The Mask of Yosuke Konishi

Metal interview blog Bardo Methodology interviewed Nuclear War Now! Productions owner Yosuke Kinishi earlier this week about his motivations for starting his mostly war metal label. Konishi spoke about his mild misanthropy, veganism, “die hard” edition cash grabs, and how most war metal bands (presumably on his label) fail to live up to the social Darwinism they spout.

Konishi revealed himself to be a poseur who releases music based solely on it superficial aesthetics rather than musical content. Black metal was already long dead as a musical movement by the time he founded his funderground label but Nuclear War Now! enabled a flood of scenester hardcore bands to play dress up in leather jackets, slim sport sunglasses, and shaved heads. Hardly any of the newer bands Konishi signed were even able to imitate the best of the past. Rather they played hardcore punk with intentionally atrocious production in the hope that idiots would not be able to tell the the difference from Blasphemy, Sarcofago, and early Beherit. This makes the typical Nuclear War Now! Productions band no different from screamo/whine rock bands like Agalloch, Deafheaven, and Wolves in the Throne Room. The money man at the top is no different; Konishi just another hipster out only to make a quick buck too by projecting his superficial aesthetics atop the core of “black metal” when almost everyone real was gone. Yes, he signed a few listenable bands due to nostalgia but something that merely “sounds like” a past good band is not really a good band.

“In past conversations on Bardo Methodology, numerous are the times when the metal underground has been pronounced dead; a pale shadow of its former self, and so forth. I’m curious about Yosuke’s position on this, given that he still actively contributes to it.”

– “I don’t pay much heed to people’s endless rants about the state of underground metal. Obviously, today’s scene is much different from the one that drew me in when I was a teenager, but spending time opining about whether it’s better or worse is not interesting to me. As a label, I remain committed to the music which inspires me – that’s all that matters.”

Yosuke Konichi’s personal philosophical and political interests and inspirations are also very trendy and hipster: veganism backed by weak misanthropy, gun control, and bodybuilding based upon the writings of Yukio Mishima. The latter reveal Konishi to be innately that of a poseur for his very own material body was made in imitation of one of the biggest poseurs of the twentieth century:

“– There are obviously many black metal fans who do not fall into this category, but I find it ironic that there are so many others glorifying strength, power, and war, and yet they are unhealthy and physically unfit. Strengthening one’s body, mind, and will is all important. In this context, I recommend reading Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima.”

Mishima was a homosexual and extreme narcissist whose writings, both fictional and non-fictional, were devoted to fetishising the superficial aesthestics of roles and people whom he could not possibly hope to fulfill or become on account of his self and present. He projected his ego onto Christian saints, boys roughhousing, rebellious acolytes, Imperial Japanese soldiers, fascist youth organizations, far right revolutionaries, bodybuilders, and most famously the samurai for his own masturbatory self-indulgence. These were all masculine roles that Mishima felt obliged to pass as by imitating the aesthetics of each as mental masturbation. He viewed his homosexuality as a form of extreme narcissism as he was not loving a woman but rather a man who represented himself or an idealization thereof. Posing in these hypermasculine roles – which he termed “masks” in his debut, thinly-veiled, coming out of the closet novel Confessions of a Mask – was a way for his fragile ego to overcompensate for the emasculation inherent in his desire to engage in homosexual sadomasochistic relations as both pitcher and catcher. Mishima eventually committed harakiri in ridiculous circumstances in imitation of one the characters in his own novellas.

“I am one who has always been interested only in the edges of the body and the spirit, the outlying regions of the body and the outlying regions of the spirit. The depths hold no interest for me; I leave them to others, for they are shallow, commonplace. What is there, then, at the outer most edge? Nothing, perhaps, save a few ribbons, dangling down into the void.”
― Yukio Mishima, Sun & Steel

Yukio Mishima was a serial poseur who switched from mask to mask after he had merely imitated the aesthetics of his fixation without truly becoming it; thin external masks over inner turmoil. Yosuke Konishi idolizes Mishima’s material love of the male flesh, his fetishisation of superficial masculine aesthetics , and his desire to put his posing into action. He is nothing more than a mere metalcore poseur wearing the mask of an owner of a metal label signing z-list hardcore bands wearing the mask of “black metal”. When the war metal trend finally subsides and Konishi is widely mocked, will he change masks or stick with Mishima to follow his narcissistic, overcompensating poseur idol’s path to infamy?

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51 thoughts on “The Mask of Yosuke Konishi”

  1. 1488 not 1776 says:

    i hate nips with attitudes. accept your place as the least virile race. at least you can do math

  2. whatever says:

    this guy is a bore who releases boring music for boring people who go out to shows and make them boring.

