Hi Point 4595: Following the paths of our ancestors.

The modern carbine hearkens back to the days of the American frontier when the man in the saddle needed both a sidearm and a rifle but could not be encumbered by the logistic complications of two types of ammunition; his rifle and his six shooter fired the same ammo. Various modern carbines are available in various modern pistol calibers: .45, .40, 9mm, .380. Hi Point makes carbines in all four of those calibers and is currently introducing one in 10mm.

Why Hi Point?  They are cheap.  A lot of the metal parts are die-cast (think of the old matchbox cars) and the workmanship is… pedestrian; my carbine has numerous peening and tooling marks on the metal parts. They are 100% USA made.  They are reliable (all their firearms work on the simple blow back principle) and have a 100% no questions asked, fully transferable warranty.

Why not Hi Point?  They are uglier than a prolapsed hippopotamus rectum.  They are heavy.  The ergonomics give Soviet bloc weapons a run for their rubles on awkwardness.  Magazine capacity is limited unless you purchase the ludicrous Red Ball magazines.  The firearm gentry and elite look down their noses at Hi Points.  They are a bitch to field-strip, although Hi Point themselves recommend you just send the firearm to the factory every 3000 rounds or so for cleaning – they will even include a couple of new magazines when they send it back.

For new firearm users and for those looking for an excellent camping/truck weapon a Hi Point carbine is the perfect route; $250 seems to be an average going price.  Long guns are far easier to master than hand guns and pistol calibers through a 16” barrel have minimal felt recoil and thus prevents new shooters from learning the bad habits of anticipating and flinching.

The 4595 carbine I purchased uses the same .45 caliber ammunition as most of my pistols. It will feed ball or self-defense ammunition.  Like most modern ‘tactical’ firearms it has picatinny rails on every conceivable surface.

Taking it out to the forest for a test run I found that the magazine seats rather loosely.  However, it stayed seated. One should train from day one to insert magazines with authority and follow it up with a solid tap with the heel of your palm.  The charging handle was surprisingly stiff and requires a sharp rearward pull followed by a clean release for proper chambering.  As one would expect with cheap firearms, the trigger pull was long, heavy, and mushy and the re-set was dodgy and uncertain.  The factory aperture sight is fairly well done, although the radius of the peep hole is too small given the limited range and ballistics of the ammo, and was perfectly zeroed right out of the box. The ridiculous looking thick butt-stock along with the in-line design assure positive cheek-weld and allow for rapid target acquisition.  At 25 yards I had no problem putting an entire magazine into the cranial area of a silhouette target, and at 50 yards it was quite easy to keep all the rounds in the chest Q. Real-world accuracy is no problem with this firearm – if you want range accuracy you would be well-advised to get a carbine in the flatter shooting 9mm.

After some mag dumps and shooting drills, I attached a cheap-ass Russian optic to the top picatinny rail. Because the factory aperture sight mount is fantastically over-sized, I had to place the optic further forward than I prefer, but the aperture is low enough that it did not interfere with usage of the red-dot and the plastic rails seem durable and the optic fit snugly on the carbine.

On the underside of the hand-guard are more rails for a bi-pod (why bother?) and under the barrel are even more rails for the attachment of a flashlight which would make this carbine a good home-defense weapon.

The Hi Point carbine is a black metal firearm: it ignores needless aesthetics while embracing the form necessitated by function. Without extraneous ostentation it remains goal-oriented. While firearm hipsters with their $2000 AR might turn their noses up, the 4595 achieves results: reliably putting steel on target.

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43 thoughts on “ Hi Point 4595: Following the paths of our ancestors.”

  1. Satanic Blood, Trannies, NWN says:

    Guns, God, Trannies.

  2. Shantavious Rosenberg-O'Malley says:

    Y’all niggas gay

    1. Necronomeconomist says:

      Hey guy, yes– I’ve noticed that you keep writing nigga u gay on every article.
      There’s the attention you seek, go and be happy.

  3. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    Still not metal but admittedly I’ve been considering a Hi Point 9mm….

  4. Fuck Guns, Shoot Trannies says:

    Americans are almost paralyzed by gun ban scares, which will never be, because the firearm lobby wont allow to put a stop to such a lucrative business. Every time there is some scare the masses will panic and stock up on guns and ammo. The same can also be observed with oil and other produce, first there is a scare about a sudden scarcity/impending ban, prices get hiked up, the masses panic and consume everything, then suddenly everything normalizes.

