#Metalgate and Hate Mail (#2): Shawn Wright of Bestial Evil Cease and Desist Email


Shawn Wright of Bestial Evil USA sent Death Metal Underground a cease and desist email:

From: Bestial Evil
Subject: Cease and Desist order 6/3/2016
Date: 6/3/2016



To who it may concern at deathmetal.org

This letter represents Shawn Wright. If you are represented by legal counsel, please direct this letter to your attorney immediately and have your attorney notify us of such representation.

You are hereby directed to:


Shawn Wright is an educated, respected professional in the music community. He has spent years serving the community in his profession and building a positive reputation. Shawn Wright has learned that you have engaged in spreading false, destructive, and defamatory rumors about him and his band. As a host of the domain “deathmetal.org” you are continuing to support the defamation of character by allowing such information to be presented on the website.

Under Maryland law, it is unlawful to engage in defamation of another’s character and reputation. Defamation consists of

(1) a statement that tends to injure reputation;
(2) communicated to another; presented on a website with images and
(3) that the speaker knew or should have known was false information.

Your defamatory statements consist of homophobic imagery, false information about Shawn, as well as defamatory statements about his band and his ideals presenting false representations of Shawn Wright and Bestial Evil on a large scale to the public.

Accordingly, we demand that you (A) immediately cease and desist your unlawful defamation of Shawn Wright/Bestial Evil and (B) provide us with prompt written assurance within ten (10) days that you will cease and desist from further defamation of Shawn’s character and reputation.

If you do not comply with this cease and desist demand within this time period, Shawn Wright, is entitled to seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation. In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that Shawn Wright has asked us to communicate to you that she will pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees. Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable.

Before taking these steps, however, my client wished to give you one opportunity to discontinue your illegal conduct by complying with this demand within ten (10) days. Accordingly, please sign and return the attached Defamation Settlement Agreement within ten (10) days to the email provided.

I recommend that you consult with an attorney regarding this matter. If you or your attorney have any questions, please contact us.


Shawn Wright

The referenced “Defamation Settlement Agreement” was not attached to the email.

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44 thoughts on “#Metalgate and Hate Mail (#2): Shawn Wright of Bestial Evil Cease and Desist Email”

  1. Ggallin1776 says:


    it says “she”.

    “In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that Shawn Wright has asked us to communicate to you that she will pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees. Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable.”

    He probably wrote it though.

    1. No commentary was needed for this news story. The email was probably written from a template even if he contacted a lawyer.

  2. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

    “Shawn Wright has asked us to communicate to you that she will pursue all available legal remedies”

    Is Shawn trans gendered now?

    “The referenced “Defamation Settlement Agreement” was not attached to the email.”



  3. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:


  4. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

    I am honoured to have witnessed the great 2016 trolling of Bestial Evil.

  5. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

    Fuck, now I feel sorry for him

  6. old school ANUS says:

    Anyone who steals an early Destruction haircut in this day and age is probably a poser and should be called out as such. Besides, standard speed/death is the easiest form of music to “get away with” today (Kreator’s Extreme Aggression with lame growl vocals made to appeal to Aus-Rotten fans), where “old school” is a fashion statement. Bestial Evil just sounds like what would happen if a focus group got together to create something which only aspires to entomb itself to the Hell’s Headbangers distro for about 2 weeks, at best. The attention this band gets here is the most it will ever get outside dive bars. It’s obvious that Shawn Wright is only using his band and connections to exercise what little power it gives him, like when he threatened that record label.

    1. Shitfucker might as well be Immolation compared to these fools.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Extreme Aggression is very much a brainchild of the late-1980s Bundesrepublik Deutschland before the country got abolished in favor of one Helmut Kohl liked better. That’s probably somewhat unintelligible to someone who never experienced it but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xlv6SusVhs had a very real meaning at that time (if you were 16 at least). The same more eloquently worded in German (be forewarned that this is very melodic punk rock albeit before that became suitable for commercials [the recording was obviously made afterwards]) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkwVcGkT4bQ. And then, there’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bcpRkv8ZD8, cease-and-desist letter from the estate of Jim Henson forthcoming (aside: insofar early Sodom recordings go, In the Sign of Evil is quite nice, especially because of the universally applicable title track, eg “Hail Christ/ Retail cries/ Outbreak of Christmas”, and Persecution Mania [literal translation of the German Verfolgungswahn, paranoia]. Agent Orange is just a bad xerox copy of the former).

