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  1. turth says:

    When reading the comments on this blog “Are you gay?” would be a more relevant question.

  2. @ turth says:

    You are either projecting your fears or your desires fuckin fag! Go sit on a dick and shut your mouth! We all know you’re a Mastodon fan and an homosexual hipster. Gaping hole!

  3. Your common sense was right. says:

    Metal is not only garbage, its culture is harmful. Not only is it a waste of time and attention, robbing you of time and opportunity to grow in meaningful areas, but it does permanent harm to you. First and foremost, through tinnitus from the unnaturally and unnecessarily loud noise hammered out at metal concerts. Say goodbye to reading that book by the fireplace, enjoying a quiet night of contemplation in the wilderness or any other kind of sustained intellectual activity once you have that constant, inescapable ringing in your ears interrupting your focus and levelling any creative thought that may have otherwise occurred. This can partially be remedied by wearing earplugs or avoiding shows altogether, but obviously neither of these are viable answers for the “metal fanatic” who is, by nature of the metal vortex he’s getting pulled in, constantly pressured to “not be a pussy” and will through peer pressure, curiosity or ignorance, be exposed to this stupid shit at least once. Second, it harms you through encouraging the brain-damaging behavior of headbanging; enjoy sloshing around your most precious organ, subjecting it to all sorts of unnecessary trauma. Really, it’s the only thing separating construction workers from academics, great leaders (who must also be great planners and have great ideas), and other rare people of outstanding worth to society, so why shoot yourself in the foot? What a person carries in their head is their most valuable asset in life, it pays dividends far more than anything else. Thirdly, it’s damaging through injuries sustained from moshing, crowd surfing and other embarrassingly stupid behaviour that is an inextricable part of metal concerts, with sometimes serious consequences. Lastly, metal is a void of culture, where anyone can show up and make some shitty noise and maybe walk away with a few bucks at the end of the night (look at Glen Benton as an example of how to do this, by being high school dorpout white trash peddling brainless noise to hapless youth). It’s about as low-brow as it gets, completely valueless, and worse yet, it revels in that. There is nothing in it for anyone looking for elevation, nobility, culture or lasting value. Because of this uninspiring lack of value it erodes your own ambition and motivation, making you lose your focus and forget what really matters, substituting it with cartoon skeletons and stupid lyrics about videogame death and destruction and even more imbecilic nonsensical music.

    In short, metal is not a venue for intellectuals, it has never been one and will never be one. It is working class noise for types who pursue their metal hobby when they’re not gutting chickens or jackhammering concrete (if you don’t believe me, do a quick survey of occupation at any metal show you go to and tell me how many longhairs you find that are university professors, researchers, team leaders, bankers, real politicians etc.) Instead I encourage you to look at theater as a form of entertainment in your spare time. It’s a much more honest, human and thought-provoking artform (metal is not an artform, by the way). Look up a few plays happening locally and check them out, maybe with some friends. The best way I can describe the theatrical experience is as a “good” movie (the ones without massive explosions but actual stories and character development), but played out in front of you. Don’t do just Shakespeare or “classic” plays, check out something by modern playwrights in your own langauge (I know not all of you are amerifats), whatever’s playing this week. Hopefully (and chances are good) you’ll find something good. Godspeed!

  4. @ Your common sense was right says:

    You try to hide the fact that you got abused by your dad. He was fucking you in the ass way too hard way too early in your life. Now you are butthurt, literally. You spend too much time trying to save people who don’t need to be saved because they didn’t get fucked in the ass too early (unless you are a Mastodon fan)like you did!

    You pretend to care to numb your sense of guilt, guilt for the anal abuse you received by the person who was supposed to love you; guilt for having enjoyed the abuse too! Now you’re gay, just like your dad. You know you’re a pedophile too and you try hard to fight your inner urge to be a homoerotic pedophile.

    Your dislike for a music genre you do not know is a facade. Face the cock you obviously thirst for, face you’re a faggot and an idiot. Face it childfucker!!!

  5. it's party time says:

    Great, we’ve got two homophobes, a disillusioned hessian and Freud up in here.

  6. let's party! says:

    Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

    Oh, shit. Wait. I know. It’s because you’re a wreck, both mentally and physically, and emotionally stunted. You think you’re smarter and more intelligent than everyone around you, and therefore rationalize your own lack of success as a laughably absurd conspiracy theory wherein the world has passed you over because you’re somehow too edgy for the mainstream masses to understand.

