Metal Cosmos (#1)

Metal Cosmos (#1) (download, 40mb)

On the eve of the rebirth of many things, underground metal continues to find its new footing. Toward that end, the professional outsiders at the Death Metal Underground have launched a new anti-hipster but anti-conformist screed in radio form, featuring the new lights of the underground


  1. Drawn and Quartered – “Proliferation of Disease” (Congregation Pestilence)
  2. Dark Fury – “Anthem of an Upcoming War” (This Story Happened Before)
  3. Morpheus Descends – “Oozing from the Urn” (From Blackened Crypts)
  4. Grandeur – “Ultimum” (Aurea Aetas)
  5. Sammath – “Reichswald” (Grebbeberg)
  6. Rotheads – “Lost in the Cemetery Gardens” (Slither in Slime)
  7. Kever – “Back From the Netherworld” (Primordial Offerings)

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31 thoughts on “Metal Cosmos (#1)”

  1. Finally, our prayers have been answered.

    1. Thank you for listening. Inshallah KCUF will reign forever.

  2. curio says:

    I’m looking forward to more podcasts.

    Doesn’t Dark Fury normally get dumped on around here?

    1. Thanks! Some reviews in the past have disliked it. Those opinions belong to individual writers and we reserve the right to have our own interpretation, especially of specific tracks. It probably makes sense to have more metal about the Hun, Mongol, and Muslim invasions of Europe, as well as whatever incursion of Berberized Semites produced The Irish.

      1. T Malm says:

        Rainer was right about the hamsters and Dark Funeral.

        PS Keep up the show, Brett, it’s not half bad!

  3. Thomasw_ says:

    Thanks for the news of this show.

  4. LostInTheANUS says:

    I fucked a Ukrainian rentboy to this

    1. The one thing that is a good buy in the Biden economy: Ukrainian prostitutes.

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  6. butts says:

    excellent. can’t wait for more episodes. i go back to the kcuf episodes more than i’d care to admit so this is great

    1. Thank you for listening.

  7. Bloody Stool says:

    Fuck well, good, I own almost all these albums, not the new Sammath of course and I’ve never heard of Granduer before. I understand and agree with this entire transmission, the humor is mine, and the intention is strongly projected clearly and with sardonic might. Metal needs more of this attitude and sentiment, strongly approved of, please do more, sodomize the crippled, sterilize, eradicate.

    1. Far away from the city
      Far away from civilization
      A secret farm full of obscure persons
      And full of weak cattle exists
      Every morning the farmfather
      Satisfied himself with the cattle
      SODOMIZE THE WEAK creatures
      Fatigo – it’s an everflowing plague
      No escape from the penis of dead
      No hope for all the dead chicks
      Crucio – the same procedure everyday
      The same thing the whole night
      Sometimes, when travellers enter the farm
      They won’t return from those pervert people
      Get strangulated by the evil farmers
      Get buried somewhere in the desert around
      Blood, “Sodomize the Weak” (O Agios Pethane)

  8. Gripping Flesh says:

    Was that a Paul Ledney cameo!?

    1. Metal Mystic says:

      “If you know a normie, do not attempt to convert them”. There’s a masochistic part of me that always wants to try. To show them there is more than the shadows on the cave wall. But after sharing a good classic album, it is inevitably followed by “That’s kinda cool bro, but what do you think of this?” ->

      Also enjoyed the reading of “Dethrone the Son of God”. Comical and technically poor in execution, but veiling an authentic sincerity in the blasphemies. A true inversion of modernity and its picture perfect extremities hiding utter vapidity. *Chef’s Kiss*

      1. I always run into the Tool fans. They will listen to Carcass and then turn around and say, “Yeah, that’s cool, but I like this technical stuff,” and then trot out some Tool song with a fifteenthrate jeer of a jazz fusion beat and an old Allman Brothers riff inverted, and I have to smile and pretend that I do not think it is a hackneyed ripoff of a ripoff from long ago which has lost all relevance.

