Death Metal Underground has formalized a policy that it WILL NOT doxx any former writer, editor, user, or frequent commentor.  So to those former editors and former writers that continue to hysterically spam the comments section in bitterness of our current staff’s superiority without realizing you’ve used your actual/writer names from the same IP address, don’t worry- I won’t doxx you, even if I may have threatened in classic Brock-mind-game fashion.  While you are correct to assume hot-blooded Brock Dorsey is the most sadistic writer/editor in the entirety of music journalism and will go further than any other, I can assure you that I do in fact bare the loyalty of the Templar. In all and complete seriousness, I dearly respect each and every writer that has contributed to Death Metal Underground over its nearly 3 decade reign, and especially hold admiration for the editors that had the strength to survive more than 6 months as creating daily engaging content for a metal site is quite the challenging task.  You all are welcomed and encouraged to return, but I can’t promise you won’t receive IP bans if your menstruation levels are inexcusably excessive as they have been lately due to the Templar mercilessly trampled over your reissue-marathon coverage and your boring beta-male occult philosophical outlook.  I also am infinitely grateful for our frequent readers and especially those who consistently engage in our nihilistic killing fields of a comments section, even if we have opposing points of view and particularly when feedback is thoughtfully challenging of the narrative.

BUT understand that this mercy IS NOT extended to lefties, outsiders, journalists of other music publications, and any and all enemies of DMU.  You are fair game, and should have reason to FEAR, as it is well within the tradition of this site to brutalize its opponents in the most merciless of ways and my IP already has a permanent ban from 4chan for doxxing.  I won’t hesitate to publish your real names, addresses, numbers, the number of your wife’s workplace, should I feel the need.  Therefore, be careful with how far you go in your social justice warrior crusading, as I may already have your home address or pictures of your manly looking girlfriend ready to be fed to the wolves of the right wing internet.

Death is brutal!

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  1. forced to twerk says:

    Safe space?

  2. HELL V.666 says:

    I challenge him, publish mine and do not be so arrogant !!

    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      Become relevant first

  3. Cock Forsee says:

    >I do in fact BARE the loyalty of the Templar

    I can already see you going further than any other fuccboi.

    1. Flying Kites says:

      …and longer, and wider.

  4. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    We will rape the trannies! Onward to countless rape!

  5. Thewaters says:

    Deus Veult!

  6. Such honor, such pride says:

    *tips mitre*

  7. please shut this fucking abysmal site down and burn everyone ever involved with it

    1. S.C. says:

      What A hero you are! Such words of rebellion and upset. Surely you can unify the peasants against this great abysmal tyrant that is DMU. You will be remembered for your bravery in the face of such a foe. praise be to you great revolutionary! Praise be to you!

    2. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

      Shut up faggot! Rape the trannies or get raped like one!

  8. Satania says:

    Dox. One x.

  9. The Flesh is Weak And So Are You says:

    You aren’t even a real Christian, you LARPing clown. The worst thing about Trumps presidency is that it made all of these carnies crawl out of the woodworks and now the novelty has worn off.

    1. Doug says:

      Total annihilation of narrative, subsequent multitude woodwork vacating and novelty wearing off have fast-tracked recent world events and inspired some interesting writing.

    2. canadaspaceman says:

      “worse is better’- Tom Metzger.
      Yes, the world would be better off with a Hilary or an oprah-type in charge. (sarcasm).
      I stopped voting years ago as voting only reinforces the black magic illusion that my people have any choice in our destiny.
      The wrath of the saxon (Isaac’s sons/white race) WILL be reawakend – Rudyard Kipling
      **Rudyard was mistaken, him being anti-german, as Germans are also saxons.

  10. Dispirited says:

    I have questions. I don’t get it. Who are you angry with? And why will you give their information to the “wolves” of the “right wing internet”? isn’t that terrorism? right wing wolves don’t even exist, they’re all sheep. Anybody who needs to belong to a herd is a sheep.

    Moreover, why have you fallen in love with christianity? This is certainly a sign of mental retardation. You read fantasy books about the Templars and think they’re historical documents. Quit being dumb, for your own good.