    Or maybe you just tell yourself and others that you “don’t give a shit” in a desperate attempt to make it hurt less when you see yourself getting older, fatter, and more out of touch while those you look down on are adapting to suit the needs of the world, and learning their limitations while you childishly deny your own.

    Perhaps you have taken to telling yourself that women are only interested in “Alpha Males”, those that reside at the top of a scale that only you adhere to, and it is THIS rigid table of identity that is holding you back, and allowing society to pigeonhole you. Perhaps you tell yourself that people don’t share your very narrow range of hobbies and interests aren’t (or wouldn’t be) interested in you, and therefore do not even try to engage them. In actuality these are all mechanisms that allow you to blame your own failings on everyone around you, and project your own narrow minded perceptions onto society as a whole.

    You instead choose the easy option of sitting at your computer all day, shielded by the anonymity of the internet, screaming abuse and nitpicking about the goals and achievements of your betters while arguing the tiniest deviation in the interests of your peers from your own with a startling lack of understanding and empathy. They are the only other people on Earth that you can relate to, and you hate them because they like slightly different things.

    Oh yeah. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. I forgot, for a moment.



  8. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Tl;dr Negruvoda is an aspie who spends too much time writing anti-metal rants

  9. metal sucks says:

    Gangsta rap is far superior to metal. Rappers harness the will to power and act more like the Uebermensch than any of you modern degenerate metalfags.

  10. I write this at metal blogs. There is room for improvement says:

    Metal is not for socialization.
    Metal is not just music.
    Metal is not for you.

    Your inner self

  11. Good Immolation riff says:

    Nuuurr nuurrr nur boookokok ba dooo Nuuurr nuurrr nur boookokok ba dooo Nuuurr nuurrr nur boookokok ba dooo
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    Nuuurr nuurrr nur boookokok ba dooo
    Nuuurr nuurrr nur boookokok ba dooo

  12. @ let's party! says:

    You ran out ideas and decided to copy paste and old rant. Is it yours, or you just sympathize with the content? Are you unable to write something of your own, you need someone else’s words to hide behind?

    Do you feel comfortable by stereotyping others, is that the only way your life can make sense to you, by upholding stereotypes you can frown upon?

    Then obviously you feel pity for yourself, you just don’t know it.

    The truly sad part is not that you believe the question had to be made: “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” The truly sad part is that you believe in YOUR answer to the question!

    But you have to believe right, you just do? Otherwise life wouldn’t make sense to you. It´s a pre-requisite to your sanity that a “wrong” stereotype needs to be “real”…

  13. tiny midget says:

    I stereotyped Levy_Spearmen’s mom in the ass hole!

    Stereotypcally: shit came out! And it smelled like shit. How very stereotypical of the shit to smell like shit!

  14. Levy_Spearmen's Mom says:

    LEVY !!!! LEVY !!!!

    pLEASe tell your step dad to stop posting our private sex life on this blog!!!

    LEVY !!!!

    LEVY !!!!

  15. stereotypical anus-hating hipster says:

    I hate this site it’s too gay and too eltist, you are apies, aspergers kill yourselves asshole basterds.

  16. brunHILDE FAN #1!!! says:


  17. this is what my life consists of says:

    Wake Up
    Read ANUS Blog

  18. awesome gorguts song says:

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  19. common sense says:

    My rant could use some editing, I didn’t realize it would be one big paragraph and there are some minor grammatical errors. Feel free to reword it in areas where it could be written better. I wrote it literally while I was taking a shit. Just like I’m writing this now.

  20. you are if you care about death metal says:

    Are you stupid?

  21. I like these web sites with simple designs. simple design ftw says:


    Please share more.

  22. @ common sense says:

    I’m sure you don’t have to push much to get the shit out, being that your gaping anus is permanently spread due to excessive anal fucking. I’m sure your fuck buddies are Mastodon fans.

  23. @ you are if you care about death metal says:

    And you’re a retard for caring about what others care about! You look better with your mom’s dildo up your ass! Go now bitch, go cram your ass with random stuff and listen to your indie rock bands like Mastodon and Boris. Go be a faggot elsewhere.

  24. @ guy who made the last two comments says:

    You’re a faggot, dude.