  3. Syphilis says:

    At least Mishima redeemed himself through seppuku. I hate to say this, but most notable people throughout history have been narcissistic to some degree.

  4. Gardens of Grief Gnome says:

    Everything on this label is shit. Same could be said for Hells Headbangers and Dark Descent.

    1. you're gay says:

      All three labels have put out some good stuff.

      And you’re a fag.

  5. Idk, he seems like a good Darwinist to me. He’s making money by selling shit to idiots. This is what real Darwinists do today.

  6. Deport All Hipsters says:

    Vegans deserve to be killed and eaten by real humans.

  7. Brock Dorsey says:

    “There are obviously many black metal fans who do not fall into this category, but I find it ironic that there are so many others glorifying strength, power, and war, and yet they are unhealthy and physically unfit.”

    This is the first time I’ve heard a label owner disparage 90% of their customers

  8. Necronomeconomist says:

    Here are some classic albums, the principal songwriters and their ages at time of release:

    Hell Awaits — Hanneman — 20
    Onward to Golgotha — Mcentee — 22
    Legion — Benton — 23
    Seven Churches — Lalonde — 17
    Abominationz of Desolation — Azagthoth — 24
    Black Sabbath — Iommi — 22

    Niggaz is YOUNG.

    1. 1488 not 1776 says:

      Yeah. But look at a genre (or medium, like film) where craft outweighs the importance of “youthful passion” and the magnum opuses are always released at an advanced age, whereas the early stuff is usually considered mediocre juvenilia.

      Maybe that’s why metal was always doomed: the canon is basically the cultivated froth of accidental genius from nearly literal children. You can’t boil that down to a science or re-create it.

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        Maybe, I’m not sure if the genius is specific to youths.
        I could see it being related to other factors, like…
        *young guys haven’t had to relate to ‘the real world’ that much, i.e. making money, being responsible, etc.
        *they’ve been accumulating ideas for 18+ years. By album #3, you’ve been accumulating ideas for like a year. On the other hand, this is often counteracted by their increasing skill in songwriting and technical skillz.

        In any band’s 6th album their best? LOL

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          In any band’s 6th album their best? LOL

          I own the 4th and 5th Nordvrede albums. The 5th is definitely better than the 4th, at least wrt the kind of music I’m interested in.

        2. Antiprophet says:

          Yes, it was young people who wrote the classic releases – but there’s no way to compare the youth of the 80s and 90s with the youth of the 2000s and onwards: Complete different context and socialization, it was totally different world back then. The classics we speak of were from a FRESH scene that was as vital and juvenile as their creators, we can’t compare this with the oversaturated scene of today. The (few) good Metal-albums of today are released by well-seasoned veterans, because they grew with the scene. The kids of today don’t grow into a scene any longer thanks to internet, a lack of ideals and no dedication. They play in a sXe HC band from Monday to Friday and wear a Burzum shirt for the WE.

        3. thomasw_ says:

          usually and almost always not with those bands — like the above mentioned ones — which reached their zenith for the most part while passionate and youthful. if those traits were a large part of their MO, as 14*** stated, that is at best facetiously re-created (examples of this could be multiplied). but for a group whose work was not largely linked to their passionate youthful creativity, e.g., take Gentle Giant for example; their work took a different mode of creation and it is likely that their mature fourth LP, Octopus, was where things really came together to reach a peak.

    2. Vigilance says:

      So metal needs more extrovert musicians because they stay firey past their early twenties.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        People are said to be »extrovert« if they’ll do anything provided a crowd of other extrovertebrates joins in. That’s usually ‘fierly’ sitting, drinking, shouting (farting) and going through mating motions whenever an ‘interesting’ person of suitable gender comes within reach. They indeed keep this up until they die of obesity-induced cardiac arrest.

        1. you're gay says:

          …and people say DMU is a bunch of autistic basement dwellers

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            That’s some people’s only conception of “the other guy” and it really just conflates a load a popular prejudices and misunderstandings, “Nobody can possibly learn how to type fluently!” among them. That’s a special case of the more general mechanism that people experience other as defective copies of themselves, ie, without the traits they consider positive and with the negative ones ridicolously/ excessively escalated.

            The idea that other people are indeed other people is apparently terribly complicated.

            1. you're gay says:

              … and “sometimes”, “the other guy” is “Rainer”.

  9. Abominable Goatpenis says:

    But when comes the limited edition pink vinyl?

  10. GGALLIN1776 says:

    His diaper & stupid sword wouldn’t protect him against the almighty gun. Maybe thats why he supports gun control, he wants mass homoerotic sword play.

