War and Sodomy

by Hereweald Cola Algar

Weakness is a disease, and pity is the enabler.

As truth, this causes the masses drugged with the opium of equality and other blank slate derived fallacies of humanism to raise their voices in an outrage of slave morality. Behind their displays of pity is the simple individualistic formula whereby they realize that if other useless weaklings can be brought to heel, then they are not safe from being put back into the place that their character and abilities really deserve. By exercising pity, the bad is not only allowed to fester but is in fact promoted when shown that it is not necessary to be outstanding to reap the immediate material benefits that, in the past, were reserved for those who rose above everyone else.

The obvious part of this is imperfect form- especially when it arises from leftist-tinged ideologies- as it tends to erase the impetus that metal naturally has towards the Faustian, and instead veering towards vulgar solipsism. We know that all is connected, and that the outward form of something is an inevitable reflection of inner traits. What the average IQs miss in this equation is that judgement based on form, and the analysis that leads to a connection with what lies deep inside, is not trivial. The straightforward road can only give us clues and judging from form alone cannot provide the whole picture.  Form, moreover, must be stressed as a way towards excellence and not the point, for otherwise it is simply a matter of time before we descend to the level of a short-sighted materialism, the kind which the likes of Mikhail Bakunin and other Early Church Fathers of the Left Hand Dreg espoused.

A less obvious side to a path to elitism is that inner spirit is, on the practical level, more important than proper form alone. Death metal of proper form abounds yet they are essentially nothing more than stale replication. Spirit implies an inner uniqueness, which is derived slowly, heard ‘in between the lines’ of form.  Concretely speaking, one detects spirit by ‘connecting’ to the passage of ideas and sensing the whole within and without that passage. Here, we use the term ‘idea’ to refer to units of musical structure which can be perceived by the listener as full sentences that encase a meaning; though more than a meaning, we should speak of a intuitive unit, a wave of apprehension, a passing ghost.

In short, while we should strive to correct lacking form, the real problem to be addressed is the mentality that underlies it. In doing so we attack the root, killing off those who are rotten, while healing those who can be healed. For metalcore, there is no salvation: he who cannot organically and intrinsically feel the sheer idiocy within this music of the urban rednecks of the spirit, there is only death as redemption.  For war metal and other pseudo black metals, it seems to be a matter of filtering out those who have enough IQ to see that there is something more to this music, and then let those with character to admit their mistakes, and brave enough to renew themselves, to step forth.  And while the work of each individual should, ideally, be scrutinized in order to evaluate potential, logistical conditions forbid it as entirely impractical.

What this means in terms of how we address bands is that instead of only referencing a glorious past, we will redirect our attention to how the present can bring future glory as a function of that great past.  As a rule, the future cannot be like the past, if it is to be alive and a true reflection of the unique conditions taking place.  The essence of things may move like tides, or cycle through, but the times are not the same, the totality of the universal state is not the same, and thus, future incarnations and iterations will of necessity lie in uniquely differentiated points in the continuum.  Whatever clings to the past must be obliterated, and nothing is forever.  We want to learn from the past, but must avoid trying to repeat the past.  For repeating the past would signal inner mediocrity despite any and all excellence in craft.

What this means in terms of the team of writers that is currently taking shape on this site is that we will act without pity for passing support or the so-called loyal readership.  What is needed is forward-looking action, an eye on eternity rather than only on what pleases this or that crowd.  The necessary crowd will be addressed (without selling out) so that the furtherance of our goals can take place.  Any excuse for inaction or failure to live up to responsibilities will be punished with dedicated sodomy followed by a swift discarding. Whining will be met with sadistic sodomy, a contrariwise action to all of your desires based on false notions of entitlement.

Lastly, in acquiescing to weakness and pity, those who are strong themselves start a diseased journey through decadence. Not only can we not bend to present mediocrity, but the complaints by the hoards destined for the pools of oblivion will not be taken as anything else than noise. Until now, doing so has only eroded the energy, patience and sanity of more than one editor and writers. From here on out, this will be a bleak place of torture and unlikely mental prodding.

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31 thoughts on “War and Sodomy”

  1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it

    1. Enlarged without any effort says:

      Is your name in reference to your embarrassing detumescence issue? Over-stimulation of the prostate is a regular cause, try not being such a fag and see if that helps.

      1. Inheritable Dowel Simulation says:

        In case you aren’t just joking around, I’ll throw you a lifeline, son: it’s part of a Demilich song title.

        Have you heard of them?

        1. Enlarged without any effort says:

          No. They sound gay. Is that song about taking a shit, or taking it up the ass?

          1. Enlarged without any effort says:

            Strange feeling in your stomach
            like a pressure from beneath
            Stench of vomit – what a feeling
            like pungent ecstasy.

          2. Midget Brett's filipino transgender girlfriend says:

            Kill yourself.

  2. rylan doof's gaping boypucci says:

    Lordy lordy, I’m not sure if it’s even autism anymore, this level of keyboard warriorism is too embarrassing to slog through, not to mention being devoid of essence beyond thinly veiled whining about not being taken seriously.

    I keep checking back for Johan articles or something half as good but keep seeing edgy pictures and this self-unaware toughguy pseudophilosophizing posted by sockpuppets… yall should lay off the atavan and whiskey and seek Jesus, at least he still loves you even if you can’t publish interesting reviews any longer.

