Russia (not Soviet Union) Announces Intent to Censor

We received the following announcement apparently from the Russian state today:

Направляется уведомление о внесении в «Единый реестр доменных имен, указателей страниц сайтов в сети «Интернет» и сетевых адресов, позволяющих идентифицировать сайты в сети «Интернет», содержащие информацию, распространение которой в Российской Федерации запрещено» следующего(их) указателя (указателей) страницы (страниц) сайта в сети «Интернет»:×370.jpg .

В случае непринятия провайдером хостинга и (или) владельцем сайта мер по удалению запрещенной информации и (или) ограничению доступа к сайту в сети «Интернет», будет принято решение о включении в единый реестр сетевого адреса, позволяющего идентифицировать сайт в сети «Интернет», содержащий информацию, распространение которой в Российской Федерации запрещено, а доступ к нему будет ограничен.

Сведения о включении доменных имен, указателей страниц сайтов сети «Интернет» и сетевых адресов доступны круглосуточно в сети «Интернет» по адресу .

С уважением,


It is notice of making an entry into the “Unified register of domain names, Internet web-site page links and network addresses enabling to identify the Internet web-sites containing the information prohibited for public distribution in the Russian Federation” the Internet web-site page (s) link (s):×370.jpg .

In case the hosting provider and (or) the Internet web-site owner fail to take these measures, the network address enabling to identify Internet web-sites containing the information prohibited for distribution in the Russian Federation will be decided to be entered into the Register and access will be limited.

The information about entering the domain names, Internet web-site page links and network addresses into the Register shall be available on a 24-hour basis at the following Internet address: .

Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR).

We are going to write back to verify but for now, it looks like our Russian readers are going to be SOL in the near future.

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142 thoughts on “Russia (not Soviet Union) Announces Intent to Censor”

  1. Leslie Nielsen says:

    With all the craziness and overthrow in the world I hope my Vodka consumption will not be affected, as it’s the best drug on earth.

    1. It’s at least less likely to produce weird multidimensional hangovers like the sweet liquors.

  2. Dedovshchina gang says:

    That’s funny considering how much sodomy is supposedly going on there.

    1. One great thing about moron conservatives (and pretend conservatives, like in USSR) is that they always announce their next moronic act. “Next month, we crack down on gays!” at which point all LGBT+ start hiding. It’s like comedy, except really expensive.

  3. Boredom says:

    Why would they write to you in Russian?

    1. They wrote in both languages. Since they are a Russian legal agency, it makes sense to have the message in Russian at least, and my guess is the English is provided as a convenience.

  4. Corpsefucker 4eva says:

    Damn Russia has cucked.

    1. Maybe we should send them one of those 55gal drums of lubricant?

  5. DEATH ADDER says:

    You all have to understand that politicians arent into individual tastes for music and other things. Politicians just want to play their game, they are archtypes. Its very stupid thing to choose sides on this world today, both sides WEST against Russia, both sides has this HERD MENTALITY WAY OF THINKING. Even on metal music people think on this colleectivist way, thats why i still listen to black/death/thrash without being part of this, without going to concerts, without being herd like majority of metal people, i also have no taste for new stuff, i am always into the OLD STUFF that Euronymous supported on their interviews etc just like DEMO/EP era of ROTTING CHRIST that was much better than full lenghts

    1. ra haus says:

      Seems like you’re still following some made up rules

      1. DEATH ADDER says:

        Its not made up rules. Most people dont even seen to exist as an individual conscience. No matter how many income they have, their job etc they look like robots, they dont think outside of their labour, function in society etc No matter how inteligent they are in their job, income etc they look like robots without an individual conscience, and this is how a see most people in this world thats why i dont take sides on this global conflict between the west and russia . this is a matrix with people who are just archtypes programmaed on their functions on this fake world

        1. You describe individualism quite well.

        2. Mr Handsome says:

          I agree that most human stuff is a waste. I’m talking about your metal related autism hun. I don’t particularly identify with the metal crowd either or anything else really but good music is good music and I see plenty of it live, big and small, and enjoy myself just fine without letting the battle vests bother me. There are genuine people hidden everywhere. All broken somehow.

    2. Democracy means whoever manipulates the most idiots wins.

    3. DEAF BLADDER says:

      Thy Mighty Contract is better than the demos and Euronymouse loved sodomy on a level that even Prozak could never hope to achieve

      1. only sissies dont like sodomy

        1. It takes a real man to take a real pounding.

  6. Spinal says:

    Is that GBK cover art?

