Mystifier: Black National Socialists & Cannibals

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Brazilian black metal band Mystifier outed themselves as avowed socialists, black supremacists, and evolution deniers in an unpublished interview from 1999 posted years ago to the Nuclear War Now! forum by the interviewer Werwolf.

Highlights and commentary are below. The entire interview can be read on the Nuclear War Now Forum!

Mystifier admitted they are communist social justice warriors:

2. MYSTIFIER is one of the last non-nordic originators of modern Black
Metal still active (others being NECROMANTIA, IMPALED NAZARENE, MORTUARY
DRAPE for example), and in July 1999, is the 10th anniversary of MYSTIFIER.
What has changed in Black/Death Metal in those ten years MYSTIFIER has been

– Years ago we fought for a decent Underground Metal scene free from racism,
capitalism, prejudice, ignorance and so on. Nowadays the scene is infected
with racists, politics, enviers, liars, nazi ones, etc. What a shame !! But,
I try to do my part for myself. I don’t believe in the youth of today. They
are feeble-minded ones !! Bands like GRAVELAND, BURZUM and others are a menace
for our Underground Metal Scene. If they live around Brazil, they would be
dead !! They are gothic babies !! Soon they will leave their masks fall down
and they will turn their back to Metal Scene and they will blaspheme against
us (The Metal Masters – the few, the proud!!).

Mystifier attacked others in the street and would probably attempt to emasculate Varg Vikernes through prison rape:

4. How old were you in ’89? What was the reaction of people when they got to
know that you were playing Black/Death Metal? Were there a lot of people into
music like you were?

– We were around 17/19 years old and we played for 50/100 people around Brazil
in that time. We were few, but we were strong and conscious ones!! We fought
against punks and skinheads. Nowadays the punks are our friends and the
skinheads are dead!!. A lot of people feared us due to our violence against
our antagonists. A german guy friend of mine, told me that many Black Metal
guys of today are afraid to face the skinheads there (aahhha..hha…
-chickens !!). Ooh, where’s the attitude?!? I told him that they should call
the god of cowardice (the so called Odin’s disciple lady virkgayrnes (that bad
girl who sings in BURZUM) to help them, because he is specialized on to stab
men on their back!! – aahha..haha..).

Mystifier express  anti-Polish sentiments and tell us their preferred rectal lubricant:

10. What do you think of the following bands:

-GOATPENIS(rip?): aah..ha..ahha. These guys are comics !! They remind me
those nazi gothic (?!?!) wimps who are coming from Scandinavian. Years
ago, they played a grinding shitty crossover ala napalm death, carcass,
s.o.d. and anthanx. When they read that bullshit capitalistic magazine
with Euronymous and his children speaking an amount of shit, they became
a nazi Black Metal band (aah..ha..hha..). Really, hitler can lick up
their asses and fuck them !! Now they are playing industrial music and
blaspheming against our Extreme Metal Musick (aahhaa..haa… – Fuck off
ass holes!!).

GRAVELAND: aah..ha..hha… Please, stop man !! I’ll die with your
jokes!!. Really, hitler failed when march over Poland, because any
polish bitch was ripped by an aryan nazi soldier and gave birth to one
of those wimps who plays in this crap band. Read it: “It seems to me
that nothing would be more foolish than to re-establish the worship of
Wotan. Our old mythology ceased to be viable when christianity implanted
itself”. Beware!! You may be taken by force to a concentration camp!!

Mystifier stated they wish to anally rape Scandinavians as they are Untermenschen compared to the Afro-Brazilian master race:

12. You’ve stated that you dislike bands like BURZUM and GRAVELAND,
which have some
views and beliefs strongly connected to fascism and even directly
national-socialism. Is there
any space for thoughts like this in the head of a Black Metal musician?

Beelzeebubth: Well, we are free in this world to do what we want to.
They are white and I am black. If they think I am inferior or stupid
because I am black…well, I hope, for their health, they stay so far
away as possible from me. I am a pacifist, but if the person offends me
or cross my way with stupidity, well, you know those things… (An eye
for an eye). My problem is that I want to war against racist ones, nazi
ones, capitalist ones and politic ones. Many Brazilian racist ones are
afraid of me. Really, I hate that kind of people and they shall hate me
too. About the question, If there is any space for thoughts like that in
the head of a Black Metal musician, oh, yeah! The one that they should
have in the ass, they have in the head. It is normal, mainly, if it came
from Scandinavian.

