Aurora Borealis makes full discography free download

Aurora Borealis define “melodic death metal” in the best tradition of the old school: it’s death metal, but it makes use of melody.

It has nothing in common with the new pseudo-genre “melodic death metal” which sounds like a power-metal/metalcore crossover with an emphasis on frilly melodic fills. You and your rape rump roast can go enjoy that elsewhere.

Instead, it sounds like Fallen Christ crossed with Luciferion. It’s good stuff:

Scenes from the making of the new Aurora Borealis album:

And some classic material from early in their career:

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  1. brutal slayer of christians, noble hessian warrior of death says:

    Corelli is my favourite composer.

  2. PUA says:

    Does this music help me get laid?

    Honestly I don’t get why you listen to music if it doesn’t help you get laid. It makes no sense. Don’t make me question the purpose of life.

  3. @PUA says:

    Nothing will help you get laid because you’re a fag. Just being yourself around people will help you get more dick in your ass. Good luck fishing.

  4. not a troll says:

    I’ve owned this for about a month and a half, but I’m still not completely sold on it. I’m not sure that the rather simple song structures measure up to the extremity of the aesthetic. It is a fairly decent modern death metal album though; it just hasn’t really “clicked with me”.

  5. durp says:

    “it’s death metal, but it makes use of melody.”

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT WRITING DUDER.

  6. yup says:

    “in the best tradition of the old school”

    So basically, it sucks dogshit.

  7. really now says:

    >frilly melodic fills

    I think you mean, uh, actual music. But I guess real melody is just “filler” for you because you’re all about da chugz, right? I mean if it doesn’t sound like a jackhammer assaulting a trashcan it’s just “frilly”. Nevermind the hypocrisy in your taste for horrible fruity, ornamentally overindulgent Italian baroque composers, I guess if it’s “classical” that you can parade around to boost your e-peen you can just overlook all that.

    Fucking faggot.

    >new pseudo-genre

    Uh, it’s been around since ’94, queer.


    Right, except everyone recognizes it. Good thing the 12 aspies circlejerking here set the ground rules on what’s metal and what’s not for the rest of the world!

    >sounds like a power-metal/metalcore crossover

    So it sounds like something that it preceded and that took inspiration from it? You’re a fucking retard.

  8. 8===> says:

    This stuff sounds like Rotting Christ, but like 15 years too late. Honestly “pussy core shit” is better

  9. dear vishjay and pwojak says:

    I’d lol at your taste, but I don’t want to wake up my fiancee, with whom I am in an interracial relationship. Sorry for destroying white culture!!!!!!!! But look on the bright side, the alternative to caring is getting a life.

  10. white POWER!!! says:

    vijay prozak thinks he’s indian because he’s a fucking gypsy

  11. boring says:

    How could you idiots possibly overlook the fact that this shit is basically speed metal

    the first song reminded me of fucking Slaughter of the Soul

    also I fail to see how this is “melodic” death metal, where the fuck’s the melody? just a bunch of unisono chugging and accenting, Exodus would be proud

    even the solo melodies are childishly simple, man you aspies really need to improve your musical IQs if this is all you can process

  12. aspies = lazy catchphrase for small dick havers says:

    I don’t believe anyone writing, reading or commenting on these blogs has autism. It’s possible, but I think it’s a minority. More likely, the rampant negativity on both sides of the fence (whether it be HEAL OUR FAGGOT WESTERN CULTURE WITH METAL or METAL SUCKS ASPIES LOLOL) is just by sexually frustrated losers.

  13. heh says:

    I think there’s a reason metal elitists can’t relate to stuff like love songs and happy music!

  14. boringisahipster says:

    This is ripping black/death/thrash. Fuck off.

  15. lemon glow says:

    clearly, you guys (above posters) have no clue what “melody” really means. To you guys melody just means something you can sing along to.

  16. Mikael Asskerplunkfeldtgoodthefirst time says:

    Doesn’t anybody want to talk about DICKS?

  17. @lemon glow says:

    yeah sure, they don’t know what melody means. that must be it. [wank]

  18. @@lemon glow says:

    you don’t have to make a real argument, just make some sarcastic remark like a thirteen year old girl.

  19. @Mikael Asskerplunkfeldtgoodthefirst time says:

    Dicks are lovely, I like them when they are hard and pumping my ass full of spicy hot jizz!

  20. @@@lemon glow says:

    Some guy here already nailed it, it sounds like Exodus with growls

  21. @heh says:

    and Kraftwerk(pretty “happy” stuff)is frequently mentioned here.

    Do fuck off.

  22. heh says:

    Pretty telling how you’re using a band all about cold artificiality as a postmodern metaphor as an example of “happy” music.

  23. you know my name fuckwad says:

    @aspies = lazy catchphrase
    …And you’re any better for pointing that out exactly in the same blog you dislike where people you dislike post? Hah, you’re a fucking retarded hypocrite!! Go back to your Nintendo and porn masturbation kid.

  24. ULTRA BORIS says:


  25. @Dumbinated Faggot says:

    Actually, the guy was standing up for you poor, apparently dumb ass-pies…

  26. vijay prozak says:

    my balls are juicy, my balls are brown! my balls are bouncing all around!

  27. Fan of Music says:

    >Instead, it sounds like Fallen Christ crossed with Luciferion.

    Oh joy, I’m so impressed.

  28. Moses says:

    I just remembered why I don’t read the comments on here…

    I’m allergic to retards.

  29. herp says:

    I liked Northern Lights better than the new track. Still pretty good though.

  30. not a prole says:


  31. @Moses says:

    That must be some chronic self-triggered allergy you’ve got there, jew boy.

    I don’t read the blog posts for the same reason.

  32. tiny midget says:

    levy_spearmen’s mom
    crudely fucked in the asshole
    tiny balls slamming

    – a fuckin levy’s mom HAIKU

  33. aspies doing the flap flap in da club says:

    Friday night is upon us! Anyone who posts below this line is a VIRGIN and a LOSER

    V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V

  34. just so you know says:

    I posted “hi” under the name Prozak and it got removed.

  35. dicks says:

    Reminds me of Sentenced. I was awaiting the utterance of MY SKY IS DARKER THAN THINE, MY SKY IS DARKER THAN THINE throughout my entire examination of them today.

    Good though.

  36. my hand smells like my dick btw says:

    I downloaded one of their albums and OMG what a fucking rip-off. The first song is kinda cool and has this Black Sabbath vibe but the second song is like a total Slayer rip-off from start to finish. The third song sounds so much like Vader it could almost be a cover song and the fourth track sounds like typical 80’s thrash metal. After that I stopped listening and deleted the mp3s from my PC. I really don’t see what’s so special about this band. The album was called Covering The Skies, I was hoping for something that would be as epic as A Blaze In The Northern Sky or In The Nightsky Eclipse but it’s nowhere near as great and original as those two albums.

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