Happy International Day of Slayer XIX!

Metal music stood against its time by endorsing the mythological-historical view of our world instead of linear progress driven by technology, metaphysical dualism, and peer pressure. As such it is the ultimate minority voice calling for realism among the blur of human emotions and fears.

It converts our fear of power, nature, death, disease, war, horror, and the metaphysical into a battleground of ideals where the saner must win out over the irrelevant. By finding beauty in noise, it connects us to the transcendent which views destruction and creation as necessary for existence.

Unlike your average pop culture movement, metal accepts thermodynamics and sees the need for conflict as a means of reducing entropy and avoiding heat-death. Heavy metal music accepts our world as it is instead of moralizing or judging it.

Slayer represents the forefront of this movement by, at a time when the world was leaning on Christ to save it from Communism, endorsing the more complex truth hiding beneath the surface. In addition they brought to us some of the most impressive music to come out of the modern era.

For that reason, we celebrate the XIX National Day of Slayer by blasting Slayer at normies until they cower in mute cognitive defeat.

Show No Mercy (1983)

Haunting the Chapel (1984)

Hell Awaits (1985)

Reign in Blood (1986)

South of Heaven (1988)

83 thoughts on “Happy International Day of Slayer XIX!”

  1. Sodomize, Crucify, Profit! says:

    The shitty hood I live in be poppin’ right now! If we’re lucky, then shots will pop, too!

    1. Someone needs to drive through ghettos with a mortar and fire back an 80mm round to their 9mm pops.

  2. Had to be done says:


  3. Brett Stevens’ rapist says:

    Brett let’s make love again while spinning Show No Mercy. You know I never show any mercy baby let’s get it on and get gay for Satan!

    1. Well the Baphomet does have a giant throbbing rod…

  4. Doug says:

    1970 was the year to be born. Not only were we birthed along with metal but we got SOH at 18 and the blossom of underground musics in our early 20’s. 1969 is too old, 1971 are little kids. 1970 was the year. (okay I know that’s bs! haha Happy belated IDOS)

    1. 1970-1974 is the real Gen X; the kids after that got more inter-ethnic euro-miscegenation, hip hop in middle school, and the teachers who were the fruit of the 1960s. At that point it was over.

      1. Doug says:

        Good call. Another bullet we dodged in that frame was the Beatles which folded in ’70. It was a narrow window of only a few years where one could be born and reach 18 unspoiled by neither the Beatles nor hip hop et al.

        Not to say all AA music is bad. Even with our “danger ahead” warnings growing louder each year, the 70’s and 80’s were a (much) (much) saner time which was reflected in all categories of music and r&b was no exception. Anyway, not to dwell too much on the mainstream but I have a hunch that the 30+ year reign of hip hop is coming to a close. I mean jeez, it can’t last for friggin ever!

        1. The problem with AA music is the same as the problem with Judeo-Christianity/Abrahamism, or at least one of them: it is foreign, not by us and for us, but by a foreign tribe to either subvert us or profit off of us, and we cannot trust it. I think you are right about hip-hop at least as far as being the “cutting edge.” I think it wil always endure in some form because it is perfect prole music for people with zero attention span for song structure, harmony, and stuff like that.

        2. Linda says:

          Hip hop died a long time ago. It’s literally just an image at this point with failed “music” being produced every year.

          1. Hip-hop is commercially ideal music. A sample track and some kind talking into a microphone. Cheaply made, hard to distinguish between greats and averages, and perfect for low-IQ populations, it is an ideal product.

            1. Linda says:

              To be fair to hip hop, it does require talent to actually rhyme and create poetry from the top of the head to the beat. It’s called “freestyling.” I respect the talent it takes but most rappers can’t even do that. They write their lyrics and there’s no substance to the lyrics. It’s a failed artform that showed promised, but ultimately failed like pop and country. It’s just a commercial product to be sold to any retard with low self-esteem and looking to replicate the image of a broken culture. Hip hop sadly is the number one cause of degeneracy in Western society in the last four or five decades.