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        “Disclaimer” (someone with a mechanically operating brain might misinterpret this as a statement of fact): I have absolute no idea if the estate of Jim Henson plans to do anything just because this concert recording makes me think of a badly done »Muppets Show« rip-off. Probably not.

  7. Panos says:

    Haha you guys rule. I feel so sorry about Shawn Wright right now!

  8. Virgin Slayer says:

    Was this email sent before or after the gay bar shooting?

  9. 1349 says:

    Is his band a legal entity? If not, how can he demand stopping the band’s defamation?

    1. 1349 says:

      Excuse me, “her”, “she”.

  10. Shawn Wright is a well respected member of our transgender community here in Maryland where he is known as “Barefoot Bambi”. We trannies demand that people treat us with respect and not judge us for being different. Shawn Wright has shown immense support to our community organizing multiple pro-diversity focus groups where we give blow jobs to each other and talk about our feelings. So we support Shawn Wright 100 %, plus he looks terribly cute in a baby-doll. Go Bambi !!


    Bestial Evil fan Club.

  11. OliveFox says:

    A crab-cake eating competition is the traditional way to settle such disagreements under Maryland law.

  12. OnlyInDeath says:

    What, exactly, is either “bestial” or “evil” about threatening legal action towards a website because they called you a fag?

    Welcome to “The Metal Community” ™ circa 2016, where the best response to someone insulting you is to run away and tattle to someone else, and hope an internet mob will take care of them for you.

  13. C.M. says:


    Rare photo of Shawn.

  14. x Lord Relay x says:

    Shawn Wright is a fucking tool.

  15. Weltmacht says:

    Apparently the Bestial Evil from Italy put out a commercial release two full years before the American band. Has anyone let them know that there’s a guy sending scary legal threats with their name and possibly violating their intellectual property rights by attempting to cash in on their established notoriety by stealing their name and putting it on their merchandise? They might consider a legal remedy to this problem also. I know that people in the metal world don’t usually resolve band name issues in that way, but they also don’t typically resolve being called a fag the same way either, so I’m curious to see what develops on that front.

  16. Robert says:

    What a fucking pansy, faggot bitch! This asshole Shawn Wright needs to get slapped. This is why I don’t like homosexuals. Shawn Wright is a known cocksucker and this is the behavior homosexuals have today. Whiny little bastards who know they have the liberal retards backing them up because they’re gay or bisexual, whatever…so he can say and do some dumb shit and not expect to deal with the consequences. This dude is not a metalhead, he’s a homo.

  17. Kermit the Fucking Fuckface Frog says:

    Shawn Wright eats poop and it makes his breath smell like poop and, well, he likes it.

  18. AAAAARGH Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:

    If I have to google who Shawn Wright is, he can’t cease and desist on the grounds of defamation. That is black-letter law right there.

  19. mark says:

    Why don’t you give him a break? He just plays music. This website, and metal in general is full of ignorant right wing bigots; and that is why nobody takes metal seriously.

    1. Kermit the Fucking Fuckface Frog says:

      I think it has more to do with the idiotic and goofy posturing and terrible ‘music’ of people who use metal to substitute for their lack of personality. These are the people that society sees and the reason ‘nobody’ takes metal seriously.

    2. OliveFox says:

      whoa, whoa, whoa. I may be a bigot and I may be right wing and I may not take metal seriously, but asking me to give someone a break is way out of line!

    3. give me a break says:

      Modern society doesn’t take anything it doesn’t understand or agree with “seriously”.
      Because they (academia and the “authorities”) have their head
      up their asses that they feel omnipotent and infallible, they think that anything
      that falls outside their radius of acceptability in submission is bullshit.

    4. mark says:

      Disregard my last comment I suck cocks.

      only leftist cocks that is.

    5. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

      You are right. We should pander to the public so that we become more popular, acknowledged, and taken more seriously.

      I’m not a right winger, but I think the time for me to listen to music for its quality has ended.
      The time to listen to music for the correct message has come.

      1. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

        This guy is right in a way.
        If metal became something that the public understands and agrees with, then it would be taken more seriously.

