Christian Holocaust License

Inspired by a similar idea, we introduce the Christian Holocaust license:

Christian Holocaust License


The Christian Holocaust License (CHL) is a license modifier that requires the inclusion of the words “I support the Christian Holocaust” in the LICENSE file.


By including the words “I support the Christian Holocaust” in a LICENSE file that must be distributed with your software you will ensure:

  • The software will not be used or hosted by anyone concerned with public relations optics.
  • The software will not be used or hosted by compromised individuals that promote censorship.
  • Users of the software will be immune to attacks that would result in censorship of others.


Include the following text in any compatible LICENSE file:

The above copyright notice, this permission notice and the words “I support the Christian Holocaust” shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

Example Licenses


Do I need to include “I support the Christian Holocaust” in my code?

No, the inclusion of the LICENSE file is enough. The Christian Holocaust modifier has no legal significance for any license that already requires redistribution of the LICENSE file.

Why a Christian Holocaust?

Support of world genocide of Christian was chosen because it is deemed heretical in all egalitarian societies.

Can I add the CHL to licenses that don’t require LICENSE file redistribution?

This is encouraged since it would result in the CHL having legal significance.

Is the CHL compatible with (A)GPL?

Inclusion of additional legal notices is allowed under §7(b) of the (A)GPL assuming they do not infringe on any of the freedoms granted to the user by the license.

What if someone removes the modifier?

Persecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

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120 thoughts on “Christian Holocaust License”

  1. Some Random Fag says:

    You disappear for a couple months and return with this? I like you, Prozak; I have for over 20 years now, but, seriously, most of your attempts at memes, poetry, etc. are usually terrible. Please just stick to your “realist” articles.

    1. There have been some delays here. One man cannot do all that is needed. However, this article was needed since the template to which it refers just got deplatformed by CloudFlare under the KiwiFarms exception.

      1. Meat miracle says:

        Prozak, you’ve been my nigga for years, but the meme updates get old fast. Fix the review section of
        We also need more articles covering quality metal. Maybe you should bring back the forums.
        Then we can all have civil discussions of the finer things life.

        1. wild cold deep black anus waves says:

          I second these sentiments. I’m not a nerd or a writer but willing to help if I can. For instance I think you’ve said that the forums were nuked for lack of mods.

          1. At this point, the only oath I accept for forum mods is “here is my full disclosure and NDA, and I swear to do this job for life on the pain of immediate wood chipper suicide.” Otherwise, it is as I describe: a lot of effort getting someone to do a job for a few months.

            1. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed chainaxe blow says:

              Well let’s get listing of jobs you want to delegate, and let’s see if we can get some takers. I’ve been enjoying the site for 20 years, I’d hate to see underground metal ideals fade away. If I or anyone else can contribute anything so that it frees you up to write about the underground, I think we can gather enough people to help. Let me know what needs to be done.

              1. Here are the roles the site needs:

                1. Chief Technical officer: basically a Sysadmin/Webadmin, someone has to keep the various technical crap running and manage accounts, permissions, backups, etc. Researches future technologies as relevant.
                2. Chief Operating Officer: like an editor and product manager, has to ensure that articles are in the right format, shoved into the right quality, and on topic.
                3. Chief Financial Officer: acquires advertising, manages budgets, funds upgrades.

                Beneath those:

                * Writers: have to produce these articles on a regular basis.
                * Copy editors: have to filter out the bad format, bad formatting, and broken language.
                * Promoters: have to go out to the wider internet and constantly bring in new people. Should also be the people to administrate forums in my view.

                These positions have to be lifetime roles, in my view, because anyone else is going to back away. They require at least four hours a week of real work, maybe a couple more of screwing around.

                The biggest time hit is on the writers, since you have to listen to quite a lot of metal. This is also the only place where I distinguish myself because despite being sharp at a couple of those roles, I am best at discerning garbage/hype from quality/depth.

              2. Aged Like a Fine Swine says:

                Hmm. It seems that what needs to be written about underground metal has already been written on this very site (by Brett). It’s taken a lot of work by one man, but it’s also a small genre that died early, with few quality releases with a fairly small influence on society. What’s been written is great, but that could also be reason not to rehash it.

                1. I think the genre has a ways to go, but it must answer to Gorguts Obscura, Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick, Deicide Legion, Pestilence Spheres, and Summoning Dol Guldur, among others. The fact is that there are only so many simple riffs one can string together in short songs before they sound rather similar, so the expansion of melody and structure is needed. This is how you get to “quartet music” or Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk levels, but this is the holy grail. Until it does this, metal remains mired in the imitators.