    Also to make this actually metal related.


  5. 1349 says:

    Since militarism is part of metal philosophy, posts like this are quite appropriate here.

    I envy you guys you can buy this for just $250.

    Can you name the exact make/model of the “cheap-ass Russian optic”?

    1. Charles Stuart says:

      Pilad P1x42. Russia makes some nice optics for a decent price.

      Back in the day I bought a semi-auto AK from my State Senator for $225. For all her warts, America is a fantastic nation.

      1. HELL V.666 says:

        CORRECTION: America is a fantastic nation, wtf!!
        USA is nation, AMERICA IS IT IS CONTINENT!!
        Where do the UNITAS train?

        1. Charles Stuart says:

          Ohhhhh, you folks from south of the Rio Grande are so adorable when your inferiority complex gets all flared up. Now shut up and keep sending us resources.

        2. this post gave my autism autism says:

          the USA is universally called America for short, you actual sperg.

        3. James Clark says:

          My wife and I both have high point carbines. Hers is a 9mm and mine is a 45 ACP. We have flashlights and lasers on both of them and they make very good home defense weapon. As far as reliability we’ve never had a single problem with any of them firing FMJ hollow points. I even did the 1911 conversion on my 45acp and now I run up to 50 round drum underneath of it. Yes there was some teething problems with the drum but I finally got it worked out. And I definitely will be buying a 10mm very soon. As it will Claire Moore actress further away. Yes I agree they’re ugly they’re heavy But as long as it goes bang every time no matter if it’s wet, muddy, of freezing outside, and in the rain that’s all it matters isn’t it

          1. Clitoral Vocals says:

            “As it will Claire Moore actress further away.”

            What does that mean? lol

    2. Necronomeconomist says:

      Ironically, no metal musicians of note have ever served in a military.

      Am I wrong?

      Are the merely philosophically militaristic?


      1. Brock Dorsey says:

        Galdar and Jarder of Old Man’s Child had the band on hold for awhile while they served in the military. Some countries mandate millitary service, so this is very inaccurate.

        1. forced to twerk says:

          He said *of note*

          1. Brock Dorsey says:

            Ah, so you’re implying that being in two of the highest selling black metal bands doesn’t make you notable. Noted.

            1. SS Tier band: Demilich dudes. 1 year mandatory military conscription in Finland = the Antti Boman haircut.

          2. Fashion Commando 666 says:

            The Pokemon from Nargaroth served in the army. If anything, his antics were *of note*.

      2. 1349 says:

        1) Being a metal musician doesn’t necessarily imply you are a carrier of the metal philosophy.
        2) Being a carrier of the metal philosphy doesn’t necessarily imply you must have experience in military service.

      3. Necronomeconomist says:

        Okay guys, haha, you got me.
        I could have more precisely stated it as, “Of all notable metal musicians, barely a smidge have served in the military.”

        Will you give me that much?

        I think you could put together my point. A guy above wrote, “Since militarism is part of metal philosophy…” I find it ironic that basically NONE of metal’s architects have BEEN IN a military. So is militarism actually part of metal philosophy? Maybe more like militancy?

        Were any of these niggas in a military? >>
        Hellhammer/Celtic Frost
        Mercyful Fate
        Napalm Death
        Iron Maiden
        Mayhem (I just pictured Euronymous in bootcamp HAHAHA)
        Morbid Angel
        Cannibal Corpse (LOL)

        I bet Pete Helmskamp was a Marine!

        Demilich, you got me there. In that case, maybe your soldiers are in Demigod, Adramalech, Xysma, Abhorrence, and all them guys.

        Maybe Dani from Cradle of Filth was.

        1. Charles Stuart says:

          If I recall correctly, Bruce Dickenson has done some contract work for the British military. Varg has talked extensively about stockpiling firearms in his younger days – he probably would still be doing so if he wasn’t a felon. In interviews numerous of the black metal pioneers talked about the prevalence of weapons and guns in the scene. James Hetfield is known for his support for the 2nd Amendment, as is Slayer.

        2. The only other band I can think of besides Demilich is Convulse, but they’re C tier.

        3. 1349 says:

          One of the meanings of militarism:
          “exaltation of military virtues and ideals”.

          Which doesn’t necessarily imply having experience in military service.