    1. It’s from a Jack Chick tract.

    2. Plato says:

      Doesn’t matter. Art is useless.

      1. I cannot agree here. Art enhances life, therefore is part of life improving itself. As evolutionary as sticking all the Pantera fans in planes and flying them into the WTC.

        1. Aristotle says:

          I don’t know about improvement, but it is therapeutic.

  7. Islam Retaliation Front says:

    Real brave with that picture. Christianity is an easy target because everyone knows they won’t fight back. Try insulting Mohammed, I dare you.

    1. Mainly because then White and hwite people ban you for being “racist”!

      I agree with what Michel Houellebecq said about Islam, but I extend it to all of the Abrahamic religions. They are not useful to me because:

      1. Dualist
      2. Universalist
      3. Foreign

      That’s all we need to know. Diversity does not work, even in religious form, and all I care about are the fourteen words:

      We must secure the existence of our sub-species and a future for Cro-Magnid children.

      1. The Münch says:

        That’s all we need to know. Diversity does not work, even in religious form, and all I care about are the fourteen words:

        We must secure the existence of our sub-species and a future for Semitic children.

        Fixed it for ya. Now your readers can read what you really meant (((Brett))).

        1. Confrontation scares me says:

          Wow, you sure showed him. :O

          1. The Münch says:

            Wow, quite the obedient submissive, eh? I’m surprised you were able to type that with his cock lodged in your anus.

        2. I am going to convert to Judaism, homosexuality, and being African-American just to piss you people off! lol

          1. The Münch says:

            Well, you’re already two out of the three, but if you wanna nail the trifecta, go for it you big ol’ overachiever you.

      2. trad metal > black metal says:

        You might as well have some Mohammed slandering pictures.

        You’d figure all of black metal would have made Islam it’s number one target after the South Park bullshit. Burn down mosques, why not?

        1. Remember Three Weeds From the Same Root, the Capricornus album? This was the common sentiment at the time: all Abrahamist religions are foreign, and use a type of symbolic thinking that is alien to our people.

          1. Cynical says:

            I wish Capricornus had gone further with Thor’s Hammer — IMO, it’s better than anything Graveland did after he left.

            1. I also wish he had gone further. I like later Graveland but the band wanted to be soundtrack folk metal, not black metal, at the time.

    2. Mohammed was pretty gay and also liked little kids says:

      I love Islam

      1. Homo Erectus says:

        Judaism is pretty slick too

      2. Analingus, Coprophagia, and Sodomy Aficionado says:

        Christianity is awesome bro. It’s like Islam with relaxation and sex with someone other than goats.

        1. Mohammed was pretty gay and also liked little kids says:

          We should combine the three desert weeds like they did with that gay jew and his dad and call ourselves the “New Sodomites”.

          Then we can all get together and argue about why Indians have a cooler religion but still poop in the street.

          1. One with nature says:

            Shitting in the streets is holistic and natural.

            1. Defecating in the woods certainly is.

              1. I like nature, but... says:

                Just don’t let the weaponized mosquitoes bite.

  8. Trannygaze says:

    Brett, I’ve never given My Bloody Valentine a chance because the hipstery sound annoys me.

    1. First album seemed good to me, and you really need more than that. The album has basically different angles on one mood which is half production technique but it is pleasant and engrossing future pop in a way, and I think that is what attracted many of us who were listening to noise, black metal, electronica, and shoegaze at the time. For the latter genre though, that first MBV album is all you really need.

      1. Crow says:

        *second MBV album

      2. Dad's a lame-o says:

        My Bloody Valentine? Really? What’s the matter Brett? Are you trying to be the relatable dad that takes an interest in his kids music so you can relay that back to your “readership” for brownie points? Your metamorphosis into a sorry, pathetic boomer is now truly complete.

        1. Brunhilde Fan #69 says:

          Fake ANUSite above who isn’t aware MBV has been a part of the DLA forever.

          1. Dad's a lame-o says:

            Using socks to reply to posts Brett? Lame is an understatement around here. I also see the delicious irony in you bitching about Russian censorship, yet indulging in the same. What happened poop-butt? The line about picking up your dysgenic shit muffins from school cut a little too close to home?