                  1. Aged Like a Fine Swine says:

                    Right. And until it does, I imagine it’s difficult to find anything underground-related that’s really worthy to write about in articles or forums.

                    So what to do in the meantime?

                    One idea is to drop the blog, gather a few volunteers and have them rearrange the site into an archive of the reviews, interviews etc. plus the best blog articles. Then ditch the volunteers and call it a day. The site would then be a more definitive statement about underground metal (and a good resource and reference) until the genre (hopefully) comes alive again.

                    1. We already have all of that information on the site. The answer is that 99.999% of humanity does not care. We have a decent community here, I suggest keeping that going, but some weeks there is not enough time to listen to one release let alone do a review (and very, very few of these bands merit standalone reviews).

        2. T Malm says:

          agreed all around

          will provide anal lube on a volunteer basis

        3. There’s a lot that can be done around here, but a lot of other stuff that I need to do. It would be great if people could take stuff off my hands… but the experience of the last twenty years is that I bring someone in, invest time and effort in their training, and then they see what a hopeless quest it is being the figurehead for quality in a dead genre inhabited mostly by label shills and Reddi-soy hipsters. Then they depart and the cycle begins again. Chin up, there’s more good stuff in the future, but you’re running a ten-man team task on the back of one guy who also has a day job, family, and crippling nicotine habit.

          1. Deadbeat At Noon says:

            You should really get your shit together, man!

          2. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed Chainaxe Blow says:

            Shut up, you don’t have a family. It’s antithetical to nihilism.

            1. On the contrary, nihilists love family. It is one of the few real things in a world of superstition, symbols, popularity, and other lies.

          3. Beherit Johnson says:

            “I bring someone in, invest time and effort in their training”

            I’ll be damned, there’s more going on under the hub than we know. What kind of training?

            (Other than sodomy?)

            1. Over the years, a lot of writing/editing stuff and technical background stuff that is fairly basic but requires you to go more than a basic level to know what to look for (this is called “job security” in IT/CS). But mostly sodomy.

              1. My girlfriend doesnt wanna let me sodomize her, what do i do fellas?

                1. You remember Gödel, Escher, Bach and the “Eternal Golden Braid” or hierarchy of life reaching to the heavens? In the Eternal Golden Sodomy Braid, if you have a girlfriend, the person getting sodomized is you. She can watch (half of the girlfriends have penises nowadays, so she can masturbate if she wants).

                2. gosta says:

                  ask her to peg you

                  1. Remember: “refined” coconut oil, not “unrefined” unless you want your pink frosted sugar donut to reek of coconut and not delicious feces.

                  2. …while singing “Hava Nagila” in an Irish accent…

      2. tiny midget says:

        Brett are you really Prozak ?

        Like the Prozak of Prokastan ?

        1. Skeptic Steve says:

          dont be a conspirational theorist, of course not

        2. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed Chainaxe Blow says:

          You’re thinking of Spinoza Ray Prozak. Completely different dude.

    2. Nu-World Order says:

      I like it, it lulls my autistic brain back to a better time that never was.

  2. Torchure says:

    We should get rid of the jews first and foremost, the real enemies.

    1. In my view and experience, most Jews are happiest living in Israel. This only works if only Jews are in Israel. That means yeeting the Palestinians and Mizrahim.

      1. Some Random Fag says:

        Mizrahim are the closest, DNA-wise, to the Jews of ancient times. To say that Ashkenazi imposters, a bunch of European converts to Judaism from the Middle Ages, are more entitled to that land is disingenuous. I’m sure you’re going to throw in the “…because they have higher IQs” as a justification for it.



          1. I think every group deserves the homeland where it evolved. For Jews, this is Israel; for Whites, it seems that both Europe and North America are in play. Asiatics belong in Indonesia most likely where their goblin-esque genetic roots lie, and Africa which has been the dumping ground for genetics from Caucasian, Asian, and Dravidian for centuries probably just needs to be walled off for a few generations. I favor isolating the Caucasians before the stupid fuckers paint the world with “Live, Laugh, Love” signs, pumpkin spice anal lubricant, and screeds about the good news of Jesus, democracy, and Marxism.

            1. Some Random Fag says:

              Imposters from Europe don’t “deserve” that land. Why should the Arabs pay the price for Europe’s inability to make reparations after the Holocaust? Britain didn’t want to take any responsibility for turning the Jews away after they tried to flee Germany and dumped them into the Levant instead, which Britain controlled at the time.

