Anti-Fascists Plan to Stink Bomb Trump Inauguration

Project Veritas caught wind that anti-fascists and communists were planning to stink bomb the presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump. The Progress Unity Fund, Worker’s World Party, Americans Take Action, the Answer Coalition, and other Marxist organizations were implicated. The DC Anti-Fascist Coalition was caught on video planning to pump a pint of butyric acid into an inaugural ball. Planning and scouting out locations for such an action is a violation of anti-terrorist laws.

Anti-Fascists and their communist allies will stop at nothing to harm those who do not shout slogans from their little red bibles in the street. The want to steal the personal possessions from the people to hand out to political allies in a perverted form of feudal re-distributive economics and urban leaches whom they envy in a sort of perverted Christian ideal for being unsuccessful like themselves. The Marxists will shoot you for not acting in direct contrast to human nature.

This leftist totalitarianism is evident everywhere from Hollywood to the mainstream news media. Hollywood rejoices at pandering, idiotic social justice dramas that objectify minorities and the oppressed as fetish objects to be saved from themselves. The mainstream media constantly attempts to force the delusional liberal social narrative down consumers’ throats in spite of anyone with half a brain being able to see through such schemes as Obamacare, taxpayers paying for the medical consequences of promiscuity, and body dysmorphic criminals like Bradley Manning hailed as being braver than those who actually risked their lives simply as he was mentally ill and justly punished.

Totalitarians will never accept the results of free and fair elections as they don’t believe in playing by the rules everyone else agreed to. While a relatively democratic republic may not be the most decisive political system, such communists are inherently opposed to it. They have infiltrated the media, higher education, and government through coercion, lies, and handouts. They slander all those opposed to their redistribution of wealth to their political supporters as “racist” or “uncaring”. When they win, they try to take their opponents’ possessions; when they lose, they try to kill them.

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17 thoughts on “Anti-Fascists Plan to Stink Bomb Trump Inauguration”

  1. Mael says:

    Metalheads need to start killing Antifa members.

    There is no other way.

    1. jiij says:

      moron. I’d rather start with your moronic redneck family ;)

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Antifa refers to a set of related political groups. It’s for members of opposing political groups to … well … oppose them and specifically, the talktoomuchmaster-elect of the united websites of Facebook and Twitter should certainly have access to all resources required to help himself in this respect.

  2. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Make antifa fags drink acid.

    I keep hearing about these idiots going to protest the inauguration,etc like they’ll have no opposition. From what i understand, there will be about 2 million bikers heading to D.C. to counter the protests.

    Hells Angels vs tumblr snowflakes….i wonder how that’s gonna work out for the lil commie bastards. Hopefully grim smelling quim goes there & gets her skull crushed under a Harley.

  3. Fat nigger cock says:

    Accept my aids projectile of death, no favoritism for any groups,shit back onto my chocolate missile the bloody refuse of creamy doom

  4. Robert says:

    How are they antifascists when they’re being fascists? Are they so retarded that they don’t realize they’re becoming what they hate?

  5. Danny Desire says:

    Any chance Trump might change this scenario? At this point, oppression might be the only answer to Antifa.

  6. Necronomeconomist says:

    I’m a Metalhead from the ’80s.

    So I’m confused what Metalheads are supposed to do now… I should love America and democracy now?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      I still suggest Don’t be someone else’s useful idiot, no matter who someone else happens to be. Or, maybe with somewhat more pathos: No politician is an anyone’s side but his own. Left – right – front – back – up – down notwithstanding.

      1. And yet, failure to achieve a realistic and thriving society makes you someone’s useful idiot. So there is only one path, and all else are failures, by your standard.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          I have no idea what a »realistic and thriving society« is supposed to be, let alone how achieve one.

          You’ve mentioned the Dunning-Kruger effect once in the past.That’s an interesting phenomenon which could be summarized as “Ignorance is brash, competence humble”: People tend to overestimate their abilities to the degree they’re actually lacking. The world is pretty large. Any particular individual, no matter how capable and knowledgable, will be incapable of most deeds and ignorant of most things. For practical purposes, the quotient of »man« and »universe« is zero. Consequently, I deeply distrust any ‘grand scheme to fix the world’.

    2. Kvädare says:

      So I’m confused what Metalheads are supposed to do now… I should love America and democracy now?

      The old ‘conservative’ establishment was not good, and the new ‘feminist’ establishment is not good.
      Don’t pick the other side because the first one is wrong.

    3. Necronomeconomist says:

      Well it sounds like you guys are as confused as I am, with your vague-ass non-answers. Lol. I feel you though. I mean, back in the ’80s, even early ’90s, Metal (and hardcore) was anti-authoritarian, anti-Reagan, anti-clericism, no control, etc. Now on this website, it seems like Hessians want to roll beside Tipper Gore ‘n shit! Now we’re to be pro-fascist, anti-antifacist, anti-justice if it’s ‘social’,

      Back then, us young dudes felt that WE were the oppressed, and even exacerbated it by being long hairs, doing drugs, thrill-seeking, etc. Now I’m reading about weird-ass Order of Nine Angles, these motherfuckers are like so post-Christian that they’re Satanic jihad quasi-religious fanaticism mixed with militaristic fascism. So weird, dudes, I’m just old-school at heart.

      Please explain.

  7. confused_cholo_in_a_burzum_shirt says:

    I only like to get my dick sucked while it’s covered in shit.

  8. GGALLIN1776 says:

    anitfa acting like babies again:

    Time to start stomping their stupid antifa asses.

    1. vastarien says:

      fuck yes dude me and my fiance met through an infowars sticker amen brother keep up the good work on pizzagate

  9. picture a normal-ass tabby with a horsecock the size of an half-bratwvrst says:

    But you had a funnier username back then.
    What gives?
    Be funny again!

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