              1. Dad's a lame-o says:

                Tit pics or GTFOH

                1. I am attempting to convert to both Judaism and Islam, identify as an African-American, have registered as a homosexual, and am female-presenting with pronouns it/its. Does this help?

                  1. Dad's a lame-o says:

                    Certificate of conversion/registration pics or GTFOH

                    1. Alcoholics synonymous says:

                      Cute in a square kinda way

                    2. I am an AI’s fever dream.

            1. Get a life says:

              Lighten up francis

              1. Dad's a lame-o says:

                Light as a feather, stiff as a board

                1. AIDS Warden says:

                  So you come here and drop a deuce on Brett, then proceed to wipe your ass with his flunkies, eh? You’ve got moxie fella.

                  1. alpha email says:

                    and hes so mysterious too *sigh*

                    1. AIDS Warden says:

                      Hey if you wanna blow him, that’s your business sweet cheeks.

                    2. 100% endorses sodomy.

                2. Tyler Gebar says:

                  Sure thing man

                  1. Patrick Pearse says:

                    always thought Tyler and Prozak were the same person….huh…count me shocked

                    1. Rumor has it lots of people considered sock accounts were not, and lots of sock accounts considered as independent people were in fact not.

  9. Jesus is King says:

    I don’t blame them when you keep posting zogslop pictures like that.
    Being anti-Christian is being pro-jew/pro-muslim/pro-globalism.

    1. Being pro-Christian is being pro-Abrahamist. It’s important to focus not so much on what might be wrong with Christianity, but that my people need their own religion.

      1. Patrick Pearse says:

        Isn’t “Protestant” your people’s religion? You are always going on about WASP, “people”…..

      2. Shlomo says says:

        Your people already have their own religion; it’s called יַהֲדוּת you alte kaker.

    2. Passes the spliff says:

      False dichotomy bro

    3. Jesus smelled like pee says:

      You gay [African-American]

  10. Fandom questions says:

    Does this mean we will finally insult eachother politely instead of the usual Aids and Applestuff? Also if Brett ever dies will we be notified or will another obscure writer take over the Bat Cape?

    1. Gnarly Charley says:

      Would be nice if a grave address is provided along with the death notice; that way we could pay our respects by visiting his grave and taking a nice, steamy dump on it; not to take twisted delight in desecrating his grave mind you, but rather for natural fertilization purposes since Brett’s all about nature and its organic processes.

      1. Yes, this is good. Ideally my grave would be an acre of ground somewhere in the wilds of Texas where the flowers always bloomed and the armadillos could root around and munch on grubs.

    2. Brettfan (Open up your mind) says:

      Brett will never die. Brett is eternal.

      1. While I like this idea, eventually I will croak and if we are lucky someone can carry on the spirit of ACTUAL METAL instead of all of this HIPSTER SHIT and CAREERIST MAKE-WORK floating around the airwaves.

        1. Patrick Pearse says:

          Lots of people around who can parrot your ideas, have no fear my WASP friend.

          1. Let us hope the ideas have a life of their own.

            1. Man on the street says:

              *gasp* Zombie ideas! Run!

              1. It is a new concept, related to “infectivity” of ideas per the postmodernists, but it reflects how people adopt whatever idea lets them quickly and completely (more than easily, although that is in there too) rationalize their past and path.

                A zombie idea lives past its relevance because although it does not explain reality, it explains reality in the human though-space in a faster and more complete way than the complexities of digging into the details. Democracy is one variant; electric rechargeable leaf blowers are another.

              2. Engels the simp says:

                Marx lives!

    3. Man-Machine Interface says:

      I’m sure THEY will upload Bretts consciousness onto a hypercomputer somewhere before that happens, if THEY haven’t already done this already.

      1. For added hilarity it’s going to be an Apple watch.

      2. I have always been a Perl script, and my true name is

        1. Dildotronics says:

          I knew it!

          1. Never understimate Perl. It’s a helluva drug.

        2. Master Blaster says:

          So the Rabbi Stevens meme is in fact true; this shit writes itself, lol.

          1. They confuse “Bret Stephens” (NYT Ashkenazi who borrowed a Scotts last name) with my own moniker, which includes two old family names.

            1. Deceived and conquered says:

              What?! I always thought you were the Australian rules football player, «««Brett»»».