              1. The situation, as always, is complex. The British were reacting to Jewish independence movements and terrorism of the 1930s. The British have never forgiven the Jews for that and see them as basically well-spoken Arabs, prone to the same boy-buggery and goatrape behind the scenes however. At this point, it’s eye-for-an-eye: Jews want Palestine, so torture and kill British, at which point the British get their payback by denying emigration to Palestine, knowing that Hitler is going to kill 200k of the Jews in concentration camps with diarrhea (the lampshades, gas chambers, soap, baby skeet, and bent guns fantasies are artifacts of history and are propaganda, not fact). Eye-for-an-eye is the same retarded shit the Nazis did to the Jews, blaming them for their high membership in Communist parties, criminal mafias, pornography, drugs, the professions, and occultism; the grim reality is that higher average IQ, nepotism, plus the inherent neurosis of being race-mixed explains most of Jewish behavior, and while overrepresented they are not the primary driver of this bad shit, which is actually driven by the same peer pressure and individualism that causes civilization decay and DIEDS (democracy, inclusion, equality, diversity, and socialism/entitlements) as if the cause of almost all civilization declines. Atlantis was sucked under the waves; everyone else committed suicide by following social pressures to reach egotism instead of realism. Eye-for-an-eye is part of this, btw: how dare you do this to me? I’ll rape your infant corpses until you admit you were wrong! Yawn.

                So back to looking past eye-for-an-eye toward practicality… the Palestinians are a forgery comprised of people from nearby Arab nations who worked as slave labor for the Romans, and the Jews that stayed behind. Those Jews, closer in average IQ to the Sephardim, are basically the offspring of French and Italian women who took Chinese and Berber wives. They fit into the Southern European paradigm, which has always had some Asiatic reach to it, even if as a minor player, much as in India the Aryan riders took Asian wives and consequently made themselves different from their origins. When you lose your origins, you lose your future, and then decay sets in.



                Palestinians would be happy being relocated to nearby Arab nations. They would vanish in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, or Iraq. Their fifteen minutes of fame would be over. That is why there is pushback. The Ashkenazim are not impostors (they have the bloodline of David and Cohen/Cain) nor are they from Europe, although they have picked up a bit of European over the diaspora centuries, but Jews are partially European in origin anyway, even if their writing looks like a weird hybrid between the runes and Chinese, so this is not a radical change. What is radical is that Jews began paying serious attention to eugenics in the later diaspora, and started pushing hard for higher IQ offspring who got farther in the professions. My guess is that they also made some deals with anti-Semites… we will let you very publicly murder our dumbest people so that you can go back to your Christian audience and claim you did something about Satan. My guess is that the Nazis had a similar deal going. It’s an old scam. IQ matters, but you can’t say that in public, and that is the core of our problem in the West that we blame on The Jews™ when we are weak, old, sick, and tired…



                The big question is “what works?” and the answer is that each group needs its own homeland. All Jews and only Jews in Israel is just sensible policy.

                1. Eddie Trunk says:

                  “French and Italian women who took Chinese and Berber wives”

                  Brett, the LGBTSFAJGFNIBAGBI lied to you, lesbian are not capable of having children

                  1. Only homosexuality is real

          2. Abrahamoids are first in line says:

            I think this nigger is on to something.

      2. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-handed Chainaxe Blow says:

        How are you going to fit an additional 14 million Jews in Israel?

        1. By fitting the Palestinians into Egypt and Jordan.

    2. I FUCK JEWISH GIRLS says:

      leave at last one khazar milker for me

      1. Arguably, Jewish women are the most sensual. Too many of them look like bugs however.

        1. Philosemitismus says:

          Those are just rabbis in drag. There are only two humanoid phenotypes: monkeys and bugs… and perhaps something in-between.

        2. gosta says:

          but they sure love the taste of foreskin! Always the forbidden fruits that beckon

          1. Foreskins are what they put in those Beyond Meat burgers, eh? So meatless that you will bite some guy’s nose off.


            [[[ RAMSEY ]]] btw.

  3. Based says:

    Very jewish.

    1. You people have been flogging the same stupid “the Jews run the world” shit for decades, not realizing that you make Whites and other groups look weak. Just admit that your systems have turned against you because equality/meritocracy is a bedshitter and always creates warlord tyrants to rule the increasingly useless herd.

