19 thoughts on “Bam Margera Wears Burzum Tshirt, World Does Not Lose Mind”

  1. Spaniard says:

    Holy Smokes! Bam is looking ROUGH! Dude is younger than I am and looks like he could be my grandfather.

  2. Wee Man says:

    There’s an old Bam Margera movie with Unanimated in the soundtrack. I don’t remember which one.

    1. “‘Life Demise’ is used in the Bam Margera film Haggard: The Movie

  3. Bum says:

    Even the woke wont kick someone when they are down… hah

  4. Dead Soon says:

    Why does he look like hes 60 when he’s 41?

    1. Hard living and free radicals.

  5. Parasite says:

    Its because he’s drunk and incoherent that he doesn’t get called out. BAM wearing the shirt only further discredits the BURZUM name.

  6. The thing is, if you call people White Supremacists, Nazis, neo-Nazis, fascists, White Nationalists, and “Racists” for resisting the idea that eliminating White people and White nations is a good thing, then suddenly normal people have no problem with Nazism or even more extreme beliefs like Black Metal (let’s face it, what your average Black Metal band believed would have sent the Nazis fleeing to convents). That means that if someone wears a Burzum tshirt and some SJW or BLM flips out about it, the average person just keeps on walking by. They ignore it like pollution, taxes, commuting, MLM, mega-churches, telemarketers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and all other forms of modern blight… they neither endorse nor disclaim, but they also do nothing. Sitting on the butt is the new super-vote. When the Nazis show up, the only people protesting will be crazy blue-haired mixed-race Communists.

    1. Doomed Man says:

      A rather roundabout way of saying that most people just don’t give a shit, but yeah.

  7. Impressed Guy says:

    I’m impressed that Mr Stevens has the energy to continuously browse stuff including even the Daily Mail in order to find relevant news. Can’t be fun all the time. O_o

    1. Are you kidding? The Daily Mail may be the best tabloid in existence and has its pulse on cultural change like no one else. I also read the heck out of the BBC and The Guardian, but can’t read the big Communist newspapers like The Washington Post and The New York Times, or the libertarian woo like certain Right-wing sites which shall not be mentioned here.

      1. Bum says:

        Brits do know their filth. Have you tried watching British television?

  8. Virgil Cocksmith says:

    Once upon a time, Steve-O was wearing a Deicide-Legion t-shirt and the world less insane!

  9. Thewaters says:

    The melodies on Hvis really remind me of early Boyz 2 Men.

    1. George says:


  10. SEIGE says:

    Maybe we just reached a point where the ever changing demographic of johhny-come-lately’s getting into Metal simply have no clue who Burzum is since anything Burzum is taken down. I posted a link to a Burzum song on FB in 2016 and four years, yes FOUR YEARS later, I got a notification telling me it was removed for violating community standards and eBay randomly pulls anything with Burzum in the title now. Not to mention, the “taste makers” like Metalsucks and Cvltnation avoid any mention of Burzum like the plague and only really did when Varg made a video and they saw it as a fine opportunity and pretext to whatever Jewish propaganda they want to brainwash people with.

    1. When millennials took over, metal got PC. This is why genres always alternate generations: the first establishes, the second neuters so that it is socially acceptable, at which point it dies and can be reborn.

      Millennials are just Boomers II. They were raised on Boomer education, just like Boomers were raised on jazz age education.

  11. Siege says:

    Despite the Marxist and Anti-Capitalist posturing among them, they are by far worse than any previous generation when it comes to shameless money making. There really isn’t a Metal scene or Metal underground anymore. It’s a gigantic “all inclusive” market place where bands have been reduced to products or “brands”, as these kids say. They have applied the big business market model to everything underground. Sneakers, X-Mas sweaters, action figures and even things like “corpse paint soap” and “Corpse Paint Sheet facial masks”. They are also the most shameless bootleggers.

    ….of course all of it comes with PC values attached, no matter how vicious and anti-social the bands they shamelessly sell are. That is marketing 101. When your only intent is to sell and make money, you want as wide of a market as possible.

    I saw the influx of these people over a decade ago. It started with hipsters and I saw the process they took. They eased their was into Metal. Clearly they were intimidated and butt hurt that it didn’t have an open door policy. So they eased in, cracking their little jokes about Black Metal while pretending to like it with their funny “memes” or trying to prove you can be into Mayhem and still wear Jeff Spicoli checkered shoes.

    They were tolerated. I think a lot of real Metalheads tolerated it for the influx of women eager who saw the Metal scene as a new fashion style.

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