture and fad.

    Constraining culture to an ideology kills culture itself, and thus ironically makes ‘ideology itself’ an empty number.

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