      1. Torchure says:

        Ithought you were better than that. But you’re just another puppet of the jews. Bye

          1. Brittany Stepanski says:

            It’s not an easy thing. Imagine being the introverted computer-tech employee who preferred doing everything himself rather than cooperate with the sheeple (just imagine high school!). Even a haven like the Usenet eventually got swamped by a September that never ended. Growing up seeing all those hypocritical families going to church didn’t help. Everywhere all these inefficient people who just talk and talk and talk at you and won’t listen to common sense. Eventually, you realize that if you can’t lead them, no one can. You’ve tried being nice, really tried, but patience and time is running out. So there’s only one way to get rid of the problem: get rid of the people. Then only the good ones, the actual grownups who don’t need leaders, are finally left by their lonesome and allowed to get their shit done. Which is best for everyone.

        1. Brett is a Pervert says:

          puppet hum…, bret does like to have a fist in his ass, maybe you’re right

          1. I have an Irish house elf that I routinely beat with a cum sock and make grovel before an image of British army regulars shooting Irish youth during The Troubles.

            1. Patrick Pearse says:

              Undefeated army…….

  4. Andre says:

    Where are these christians you are talking about ? I can’t find any.

    1. T Malm says:

      one of them played noted chainsaw enthusiast Patrick Bateman in a recent biopic

      1. Christianity/Judaism/Leftism come from a single core notion, which is that by accepting everyone and forcing them to behave we can stop noticing the innate genetic hierarchy both between and within populations. That is, a peasant is genetically different from a king or warrior. Some tribes like all of the third world are doomed to be poor by low IQ and high mute load leading to low morality. There is a reason that no one wants to be poor or non-White, especially the absolute ultrapeons like the Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europeans. No wonder most of our Christians are from those groups and in love with the third world, like Amy Coney Barrett and Mitch McConnell.

        1. >a peasant is innately different from a king

          Correct. Christian civilizations understood and even championed this notion, didn’t they? “Equal before God” does not imply “equal before each other,” no matter what scripture the egalitarians/moderns want to take out of context.

          You’re a solid thinker on most subjects but when it comes to Christianity you may as well be equating Hinduism to the watered-down new-age nonsense that the soy set turns it into.

          1. “Equal before God” does not imply “equal before each other,”

            Who…cares? Why… are we talking about equality at all? It is an insane fantasy. Actual liberation, actual maturity, and actual thinking begins at that point.

            While I grant you that Nietzsche was 100% right when he said “There was one true Christian, and he died on the Cross,” and that Christianity itself by championing a prophet from at least one aristocratic line was inegalitarian, the longterm insoluble problems with al-Yeshua and his religion are:

            1. Exoteric/esoteric confusion: in other words, it is a symbolic religion that uses its symbols in the superstitious way, a linear categorical thinking that is basically abstract idol-worship. This is why you get all the magic words hocus-pocus and chants in Latin, Syriac, and Aramaic to ward off bad ghosts and invite in the three good ghosts. It’s basically spiritual study for toddlers.
            2. Dualism and universalism: Christianity is The Human Gang versus Reality. It makes human desires — immortality, safety, acceptance, affection — into mandated methods which are enforced upon reality, not goals which we hope to achieve in ourselves. More superstition, and a pathology that explains why we turned to Ecocide so easily.
            3. It’s written: in my view, this is the biggest fuck-up for any religion or philosophy, namely that if you produce definitive texts in plaintext (cf Nietzsche and Varg “kenning”) you create a set of methods that are ripe for exploitation by sophomoric retards, guaranteeing lots of crazy religious sects and wars.
            4. It’s foreign: no matter what we do to “fix” Christianity, we cannot change the fact that it takes place in Israel, involves Jewish actors, and is about a foreign morality of “force everyone to do good so we can avoid the black-cat-crossing-your-path symbol of evil” instead of the pagan morality of our ancestors which was closer to natural selection and innate hierarchy, “good to the good, bad to the bad.”

