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Doomentia Records is releasing both Abomination albums, Abomination and Tragedy Strikes, on vinyl. Abomination was another death metal/punk hybrid band featuring Paul Speckmann of Death Strike and Master.

Today, Doomentia Records announces September 16th as the international release date for long-overdue vinyl editions of Abomination’s Abomination and Tragedy Strikes albums.

Master, Deathstrike, Funeral Bitch and Abomination: these are the four equally important parts of the Paul Speckmann legend, world-revered pioneer of the whole thrash/death movement. Having forged a longtime relationship with Doomentia that has already resulted in over a dozen lavish vinyl reissues, it felt logical to choose that very same label to, at long, last re-release the last two missing parts of that puzzle: namely, the two Abomination full-lengths originally released in 1990 and 1991, respectively.

As he confessed it himself later on, Speckmann “hijacked” Abomination, a band that initially bore a different lineup yet already featuring Aaron Nickeas on drums. At that time, Speckmann was still in Funeral Bitch, but he couldn’t help but notice Nickeas’ powerful drumming style, and the two of them started rehearsing in secret with former Impulse Manslaughter six-stringer Mike Schaefer. Yet after one demo (nicknamed The Red Demo) in ‘88, they both decided to focus on their partnership while keeping the name Abomination, leading to the recording of another demo (nicknamed this time around The Black Demo) and intense local activities. Right after, Schaefer was let go, only to be replaced by Dean Chioles from the future band Body Bag, who would go on to play with Nickeas, the band signed to a fledgling Nuclear Blast and recorded their debut in DKP studio in Illinois with eight freshly-written tracks.

Starting off the hostilities with a nearly eight-minute-long song about drug addiction (“The Choice”) wasn’t maybe the smartest move, but the band didn’t care. Abomination is a bona-fide classic, back when the frontiers in between thrash and death were still quite blurry, and all for the better. Yet, this is also where its creator decided to get the most verbal, spitting forth his wrath towards the corrupted system that enslaves us every day a little more. A must-have for all you Master fans out there, available for the first time in over a quarter of a century(!) on glorious vinyl format, with the original eight-song sequencing and with an insert containing all the album’s lyrics, courtesy of Doomentia. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Abomination’s Abomination
1. The Choice
2. Murder, Rape, Pillage and Burn
3. Reformation
4. Redeem Deny
5. Possession
6. Suicidal Dreams
7. Life and Death
8. Victim of the Future
9. Tunnel of Damnation

Recorded once again at home in Chicago at Seagrape Studios a year only after their debut, Tragedy Strikes saw Abomination in an even more pissed-off mode. Inspired by the recent Gulf War – or ‘Operation Desert Storm’ – opening track “Blood for Oil” makes it pretty clear that Paul Speckmann’s general distrust with society in general, and with the United States in particular, has only increased with time. A solid 15 years before he would choose these topics again with Master, Tragedy Strikes is probably one of the angriest and most political albums of his career. Disgusted by those politicians sending out their young soldiers to die for nothing (“Soldier”), drunk drivers guilty of hit-and-run (“Pull the Plug”), or the damages caused by our industry (“Industrial Sickness”), Abomination came up with an even more aggressive follow-up to its debut, yet one with almost a hardcore attitude and punch, without knowing there’ll be another eight long years before we’d see the light of Abomination again with the Final War EP. But that’s another story…

Like its predecessor, Tragedy Strikes is being made available for the first time in 25 years on glorious vinyl format, retaining the original eight-song tracklisting and with an insert containing all the album’s lyrics, courtesy of Doomentia. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Abomination’s Tragedy Strikes
1. Blood for Oil
2. They’re Dead
3. Pull the Plug
4. Will They Bleed
5. Industrial Sickness
6. Soldier
7. Kill or Be Killed
8. Oppression


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6 thoughts on “Abomination Vinyl Reissues”

  1. Seems like the guy from death metal band Broken Hope bought Jeff Hanneman’s guitar collection…

    source: http://www.metalinsider.net/in-the-studio/broken-hopes-jeremy-wagner-buys-jeff-hannemans-guitar-collection

  2. Morbideathscream says:

    I have the compilation of both Abomination demos on CD, which was reissued by doomentia. I need to pick up these full lengths. I’ll buy the vinyl, if it’s not reissued on CD, that’s usually the only time I buy wax.

    1. Johan P says:

      Are those demos any good compared to the fullengths? The debut is good stuff, and an interesting compliment to the Master/Death Strike/Speckman Project tradition.

  3. Morbideathscream says:

    Yes, the demos are ripping fucking death and essential to the speckmann legacy. I probably like them just as much as Deathstrike’s Fuckin’ Death demo.

    1. Dave the Faggot Grohl says:

      Interesting. Death Strike and Master are great but I figured they were just scraping the bottom of the Speckmann barrel at this point.

  4. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    I’ve known of this and for awhile but have never listened to them after being burned out by the 110 bizarrely shitty recordings of the Death Strike demo, I swear to fuck I have bought and rebought it 4 times over to the point where there is now a bit of distrust with old Speckman material. Now Fuckin Death is a classic masterpiece but the other versions, especially the Speckman Project sound fucking terrible, I am only going to listen to this because Mark from Impetigo is wearing an Abomination shirt in a poster on my wall. Yes I know these are different songs shut the fuck up before you start.

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