    1. Jared Kushner says:

      David Rosales’s semen-encrusted tube sock.

    2. neutronhammer says:

      You’re an Idiot.Look up the definition of Autism

      1. rylan doof's gaping boypucci says:

        Lurk more.

      2. milk my dick says:

        Ok I looked it up in the dictionary and there was a picture of this article next to it

  3. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    Enabling strength sounds like a lot of hard work! DMU’s evolving mission and message feel clear and fresh, and the table is set for feasting!

    We had to I&D a nearly 500# hippo to remove a staph infection going from his hip to his armpit, and some noob surg tech dropped 6 gallons of saline and blood all over the floor in sterile processing, the mess looked similar to the photo up top!

  4. Jared Kushner says:

    You sound like a fucking faggot who’s mad that nobody at the synagogue will tolerate you bringing your twink butt buddy on Friday.

    1. Deathevokation says:

      You just described the recent UN vote of 128-9 in opposition to naming Jerusalem the capital of the illegal apartheid state, Israel, ending with Anglo-Zionist pig Trump, and his deranged criminal Zionist jew boyfriend, Netanyahu, crying. Faggots.

  5. cornrose says:

    I pray thee, rape the souls of the weak and plunder their pewter treasure to make it golden once again!

  6. I pity Darg for being such a faggot

  7. ulver is bad says:

    Metal is dead. New shit sucks.

    1. S.C. says:

      Woah you just blew the whole lid off the whole “scene”. You should write a book or something. Your incites are unparalleled.

      1. Midget Brett's filipino transgender girlfriend says:


        Fixed it for you.

        1. S.C. says:

          Much obliged

  8. Deathevokation says:

    The more this site pretends to be smart, intellectual, and superior is the more it fails. What’s next an article on pipe smoking… whoops already been done you pretentious morons: https://www.deathmetal.org/lifestyle/introduction-to-pipe-smoking-and-pipe-tobacco/

  9. neutronhammer says:

    Forceful article, Decibel and this year-end-list culture needs to be pounded into non existence

    1. DMU already had a year end list! Burt Stefans just deleted it.

  10. Flying Kites says:

    Why not introduce our youth to articles of Herr Prozak as a monthly editorial, or whatever that journalist thing is these kids are in-to.

  11. It will only get worse says:

    It is typical humanoid behavior to divorce form from function. The imitation, the arts, the ersatz, the allegory, all inferior copies, or human interpretations of the actual. If you distill it down even further you get the current state, the now.

    1. milk my dick says:


  12. Bill Hopkins says:

    This is pure, modernist and post-modernist, wordplay masking zero content underneath.

    Standing back and looking at it from the functional or design stance, the purpose seems to be this:

    -Insert what will appear sophisticated to others, so that they take as Word what I am judging to be bad.

    Take the following, for example. There are zero objective reasons given for why what is ‘Bad’ IS bad:

    “For metalcore, there is no salvation: he who cannot organically and intrinsically feel the sheer idiocy within this music of the urban rednecks of the spirit, there is only death as redemption. For war metal and other pseudo black metals, it seems to be a matter of filtering out those who have enough IQ to see that there is something more to this music, and then let those with character to admit their mistakes, and brave enough to renew themselves, to step forth. And while the work of each individual should, ideally, be scrutinized in order to evaluate potential, logistical conditions forbid it as entirely impractical.”

  13. atonalistic moshing says:

    This is about the self-discipline or heteronomy of music

  14. Scum Filter says:

    If metal is suppose to be a doctrine of elitism and superiority, why is it that the underground attracts mostly degenerate dope fiends, low life backstabbers, mentally/emotionally damaged losers and all kinds of trendy posers?
    I’ll tell you why!: It’s because the form of the genre itself enables this impetus. Metal is outsider culture but people are generally predictable and are rarely able to escape their own humanity. You get them in a large group and they eventually start to fuck and follow one another. Majority rules and any radical outliers are usually subverted, which is an irony in itself if you take into consideration being a reject among a group of outcasts. That’s almost like being a “normal” at a gig.
    The fact is that like any gathering of people, music scenes are typical of a herd mentality. Yet this is the form of the function: people come for the show and bands play for the audience. They rely on one another in this context, but in reality this arrangement is not necessity. Take for example some Black Metal movements which had forsaken live performance yet were still able to flourish creatively and proliferate their following.
    Yet as we all know, BM eventually failed to uphold its own values as it was indoctrinated into the music industry which has always permeated the scene.
    Do you notice that the more popular a band gets, the more their music begins to suck?
    Anyways, I laud DM.org for their adherence to quality but anything more seems like mere Romanticism. People are NOT going to change, whether by their own initiative or yours, because they are not here to improve their lives. They are here because its “fun” like woohoo & shit. Or because often is the case with underground metal, people seek out environments where they can feel comfortable engaging in deviant lifestyles with other like minded trash. If anything, the musicians are the ones who experience a true transcendental journey, in the sense of spending years to hone their skills to play an instrument well, gathering inspiration and formulating their creativity to achieve an experience as close to sonic rapture as their level of discipline will allow. And even most of them can’t get that right either. Maybe what your hinting at with these articles and philosophy is not achievable through a medium like metal music. Perhaps, metal was meant to remain a hesher culture of fist-pumping and bull-headed drunken mosh pits. Who knows? There could be hope for a greater salvation of superiority and it could very well arise from the ashes of a dying metal scene.

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