              1. I must disagree with your last line; what has broken down the West in the last four or five decades has been DEADS: democracy, equality, atomization, diversity, subsidies/socialism. This has been ongoing for two thousand years or more. All human societies die of DEADS brought on by oversocialization caused by externalization and it its root, the dysgenics of permanent agricultural civilization, which allows jobbers to survive at high rates.

                As far as “requires talent” goes, I think you might find the occult questions of asking-enough and do-easy to be most relevant here. I can find you a stadium full of guys who can shred like Malmsteen, McLaughlin, or Satriani… it is a very rare individual who will conceptualize the need to do that, without it previously having been done. Rock, jazz, blues, pop, even deathcore (sorta) require “talent” but that may in the end be a low bar. We have lots of metal bands now that know all the techniques but cannot come up with something even as compelling as the first Bathory or Motorhead albums… what’s the use in that? All rhetorical questions based on things you have posted here in the past.

      2. Karl Logan preferred A Minor says:

        Born in 1980, still have hair (rather a lot, in some places) and reasonably good hard-ons. Listen to the exact same bands as I did at 11-15 though, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Slayer, Sepultura, Priest, King Diamond/MF, Burzum, Darkthrone, B Sabbath, Sodom and a few more. The early works in most of the bands’ case, obviously. Beneficial impact on soul, psyche, hair and penis is perhaps not scientifically proven, but that proper and true hard metal has a vitalizing effect on the hessian is undeniable. Death to false metal and it’s followers, but sodomy first! For weeks and weeks!

        1. Morbid Angel, Deicide, Slayer, Sepultura, Priest, King Diamond/MF, Burzum, Darkthrone, B Sabbath, Sodom and a few more.

          Some stay with me too, including all of that list with not much time spent listening to Black Sabbath. These are the eternal ones. There are many others in death metal and black metal, but very few recently.

    2. zooming alpha-millennial futurist preparing for street warfare says:

      we have better music, and pretty soon no one will care that you curbstomped two fat trannies before the headliner came on whose set consisted of smoking meth and throwing sheets of glass into the crowd to overdriven psychedelic breakbeat labyrinths.

      1. In every generation, some go along with the herd. We call them beatniks (1950s), hippies (1960s), poseurs (1970s), hipsters (1980s), millennials (1990s), obamas (2010s), skibidi (2020s), bohemians (1500s). Everyone else is part of the dwindling share of Actual Humans that are hunted by the parasitic vampyric bureaucracy of shared human lowest common denominator fears.

        1. im one restless gypsy says:

          the whole lot of us millennials huh? i dunno, somewhere in between The Real World first airing and most people turning into that fucker whos always taking pictures thanks to cell phones, i started thinking i cant be the only one who hates this shit.

          1. No, the point is that every generation has some group of fake assholes that a lot of people join, but everyone else stays away. Not all Boomers are hippies, although all Boomers must fucking die.

            1. the rolling stoners says:

              the most interesting boomer i ever met aside from ry cooder was some dude on hawaii who ate pineapple slices and pumpkin seeds fried in coconut oil every day and pissed at the perimeter of his tent to keep the critters away. he liked to voice his opinion on am radio stations. all day long. yep

              1. Kill them all
                Kill them all for slander
                Kill them all and mute their ways

            2. antiantidrug says:

              thats not true actually. the most interesting boomer i ever met helped me get my first motorcycle running, hung out with ozzy in the 80s, and once told some bimbo to stuff a bunch of meth in her cunt when the cops came around. also a wicked drummer and could still hang all night even as a dirty old man. so theyre not all bad.

              1. Nice anecdote, but Boomers suck ass and belong in the crucifixion oven chippers.

                1. sagsack says:

                  i dont exactly disagree

                  1. TheDayOfThePillow dawns nigh.

                    1. Linda says:

                      Are there any Boomers you respect, Brett? I mean, Tony Iommi deserves to live, right?

                    2. No doubt. The ones who stayed out of the typical Boomer behavior are worth keeping around. But those who follow the herd in any generation end up at narcissism and need the chippers, toilets, ovens, etc.

