Angel Witch Releases Seventies Tapes For Free

Angel Witch has release the 1970s demos that they still hold the rights and tapes to for pay as you go digital download on Bandcamp. The renowned New Wave of British Heavy Metal band did this to benefit the survivors of the recent tenement apartment tower fire in London. All of these tracks were on the now out of print Sinister History CD along with contemporary live recordings. Death Metal Underground strongly advises all fans and downloaders to not pay anything or contribute anything to this funding attempt at social justice warring and undermining western nations.

The victims of the fire were mostly Muslim economic leeches living on government handouts in subsidized housing. Parasites brought to the United Kingdom by leftists, fed by leftists, and killed by leftists. The leftists gave tax breaks to appear more “environmentalist” to their neo-hippie supporters by allowing them to attach highly flammable insulation foam to the sides of buildings. Foam that is mostly illegal to use inside buildings anymore as it is a seriousfire risk. Idiocy begets idiocy and nature always finds a way to kill everyone as death is the grand leveler. Leftist idiocy just accelerates both the decline of the traditional culture and the death of everyone, including those brought into replace the traditional inhabitants in order for the sycophantic crypto-Marxists to maintain political power by providing bread and circuses to a new generation of gullible idiots.

The British government is throwing millions of pounds of British tax payers’ money at them already. Do not pay for Angel Witch – Seventies Tapes.┬áDo not waste your earned money, whether from hard work or the old fashioned way. It will do nobody worthwhile any good and solve no problems.

Do you remember the signs at lakes at a kid telling you not to feed the ducks? That was as with a constantly stable food supply, the ducks will overbreed, become dependent on human bread, dominate the pond, and eventually aggressively attack people having picnics, boaters, and fishers for food until they need to be culled, usually with those specialist implements for hunting waterfowl known as shotguns and retriever dogs. The same is true with leftists- imported violent religious fundamentalists who made themselves into untermenschen with centuries of inbreeding. Stupid people incapable of earning their own bread will vote for whoever feeds them despite allowing them to loot and emasculate the native society meaning there will quickly be no seeds to grow bread left for any of the original inhabitants of the lake.

Feeding the human ducks can only harm you. Let entropy take its toll on their numbers. Hopefully all leeches and leech sympathizers such as terrorism continuance supporter and traitor to occidental civilization London mayor Sadiq Khan will fall victim to nature too. History readers know what happened to such traitors in old England and true Hessians should never pay for this cash grab. Sodomize and stamp down the wretched weak. Oppose all resettlement and download Seventies Tapes for free or not at all. Better yet, just find a copy of Sinister History somewhere.

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19 thoughts on “Angel Witch Releases Seventies Tapes For Free”

  1. I never recovered from Angra's split says:

    US has low consanguinity because lots of immigrants from everywhere, he he.

    Also : the london fire was really a disaster in waiting that was probably a voluntary decision of the wealthy parasites living in Kensington and Chelsea to get rid of the poors.

    I’ll stick to youtube for the random times when want to hear angelwitch still.

    Also, the terrorists have been imported by May herself too, not just the leftists (look up the resume of the guy for the Westminster attack ; or just his father : was a security officer for Khadafi who was fired because he was suspected of islamist sympathies, even of giving warnings of police raids to islamists, and he managed to find a job in the UK at the security of an airport).

    1. I never recovered from Angra's split says:

      I meant “Manchester” not “Westminster”, damn Brits and all their city names sounding the same.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      To “shit of the sodomizer in his pants — adraid those muslims might behead him some day” alt-righters, the Tories are left-wing.

      1. Tories are Reds who like fox hunting.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          The “told the local big issue seller to fuck of back to Romania”-party doesn’t have much in common with “American liberals”. So little, in fact, that their European equivalents also prefer to avoid differentiating between “tories” and “other guys on the right we also hate”.

          1. At this point, are there any parties which are not fundamentally Leftist? Even the AfD and fellow travelers seem like they want a nice modern pile of a civilization just with more nationalism and Hugo Boss attire.

            1. I never recovered from Angra's split says:

              The “left” is just as nationalist as the right, there’s only a very thin sugar-coating of human rights rethoric that will never stop them from supporting Frontex etc. Forget Marx, even a decent 18th century guy like Tom Paine would not recognise them as left.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                This “All left!” vs “All right!” reminds me of an old joke:

                Radio traffic warning: “A vehicle travelling in the wrong direction on the M…”
                Driver: “One?”

                1. Boy you sure know how to liven up the place with that dry methodical sense of humor. You wouldn’t happen to be German would you?

                  1. you're gay says:

                    he’s a fucking athropomorphized German flag

                    1. you're gay says:


                    2. Flag fag says:


  2. Necrophiles need love too says:

    Stop feeding and funding the stupid, end humanitarian aid! Anti-humanism NOW!

    1. Lots of humans, not much quality. Time for a PURGE OF CULLING.

      1. canadaspaceman says:

        Too bad there is not actually a mandated, legal purge, for the entire public to participate in, like “the Purge” movie trilogy.

      2. blueshewolf says:

        You really think you are so good Brett? So better than the bulk of humanity? Think again, You are just a sorry piece of shit. A total mental case with delusion of grandeur. Anyway, you don’t care at all about any human, even if it’s a white nationalist like you claim you like. In reality, You are just a black wizard scum feeding on misery and have an everlasting lust of power because you have no soul and you know that your time will come sooner or latter and you try to delay the inevitable.

        1. you're gay says:

          damn bitch calm down

          1. canadaspaceman says:

            LOL !
            “black wizard scum feeding on misery and have an everlasting lust of power because you have no soul” … is a great line. Think I will write a song and steal that !

        2. I AM THE BLACK COCKS says:

          GREAT POST! +11111111111111

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