            2. Master Blaster says:

              I thought Perl was created by a Jew; hence my comment. Turns out it was some Christian fruitcake that came up with it; my bad.

              1. Perl clutcher says:

                Is that how you get a perl necklace?

              2. More importantly, linguists were involved, so they designed a computer language to work like human language, and in doing so made the most flexible programming language in history, although huge parts of it are derived from the UNIX shells, awk, sed, etc.

            3. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

              Yeah that dude was crazy. A literal Likud parody. He called for the genocide of Palestinians, said ALL Arabs are mentally ill (the “illness” being antisemitism, ofc) and should be treated like animals, and even more Zio-supremacist shit that the MSM tries to white wash.

              *unexpectedly* he was never a target of antifa violence or the “anti racist” left in ways basic bitch Europagan bands like Graveland and Marduk have been.

              1. The Left is always going to give anyone associated with The New York Times a break. The NYT carried water for Stalin during the Holodomor, so your average individualist sees them as associated with the good guys. Antifa knows not to antagonize their middle class supporters as well as their donors, most of whom seem to be [[[ donors ]]] with slightly smaller amounts of {{{ donors }}}, ||| donors |||, or (((donors))). At least a quarter of Jews vote Republican, most in the cosmopolitan bourgeois style of Bret Stephens, but that makes them outliers among minority groups and hwite groups, almost all of whom are raving Leftists. The only reason hwite Christians cling to the Right is the abortion issue, which has hamstrung the Right because it is an election loser (but headline and donation getter!).

                As far as the Palestinians… apparently “genocide” according to the eggheads includes relocating the population, which would be a sensible thing to do. Three thousand years ago Arabs took Italian wives and made Jews. These Jews are higher IQ than the surrounding jihad, therefore want to break free, and this has caused a conflict where both sides engage in eek ook superstitions and call each other demons and animals. What exactly is wrong with animals, anyway? In the long term, the two groups should be separated for the sanity of all, and this means that Palestinians would have to go hang out with the people who are genetically most similar to them in Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. The Arab world has a tantrum when you mention this because the Gaza debacle gives them ongoing fodder for their fund-raising for jihad, since almost all of the Arab world loves to unite on the idea of killing Jews. Humans, we’re an advanced species… well, maybe some humans are, but the average are “talking monkeys with car keys” as Kam Lee said.

                I am a realist, not a moralist. Every group is supremacist. If you go to the poorest most fucked-over part of Earth and ask the people there who is the Master Race, they are going to say something like, “We are, of course. We’re just going through a few bad seasons and when we come back, we are gonna rule the planet and the rest of you will pick our cotton and turnips.” Plot twist: this is a healthy mentality. You can either love your people or hate them, and to love them, you have to consider the rest of humanity to be untermenschen.

                In that sense, I have no problem with Zio-supremacism because it would be unrealistic to expect anything else. However, a realist would also say that this is why only Jews and all Jews belong in Israel. Most of the problems that humans face can be solved with boats: ship the Jews to Israel, ship the Arabs to north Africa, ship the Irish to the surface of the sun, and so on. Perhaps most importantly, we can gather up all of our incompetents, luvvies, neocommunist fellow travelers, weird perverts like pedophiles etc, sociopaths, neurotics, schizophrenics, psychopaths, idiots, retards, and yes-men and ship them all straight into the third world.

                Antifa are ironically the scared kids of Late Stage Democracy. They see that things are not going well, but they fear crossing the equality line because it protects them personally, since otherwise they have no known use. That may be the most damning thing to say about anyone or anything — it has no known use — and it tells you why these people are hateful vandals who specialize in destroying the best hopes of humanity while celebrating its decline like the turd-flinging monkeys they are.

                As far as quasi-Zionist country club Right-wing Jews go, I would much rather read David Brooks or Peter Berkowitz, but you really should upgrade to far-Right Jews like Paul Gottfried. In my life, most of the people who were honest about race were Jewish; true, they had the shield of being minorities themselves, so they do not get deplatformed like actual White people who speak up about this stuff (Jews are hwite like wops, micks, bohunks, and spanes: white mixed with Other, usually the Mongol-African mix of the middle east). You cannot be Jewish and be unaware of race, diversity conflicts, and the danger of the pogroms coming back. Theodor Herzl was right when he observed the Dreyfuss Affair and said to himself, “this shit is always gonna happen until we have a country of our own.” His solution to the Arab Question was tolerance and cosmopolitanism, sort of like how Jews since 1945 have been banging the tin drum for diversity, although after October 7, no one believes that shizz anymore.