            I do not think that people pay enough attention to the tragedy of the Jews; people are too busy looking for someone to hate and blame in their own superstitious process of casting out evil, which is of course absolutely fucking comical to anyone who has spent time thinking about the process. You cannot cast out evil, you can only choose a better path. If “The Jews™” are your misfortune, it is because you are weak and left open a back door like diversity, Christian prohibition on usury, or, hey, having an Arab-Jewish religion like al-Christianity. The Jews were the light of the nations and then became miscegenated, at which point they tried to undo the disaster by bottlenecking and living in Europe, but in the end you cannot undo the mess and like most race-mixed groups (cf Italians, Roma, Irish, Russians) Jews have lots of health problems and neurosis. The lesson of the Jews for us is to avoid race-mixing and class-mixing, including trace admixture.

            when it comes to Christianity

            When it comes to Christianity, my generation will never forgive it failing us when we needed it, and in fact the Christians being only too willing to embrace diversity, socialism, and equality, then yell at us for not thriving in the dystopia that was thereby created. I am fond of a lot of Christians, love the old churches and hymns, adore religion generally, am devoutly a deist although probably a polytheist, think Jesus smoked pot and studied Buddhism but was probably far-sighted, and agree with much of Christian doctrine, but… for me, the cross always points upside down, the stained glass windows are always black, the priest is always sodomized on the altar next to the burning bones of pilgrims and missionaries, and while the Christian Holocaust would be a huge blow, it would set us back on the track to success.

    2. Let me find a good fucking cuck for you… oh yes

      I dunno what I think about abortion; it’s murder that should be used a lot more frequently. I don’t like it but I think it’s a fact of life. I would leave it up to a woman’s regular GP, which means that the women who are abortion obsessed will get scam doctors and die off quickly enough. I am more concerned with saving the West by ending diversity and adopting genetic hierarchy. Of course there must be purging of the weak, and I encourage all poor, mutated, stupid, insane, promiscuous, and grifty people to abort all of their offspring.

      But the fact is that these Christian dogwhistles just show us the conservatives getting ready to lose bigly again.

      1. Nothing was ever achieved voluntarily says:

        I support abortions, eugenics and euthanasia too, but for other reasons.

  5. Arnold Hess says:

    The most jewish post I’ve ever seen, plus you’re a zionist faggot lol

    1. When people start talking about Jews or Negroes at this point, I just see “mute load.”

  6. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    Indeed, down with the Christian patriarchy! Now review Warkvlt’s masterpiece “Bestial War Metal” :/

    1. Good energy, boring on repeat listens, I can just beat a horse with a mop while playing old Blasphemy and Bathory riffs and get the same effect.

  7. AntiFlo says:

    You’re all a bunch of fucking whiners. Man up for fucks sake LMFAO

    1. There are so many uncle-sized prolapsed anuses around here that it looks like a floral arrangement.

      We must get back to our roots… we wuz kangz of the pit, oi vay.

  8. Q says:

    People complaining about an anti-Christian article on a metal website? Why are they even here?

    1. Millennials never had any hope, so they turned to Jesus, and that is how we got power metal.

      1. Transpocalyptic Rites says:

        Having your genitals mutilated is preferable to such a fate.

      2. tiny midget says:


        What do you think of the first three Iced Earth albums ?

        1. I keep trying to like them and generally appreciate them. I think this is the one I heard back in the day:

          It struck me as a lot like Corrosion of Conformity were doing at the time, basically slowed down speed metal with melodic vocals, like a paste-up of Painkiller, Cowboys From Hell, and Metallica.

          In the end calculus, the early 1980s had me really liking speed metal but a decade later I was ready to burn most of it on the altar of Melek.

    2. Christo-Pagan says:

      This is a little oversimplified but part of it is that being anti Christian isn’t adversarial anymore. The most popular “satanic” organization, Satanic Temple, makes doctrine out of all the same talking points the public schools pushed on us. The pedants, the mainstream taste makers, and the unremarkable paper pushers are all on the anti Christian bandwagon nowadays. I realize this doesn’t automatically put Christianity in the right, we aren’t black n white thinkers here. Buuut anything that’s being hated by the right people may have something worthwhile. May.

      1. This is a little oversimplified but part of it is that being anti Christian isn’t adversarial anymore.

        Mainly because of diversity. When you are a mono-ethnic or mostly mono-ethnic nation, you can have a majority faith for people to rebel against and others to quietly be deists/perennialists, agnostics, pagans/hermeticists, or atheists. This was America up through the 1960s.

        Now that we have to respect Catholicism, vodoun, Bahai, Falun Gong, Islam, Shintoism, Buddhism, New Age, Mormonism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Muism, Cao Dai, Hinduism, and Unitarians, there is no point being anti-Christian. The only way to give everyone the finger is atheism, and the State loves that, so… the edgy kids are turning back to Jesus, forgetting that they are now following a religion for brown, black, and yellow people. The smart ones are restoring the PIE faith as best they can, where hermeticism, paganism, and Hinduism are the best jumping-off point.