        4. Exfoliation says:

          Sodom, faggot

        5. Tranny Division Marduck says:

          Blasphemy serve in Satan’s army, Ross Bay division.

  6. Hereweald’s social worker says:

    Kill me now.

    Dm.org: shilling for the NRA and muh guns near you.

    1. Charles Stuart says:

      Literally every society from the past required men to be armed and proficient in the use of arms to be considered men and to be considered full citizens or members of the tribe. In fact, the only societies that look down on the bearing of arms are the liberal federated tranny-faggit states of the modern world. I think you just tipped your hand here hipster.

      1. 1917 or Die says:

        That’s a stretch, when great rulers came and geared their nations toward more abitious aims than plundering the local neighbor in the yearly spring raid (I mean absolute monarchy and all that), they began introducing restrictions on weapons and duels and tone down all than “manly” bragging in order to have an efficient military that does depletes itself for petty feuds and that can actually achieve something of historical significance… you can have a solid nation that strongly guarantees its borders without much braggadocio like you americans do. (case in point : Switzerland, you can have weapons, but no automatics, and solid restrictions on carrying them outside your home, still a, you don’t want to mess with)

        1. 1917 or Die says:

          fvck, “doesN’T depletes”

          1. Charles Stuart says:

            I think there is a fairly strong correlation between the weapons a society uses and the nature of its governing power. Infantry heavy armies tend to be more democratic/middle class – the Roman republic and Greek democracies were infantry armies based on full, landed citizens who could afford the basic cost of sword/spear and armour. Only when the link between ownership of weapons and service in the military break down (slaves and the landless capodecensia allowed into the army) did the Republic and the Athenian empire begin to break down (Thycidites). Cavalry heavy armies tend to be monarchic – hence the move towards centralized monarchs in the early middle ages as the stirrup allowed for heavily armored knights to dominate the battlefield – and weapons tend to be concentrated in the hands of the few that can afford them. Projectile weapons (longbow then musket) were the leading edge of a re-democratization of societies as the merchant classes then took power from the royal class and weapons began to profligate in many hands. Since the advent of the tank (basically a knight) we have seen a tendency towards more centralized government structures again.

          2. Charles Stuart says:

            A very interesting, and quick, read on the subject is JFC Fuller’s “Armaments and History”

      2. Hereweald’s social worker says:

        NRA faggot triggred.

        American society is worse off becuase of muh guns.


        1. Charles Stuart says:

          How so? President Hussein Obama had the CDC study this shit and they found that firearms were used in self defense more often than in the commission of crime. Oh yeah, I much prefer the GOA to the NRA.

          1. you people have autism and i'm never coming back says:

            Think about what you just said and why it doesn’t mean what you think it means, fam.

    2. Charles Stuart says:

      Cite your sources for your retarded accusations. Where in the article do I mention the NRA? You seem to be shilling for tranny pride.

      1. Rectums Disdained says:

        Cite your sources that he’s shilling 4 tranny pride.
        OR ELSE!!!!

      2. Autism, the website. says:

        Yep, you got me there boyzone.

        >Think guns obviously make ‘merica a shittier place
        >must also like trannies

        The second in NO WAY depends on the first, G. I’d like trannies even if I were a texas, god-fearing, tea-partying, gun-penetrating, cowboy.


  7. Mike Hoseclaw says:

    So impressed with the out of the box accuracy of my 9mm carbine i just purchased one of the .45 hand guns!I’ve been a ruger man all my life.

  8. john mcmurl says:

    i have it in 9mm my brother in law has the ruger 223 556 ar out of the box mine never jammed once his had to be taken in and replaced magazines. mines a keeper!

    1. Rectums Disdained says:

      You need to use punctuation, else your shit makes no damn sense.

  9. ken pruitt says:

    I love mine in 10mm…hits the targets hard.

  10. Pat thomaa says:

    I have the .40 cal carbine for years now…I love that weapon. Pistol is a monster, but is constantly dead on. There is a new mod for the carbine coming out from High Tower… It corrects all the little things I find annoying.

  11. Tkuindy says:

    As a hi point (40 cal) I am very happy with the weapon. Not so much with the manufacturers though. They have no e mail capacity’s. I’ve had to figure out problems that I made. And still have one question for them. They choose not to catch up with communications in society.
    I have no problem field stripping it.

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