                1. Master Blaster says:

                  I stand corrected: based on this long-winded, word salad reply, the Rabbi Stevens meme IS in fact true; this shit truly does write itself, lol.

                2. Cynical says:

                  “The Arab world has a tantrum when you mention this because the Gaza debacle gives them ongoing fodder for their fund-raising for jihad”

                  There’s a bigger issue here — the Palestinians are the Irish of the Arab world. Jordan and Egypt very much don’t want them in their countries (as they shouldn’t). Support for Palestine from other Islamic countries goes exactly as far as “using it as a wedge against Israel”, but won’t go anywhere near “letting those subhumans live with us”.

                  1. Good point. The Arab world is already burdened with a permanent, inbred, and low-IQ underclass — sort of like California — that is really good at ramming trucks full of explosives into things but not so good at agriculture, manufacturing, or building.

  11. Fellow evangelist metal brother says:

    Mr. Brad Stevies, accept Jesus Christ in your heart to lead a peaceful life on Earth with no regrets and to avoid eternal damnation in Hell and Satan’s big monster cock.

    1. You had me at “Satan’s big monster cock.” I’m first in line, to Hell we must go!

  12. TheLord says:

    That communist jew jesus sure is enjoying that Roman cock. I bet that bothers those ex soviets since communism was created by a jew just like jesus, both haters of the rich and strong.But I guess white’s just love sucking the Jewish God Yahweh’s dick so much so they believe in him instead of actual white God’s from Europe.Non jews are so weak they deserve to be spiritually dominated by the sons of Abraham. THE KING OF JEWS IS A LIAR!(Paul ledney>jesus)

    1. Whites just love sucking the Jewish God Yahweh’s dick so much so they believe in him instead of actual White gods from Europe.

      Yahweh eats a lot of pineapple.

    2. Tall black man says:

      I’m a very tall black man from Ghana and more powerful than you lol

  13. Alejandro Mayorkas says:

    A quote that always cracks me up on the topic of Christianity: “Well, yeah I guess if there is a heaven and a hell I think I’d rather go to hell because heaven just seems…kinda gay.” -Trey Azagthoth

    I don’t agree with everything he says in the interview snippets, but it’s a nice reminder that there was a time when his brain wasn’t totally fried. Let’s all pray for him :)

    By the way – as a joke I chose my name because of some stupid politician in the news. To get the spelling correct I looked him up and then began reading from there. How the fuck is the top U.S. official in charge of border security from Cuba? Insanity.

    1. Native Musings says:

      Read his early life section on Wiki and you’ll see why.

      1. …people still use Wikipedia?

        As the Redditards say, waow. It’s not just the pedophilia, it’s the inaccuracy and state propaganda.

        1. Native Musings says:

          As a quick reference point, it’s not completely useless. Accuracy varies from entry to entry, so peruse with discretion (as with MOST things online).

          1. People will go very far to rationalize propaganda. I cannot. Use Britannica!

            1. Native Musings says:

              You mean the same Britannica owned by Jacqui (Jacob) Eli Safra with Jorge Aguilar Cauz as its CEO? Yeah, no propaganda there; you’re so full of shit, it’s a wonder you don’t sprout daisies.

            2. Harry Potter says:

              Where’s Britannica’s Alejandro Mayorkas entry?

    2. Crionics says:

      Trey’s awesome, a throwback to the demented genius stereotype. He’s said his piece and is now off in cuckooland fishing for rats in NYC sewers. Let’s hope he catches a few pinkos and feeds them to the gators down in some Florida swamp.

    3. Self-pity, expressed through pity of others by the solipsist/individualist, is a hell of a drug, especially when it trickles down to the votards. Late Stage Democracy is pretty hard to stmoach.

      I agree with Trey on some level. The way Heaven is portrayed in conventional organized religion is retarded, basically sit around on clouds eating donuts type stuff. The original was closer to nirvana i.e. a divine state of mind in which to spend eternity, as opposed to these neurotics who get an infinite life of FOMO, YOLO, and overeating.

    4. Concerned Citizens of the World says:

      Someone give this lil’ nigga an intervention already.

