Amazon needs more ripping of the sacred flesh

I’ll never understand why places like Amazon, where kids can hitch a few items onto their parents’ orders and get away with it, don’t put greater emphasis on works like the following:

In fact, they seem to almost want to hide it, as if they’re afraid of the controversy that might come from encouraging citizens to blasphemy. That’s ridiculous, given that our current regime would love nothing more.

Maybe it would be fun to coerce these opposing forces into revealing themselves. Are you pro-blasphemy, or anti-blasphemy?

Here’s the review posted today:

Paul Ledney, the primary composer on this CD, spent some years in INCANTATION and REVENANT trying to make the ideal of music to him: stripping of all meaning, pure nihilism and primal id expressed through sonic violence.

On this CD, he came close. In the vein of early BLASPHEMY or BEHERIT, this is primitive chromatic riffing with unusual, almost hasty song structures, using his odd method of picking three-note “modal stripes” and repeating them at different positions in the chromatic scale.

Surrounding this are the cavernous vocals of Ledney himself, which like a whisper made into a roar surge around the music, carrying it like a rhythm instrument of deviant intent.

Sounding very much like the results of a weekend of apostate demons camping in the countryside and, in the midst of their blasphemy, picking up guitars to make unholy music, “Dethrone the Son of God” exemplifies the feral and nihilistic spirit of black metal.

I’m not telling anyone what to do, but if a horde of people showed up and started discussing this in the amazon forums, commenting on it and otherwise encouraging it to become more popular, the results might be telling. -|-

0 thoughts on “Amazon needs more ripping of the sacred flesh”

  1. L-shaped Face says:

    Telling? Ha!

    More like… Embarrassing.

  2. durf says:

    Yes, it’s almost as if they’re afraid. It can’t be that nobody gives a shit about second rate black metal that sounds like frogs in a blender.

    Why don’t you do what you’re better at and write more articles “proles.” You literally want to be Stewie from Family Guy, right? Don’t forget to say “victory is mine!”

  3. furp says:

    *about proles!

  4. Fear? No one has mentioned it. Except for you.

    And proles don’t count.

  5. Noble Delicate Hessian Overman And Slaughterer Of Innocent Christian Souls says:

    Why is the forum still down?

    I guess tonight will be another lonely saturday night filled with suicidal thoughts and ending up drunk crying under the shower. Please prozak fix the forum, it’s the only form of socializing I have! *cries*

  6. Levy_Spearmen says:

    You’re making a drunk me laugh. Thanks.

  7. proto says:

    Maybe they’re changing the forum around a little. If your’re still looking for forum suggestions, make it more like the old forum but just keep the Audiophile (expand it to include pdf/txt files maybe) and Commerce sections.

  8. Levy_Spearmen says:

    If I am banned, can I still download from the audiophile?

  9. optimistic babyboomer says:

    I’ve got an idea! Let’s just pretend the last 10 years didn’t happen!

  10. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Just keep those years at arm’s length.

  11. anus metal blows says:

    “I’ll never understand why places like Amazon, where kids can hitch a few items onto their parents’ orders and get away with it, don’t put greater emphasis on works like the following”

    Here’s an idea, because they fucking suck and consequently no one cares about them. Get some fucking taste, scumbag.

  12. lol @ the only 2 reviews for that shitty bedroom joke of an album being by anus fags says:


  13. lol @ the only 2 reviews for that shitty bedroom joke of an album being by anus fags says:

    also, I suck cocks.

  14. Dominating Fucker says:

    @anus metal blows
    Why are you so angry tonight little hipster fag, did your boyfriend deprived you from your daily diet of cock and jizz? You’re a queer-idiot cocksucker screaming for attention. Your faggot-whining is fucking boring and retarded, go back to your fucking gayporn indie rock sites you little shit licker cunt!

  15. Levy_Spearmen says:

    @anus metal blows
    Furthermore, fuck you and fuck off.