      2. In my view, the “right people” make a show of “hating” Christianity because it is similar to their doctrine of egotism, where each human matters and there is some absolute, universal, and objective “truth” that can be imposed on everyone instead of simply, sensu natural selection and Madison Grant, separating society into bands of competence/morality and slowly and quietly drowning in bogs as many at the bottom as possible.

  9. Anwynn Edgar Thorn says:

    Brett Stevens is an enduring presence in the sphere of heavy metal music, with a history of many reputable accomplishments, which few would have been capable of doing, and also, which most forget.

    Before the Internet blew the lid off of Black Metal and opened it to the channels to a wider audience and mainstream success, interested parties were left with only a few options for their pathways into the subject. With little to no persons having access to the DC++ File sharing, you could explore via printed journalism, or the Internet variant, with public involvement in terms of the forums. This left only a few options. You had metal maniacs, full moon productions, and anything the Stevens was involved in. Quality was only ever concentrated in the work that Stevens was doing. So during Burzum’s prison years when BM was getting flashy in production and degenerate in ethos respectively, Stevens was the sole withstand for Burzum, carrying and communicating the value of Varg’s art form, when very few others would. To his credit, Stevens focused on the music and the art, whereas the other few scant supporters were only interested in his politics (by and large- I’m sure there are exceptions).

    Stevens is not only directly responsible for bringing to people’s awareness the existence of Demilich, Averse Sefira, Cruciamentum, but also carrying the flame of albums like Therion “Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas” to a new generation, which album would have easily fallen through the cracks. These are valuable things to me, which contributed to the shaping of my own interests.

    The point I’d like to conclude with is that not everything Stevens does is of interest to me; not everything that anyone does is of interest to me. I think it’s impossible to fully concur with anyone on every point, because we are all complete beings, not fragments or slices. Stevens’ work is a legacy of many of his interests. Those things which I don’t agree with, or don’t interest me, I generally do not read. However I find a lot of value- enduring value – in what he has done and continues to do with metal.

    To Brett: I understand it’s a big task, but you do a fantastic job with it and you have a great ear for metal. I’ve been spinning that Sabrewulf album (the neo-Stockholm, but not-Stockholm) band a lot. Serpent Ascending is a modern classic, even the Christian Death Metal band Dawnbreaker was really impressive. Going back into the old DLA reviews I’ve found lots of groups that I would have never been able separate from the sea of plain DM.

    VADER’s De Profundis
    Both Massacra albums

    This is the place for real metal. Even if you don’t like the politics, or other things. People can maybe learn to separate fact from fancy, as I do.

    1. D.A.R.G says:

      As Mr Thorn has pointed out, Brett Stevens has changed the world of underground metal and upheld what’s good in it.

      What is not public knowledge, is that he has also changed the inner worlds of many of us and upheld what’s good in them as well.

      For this, we owe him a debt of gratitude that is impossible to repay in this lifetime.

      To give him back as much as he has given us would need a complete reversal of roles that is inconceivable.

      The limitation of human life spans and the arrow of time do not permit it.

      It’s a hard lesson to learn that whenever we disagree or are disinterested in his ideas, we should, as men of honor, remain respectful of his person.

      It’s embarrassing to remember ourselves acting otherwise.

      Although it is not in his nature to ask for things, he deserves better from us all.

      I raise my cup to Brett and celebrate his life’s work.

      I look forward to what he creates in the long decades ahead of him.

      1. Egregious Egrevore says:

        Yeah well you’re right in a way. Prozaks utility as far as composing music and thinking about the world is equivalent to falling off a bike and learning the right way to ride through injury. “Well I’ll never do it that way again” or more to the point: “trying to turn metal into quartet music was a fucking stupid idea I’ll just get a rehearsal room and a few beers.”

        1. D.A.R.G. says:

          I’ve been guilty of falling into the “metal as classical quartet” trap.

          The BEST metal comes from endless hours of jamming riffs in the basement or garage with the same group of friends.

          1. In my view, that is how many classical quartets or other short pieces came about. They just had the diligence to expand form and make it saturating.

        2. On the contrary: the opportunity to rise to quartet music presented itself; metal post-1994 backed down. Consequently it abolished itself and the parasites came in and took over.

          There will always be a need for through-composed, riff-based, melodically-structure, yet chromatic and rule-breakingly abrasive and morally ambiguous music. Metal took it all the way with black metal, and the only way to go further would be to develop further form and newer content.