Mystifier proclaimed Norwegians ethnically unqualified to play metal, attacked the Slayer zine, care more for vocalizations than riffs, and lumped Mayhem and Burzum in with Cradle of Filth:

13. If I am not completely mistaken you are of African descent, right?
Has this been a problem
in any cases, concerning the style of music you are in? Some Norwegian
magazine stated
some years ago that MYSTIFIER would be one of the most false bands
because of you were not
white. What do you say about this?

Beelzeebubth – Norwegian magazines are not authorities to speak on
Extreme Metal Musick (Death Metal, Doom Metal or Black Metal). Maybe,
they are authorities to speak about new wave (like that bullshit band
called a-ha). What original musical style did norwegian musicians
create? Black Metal !?!? Sorry, no!! Norway has not any Metal
tradition!! Maybe, we can mention some great Norwegian Ancient Black
Metal Cults like Thy Abhorrent (Where’s that fuckin’ hooded guy called
Occultus?!? He isn’t nazi or racist, I guess..). They had produced a
fantastic Black Metal music with Heavy Metal parts and well done
arrangements and vocal lines. They weren’t Bathory or Venom clones like
their fellow countrymen. Ask to that teenager, who said we are the most
false band…(aahhha..haa.. – what a audacity !!?!?), if he knew bands
like Vulcano(Bra), Thy Abhorrent, Dead Conspiracy(Usa), Mutilator(Bra),
Malfeitor(Usa), Necrofago(Bra), Hellhouse(Usa), Expulser(Bra),
Sorcery(Swe), Sex Trash(Bra), Demoncy(Fin), Invoker(Bra) or
Damnation(Can) (!??!?!?). But, if you ask him about trendy bands like
burzum, graveland, cradle of filth, mayhem, and so on, he knows…

Mystifier wish to make Brazil a black, racially pure socialist workers’ paradise by purging whites, mestizos, and mulattos:

14. Do you accept racism if it is backed with reasonable arguments? Is
Brazil a racist country?

Beelzeebubth – No, I don’t. Reasonable!! What is reasonable for you? To
do a concentration field and obligate the women to do sex with the
strongest men to continue the pure race!?!? To enslave the weak ones and
to kill the people who think different from you? It can be good for the
european youth, but for us (the young ones from the rest of the world),
that is very a little!!! We want more!! We want to change the world!!
Liberate it of all the diseases originating from of the capitalism,
catholicism , christianity, etc. A world without walls for the youth.
Yes, Brazil is a racist country too. There are many german, spanish,
italian descendents here. I don’t know what they are doing here !?!? I
hate them! They brought that plague from Europe. One of my goals is to
send them back to Europe.

Finally, Mystifier reject Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and would cannibalize Caucasians if given the opportunity similar to how African witch-doctors dismember albinos:

22. What about Social-Darwinism and “survival of the fittest”?

Beelzeebubth – Darwin was great in his theories about the evolution and
Natural Selection, but he failed about that survival of the fittest.
Don’t exist any superior people to gain wealth and power. The fall down
of the imperialism was the proof. If you think you are superior because
you are from a pure race, I will attack you, kill you and devour your
flesh with the survivors from your persecution (aahha..hahh..). Really,
EVOLUTION is the key for our existence in the earthly paradise. But, if
you think any god keeps all the secrets about our existence, you are a
meek and cannot inherit the earthly paradise (aahha..haa.. – go back!!).

Mystifer disparaging others as Nazis while advocating attacks on those they view as racially impure, anti-capitalism, criticism of Christianity as emasculating, and the seizure of the sub-humans’ land to benefit their own master race (lebensraum) show the band as highest order hypocrites. The pogroms of social justice warriors are little different from those of Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Center, Communists, and Fascists. Furthermore, Mystifier’s desire to sodomize and cannibalize Varg Vikernes and Rob Darken suggests an extremely unhealthy envy of their creative superiors.

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50 thoughts on “Mystifier: Black National Socialists & Cannibals”

  1. Buttfuckening Now! says:

    I always knew there are some NWN regulars here. That interview on the other hand is barely coherent, probably from the high quantities of jenkem inhalation.

  2. Nathan Metric says:

    Okay so he accepts Darwinism but not survival of the fittest? Da fuq?