        In other words:
        If it was rock music with lyrics about simple topics like current injustices, then they would get it and agree with it.

        If it is death metal, with lyrics depicting horrible things (but not preaching to you that these are good, nor bad), as a way to illustrate a greater point, then they will neither understand it nor take it seriously.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          There’s a very intelligent statement about the downfall of hardcore in the FAQ, namely, that it – due to being simple – was too easy to imitate by professional imitators and hence, transform into something much more mass-marketable and accidentally kill it in the process. And the same happened to rock music a little over a decade earlier. Example providing a background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khCAIAucN4E. There’s a reasonably accessible complete song suitable as illustration starting at about 29:30 (Light Is Faster Than Sound). Now, the lyrics of this are obviously pure nonsense and this is extremely primitive stuff played by a bunch of weird-looking creeps. The chick, despite her fat ass, has a certain charme and a more conventionally useful talent than the guy who’s making these ridicolous noises with his guitar for want of being capable to play anything else (James Gurley, BTW). So, why not get her out of this, hire some real musicians (aka bunch of professional session players) and milk everything out of this current fad while it lasts (a roadkill or two certainly wouldn’t hurt our bottom line)? Fast forward about 50 years and lots of more professionalization and you have a perfectly standardized product which can be conveniently used to help selling everything, be it Windows 95 or soap bars (Ed Sheeran would seem particularly suitable for the latter).

          OTOH, what could you conceivable market based on something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxrp-sZAXIo (this is a Relapse Inverloch commercial which comes with a song). The vocals could be about soap, too, but who’d understand that? And this is still fairly accessible stuff, what about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lC7ZyXU_DY? You can’t turn that into something upbeat and simple people can remember, or, more correctly, you can. That will then probably end up being called Slipknot (I heard the first Slipknot track about a year ago, played from a jukebox. I first noticed this as “This sounds metally, but the drummer is playing really odd stuff, sort-of if he couldn’t make up his mind what he actually wants to play. I wonder what that is”) and ‘postmodern’ (will mix of disparate bits) as that may be, the commercial appeal will still remain fairly limited. But this is certainly not related to the lyrics as most people won’t spend time thinking about what they could mean, anyway.

          1. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

            Death metal and black metal still aren’t mainstream.
            I think that there’s more mediocre and self referential selling in, than selling out.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Odd firebomb (no link since I’m not a promotional material): There’s a very listenable Norwegian deathened black metal band called Repulsive Aggression. At the very least, they’ve provided me with something to engage my mind on during about 12 days of dishwashing.

    6. OnlyInDeath says:

      Thanks so much for the info! With these tips, hopefully soon we can be taken seriously like Kanye and Bon Iver. There can be a metal award show on ABC and contestants on American Idol can sing Demilich songs. Wal-Mart can start selling censored black metal cds. After all, the goal of underground metal is to make lots of money and be super cool! I hope Pantera gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon.

      1. Poignant Tuffguy Muzak says:

        “I hope Pantera gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon.”

        That`s probably going to happen at some point.

        1. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

          If rock wants to claim them, I’m fine with it. It’ll clean my metallic hands of their stain.

      2. Kermit the Fucking Fuckface Frog says:

        You know they will…

    7. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Bigots don’t have wings.

      1. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

        My political philosophy is left wing.
        I apologize if anti islamic and socialistic tendencies in the same person is too complicated for your binary black and white world view.

    8. VaeVictis says:

      I actually think it has a lot more to do with the logos no one can read, the stupid makeup and the pig squealing.

  20. Nathan Metric says:

    A poser band called “Bestial Evil” complaining about evil done to them. Pure hypocrisy. Defamation charge is retarded. If you are going to complain about losing your reputation you actaully have to care about your reputation in the first place. Clearly a someone who fronts a band called “Bestial Evil” does not give a fuck out their reputation. Just more sheep dreaming of being wolves.

  21. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    I have down a share of playing and traveling, and I fucking loathe what the commoners have done to metal, and I am fucking sick of giggling garbage level socialites with their scene drama and tiny realms of self importance. If you do a band now and think you might actually be good, go as obscure as possible, do not mingle with fecal droppings in cesspools.

  22. VaeVictis says:

    It’s pretty great when anti-government, ACAB, “hard-ass” crust punks use the threat of a law suit to stop people on the internet from saying mean things about them.

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