  25. tiny midget says:

    Honestly guys, what do you think of me?

  26. @tiny midget says:

    I think you have a nice penis. Just the right size for my anus.

  27. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Any convert, whether he goes from communism to capitalism or from six packs to smoke free ends up condemning his former practices. Because those beliefs didn’t work out for him, they can’t work for anybody. His vision becomes narrow, blinded by the light. Whether he has transformed to a hindu or joins AA, he becomes a fanatic.

    Read it and weep, NegruVoda.

  28. I'm a fag says:

    Theater is much better than metal, especially musical theater.

  29. Vajazzle Prosack says:

    Any convert, whether he goes from communism to capitalism or from six packs to smoke free ends up condemning his former practices.

    NegruVoda is an ex-smoker, or Prozak used to listen to rock music?



  30. brutal sucker of cocks, noble internet midget says:

    Death Metal is not a framerwork that can work out in the long term for any functional individual. Only for teenagers in their bubble of parental life-support or manchildren living off minimum wage. It is stupid, trite and cultureless. By the way, speaking of Communism, I recommend the play “The Suicide” by Nikolai Erdman, it’s pretty funny. Doubt you’ll ever find a staging of it in whatever cultural wasteland spawned you, but good luck.

  31. haha says:

    >Any convert, whether he goes from communism to capitalism or from six packs to smoke free ends up condemning his former practices

    You mean like how death/black metal bands are always butthurt about Christianity, to hilarious extents?

  32. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    >Death Metal is not a framerwork that can work out in the long term for any functional individual. Only for teenagers in their bubble of parental life-support or manchildren living off minimum wage

    Roflmao, is this why most of the members at NWN are grown up adults with careers and family? You’re just talking out of your ass and butthurt because even the burnouts in the scene relegated to the most menial jobs in the Western world earn more than a doctor in your disposable Eastern Europe shithole that sustains itself through child prostitution and gypsies mugging tourists. Stop trying so hard, it just makes everyone laugh at you even more.

  33. lol says:

    gypsies mugging tourists is a mainstay of any great country’s economy

  34. poop in my butt says:

    “teenagers in their bubble of parental life-support or manchildren living off minimum wage.”

    Haha this leap makes no sense, obviously you have no idea how the world works. have fun living with yr parents

  35. Now Playing guy says:

    Fuck everything except Beethoven’s String Quartets

  36. now playing my cock says:

    Only Mozarts piano concertos are real

  37. JuggaloHomie14/88 says:

    Yo wassup homies? I dunno about classical music, it seems kinda boring to me. Classical music is old and shit, ya’ll should try some really DARK music like horrorcore if you tired of metal. That classical music will turn you gay I tell ya. And besides the jews took over classical while white people took over hiphop, you’d better think about that shit before you choose a new style of music to listen to. So for ya’ll who can handle some really dark shit check out these tracks. MMFWCL!! Hail Satan!!!!


  38. Fuck JuggaloPhony 1488 says:

    Look dude, no one wants to hear your shitty horror-pop music. We don’t like rap here and especially when wigger, honkey, backwood retards are doing it. Because of you, I snorted some coke and killed 8 juggalos because I hate their “music” and their “culture”. Oops, I’m sorry, it’s “culcha”. I forgot you dorks are niggers in sheep’s clothing.

    No one wants you hear. Hell, I think we all can tolerate brutal sucker of dicks a little more than you and he’s the biggest douche on this site. At least war metal gives me the stamina to kill juggalos but that rap, horror-crap will make me cut my ears off.

    Fuck off, you’re not wanted.

    With much love,

    Mastodon guy :)

  39. i say to christians. there is room for improvement says:

    we are just a given from of organization of atoms in a given limited period of time
    and then we are not

  40. @ Mastodung guy says:

    Yo, sorry G. I guess u more into DORK music then DARK music. Lol! Listen mayne, u don’t know anything about juggalos and u don’t know anything about music. Hell, all u know about is sucking dicks! U a straight up fag! Now listen to these songs and cut ur ears off like u said u would, u look better without ears anyway.


  41. Morbid Angel Maaan !!! says:

    I am Morbid !

  42. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Kurwa govno!!! I will bash your Polish head in if given the chance.