    1. Internatio reloaded says:

      He’s got problems expressing in english, but what can be understood is that he agrees to darwinism, not to social darwinism (a theory created by some other people than Darwin and to which Darwin didn’t subscribe).

      1. He rejects survival of the fittest; instead he believes in mystical, occult voodoo bullshit.

        1. A. R. says:

          Both are equally valid in my book.
          Don’t speak about what you don’t understand.

        2. Internatio reloaded says:

          “survival of the fittest” works in Darwinism, which is a scientific explanation of things, not a moral justification. It’s extension to human society by social darwinists is a joke of a theory, possibly not as entertaining as a joke as voodoo but Mr Weikusat summed it up perfectly a few posts below.

        3. Rainer Weikusat says:

          The idea behind Darwinism is not survival of the fittest in the sense modern ‘fitness culture’ also uses the term but the observation that species who ‘fit’ better into (are better adapted to) an environment reproduce more and hence, end up dominating this environment at the expense of less-well adapted species. There’s classic example for this about a certain kind of originally white butterfly in an English coal-mining area which turned black after the birches in the region also turned black. But that’s not a demonstration that black butterflies are somehow more powerful than white butterflies, they’re just a lot less visible on no longer white birches and hence, more likely to escape predators. Putting humans in focus here ought to result in the observation that humans are the only large carnivore/ omnivore species on this planet which is not on the verge of exinctions insofar “living by its own means” goes.

          1. crude says:

            People mistake “fittest” for “strongest” or “most excellent” in the human idealistic way.

            Patient cutthroats and double-faces like the juice are usually the best human survivors, not the heroes and the excellently balanced men.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              I agree with the general idea that outward success is often achieved by gaming the system, not by excellently playing by its rules, but that’s just a different definition ‘fitness’ together with the same erroneous use of the term. Even assuming this ended up as reproductional advantage wrt other humans, this would still be the same species.

            2. Heroes do not survive themselves, but make the tribe survive. Thus, they are selected for none the less, not on the level of the individual, but on the level of the tribe.

              1. Imposition says:

                You assume, among other things, that natural selection operates at the level of the group.

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  »Natural selection« doesn’t operate at all because ‘nature’ is not a person: This is not a perfect replacement for the older “it’s the will of God” as universal justification for every status quo in want of one.

                  1. Imposition says:

                    Natural selection does ‘operate’, at some level of biological oranisation, in a metaphorical sense.


                2. Population genetics are a thing. Specialists exist. Co-operation exists.

                  1. A concrete example:

                    The syrian hamster which lets another hamster eat it.
                    This solved a problem of scarcity for the species, but it doesn’t benefit the individual hamster who is eaten.

                    1. Imposition says:

                      Re The Syrian hamster ‘letting others eat it’. Ive never come across this. Do you have a source?

                    2. Actually, Syrian hamsters aren’t social animals, so this is a bad example.
                      They just meet up and fuck, then leave.

                  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

                    Not among (urban) »might is right« decadents, except as obsolescent carry-overs from the past which will be overcome in time: Cooperation would require trusting the goodwill of others, a weakness crying to be exploited. That’s absurd as the same people usually run to the doctor whenever they have a mild cold but people are often not very rational.

                    1. Selection pressures change over time.

                    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      Modern society is much more specialized than tribal society was and much more cooperative: The Europeans needed almost 2000 years to work out how to run densely populated cities without these either periodically burning to the ground or being haunted by epidemics. That’s rather not so glorious and people aren’t expected to get killed as part of their job but implementing and maintaing systems for safe disposal of ‘organic waste’ is a matter of life and death for humans.

                      That’s a ‘selection pressure’, not who’s most successful in talking ‘late teenage girls’ into this or that activity. For as long as the people stay alive, someone will, and hence, reproduction will continue.

                  3. Imposition says:

                    Specialists exist, but that isnt becuase they benefit the group, as opposed to their own chances of getting their genes into the next generation.

                    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      Darwin’s theory is about differentiation and survival of species, not about individual members of these (as these won’t survive, that wouldn’t make much sense, anyway). And the question whether or not you’re actually the father of any of the kids whose livelihood you’re paying for is totally irrlevant for the survival of the species ‘human’. Just the kids themselves matter.