    1. That’s Mishima, not Konishi. Konishi idolizing a homosexual poseur’s homoerotic posing is hilarious.

  11. Covfefe says:

    Just wanted to say that it’s refreshing to see an article calling out those hoodie rock bands and fans for what they are.

  12. OSDM says:

    I don’t really say this often but good stuff.

  13. Awful torture says:

    Yeah this label releases bad music but don’t try to fuck with Mishima – he was a brilliant writer who was quite aware of his own faults (his fictionalized autobiography “Confessions of a Mask” covers much of them), but he was incredibly talented nonetheless. None of the NWN bands could ever home to create anything with the scope and power of “Thirst for Love”, “Forbidden Colors” or “The Sailor Who Fell Ftom Grace With the Sea”. And as previously stated, he did redeem himself with seppuku – what else could a hater ask for?

    1. The point is more about war metal and alt-right idiots adopting Mishima’s posing as traditionally masculine figures without truly being or becoming one. Konishi’s label shares Mishima’s fetishisation of aesthetics over content.

      1. you're gay says:

        Except for Blasphemy and Demoncy and Order From Chaos and I’m sure I’m forgetting something

        1. Archon says:

          None of these bands were discovered by NWN, they had earned their respect already years before. Also the VON and Goatlord “reunions” were complete failures and got swept under the carpet with help of the banhammer.

          1. Yeah Blasphemy and Order From Chaos were both on Wild Rags and Osmose. Joined in Darkness was released on Baphomet Records originally.

          2. Syphilis says:

            Was VON ever actually relevant? Even Varg stated that he only wore their shit ironically.

          3. you're gay says:

            while that’s true, NWN is the reason we can still get hard copies of OFC and Blasphemy’s music without paying a ridiculous amount.

            yosuke also didn’t have them remastered to shit as most other labels probably would have.

      2. Awful torture says:

        The all important difference is that Mishima was able to back up his aesthetic fetishes with solid content, unlike NWN music. He was also jacked as fuck while Konishi looks like a weekend 5k runner. Their varying level of commitment to the aesthetic is reflected in their respective output.

      3. Shank Hermann says:

        Aren’t you an alt right faggot yourself Mr. Maraat?

        1. No. I show no mercy and kill ’em all.

  14. KKK says:

    “War Metal” is over and this label will be done soon as well, look at their recent signing “Expander”, complete posers.

    1. funeral_records says:

      Expander are nice guys. Ough does my laundry once a week

  15. funeral_records says:

    Yosuke has helped me out with my homework and farted on my turtle a few times. Leave him alone guys he is a nice asian man with a nice wang.

  16. funeral-records says:

    This label fucked me over many times.

    1. mlotek says:

      How did they fuck you over? I used to order from them and everything was sent and well-packaged.
      Years ago, they banned me from their forum when I questioned if the guy “IXTAB” running it was fag, as he was censoring some of us yet allowing others to say whatever they want.

      The article above sheds a lot of light on that NWN circle jerk.

      1. Nuclear War Now is reliable and professional distributor good with reissues; bad with new bands.

        1. you're gay says:

          that’s about the long and short of it

      2. funeral_records says:

        Tireheb is a bitch. He sucks Goatmoon’s cock for breakfast.

  17. Marc Defranco says:

    Hey Dan/anyone else that wants to chime in. I’d like to see your views on labels like perverse homage. Limited releases that seem to have been snagged by many a hardcore kid, hipster Facebook trend and discogs seller.

  18. conanthelibrarian says:

    IXTAB (Craig) is extremely fucking useless. Go back before he became a moderator and you will see he was just a fan like everyone else. Once he became a moderator he became a biased and arrogant prick. A lot of hatred towards NWN stems from their forum being very biased and favorable towards certain users and banning others.

    1. Archon says:

      Not only banning users, but also deleting whole threads of non-NWN bands if they become too popular.

  19. Chinese Man says:

    Typical threads on that forum:

    Will this shirt be in xxxxl?
    PayPal complaint bravado
    Complaining about unexplained weight gain
    Will this gay album be released on cassette
    Discogs banning bravado
    Does die hard edition make you more attractive to women
    What is penis in vagina
    Canadian black metal is good and here is why

    1. They banned their best posters too. Gromcrom made the NWN! forum worth reading once in a while. “Die in too much snow like Windir!”

    2. Abominable Goatpenis says:

      Nothing wrong with sucking cock for limited edition pink vinyl.

  20. ( . Y . ) says:

    DMU is fucking retarded.

    1. Your kids have fetal alcohol syndrome.

      1. ( . Y . ) says:

        I’m really sorry about that, son. Your mother was a drunk whore I pumped and dumped. She did her best, though.

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