    5. Poster boy for reefer madness says:

      You could say the same about Chris Barnes, at least he was somewhat lucid back in the day. You’d think weed would mellow him out. Good thing some of these little tikes grow out of their “smoke ganja erry day, Hail 420!” phase. Such a shame.

      1. Weed mellows out the type of people who watch Hollywood movies. The rest of us smoke/smoked it for its intensifying properties. It is a hallucinogenic, not a sedative. That being said, the people who run our opinion industries grew up in the 1960s when they were smoking wild sativas dried in toaster ovens, so they associate weed with the brain-numbing properties of the other stuff like CBDs in there that turn people into sofa warmers.

        1. Musings of a fried mind says:

          Chill out man, its just some grass, man!

          On another note, its supposedly gotten a lot more potent compared to what it was in the 60s.

          1. Most definitely, thanks in part to the Dutch. However, the ancient Indians did the same thing and made some amazing weed back in the day.

            1. Negerlands & tulips says:

              Turning your nation into a drug tourism mecca wasn’t probably the brightest idea in retrospect.

              1. We should have just used California. I suppose things are heading that way anyway. The nice thing about The Netherlands is that you do not immediately get anally raped at the airport. You have to drive around a bit and pick a no-go zone, then rape will be constant.

    6. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

      It’s not really his “cubanness” that makes him hate White people with such virulent passion. Most Latino politicians, particularly the higher IQ Cubans, are just whores for money. Ted Cruz, Rubio… their policies are typically those with the highest paycheck attached, so basic bitch Chamber of Commerce Republicanism with heavy emphasis on being “natural social conservatives” due to Jesus or something.

      The DHS guy? I don’t think he prostrates himself before the wailing wall in Havana. Also, as has been pointed out elsewhere, the Biden administration (the WOKE ELITE lol) is actually the least diverse since at least Reagan. Many “dual nationals” and not Canadian-Americans either. At least they managed to piss off their base by all but endorsing Palestinian genocide, which is why I predict the election will be a hilarious shitshow between AOC/Michelle Ob. type characters trying to mansplain to their base why Arabs are actually secret Nazis (they read MEIN KAMPF !!! those who can read, all 112 of them) whereas the Republicans will double down on DemsRrealRacist something that I was told stopped being edgy before Boomers even became irrelevant.

      1. People hate whoever is above them in the stack. Chinese hate Koreans who hate Japanese; minorities hate hwites who hate Whites.

        Ted [[[ {{{ Cruz }}} ]]] wants Hispanic dominion over North America. Every person wants their group to dominate; if they are mixed, they associate with whatever group makes them most unique, since that gives them the most social power.

        1. Suffah Chazzer says:

          if they are mixed, they associate with whatever group makes them most unique, since that gives them the most social power.

          So THAT’S why you associate with Jews. Language is always a dead giveaway, and this is no exception. Also makes the WASP (spiritual Jews) ball washing make more sense. You are what you are (((Brett))).

          1. I was never a competent “racist.” I work for my group only and bear no ill-will toward others, but I would put them on boats and send them back to their ethnic homelands for the better future of all. There are a lot of talented Jewish people out there and the callow internet Jew-bashing just lets democracy, equality, socialism, and wider diversity (DEADS: democracy, equality, atomization, diversity, socialism/subsidies) off the hook for the terrible idea they are.

            Every individualist fears the demise of equality.

            1. Suffah Chazzer says:

              So I take it you’re terrified?

              P.S. There are a lot of talented Jewish people out there…

              Of course there are ✡(((Brett)))✡

              1. Funny how “It’s the Jews of course!” can be found all over social media, but when I start talking about how egalitarianism/individualism destroyed the West, I get banned everywhere.

                1. Goebbels says:

                  If egalitarianism were an easily identifiable villain, people would be all over it. Now it’s more a flimsy concept and your average Joe doesn’t want to think more than is necessary. Got to work on that villain’s image if we want social media’s attention.

                  1. We are in the process of doing that. Most people handle tangibles well and panic at abstraction.

                2. Suffah Chazzer says:

                  Gimme a break you lying kosher cunt; you have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Where exactly are you banned? Your milquetoast takes on diversity are hardly controversial. As far as I can tell, you’re a lolcow that no one takes seriously.