                  4. Imposition says:

                    Similarly with cooperation. Organism A cooperates with organism B because:

                    1. A and B share enough genes, or because:
                    2. By doing something for B, A increases the chances B will do something for A when the time arises.

  3. Interracial Porn and Arghoslent says:

    I actually prefer this type of SJWism over the ‘WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE TRANSSEXUAL OTHER-KINS!’ SJWism. At least there’s cannibalism, rape, and ethnic cleansing involved.

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      Also makes more sense than most as they are actually black and are just giving a big fuck off to ideals that spout a pure aryan race.

    2. Deport All Hipsters says:

      What really makes SJW music unpalatable is the constant whining. I’m fine with this.

  4. Anthony says:

    Note that this is all part of a concurrent feud between them and fellow Brazilians Goatpenis, who according to all accounts started the whole thing off by calling Mystifier niggers. I miss when black metal was this openly hostile.

    1. Goatpenis trolled Mystifier into revealing their inner Himmler.

  5. Marc Defranco says:

    Eh they were right about Varg turning his back on the metal scene, good call.

  6. facepalm says:

    These niggas don’t realize they are not actually from Brazil.
    Yes, Europeans were infected with the idiocy of catholicism, but their voodoo shit doesn’t belong there either.
    Leave the country to the bare-ass Amazonians.

    1. Pablo says:

      Mestizo pride world wide

  7. Rainer Weikusat says:

    It’s sometimes good to forget about all this noisy “pride of the rainbow” stuff people who – amazingly – think their sexual preferences are the most important thing on the planet stage all the time. Especially when people are trying to express themselves in a language that’s foreign to them.

    I told him that they should call the god of cowardice (the so called Odin’s disciple lady virkgayrnes (that bad
    girl who sings in BURZUM) to help them, because he is specialized on to stab men on their back!! – aahha..haha..).

    This was of course meant to be ‘stab in their back’ an refers to the stabbing of Oystein Asareth, possibly in particlar to the part where Vikernes was chasing an unarmed guy in his underpants through the stairway of an appartment building and repeatedly stabbed his shoulder because that was the only part I could hit while we were running anyhow.

    In the interest of balance, one should add here that »Euronymous« had a history of threatening people with (gruesome) death. Some laughed about it. Some became casualties of that. And some day, he hit on the wrong guy. Poor sod.

    If there is any space for thoughts like that [facsim/ neo-nazism] in the head of a Black Metal musician, oh, yeah! The one that they should have in the ass, they have in the head.

    That would be “space to keep shit in”.

    The guy also didn’t reject Darwin’s theory of evolution but the late 19th century mockery of that called social darwinism and its use to justify why the powers that happened to be before the invention of the term ought to remain the powers that be forever. The imperialism suggests that this refers to Houston Stewart Chamberlain and one can hardly fail to notice that direct European supremacy over the world ended as side effect of two “try harder!” attempts at committing collective suicide known as WWI and WWII. And that’s an outsiders perspective. People who were more connected to the events are much more enligthening wrt this,

    It may have been an exception that a major general in Romania – his name being Gentner – closed a defile used to move ammunitions, supplies, mail and invalids for two days in order to start his vacation [trip] […] but a very characteristic one.

    [Kurt Tucholsky, Militaria, Weltbuehne, 1919]

    It’s not really surprsing that someone playing ‘old school black metal’ has nothing but (partially justified) contempt for the Norwegian ‘second wave’ black metal bands based on little knowledge in 1999. Also, many of the popular Norwegian bands are either really bad (I’ve made repeated attempts to come to term with early Immortal but the impression is always just »Kiss-style freak show«) or faint shadows of the former selves (minus the as always excellent drumming, current Mayhem sounds like 2nd rate Sammath to me).

    1. Negromancer says:

      Hol up! Is there any proof that this Euronymouse guy ever even beat up someone?

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        I didn’t claim he did. The Burzum web site claims

        in August 1993 he was about to go to prison for four months, after being convicted for injuring two people with a broken bottle, because they had “looked at his girlfriend” at a bus-stop.

        There’s also a 2005 Guardian article on the web which contains the following:

        Euronymous, on the other hand, apparently did his best to make him feel uncomfortable. ‘He tried to psych him out,’ says Necro Butcher. ‘He would tell Dead, “We don’t like you. You should just kill yourself.” Stuff like that.’