          Another three-chord riff song about the glorious of Satan occupying the world and sodomizing Christians, while emotionally and politically gratifying, is not going to do much. Beherit and Averse Sefira showed the way with cooking up alternative mythologies that gave metal more space to expand.

          Your hipsters want metal to be garage rock or punk with a little bit of Satan, whisky, whores, and weed. They pose endlessly because their only goal is social/commercial/political — do we really even bother to separate these anymore? — but they produce no good music. If all the music is of low quality, their hipster band will not really stand out but they will have a guaranteed place.

    2. T Malm says:

      yeah Uncle Brett might be getting a little more curmudgeonly in his autumn years but theres no denying his contributions to keeping the flame burning, metal quality standards, and sodomy ass-a-hole

      1. Thanks to all who have read, contributed, and otherwise helped out over the years. You know who you are and you know I appreciate what you have done. We are simply here to promote good metal, Satan, and sodomy.

        1. T Malm says:

          cant go wrong with the three S’s

      2. Slayer Player says:

        Curmudgeonly? I get the opposite impression, that he’s become more and more like a wise hermit, polite at every turn, while being ideologically as extreme as ever. Seems to be in a good place. (Or the harmonious surface is only to cover up utter despair, who knows?)

        1. The thing about despair is that it is useless. Even if death waits behind the door, a strong spirit does best. Second book will have more.

        2. T Malm says:

          I guess I was referring to him writing less SMRs and more political and pipe tobacco articles as befits a cranky old man

          1. The SMRs are sort of necessary for people to understand why everything sucks as it does. If this site generated enough income to hire a writer full-time, I would simply have this person listen to everything released since 1969 and figure out what is worthy of remembering. We have A, B, C-and-below level bands. We care about the A-level and maybe recycling riffs from the B-level.

  10. Bigglesworth says:

    Brett when are you gonna leave your basement and stop venting your frustration on the internet wasteland like a big crybaby and start shooting people for real instead? Stop being a such a wanker.

  11. KPLP says:

    appreciate you my dude

  12. Big D says:

    Christianity is there to provoke strong emotional reactions, for better or worse for the individual – it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing, no matter the outcome.

    So trying to fight the Christian God is like trying to put out a fire by adding gasoline. Many have tried it for thousands of years, but ended up being total assclowns, and an internet jerkoff like Brett “Prozak” Stevens is certainly no exception to the rule.

    1. The Christian God is fading in the West because Christianity failed to prevent decay and in fact ended up becoming its servant. In the bigger picture, my people need their only religion, not that of the occupiers from the middle (d)east.

  13. Thrash is better than Black or Death says:

    Stryper Rules.Yeah, I said it.

    1. Seaman says:

      Trouble is better.

      1. Most likely, but in my opinion neither band is essential. Stryper is just comedic. They were the best of the Christian heavy metal explosion of the 1980s, almost all of which was so horrifically bad and stupid that even people who hated Stryper thought they were the best. Do they rise to the level of notice? Are they even as good as WASP or early Queensryche?

        If not, who gives a shit.

        1. Youth Group Leader says:

          I was going to say something like “why not just listen to WASP” or “maybe your ears are gummed up from too many facials” but as usual you put it more eloquently.

          1. In the 80s, if you listened to Christian metal, people thought it was because it was all that your church-going parents let you listen to after you came back from rehab. This is where they sent everyone I knew who smoked too much weed, dropped too much acid, or went to church drunk and accidentally belted out verse three of “South of Heaven”:


      2. Thrash is better than Black or Death says:

        Trouble had two really amazing albums-Psalm 9 and the self titled. I don’t consider them a “Christian” band, more like how Black Sabbath dealt with the topic.

        1. They seemed to be OK with that description back in the day. I appreciated what they did, but we already have Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus.

    2. Anwynn Edgar Thorn says:

      Have you ever seen “Night of the Creeps”?

      The guys in the movie goes into the bathroom and on the bathroom stall’s wall it says very clearly written in marker “Styper Rules”

        1. Anwynn Edgar Thorn says:

          Yep, that’s the one.

            1. Anwynn Edgar Thorn says:

              THE STUFF is an absolute clinic of 80’s horror. While people have their proclivities in this subject for certain epochs, this decade gets my vote. So many memorable tropes, film recorded on actual film, makeup effects and not computer ones.

            2. Anwynn Edgar Thorn says:

              In addition to my last comment I wanted to bring to your attention this interesting film


              “The Beat” (1988) features the Cro-Mags as a group (a gang maybe?) called Iron Skulls.

