Anders Björler Quits At the Gates

Anders Björler has quit At the Gates according to a statement posted on the band’s Facebook page. Nevertheless At the Gates is pressing forward with more new, lame material that nobody wants to hear as it won’t match the band’s prime period headed by Alf Svensson capped by Gardens of Grief and The Red in the Sky is Ours. Nobody was particularly fond of At War With Reality. The rest of At the Gates should join Alf Svensson and Anders Bjorler in throwing in the towel for good.

AT THE GATES Statement – March 8, 2017

So, it is now official that Anders Björler is no longer a part of At The Gates. He will always be part of the At The Gates family, of course, but he will no longer write, record or play with us live.
This is something that we, the rest of the band, have felt was on its way for quite some time, as that special spark was no longer with him the last year.
We are grateful for all we have experienced together with him, all the records, all the songs, all the gigs, all the laughs and good times.
The rest of us have in the meantime started the work on the follow up to At War With Reality, we already have three songs written, and the direction is set for an intense, hungry follow-up album.
Jonas has always written a considerable part of the bands’ material and we are fully confident that the new material will live up to the standards set by our previous records. It is ripping.
The four of us still has the burning urge to create death metal together, and we love playing live in front of our fans, so we will go on, with an even stronger intent.
While writing the new record, that we intend to record in the beginning of 2018, we are trying out Anders’ replacement. Some auditions are being held as we speak, and we will get back to you with news on the matter as soon as we know more.


Below are some comments from Anders:

“Just a quick note to let everybody know that I am leaving At The Gates permanently.
The passion is just gone. There might be a more lengthy statement in the future, but at the moment I feel no need to explain further.
This is a personal decision, and it has 100% to do with the music side of things.

The reunion in 2008, and the subsequent tours, as well as the comeback album ’AT WAR WITH REALITY’, really helped revisiting our friendship, and it brought us together in a way I will always remember and cherish.

I would also like to thank all the people that supported us throughout the reunion shows as well as the ’AT WAR WITH REALITY’ album.

Thanks a lot!”

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5 thoughts on “Anders Björler Quits At the Gates”

  1. nigstomper88 says:

    “The passion is just gone” u dont say…

  2. Astronaut Bread says:

    I hereby nominate Alf Svensson as his replacement. All in favor…

    1. At war with quality... says:

      It’s been over 2 decades since anything worth hearing came from this band. I doubt Alf Svensson could save this band and if the main songwriter from The Haunted is taking over the writing… not good.

  3. Mael says:

    I wish all of these rock star 90s death metal bands would just break up instead of hogging up all the festivals that would benefit from younger fresher sounds. They’re fucking deoressing

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Stark contrast between this and the more recent “the shouting guy who lost his testicles” stuff.

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