                  1. Those accounts are frozen by the services. Same way Reddit shadowbans, but in this case, posting privileges are revoked. Surely you noticed that from the inactivity.

                    1. I do not have control of this page. Looks like automated posting to me.

                    2. Suffah Chazzer says:

                      Yeah right. You’re stuffed full of shit you deceitful twat. Your limp-wristed, mendacious deflections alone cement your lolcow status. Cope harder bitch.

                    3. are you okay says:

                      Brett isn’t joking. He lost access to it years ago but it’s not automated; others who were given admin rights to the page can still post the links (which I am doing). That’s the kind of weird shit they pull on Faffbook but is it really that surprising?

                      Maybe take a few deep breaths before you start raging at people. Just a suggestion.

                    4. Thank you for posting these. Facebook hates me after the Gamergate/Metalgate years and they seem to have the most “politically informed” censorship. Apparently I irritated someone with deep pockets or a big title.

                    5. Suffah Chazzer says:

                      So you whined like a little bitch with a skinned knee to your jannies so they could come here and sweep up for you…sad, pathetic. Calling you a cunt was an insult to those that ovulate. You’re just a bald, fat, irrelevant middle-aged lolcow that will hopefully soon die from mouth cancer, colon cancer or preferably a combination of the two.

                    6. I see you admit you were incorrect in your statement.

                      We wonder what else you might be wrong about.

            2. >I don’t hate them but I’d send them back.

              If I am half white (northern France) and half hwite (southern Germany), was raised under the papacy and refuse to ever be any kind of protestant, which of these takes precedence? There’s no right or wrong answer here, I’d happily take an imperially mandated trip to Bavaria.

              1. Ethnicity matters more than anything else. Genetics is the blueprint. Catholicism is just another form of neurosis.

                1. I am the ruler and has-been says:

                  Culture always seems to have the last say over genetics considering just how much e.g. Catholicism has affected the minds of an entire civilization.

                  1. Bad cultural fascinations, trends, and laws can have negative outcome, as we see in the case of organized religion. But that is only the power to destroy, not to create what is not there.

                    You are reprising the nature-nurture debate from education. Yes, lack of education can hobble an intelligent person somewhat, but no amount of education will make an unintelligent one intelligent.

                    You recall that this appears early in The Republic:

                    I might answer them as Themistocles answered the Seriphian who was abusing him and saying that he was famous, not for his own merits but because he was an Athenian: ‘If you had been a native of my country or I of yours, neither of us would have been famous.’

                    1. I am the ruler and has-been says:

                      I wasn’t thinking of education’s effect on individual intelligence, I was thinking of culture’s effect on collective preference. As in genetics might have something to do with the way certain peoples e.g. built houses or castles, but the result seems more to do with ideas (some quite foreign) and surrounding nature. Maybe these are platitudes? (“Culture is ideas? Yeah, no shit, Shirley!”)

                    2. The “surrounding nature” is a big part of culture that gets underemphasized. I think genetics has the biggest role because all moral preferences are aesthetics at the end of the day. Ideas that appeal to us are first chosen aesthetically. Your example of architecture is one of the most important, since architecture reflects how we think. The parallel with education is this: like with IQ, environment can mostly hurt potential but cannot raise it. That is, if you take a smart kid and feed him lead paint, you get a mentally damaged kid with a lower IQ; if you give a smart kid education, he goes further, but education cannot make a dumb kid smarter (and usually just makes a criminal).

            3. Doug says:

              The core issues need to be hammered because discussing any satellite issues at this point is just chair rearranging. Listening to “conservative” talk radio is so comical watching them tap dance around the black hole of reality never willing to take the plunge. (“what is this ‘radio’ you speak of?” ha ha)

              1. This strike me as true. All of our problems — the ones we can fix — are created by our “solutions.” Conservatives are re-arranging the deck chairs because any sane person would oppose democracy, equality, atomization, diversity, and subsidies/socialism/reward-before-performance, but our government is based on those things and most people are brainwashed or naturally inclined to like them.

  14. I am the ruler and has-been says:

    Moral ideas being downstream from aesthetics makes sense to me as well. But differences in building a house seems to have more to do with the necessities enforced by a people’s natural environment, or historic events even, than genetics. So nature and history would then “educate” peoples to adapt technology and behavior accordingly. At least it seems easier to show how environment affects preference than how genetics does. I wouldn’t even know where to start with the latter.

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