Beherit Releases Bardo Exist Ambient Soundscape

Trailblazing Finnish black metal and ambient pioneer Beherit unleashed its latest creation, Bardo Exist, on November 12. Given the complete autophagy of black metal, this redirection of the genre shows it how to continue as itself in spirit while the carcass decays.

Released via isolated mail order, the limited CD, LP, and MC contains the following tracks:

Disc 1
1. Aivosota 00:46
2. Shadow Prayer 06:24
3. Coruscation 02:08
4. Acid Death Vision 04:36
5. Extreme Thirst and Insomnia 02:38
6. Blindsight 02:39
7. Silom Vortex 02:46
8. Mens Rea 02:05
9. Ghost Visitor 05:33
10. Peilien Vanki 03:20
11. Sorrowers 04:05

Disc 2
1. Bardo Exists 23:00 (bonus)

More information can be found in this intelligent retrospective of Beherit and the changes in creator Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance and his outlook:

Three years ago, Laiho made the decision not to listen to new music anymore, only music made in the 1980s and earlier. The reason was that every time he clicked on a link to some new music on Facebook, for example, he came in a bad mood.

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26 thoughts on “Beherit Releases Bardo Exist Ambient Soundscape”

  1. Nuclear Whore says:

    Very nice automated translation, thx for the link

  2. maelstrrom says:

    That interview… Nuclear Holocausto got fat

  3. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    Amazingly unexpected! ¬°Moochas grassyass!

  4. darg says:

    Looking forward to this.

  5. MP says:

    I still enjoy listening to new music, but mostly because this site is doing the work of sorting through the shit…

    The artistic medium that is most failing right now is film/movies/series. Lots of defeatist, depressing “product” in that medium right now. It’s engineering helplessness and surrender in its viewership. I don’t watch at all any more.

    1. Doug says:

      The ol’ bait and switch. Just saw recently that somebody finally made a cheesy movie about the Max Headroom trolling incident. There’s a Metallica cassette in the opening sequence (while Ministry is playing) so apparently they have Max figured as a metalhead. Too funny!

    2. Large Cock says:

      If this wasn’t Beherit you’d be calling it a piece of shit, fucking brand loyalty horseshit, pretending like it’s communicating Bort Stockings dogma to your soul, eat a bowl!

  6. Svmmoned says:

    With all due respect to mr. Laiho, who now sound like just another sad, lost person – black metal wouldn’t be anything unique was it limited only to what Sarcofago, Samael or Blasphemy did and in that case you might as well just stick to occult rock, darker electronica and performance art. It is obvious that there wouldn’t be any rejuvenation of metal in the 90s and we wouldn’t have the latest chapter in sublime European art if not for that “nazi shit”. Because “nazi” is a layman’s proxy for basically anything drawing from European spirit and presenting non-apologetic European identity.

    1. Neuronymous Ulverate says:

      Thanks for the heads up about this one. I’m glad this site exists to guide us towards the good stuff and sift through the enormous piles of shit that get in the way. Keep up the good work.

    2. tw says:

      what you do you have in mind timewise for “the latest chapter in sublime European art”?

      For something which achieves such an accolade it would seem to me back in previous centuries; what else besides Beethoven’s Ode to Joy is worthy of a such an accolade? There’s nothing worthy in the 20th or 21st centuries (so far) of which I am aware. Moreover, it would be historically fictitious to claim that it had any connection to ‘nazi art’.

      1. Big comfy armchair says:

        Psydub and brutal blackened grind mix 2020

      2. Hrafn says:

        Classical is faggot trash, music ended in the 1500s.

    3. maelstrrom says:

      Black metal was the last stand of European music- only the “Nazi” bands understood this. Now Europeans are not able to say anything good about their national heroes without being imprisoned.

  7. Fckk Godl says:

    The best of metal
    – 1989 : Altars of Madness
    – 1990 : Final Holocaust
    – 1991 : Effigy of the Forgotten
    – 1992 : Onward to Golgotha
    – 1993 : Nespithe
    – 1994 : Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
    – 1995 : ??? (metal died, rip)

    1. Doug says:

      Hate. ’95 was also the year a certain German automaker flew off the rails to dumb down their product for crowd consumption. Maybe taking the metal topic a bit too literally here but thought it worthy of note.

      1. When was the 190E?

        1. Doug says:


        2. Mechanised death says:

          That was after Mercedes started pandering to retards with too much oil money.

          1. The 190E was the cheap plastic version, however!

  8. Penis Muncher says:

    Only autist pussies listen to Beherit. Real men listen to Bestial Warlust.

    1. Guru says:


      1. Penis Muncher says:

        I was kidding, fuckwit.

        1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
          shoa i’m fukcin

          1. SLAYER says:


            1. Part nerd, part hippie, part Nietzschean, part Hindu.

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