Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster) – Imperial Stout (2016)

samuel_smith_tadcaster_-_imperial stout

I loathe a chocolate beer, or any other such testicle-neutralizing fru-fru nonsense, but a beer that has a flavor like that of chocolate can attract my attention. Imperial Stout is like chocolate, coffee and whole grain bread mashed into liquid, run through fire, and then smoothed in vast casks of ancient stone. It has a smooth flavor and feel, high alcohol punch, and dense labyrinth of flavors.

Now, keep in mind that reviewing Sam Smith beers and giving them the thumbs up is like shooting fish in a barrel. The shocking review would be one that found one of their products inferior, mainly because they do a good middle-of-the-road job turned up to A+ levels. It is hard to find a better brewery, at least that does not involve hiking for a day to meet some rather spaced-out monks. But, the question with Sam Smith is how to enjoy their beers and why, because not every beer fits every occasion.

With that in mind, Imperial Stout is not an everyday beer. It is more a ceremonial beer, probably more appropriate for the center of the day than its end. It is unrelentingly rich from start to finish. This is best drunk in an iron flagon with a thick cigar in hand, preferably while holding a weapon and/or torturing dissidents. It is a strong, violently excellent beer that may not fit except during special occasions in your life.


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7 thoughts on “Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster) – Imperial Stout (2016)”

  1. vOddy says:

    Some music fits the description given by your last paragraph. The music is excellent, but it takes a lot of effort to appreciate properly because of its complexity and intensity.
    Sometimes I will listen to music that isn’t as good, but which is easier to listen to, and can be enjoyed with less effort.

  2. Cynical says:

    “The shocking review would be one that found one of their products inferior”

    Try their “organic chocolate stout” some time. It’s unbelievably terrible. Probably the absolute worst beer I’ve ever had, which was shocking given the brewery.

  3. thewaters says:


  4. Brett Stevens says:

    Hey guys, just an announcement here: PLEASE remember to drink responsibly! Having a cold one with your friends is fun but alcohol is no joke. It is a habit forming substance that can ruin your personal and professional life. It can even lead to liver or heart disease if you’re not careful!

    There are lots of other ways to have fun, like jigsaw puzzles, building model trains, or going bowling. If you do decide to drink alcoholic beverages, make sure you set a limit for yourself and have a designated driver.

    Thanks everyone, stay safe! :-)

    1. OliveFox says:

      You can bowl without drinking? You have clearly entered a superior evolutionary station. Just like darts, pool, and speed chess…if I am not at least three deep I lose at the ol’ ten pin derby every-time.

  5. hhhhhh says:

    Having rated the Corona 4 stars cheapens the 5-star rating of this beer.

  6. Andrij Chikatilo says:

    Thornbridge brewery from Bakewell, Derbyshire also do some good beers. Giv e’m a try and maybe a review.

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