61% of metalheads also listen to classical music

The “20something neckbeards who get paid $60k/year to lardass around ‘programming'” on Reddit did a metal survey, and the results were interesting. While not much was revealed about how people enjoy metal, the data on what other genres are also enjoyed was a nice wake-up call, with classical music coming in second place to classic rock.

According to the Reddit metal survey, 61% of metalheads out there also listen to classical music.

You can see the full results of here.

0 thoughts on “61% of metalheads also listen to classical music”

  1. Lustful gay says:

    Everyone lies on surveys. weakling metal heads and UG faggots especially.

  2. Fitty Cent says:

    Even metalheads down wit Rap

  3. open-minded metal guy says:

    its because we so open minded and shit, ya dig?!

  4. Anti-Bactorial says:

    >20something neckbeards who get paid $60k/year to lardass around ‘programming’

    As opposed to the ones that don’t, IE the userbase here? Nevermind, I forgot most of you are in your late teens.

  5. shit says:

    look at the number of gayfags who enjoy “progressive metal” and “melodic death metal”

  6. Anti-Baccalaureate says:

    Plus, many more said they listened to classic rock, why don’t you point out that relation? And besides, all those faggots are insecure posers; yeah right, like they “don’t enjoy” pop music. Anyone who claims not to like MJ or Gaga is either trying too hard or needs to have their head examined.

  7. samefag detector says:



  8. Anti-Boman says:

    Fail on the samefag call then, I’m just the two Antis.

  9. Comment says:

    60% of people on a Reddit survey…

    You guys at ANUS are as fucking stupid as metal fans sometimes.

  10. Garrett says:

    Love how in response to “What is your favorite metal band?”, only one of the bands mentioned (Slayer) has a page or any kind of approval from the anus community. For the record, here’s the list of faves:

    KalmahSLAYER-Demolition HammerGoatwhoreBlind GuardianDiscordance AxisBlack Sabbath?Nilebetween the buried and meDestroyer 666, Axis of Advance, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, AbsuMetallicaIron Maid…

    lol, what was it you were trying to prove again? And yeah there’s poor formatting, suck my shlong, I ain’t fixing it.

  11. my e-penis is bigger than your e-penis says:

    Wow, judging by these reactions and the ones on the forum I’d think that people are just frustrated that classical isn’t “elite” anymore. I can only hope anyone here has the dignity to take two steps back and see how childish all of you are being (but actually you do look kinda funny from a safe distance)

    Oh and Garrett the DLA has reviews praising Absu and Metallica too, not just Slayer. You nitwit.

  12. the game says:

    Oh wow, that’s what, 2 out of 12? And one of them is only the biggest, most popular and most influential band of all time, gee, I wonder how they got mentioned. That review is recent as hell anyway, definitely wasn’t here when I started browsing this appropriately named shithole. And who the fuck has Absu as their favourite band, anyway? Absu, seriously? What a joke.

  13. correction says:

    influential metal band*

  14. dumb nigger says:

    I’m pretty sure alot of us agree that Sabbath, Maiden, Discordance Axis, and Axis of Advance are pretty worthy also. You’re just an outsider looking in. Gtfo.

  15. I'm smarter than you...and i love cannibal Corpse says:

    It’s funny how you people come on to a website about positive breeding and eugenics, yet never bother to read the dumb lame ass idiotic comments you write in public about gay sex, and penises…

    How about thinking for yourself for a change? Sounds wierd but i
    would try it if i were you…


  16. fuck wigger metal. says:

    The spam boughts are getting bolder on the forums…

  17. thief says:

    Headbanging causes brain damage. Metal fans are stupid, they don’t value intelligence.

  18. Aleksei says:

    Metal is a degenerate cultural product. Look at something like Star Trek or the movie The Hunt for Red October: both are cerebral, demonstrate high values and nobility, a certain degree of sophistication,subtlety and tact. What does metal have to offer in comparison? A bunch of unpresentable morons headbanging to awful noise, ugliness that at best is comical and at worst repulsive in the face of good taste, and other cheap stupidity that’s meant to be attention-grabbing. If any fan of this “music” had the attention span to read this far, know that I spit on metal and the degeneracy it represents.

  19. That’s fantastic and an irony too because in the past classical was considered “superior” vis-a-vis “stupid” heavy metal. I listen to both, though ;-)

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