          2. The point is to stuff the fucking Boomers in the fucking ovens. Hold the door shut until the bitching and moaning stops.

  5. pope Benedict - from Hell says:

    funny to see these 4 together, knowing they all hate(d) each other. will the reunion happen??? don’t hold your beer

    1. The gods brought them together for the first four albums. That was the mission.

  6. NO FAP says:


    Aspergium – Autismal Convulsions

    1 Transcend everything (intro of no life)
    2 Never mistaken
    3 Satanic Upgrade v.666
    4 The Irish Cataclysm (darkening the potato)
    5 With strength I write
    6 Darwinian Fecal Theosophy
    7 Raining armchairs
    8 Only Goatse is real

    1. Aspergium Lineup 2024 says:

      Vocals – Nocturnal Gape Depictor and Brown Winds
      Guitars – Lord Demonass
      Bass – Tshart
      Drums – Sodomatic Sperger
      Keyboards & BJs – Bert Sweepins

    2. 9. Drown Boomers in gas station toilets

      1. Linda says:

        Even John Carpenter?

      2. Linda says:

        Also, we can’t drown David Lynch either.

        1. Pray Emma Watson Grow Taller :) says:

          Lynch was born to do Mulholland Drive, which I’ve watched 4 – 5 nights in a row when it came out. All else in his catalog before & since is crap, no reason overthinking on it. Mulholland Drive is possibly the best film of 21st century so far, though it looses sth in small screen or after multiple plays, which may be related to the medium ( Cimema ) itself, or a generally changing attitude as years go by. 20th cent. stuff seem to hold better over both time & bingin’ at. BTW, “The Circle ” 2016 & ” Prisoners ” 2013 where Ideal in that they’re both Powerful & straight hard Reality Education ( mandatory for minors ).

          1. I enjoyed Mulholland Drive.

            For some reason, this post and a few others ended up in the spamtrap. I have cleared it back to late May. It does a reasonable job generally but it flagged a bunch of innocent Slayer posts. My guess is that the new range of spammers, who are using natural language generators, have made it twitchy.

          2. Linda says:

            Lost Highway is better, in my opinion. He was made to do both. Both are classics, and both show the male and female equivalent of psychogenic fugue.

  7. Tax Evasion says:

    I turned 40 recently and I’ve known Slayer since the River’s Edge soundtrack record was in the house since as far back as I can remember, there are four songs from Show No Mercy and I was hooked kindergarten age from first listen. Slayer never gets old to me, you can over listen but with enough space, I am not not pumped up and singing the lyrics with more and more conviction and veins popping out the side of my head as the years go on. Truly timeless.

    1. River’s Edge… forgot about that one. Slayer is eternal.

      1. Linda says:

        Great movie with a great cast and great soundtrack! Love Dennis Hopper and Crispin Glover in the film!

  8. Tax Evasion says:

    well I can’t edit this shit but I meant I AM NEVER NOT PUMPED UP and I don’t mean PENIS PUMP

  9. Oh come on says:

    Brett, how is Immortal’s ‘Battles in the North’, about a fictional fantasy realm called Blashyrkh, ‘realism’?

    1. "... Bodies Fill The Fields I See ..." says:

      How is Nature / All surroundings, Intelligence / Talent ( such as is displayed in this album, also ), Power, Beauty, Vigor, not Realism? These, and their Opposites. ALSO, Would You Even Consider This Record And many Others If it where short hair, no face paint, socially / systemically accepted Bearded ready-for-office Viking-Hipsters?

    2. Brett is a secular Christian says:

      Metal is not “timeless transcendental art for the highly evolved” as the Bretts of this world would put it. It’s no better than any established modern genre based on a purely musical level, and it’s mostly for autistic white losers who cannot get through life normally.

      Rock music is for the functioning extroverted person who has a normal sex/job life. Normies = good thing! Nature favors the productive! You might dislike the music, but it’s definitely more positive.

      Metal on the other hand is its emo-offshoot for the borderline dysfunctional non-comformist semi-incel-type who needs an angry form of escape from this evil world into Lala-land where they can LARP as Sauron, Satan or Lovecraft.