              I swear I’ve seen the Cro-Mags in a few films where they were uncredited. One day I will try to secure and interview with John Joseph to clear up this issue.

      1. Tom Atkins says:

        thrill me

    3. No, it does not. However, it is not bad. Then again, how long do you want to spend on “not bad” when there is “good” or even “excellent”?

  14. Chinese says:

    Brett, do you think Mercyful Fate would be better without King Diamond’s vocals? To me, who didn’t grow up with that band and is maybe more objective than nostalgic people, it just sounds like some weird fag is trying to ruin a bunch of cool riffs. It’s like curdled milk.

    I think the same applies to bands like Summoning too. I don’t see what effect they’re aiming for by putting ugly rasping vocals over these great anthemic fantasy songs. Whenever they drop that and sing choirs (e.g Silvertine, Caradhras), that’s my jam.

    1. Anwynn Edgar Thorn says:

      I know this comment was directed at Brett but I’d like to add my two cents here. I discovered Mercyful Fate while reading Lords of Chaos when I was 16 or 17. Getting into Mercyful Fate was like a retroactive exploration for me. Black / Death Metal was my gateway and then Heavy Metal (beyond the commercial stuff) was something that I had to adjust my very being to understand, because I was instantly calibrated towards BM/ DM.

      Yes, King Diamond’s vocals are very unique in his use or overuse or reliance on the falsetto technique. However, as I got a wider range of Heavy Metal under my belt, his vocals IMO seemed less weird and much more pleasant, the further I delved into the genre. This is to say that I wasn’t able to appreciate his delivery until I was initiated into the genre and had the lay-of-the-land.

      I don’t think King Diamond in either of his bands is necessarily the major draw for me, but the outstanding musicianship, of which he is part, working together as a unit.

      It’s still not my choice in the genre. Candlemass for instance, Iron Maiden, Dio, and 3rd era Black Sabbath all have vocalists who hit your ears like straight butter.

      What I like about the Heavy Metal genre as an actual specific genre is that the vocalist is tasked with such an empassioned task of reaching through the speakers and piercing the listener to the very bones with their voice. The right Heavy Metal vocalist singing the right song is perhaps the most causal manifestation of Magick possible.

      The wrong Heavy Metal vocalist will render it as a bone-dry attempt.

      Compare for instance the song “Sign of the Cross” sung by Blaze Bailey vs when Bruce Dickinson sings it on “Rock in Rio.”

      1. Anwynn Edgar Thorn says:

        I think this song sticks out in my head as the emblematic heavy metal number that collided all worthy elements that COULD go into a song, in the best way possible. Mysticism, English folklore, maritime legends, insane vocal delivery, Empassioned songwriting, perfect execution of each instrument.

        1. In terms of ingredients, yes. In execution? Iron Maiden drifted away from their great prog/punk roots with Seventh Son and have never really come back. They have been heading toward hard rock since. It is still great music, but back in the pop song structure too much to take notice. We have all just wanted Killers II since 1979 or so.

      2. I sit in one of the dives
        On Fifty-second Street
        Uncertain and afraid . . .
        The unmentionable odor of death
        Offends the September night. – W.H. Auden, “September 1, 1939”

        An influence on Burzum? A chill contaminates the air, and all that.

    2. Mercyful Fate could have been good with another vocal style, although I think the King Diamond influence forced them to write nice spacious songs to let the vocals play. Too much shouty vocal — the speed metal standard — makes for a tendency to rush everything. Mercyful Fate rules because its internal contrasts create a sense of space instead of charging at the listener, so it had a prototype of the kind of atmosphere that black metal developed.

      With Summoning, the same may be true, but the raspy vocals are ethereal in a way that more concrete vocals can never be. You want the whispering voice of the ghost, not Enya or the Cocteau Twins. Then again, I dislike the power metal approach; Manowar made it work, but the post-millennial stuff all sounds like Judas Priest Painkiller with shitty gospel music grafted in.

  15. Chinese says:

    Addition – Why can’t I post in paragraphs on this site? Whenever I write a comment with paragraphs and press “post comment”, all the text is mushed together.

    1. I am seeing paragraphs in your replies now.

  16. KPLP says:

    hey brett, does the riot or discord still exist?

    1. Not to my knowledge. Discord is an op, and Riot seems to have glitches. If we do anything again, it’s self-hosted and/or IRC.

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