  43. Xasthur - Depress Yourself (out in November on Psychopathic Records) says:

    Yo, man… There’s a lot of hipsters out there flakin’ and perpetratin
    But scared to really kill themselves
    Man, you’ve been doing all this dope automutilation
    You had a chance to show ’em how it’s done…
    So, what you want me to do?

    Depress Yourself…

    I’m depressin’ with my full capabilities
    And now I’m livin’ in a mental facility
    Cause some don’t agree with how I cut this
    I get straight, put the blade to my wrist
    I’m drippin’ blood, my behaviour is self-pitying
    I close the curtains and put on Nirvana’s Lithium
    Blame it on my parents… Because they put me on this world
    I spent all of my teenage years without a girl
    Add that I’m suicidal
    And I use drugs
    Wish someone please would just give me a hug
    Cuz I’m sad. Cuz no one understands me
    I don’t think anyone else can feel this lonely
    and tired. I think I’m gonna end it
    And don’t try to stop me bitch!
    As I add a can of zyklon-B
    To my ebay wishlist

    Even if Sunn O)))
    Sells cd’s to dumbos
    I still depress, yo, I need money to smoke crack
    Cause its known to give a brother brain damage
    And that’s good cuz I want my brains to vanish
    Into nuthin’
    And you and me are all equal
    Let’s be a Per Ohlin sequel…

    Depress yourself…
    Do it good…
    Depress yourself…
    Come on do it…

    Hipster music, is not for the pop chart
    So where should a hipster like you start depressin yourself?
    My boy’ll show you how
    Yo Malefic
    What Up?
    Drop some sleeping pills right about

    Now, gettin’ back to my suicide
    Yeah that’s my dream, and it’s alright
    Malefic is back. New tracks, just as hollow
    Depressin’ is my subject
    Because 14-year-olds like to follow
    The words, the style, the trend,
    The records I sell
    Again and again and again
    Yo, you on the other end
    Hanging from the ceiling from a rope with no help.
    There’s no stressin’ or cash-in
    I’m just depressin myself
    It’s crazy to see people be
    What society wants them to be. But not me!
    Is the way to go
    They know
    Others make albums that fail
    To be original
    Or what about deathcore trendies?
    Forget about Lord Satan
    Play just for technicality
    Some musicians listen to prog at home
    But scared to make progressive music
    When up in the studio
    Yeah, they want brutality
    But you won’t hear none
    They rather exaggerate some superstition
    Varg said no to jews and took a stand,
    But after prison he started using garageband
    But maybe now at least you’ll hear him on the radio
    Will you ever hear Xasthur? Hell no!
    Cuz you know my songs ain’t all about elves
    I’ll always leave suicide notes to…

    Depress yourself…
    Do it good…
    Depress yourself…
    Come on do it…

    Violent J:
    A pessimist
    Yo Malefic is the name for
    That makes depressing records
    That’s what he came for
    Promoting suicide cutting open himself
    Cuz it’s important that you cut your arms to…

    Depress yourself! From the heart
    Cause if you wanna start to be really dark
    Then depression is a big part of it
    You ain’t melancholic when you play, you ain’t shit
    Playing like a madman, sounding like a thrash band
    I will prove that you’re all just hoes
    I got atmospheres in my music, darker than a Marilyn Manson show
    Take a lesson – sing about depression
    And if you start bleedin,
    I got a little napkin for ya
    I might ignore your record because I wasn’t a guest singer
    I wrote my last album in the darkest of winter
    It’s Malefic on the mic, gettin suicidal
    Doin’ the dirt, Xasthur isn’t just for nerds!
    It’s for everyone, but you already know this
    I grew up on Fleetwood Mac, Carpenters and the Beatles
    I got no humor, I’m the product of babyboomers
    Malefic is the most depressed guy from the suburbs
    When I start depressin myself, hipsters, slam it
    Cause if choke myself like this I’ll only get brain damage
    I’ma be too depressed, and need a straight jacket
    Yeah I’m suicidal, and I’m ready to back it
    So, when you see Xasthur, an MDD on the crack
    Guess who’s back – I’m back
    And we gettin black on this track
    Let’s do more drugs, why care about your health?
    I promise I’ll kill myself if you’ll just.. Depress yourself!

    Depress yourself…
    Do it good…
    Depress yourself…
    Come on do it…

  44. yea says:

    My dog ate his own penis wtf?

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