      Stop making it out to be some kind of holy grail for the underground “darwinistic” elite, because that’s exactly the last thing you should do to an unholy piece of degenerative art. It’s fucked up music for fucked up (dare I say, dysgenic!) people, and that’s perfectly fine… let it be. Not everything needs the way you want it to be.

      (Now if you want to debate the complexity of Classical music, that’s warranted, but metal is not part of it)

      1. It’s no better

        Here come the egalitarians.

    3. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

      This is what normies and, bless their hearts despite this, punks, criticise metal for:

      “How is it relevant to anything? You’re singing about shit that doesn’t exist!”

      Look beyond the surface form and in to the content.

      1. blackened punk rocker says:

        thats not punk. all those idiots should toss their clean black denim clothing for khaki shorts and a polo and go ass kiss their way to the top of the miserable human pile like they’re wired to do, it would be more fulfilling for them and then shows could once again be an outlet for the vital primitive chaos and unhinged criticism that free spirits crave.

        i have a little more sympathy for the crust/gutter thing, at least they accept their place at the bottom of the totem pole.

        1. Punk was cool for ten minutes, idiots have been flogging it since for “street cred” for their open source decorating projects.

            1. Rectal Manicotti says:

              When most people think of “punk,” they are thinking about the Clash or the Ramones. Basically Beatles pop for bad musicians.

              1. i think the ramones are great but youre right, that first wave of hardcore bands like the circle jerks, fear, and bad brains and the proto-hardcore stuff like the plasmatics and the germs are completely alien to most people and even the people that know of them, the ‘punks’, would rather listen to whiney bullshit like leftover crack and think it sounds like amebix. even the dead kennedys are better than this kind of shit. you could at least lean into stuff like SNFU or nomeansno or even fugazi.

      2. Good punks sing about the cave, bad punks sing about the shadows. 99.999% are of the latter.

        1. aquariass says:

          isnt all good art dissatisfied with mere shadows?

          1. Yes, and some might say the point of the art is to differentiate shadows and light.

      3. Yeah but nah says:

        Realism as a genre does not involve singing about a fantasy snow realm and medieval battles. In literature, where these labels originate, that would clearly be fantasy. Of course fantasy can be allegorical, but that doesn’t suddenly make a fantasy book fall into a different genre. Realism in literature is about social and political conditions that obtain in the here and now. You can twist words all you like and try to argue that up is down, but all that may successfully show is how credulous you are in your desperation to think that listening to music is in itself some form of realist philosophy that is TACKLING THE WORLD MAN AND GETTING SHIT DONE. get off the couch and face the world if you want ‘realism’. Good talk.

        1. So Tolkien is not realistic? Lewis? Realism means how you measure the reality you portray, not an aesthetic trope.

          1. Same guy says:

            Literary realism attempts to represent familiar things as they are. Realist authors chose to depict every day and banal activities and experiences. That’s just what the term conventionally means. So no, Tolkien isn’t realism.

            Maybe you mean philosophical realism not literary? But that just is the commitment to a mind independent reality (metaphysical realism) or that we can know things that are external to our representations (epistemological realism).

            1. And then magical realism arose when? Literary realism and philosophical realism are different things, because the latter is pure consequentialism, but they converged in relatively recent history. Agreed with the last sentence.

    4. It portrays a fantasy world that is a metaphor for reality.

      1. I dont think it means what you think it means says:

        Ok then by your reasoning the fantasy genre doesn’t actually exist as everything can metaphorically represent some aspect of reality under some interpretation. Everything is realism!!! How cool. I’m gonna ‘get real’ by singing about battles in the north and maybe those immigrants will go back to Mexico.

  10. And also says:

    You say in your first breath that metal stands against the modern world, then a little later say metal does not moralise or judge!!

    1. stfu says:

      totally logical stand bro. amoral logic bro. fantastic realms a meditation on transcendence, only intelligible by way of realism bro.

      1. What is the alternative to realism?

        1. scent du offal says:

          wasnt being ironic. this stuff is common knowledge round here.

