Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. – Famosa

Your local hipster beer aficionado will hate this one because it is a gentle American Adjunct Beer that fits somewhere between 1980s Coors and present day Modelo Especial. Expect a thin and sweet but not too sweet brew that washes down like Corona, perfect for hot days, with minimal alcohol.

This will not please those who like depth. Like a yellow Virginia tobacco, it presents one flavor well and makes it roll around the tongue in a pleasant sensation without too much depth of nuance. Probably good for lawn mowing, especially in this single-serving quart size.

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10 thoughts on “Cervecería Centro Americana, S.A. – Famosa

  1. J says:

    Brett, I recently had my IQ tested, and it’s 129.

    Then, I realized there’s basically as many points between me and average people as there are between those folks and literal ‘retards’. Ok, proportionally I’m closer, but it’s still scary to think about. It didn’t stroke my ego but rather it creeped me out, because these people are essentially in charge over most things.

    Finally, it hit me that most people I meet – who should on average have a worse grasp on stuff – act way more confident about it than me. They never seem to second-guess themselves while I do that pretty openly all the time. I tend to be pretty humble in discussions, but it has nothing to do with being polite.

    Are most people just actors and completely shameless charlatans?

    1. Both, but primarily they’re actors. They have no idea what they do not have, and because they cannot understand it, assume a simple function behind it. A smart person looks at a complex procedure and thinks, “there has to be a reason for all of this.” A dummy looks at it and says it’s racism (Leftist) or Satanism (Rightist). Since to them, they exist in an absurd world where nothing makes sense and all that matters is what you can take today, they lie, fake, steal, act, portray, mimick, emulate, and deceive. They are charlatans in the sense that they do not care about results in reality, only what they can get, but they are forgiven because they are too dumb to do otherwise. This is why our ancestors created social caste.

      1. CarnivorousWays says:

        I agree with this. Equality is the biggest con ever executed. I have no problem slotting into wherever I belong in a legitimate hierarchy. Memesters might say that I speak from a “position of privilege”, and as much as I despise glib turns of phrase such as these, there’s a little truth in that. I admit I can make such a claim because while I don’t crave more than what I have, neither do I lack what others less fortunate than me do. I am happy with my lot and have achieved a kind of stasis but would I be as happy if my lot was appreciably worse off under this natural hierarchy?

        In any case, I do have a few concerns: (1) On what basis do you devise such a hierarchy and what is the ideal or gradation of intelligence that we seek? More pertinently, (2) Is it even possible to form a modern notion of caste? The developments of the last three hundred years are hard to reel back in. The masses have been fed a steady drip of utopian, egalitarian, secular illusion in ever-accelerating fashion and won’t concede their hard-won “rights” without a fight. There can be no compassionate way of achieving what you talk about, no hashing it out in the shitfests that are today’s public forums in the hope that people will suddenly discover humility and practical wisdom. Do you see any present dispensation having the stomach for what needs to be done to weed out the unrest that most certainly will follow?

        1. Are they hard to reel back in? This is a popular supposition, yet seems to me a projection. Give me 48 hours of absolute power and I’ll have them fixed.

          The masses are inert. Relatively small groups decide all outcomes.

          In the present dispensation (heh) the same rules apply that have always applied. Humans are just monkeys with bigger brains (yes, monkeys have souls, and most are smarter than the Irish). When the new way becomes less painful than clinging to the old, the humonkeys will make the jump.

          Caste is innate in IQ bands which generally correspond to character. Idiots see only the tangible and reach out to take it, then rationalize and lie their way out of it. This is the way of idiots and always has been.

          Hierarchy is formed by real-world accomplishment. No one is a vacuum; everyone has a history. The achievers, versus the bean-counters and head girls, make themselves clear at an early age.

    2. Doug says:

      Many times they are substantial people with booming voices that highlight their confidence, so if you are of medium build then you may have to just nod along until you can find a way out of there. (I was in this situation yesterday!)

  2. Flying Kites says:

    That beer has the presentation of a rat burger. Also, mowing lawns puts dust into the air and into the cracks of the city, and makes wind storms more annoying.

    1. Do the monkey (HIV+ Vol.2) says:

      Rat burgers are delicious.

      1. Better than eating the bugs. You see any cows around here?

    2. Presentation is butt. Lawn compost provides a good way to build up soil, and any dust generated is a fraction of what internal combustion machines and the diversity mob generate.

      1. El Jardinero Mórbido says:

        Lawns are nothing but presentation. Who needs em?

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