        ‘It became very difficult for Euronymous. I think he felt he had to prove that he could be a part of it and not just in the background.’ Euronymous reacted to the insecurity he felt about his position in the scene by resorting to the tactics he had used on Dead. ‘Øystein was always sending death threats to people,’ says Necro Butcher. ‘It was his reaction to everything. But he didn’t put so much into it. And then when he met you, he was like, “OK. You’re cool!”. Then you were best friends. So when eventually he got to be unfriendly with Varg, he threatened him like he did everyone else. Øystein told him, “I’m going to send some people to torture you. Until you die.”

        I’m also convinced that the Vikernes account of the issue is genuine in the usual, human sense: It’s a truthful account of his view of this. Reading a bit between the lines, one can envision two people scared shitless by each other meeting at a door in the middle of the night and both of them freaking out. And I don’t believe in ‘early 90s’ techno fans not taking drugs and specifically, drugs with depression and paranoia among their side effects.

  8. C.M. says:

    Whoa, they even went so far as to talk shit about A-ha! Way out of line.

  9. Degtyarov says:

    You can’t deny that there is a certain charm to borderline retards being in metal bands and giving out interviews.

  10. HH says:

    Guess they don’t see the irony in using an almost exclusively white art form to express their views? Kinda like David Duke releasing a jazz record.

  11. If I listen to death metal only because I enjoy the rhythms of the music and little else, does that make me a poser?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      I’ve never really understand what this term means (authenticity is a weird concept because everything is obviously authentically itself), so, I usually interpret it as »people who are primarily concerned with communicating an image of themselves to others« by »posing« as something in a social environment they’re part of. To a degree, this always exists but for a lot of people seem to regard it as their primary spare time occupation.

  12. I only listen to black metal for the poetic melodies found in the music and little else…
    am I not kult enough?

    1. BlackPhillip says:

      Do some reading then think about those questions. You won’t need to ask anyone for an answer.

    2. Obvious trolling, but I shall respond anyway.

      To appreciate music, two abilites are critical: The ability to hear what is happening, and the ability to perceive the meaning of what is happening.

      It’s important to note all the simultaneous inter weaving counter melodies, or the pattern of progression, or which part came before the next. But all of this is amounts to no more than shallow appreciation of the music’s aesthetic surface, if one can not understand what it is expressing or describing. If one only has the second ability, then he is like a man in a library who knows how to read, but can’t open his eyes. Metal will just sound “like noise”.

      Some people are not good at either ability. Others are good at both. Personally, I am above average at the former and below average (at least around here) at the latter.

      One way to think of it, is that the first ability is like digging ore, and the second ability is refining it. Both are necessary to produce useful metal.

      1. Excuse my typing mistakes, I’m tired

        1. Also, one doesn’t have to consciously understand what music is about. It speaks to the subconscious, and then it surfaces as emotion.
          In fact, many people will listen to the music, feel the emotion, and then find out what the music is about by contemplating the emotion they got.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        I think one can pull the two together as: One has to be willing to listen to it. This means paying attention to the sound (to some degree) beyond regarding it as something to fill an uncomfortable acoustic void and being willing to be affected to it beyond blanket rejection and/or considering it an excuse to ‘make some noise’ (the latter is the part where usual night club audience usually fall down — as soon as there’s music, the feel and usually succumb to the urge to make themselves heard).

  13. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Someone still alive here? Granted, I’m a bit drunk and when it’s cold and warm, Gene Simmonds can obssess you (oh my). Hight time for some serious redneck stuff,

  14. Anthony says:

    Mystifier did record some cool music once upon a time, but it only takes the first few seconds of their third album for most listeners to realize they’ve always been a bit YAAAY SPAGHETTI YAAAAY!

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      SPAGHETTI sucks
      SPAGHETTI westerns rule
      Spaghettini RULES
      Serena Grandi rules
      Monica Rocafforte rules

      and oh yeah, Led Zep rules too, any of you fags that think otherwise..
      Here is my address, i pretty much ignore all emails, but you can try…

      PS. I want Amber to join the Bullet Club in WWE for the luv of gawd !!!!
      How have they ignored her for so long?!?!

  15. Haterofafricans says:

    Fuck Africans,fuck punk and fuck hippies

    1. get a brian says:

      “fuck punks”

      except GG Allin

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