  16. Dominated Faggot says:

    Im such a hardcore dude I string together as many “bad words” I’ve learned on the playground as possible, also I write out my gay fantasies on the internet, I’m obviously not obsessed with cocks and anal sex at all no siree that’s totally not why I don’t write out these detailed fantasies

    also I am a hipster and the ultimate poser

  17. Dominanting Fucker says:

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  18. tiny midget says:

    Why does nobody pay attention to me no more?

  19. 2cents says:

    Ok. most of you that commented are obvious faggots.

    @ durf
    The “nobody that’s popular cares” attitude identifies your valuation as inherently false. Who cares if the crowd doesn’t like Havohej? the crowd. And seriously what’s wrong with scorning the proles? they SHOULD be fucking shot, unless you identify with them or are some sort of equal rights hippie then you wouldn’t give a shit to begin with.

  20. Dominating Fucker says:

    @ Dominated Faggot
    No fuckwad you got it wrong, as most fucking emo retards do. I love metal music, I like this metal site, that’s why I’m here you little worthless maggot. Why are you here, on every fucking post shithead? We get it, you don’t dig metal, but your fucking homosexual teen angst and your shemale ego-drama of your faggot pointless comments just sucks, asshole! It’s more likely to find real posers on other metal sites than on this one, just as it’s more likely to find butt-hurt cocksucking downsyndrome haters on this site than on any other fucking dipshit! Your emo hate comments are pointless and you know that hipster bitch. Yet you insist on repeating pointless, retarded and very faggot behavior here, why cunt? Can’t you see we look down at you like the little shitty retarded fag you act out to be, you fucking stupid emo moron? And more importantly you tiny dick whining faggot emo, how about if I fucking break you face you fucking worthles piece of shit hu?

  21. 1dime says:

    You’re a fucking dickhead

  22. truth hurts says:

    @ 2cents

    You’re right that the “crowd” (IE the majority) don’t give a fuck about Havohej, the problem is you take your argument in the opposite direction and completely wrong conclusion. The tiny few that do give a fuck about that and related things are in the bottom percentiles of the distribution of human quality, not the upper. The “crowd” is above them by several standard deviations.

  23. god this site attracts the worst aspies, brutal slayer is probably the same dipshit and also an imbecile says:

    Why is Dominated Faggot talking to himself?

  24. god this site attracts the worst aspies, brutal slayer is probably the same dipshit and also an imbecile says:

    Disregard that, I suck cocks. Now I’m going to go cry because I have nothing better to do than spam shitty comments about autism on a site that I hate. Someone, please, put me out of my misery.

  25. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Sounds like Negruvoda is one butthurt leftie faggot.

  26. 2cent says:

    @truth hurts

    “The “crowd” is above them by several standard deviations.”

    hahahahah that’s fuckin hilarious/ I take it you’re fucked off your brain on drugs.

  27. truth hurts says:

    yeah ok mr. aspie metalhead scumbag, please list to me your accolades and what you’ve accomplished besides that CRT tan you’re working on in your parent’s house

  28. Levy_Spearmen says:


  29. Physically attractive hessian with a sexy 5 inch loverod. says:

    Can’t tell you how many times iv’e jacked off while blasting this stunted masterpiece.

  30. Physically attractive hessian with a sexy 5 inch loverod. says:

    I always try to cum at around “The King of the Jews” or “Fucking of Sacred Assholes” sometimes it occurs much earlier of course ;) I have yet to hold out for the entire album.

    One of my goals in life is to sex a hot chick in the ass while blasting DETHRONE SON OF GOD in the background.

  31. physically attractive hessian with a sexy 5 inch loverod. says:

    I’m of IRISH blood to motherfuckers….we are sexy assholes (Martin Regnum style baby).

  32. strong arguments says:

    1. Pick a buzzword such as aspie or bigot and use it all the time without regard for the topic at hand. You are at once taking moral highground and showing you’re up with the times.

    2. If you can’t easily put your point of view across, personalize the issue. I must be better than you, in some way… “yeah well at least I moved out of home”.

    3. When all else fails rely on stuff like “Yeah but the crowd is against you so even if you are right it doesn’t matter”.

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