          1. It seems to be common knowledge at certain proficiency levels.

    2. Leather Jacket, Fertilizer, Soap, Meat ( hey why not? ) says:

      It’s Against You, or On You. Moderator may be makin’ it kinda complicated. Metal ( & all it stands for ), avoids strict-persistent rules ( morality ) cause each deal, and anyone in it,is different. And it tries to discriminate-judge based on predisposition & potential, not opinions & aesthetics. Disposables can adapt to Set Rules, and they can Fake Stance for Inherent Quality.

      1. Metal is realism plus transcendence. Everything else is dipshits projecting onto it because they do not want to accept that their role in life is to pick the cotton or turnips.

      2. avoids strict-persistent rules ( morality )

        Why not just say means-over-ends rules? Might is right, when it’s right, but it must be might first.

    3. Self-employed & Self-fisted (SS) says:

      In Brett-land anything is possible!

    4. It is not necessarily moralizing to oppose something. “Wow, that’s retarded!” is not moralizing.

  11. Kerry Queen says:

    What about that time Hanneman said in an interview his main inspiration for Slayer was the Scooby Doo chase music.

    1. Ronny says:

      So that’s the horror movie inspiration Brett Stevens always talks about? :O

  12. Up yours says:

    I want metal to be simple, evil, aggressive music with just enough intelligence as to avoid being totally retarded.

    Not “timeless transcendental art”, get the fuck out of here with these adjectives, and stop trying to make the savage noble.

    1. You like the rest of the bourgeois want something meaningless so you can project your ego all over it.


      much art which endures and which possesses the imagination, particularly in the last 100 years – thanks in no small part to Nietzche and his observation of god’s death and subsequent prescription for solace in art – voices both the savage and the noble, and the best of it finds a balance and then pushes the result as far as it can go, in depth of feeling, in technical proficiency, in atmosphere, whatever it is.

      the stuff ive been listening to lately when i dont want to listen to anything too demanding, are bands like Upside Down Cross, Anarchus, Human Remains. stuff that’s like at the level of Traumatic – A Perfect Night To Masturbate. i love this music but when i find myself with the time, space and inclination to sit down in the forest and listen to some old Darkthrone, i take it, because those guys stumbled upon something great, at once discerning and vicious, and the more i listen to it, the more i realize how great it is for all that. then maybe i’ll throw on some Nihilist or Slayer as i drive back into town.

      there is absolutely a spectrum of intelligence and ferality, and the ability to intertwine these qualities in a compelling way. i hate pretentious bullshit as much as the next malcontent psychopath but dont throw out the baby with the bathwater, cowboy.

      1. Stumbled upon, or kept trying stuff until they found what they wanted?

  13. # To The Acerbated Little Man - Communist Above # says:

    RESULTS. Short Term We Call Survival Of The Fittest. Long Term We Call Trancedental. Solely short term might as well lead us back to the mouse or the bonobo. Long term is simply Breed Only The Best & Throw All Else Into Kaiadas. S/T is what works, M/T is build on experience, L/T is become who you are..

    1. Short-term is means-over-ends… instead of setting a goal, people rationalize reactions to the immediate situation and satisfy themselves with compromise.

      Long-term requires looking at the longest term, the eternal, and from that comes the transcendental.

      Darwinism works best because it is purely logical: generate plausible options, then keep those which are compatible not in a relative or short-term sense alone but with everything on the longest term level.

  14. .. Applied Dysgenics On Helots .. says:

    Metal was born out of an Original Stimulus, and then, the Desire to Realise That into its Fullest Potential. Metalheads, fan & musician, have been pushing & Pressing for it since day one of guitar music.

    1. I agree with the first sentence. Metal was an idea that took a long time to grow into itself, and everyone else keeps pushing back to try to make it into the Same Old Stuff that the labels easily pump up; grunge is an iteration of the Same Old Stuff, just like most power metal is today (always look for the product that is easy to make and in high demand). Oftentimes when I need a metal fix I fire up Segovia, Schubert, or Bruckner.

      1. The Putrefying Road says:


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