Acrostichon – Engraved in Black re-issue

Official reissue of their 1993 album, originally released on Modern Primitive, with the “Dehumanized” demo, two live tracks and a compilation song as bonus tracks. Death Metal the way it was always meant to be, rotten and moist, with some mandatory doom-laden tempos and a little bit of Thrash thrown in for good measure. Draw a mental picture of Autopsy, Obituary or Nihilist with the occasional pinch of ancient Thrash Metal and you’re almost there. This reissue features a jaw-dropping new artwork and layout by Richard Schouten @ Robotmonster, including a 12-page booklet that is packed with rare photos, old flyers, lyrics, etc. Limited to 500 copies.

0 thoughts on “Acrostichon – Engraved in Black re-issue”

  1. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Fuck this gay 4th rate OSDM shit, when is ANUS going to review dark occult noise like Proclamation???

  2. a voice of reason in a chaotic confused world says:

    Yeah man, ANUS praises these Black metal bands coming from Norway who were rebeling at how much the florida and swedish death metal were becoming trendy and cloned. well, guess what if a clone in the 90’s was irrelevant it sure as Hell is more irrelevant 20 years later.

  3. a voice of reason in a chaotic confused world says:

    plus those riffs sound suspiciously rock n rolish to me. and the vocals are just retarded.

  4. Metal Eugenicist says:

    Now, where did I put my Scream bloody gore CD. Oh right, still in the CD player, imagine that, after all these years, that’s…(say it with me)…RELEVANCY!

  5. reasonable says:

    Anus discriminates against DEATH (the inventors of death metal) first of all, because Chuck was christian (why you dissing on his religion, fascists?), and second of all, because he died before he got a chance to blow his load in Prozak/Bret Stevens/Kontinual’s anus. Tough shit, you blew your chance faggots. Get over it.

  6. Prozak sucks nigger dick says:

    Chuck Schuldiner was a notorious chickenhawk and had his pick of underage boys to sodomize and dump his load in; Prozak is just jealous that he never felt Chuck’s 4 inch cock throbbing in his anus.

  7. FUCK YEA says:

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  8. asdfasd says:

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  9. Queero Mc Hungo says:

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  10. Mastodon Guy says:

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  11. NO says:

    >Destruction cover art
    >silly, unrelated album title

  12. Adrian Mc Cocks at the altar of Queero MC Hungo says:




  13. Joseph uberman, impaler of proles says:

    Awesome, this is gonna be my soundtrack to my Fall as pathetic untermensch ask me to turn my headphones down in class, because it’s distracting them. I’ll do it, but I’ll blatantly ignore them. Hahaha, that will show them.

    Just a minute, mom’s knocking. Ugh, she’s such a prole.

  14. Mastodon guy says:

    The vocals are shit. The music only begins to get good at around 1:36. Silly fuckin’ riffs! No wonder it was overlooked back in 1993. People were already enjoying good death metal like Atheist, Suffo, Pestilence and Death.

  15. Mastodon guy says:

    Disregard that, I like Mastodon!

  16. All of you are trolls and losers. says:

    Just got this CD in the mail today. It’s some good stuff. I see Acrostichon as being something of a summation of all of the various substyles of Dutch death metal: there’s a bit of Sinister’s labyrinthine superfast riffage, a lot of Asphyx’s doom, Gorefest’s sinister sense of melody, and Pestilence’s overwhelmingly epic song structuring, all pushed to their maximum potential with a bit of added uniqueness, like a slight dash of spice added to the stew. It’s not insanely original, but it is great and essential listening for the old school death metal fan.

  17. >essential says:

    I don’t think you know what this word means.

  18. Krieghammer says:

    If you don’t like OSDM, then just don’t listen.

    Put on your mom’s make up and listen to some gay Mayhem, some pussy Suffocation or some pothead Mastodon.

    Why don’t all of you kids ask meet for a nice evil circle jerk

  19. Satan is my father says:

    Acrostichon rules !!!!

  20. @ Satan is my father says:

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  21. Satan is my father says:

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  22. ie not metal says:

    this band is garbage, listen to good music instead

  23. 3 faces says:

    i see people with three faces irl

  24. 3 faces says:

    so yeah, the conclusion is “fuck you”, like always

  25. Necrovomit says:

    I kinda like their albums. Great live band too.

  26. All of you are trolls and losers, part Deux says:

    This is an essential album for fans of the style, because of how great the songwriting is and how well it ties together all of its parent influences. It’s like a Dutch death metal counterpart to early Gorgoroth: pushing the genre forward by analyzing the past. I defy someone to tell me why "Immolation of the Agnostic" doesn’t contain some of the most sublimely dynamic death metal songwriting this side of Asphyx’s self-titled.

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