        1. thighs above says:

          tell the next guy you blow to carcass that tool isnt technical

          1. Tool is just boring. I certainly appreciate the gratuitous sodomy references however.

        2. Dick Vomit Nut Bugs says:

          I’ve dealt with the same thing, in fact with 23 year olds, two hard working guys both liked just what you described and couldn’t seem to process anything I’d throw back at them. It’s better to just talk very bluntly “I think the shit you like is gay and you should blow your brains out”. I found that just being honest with normies that you think they’re empty husks of what humans once were, merely meatbags, are stupid, annoying and are incapable of liking anything with substance is the best way to go, I even have some ending up liking me but we can’t be friends outside of work. Social mores were crumbling when I was young and the zoomer generation has no conception of not shitting in their hands and rubbing it on their face when times are bad. I’ve found you really can just say what you think to normies and it’s best to keep them perplexed, in fear. They’re the ones that turn into loony troons and tiktok themselves shooting their neighbors pregnant girlfriend. Fuck these motherfuckers, I hope I do live to see a massive catastrophic event, not the one that moves at pace of daily life we’ve noticed for 33 years but a nuke attack, something. Also I see on another comment, I started reading you around 2007 maybe and your original DLA reviews and then general writings have had a profound effect on how I see the world and approach it, I’m still around after all these years.

          1. Thank you for reading all of these years. I think we might have a big war coming up. Will it go nuclear? It probably does not need to: in an interconnected global economy, attacks like 9/11 are more effective than nukes, and this would be many times more powerful. I think you have a good point about normies, which is that at some level, they know they are “the little people” and are not going to be of any consequence. I tend to give them opportunities to feel good about themselves for doing the right thing, and this seems to work out well. For example, if you encounter a normie at work, you might tell them that doing a certain thing is important because the rule has meaning behind it. They will help you enforce that (gently, hopefully) which is essential for rules that are not based on nonsense and pretense like most of them. Here is a masterful riff on this:

            It was lonely for a day or so until one morning some man, more recently arrived than I, stopped me on the road.

            “How do you get to West Egg village?” he asked helplessly.

            I told him. And as I walked on I was lonely no longer. I was a guide, a pathfinder, an original settler. He had casually conferred on me the freedom of the neighbourhood.^

            It gives them a self-esteem boost for doing the right thing, and they then identify with that. Perhaps it is a step on the path to becoming a real, full human being? You can also attack things in the abstract: “I never want to end up as one of those people who chase external trends because they have no inner life, no spirit, no soul, and no direction. They are filling the void with landfill because they are dependent on external stimulus to feel alive. Let’s hope neither of us end up like that, which means we gotta stay away from such people.” Bringing people in is more effective than telling them to take a hike, but in my view, the mentality of “converting” normies is suspect. Most of them are just acting out their role on the Bell Curve; the more intelligent things are, the more likely they are to have actual souls, although that varies with the individual. It is rare to meet a truly soulless over-115 person, but very common to meet under-95s who are basically stomachs with hair and Glocks.

    2. “Only ass is true!” — Paul Ledney (this statement is a complete philosophy, when fully analyzed, containing epistemology, eschatology, and a moral theory in its deceptively simple expression)

  9. Leanatas says:

    Thanx a lot for the podcast and taking the time to record the continuation of the classic shows.Excellent selection as well as clarity and preciousness in these abysmal times of spiritual poverty. Greatly appreciated!

    1. I appreciate all of you who have found me and stayed with me on this journey. We keep the metal flowing… erratically.

  10. ¡HALLA ROF STAOG KCUF! says:

    Any chance that this will be made available for download?

    1. Yes. It was never intended not to be; I forget that most cannot right-click and download from the embedded MP3 player. There is now a link on the post for download (here, 40mb). Thank you for mentioning this.

  11. Dick Vomit Nut Bugs says:

    There’s some horrible confusing errors in what I wrote up there, I am not a professional writer.

    1. …most professional writers get good at the task, not the content, which is why there are millions of competent but useless books. This thought struck me after what I read last night. Sometimes reading is the best drug, with the least hangover, unless one stays up until the sky lightens while reading something that turns out to be dubious.

  12. Judas Imscaredalot says:

    I do want to believe there is a red-eyed cranium floating around somewhere among the stars, humming Atheist riffs to itself in eternity, always grinning.

  13. Gay Sex Zebra says:

    Thanks, Brett, for this. Looking forward to future installments. Long live DMU!

  14. No more says:

    Thanks a lot Brett

  15. Metalheim says:

    Thanks for your work!

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