    Why not grow up? you’re upset cause they turned into SJWs? oh wow, you’re heartbroken? I have plenty of friends who turned into SJWs. You know what I did? To them personally, nothing, I simply stopped being their friend, but in general my weapons are direct verbal confrontation with them or their followers, the kind of logical reasoning that disarms the moralist and the feeble minded. Yes, against former friends I use my brain for intellectual mayhem, causing in believers of all kinds fears of cosmic proportions, and not the petty fears of being stalked by some virgin teenage “conservative” sheep or the anger of some hypothetical right wing internet mob. Only the weak would use the virtual muscles of internet trolls to virtually molest their enemies. The weak must die, virtually, which means that if this site belong to weak pathetic virgins, it has to die.

    I share a lot of opinions with the writers on this site about Metal music and about the bastardisation of the scene, its invasion by mediocre alternative groove rock acts, the beer belly oriented music, the fashion over content problem, etc. I even enjoy Sadistic Metal Reviews from time to time. However, whenever I come across articles that have nothing to do with Metal music, contain the personal drama of one writer or another, “reviews” of tobacco and beer products (of which I am a consumer but for which I never require the opinion of Metal journalists or any journalists), or are simple minded right wing mumbo jumbo which attracts all sorts of morons such as the typical Hellyeah-God&Guns-LynyrdSkynyrd-Pantera bastard fan… I simply have to come to the conclusion that we only share some values and ideas about Metal music, nothing more.

    So as a somewhat ambiguous fan of the website, I have this to say to you: grow up DMU or fuck off forever.

    Every website with pretenses of intellectual superiority which turns out to be full of mediocre teenage fantasy drama about Templars and low IQ pseudo-scientific and fact-denying opinion-based bullshit propaganda should die forever.

    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      Boy do I love me some 6 paragraph meltdown

    2. ass donuts says:

      A lot of huffing and puffing, not a lot of real arguments. would not read again

      1. Dispirited says:

        Typical answers from virgin wankers. Grow up or Fuck Off & Die!

    3. Exfoliation says:

      Triggered cuck, total fail, lawlz btfo’d, kek

      1. Dispirited says:

        learn the fucking English language you silly twat

        1. S.C says:

          When fearful of seeming stupid, use British cuss words! That’s a surefire way to seem intelligent.

  11. brunhilde fan #2 says:

    Snowflakes! Triggered! Cucks! Trannies!

  12. an occasional cunt says:

    DMU, I love you. Please never change.

    When I first discovered this site, I did not fully appreciate what I was getting myself into, but I am so glad I stuck around.

  13. Vag Vikernes says:

    prozak has expressed interest in keeping politics out of this website but that’s never really been so, and it probably holds the site back from being respected (or relevant to metaldom at large, if you prefer). Now it’s a full blown apparatus of his Futuro-Eco-Conservo-PanNihilNordicism propaganda machine with some really good articles by Vahdias and others and fart-right pandering (lol got em) by brock dorksey (got em again) who has questionable metal cred.

    1. Doug says:

      You must get all the chicks! This site is still as always about 90/10 directly/indirectly metal related and emotive comments are proof of its “cred.”

    2. ass donuts says:

      The eternal law of supply & demand–with instant access to any music you could possibly want to hear, there is no more real demand for music or for content focused solely on music anymore. There are youtube reaction channels of kids who listen to Disturbed one day, then they giggle at Burzum the next day. Music is worthless now, or at least obsolete as an artform with any sort of serious cultural thrust.

      The one thing I’m not sure about is if Brett ‘hail satan sodomize the weak’ Stevens is really on board with this having all this deus vult stuff on his site or not.

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        If Brett is white, his ass is going to the Kingdom of Heaven after Judgement day, like it or not.
        God’s already ruled on this for all of His true children, but depending how many good works Brett did for His people, he might only be lowly like many of the rest of us are, after all the scum are wiped from existence.

        1. You're all trannies says:

          Sodomites don’t get to go to heaven.

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